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Friday, June 25, 1999

it was actually another very good week. My landscape crews accomplished all of their projects, making several homeowners very happy. The hot-as-hell weather moderated and we got a full day of much-needed, soaking rain. It's been a mild June so far. We're finally done with the bulk of the replacements and maintenance jobs. The computers haven't acted up or crashed in weeks. Finally purchased six more acres of land adjoining the Garden Center & Nursery's current property, making a nice, even 20 acres. Also haven't found a tick on either Pickles or myself, yet. Gosh Toto, who could ask for anything more?

Father's Day.
Like Mother's Day, Father's day is an important national holiday. Not just for the fact that 97 million cards are bought and sent a windfall for Hallmark Card Co but that what Dads do is finally noticed and appreciated on a large scale.
I went to my parents home for F-Day this year, as I've done in past years, for dinner. Mom cooked: chef's salad, homemade meatloaf, homemade biscuits and homemade lemon meringue pie. My Dad's favorite dining fare.
Ever wonder how this and other holidays get started? Well, wonder no more: here's the entire story on Father's Day.

June Chores.
Okay, it's a little late, but if you get out into the gardens this weekend and go like a bat outa hell, you can get all this stuff done:
»Plant fall-blooming bulbs.
»Divide and replant crowded winter- and spring-blooming bulbs after leaves yellow.
»Plant container and balled-and-burlapped fruit trees.
»Spray apples, peaches, and pears that have been affected with canker problems.
»Plant permanent ground covers.
»Plant and aerate lawns and loosen thatch.
»Sow seeds for tender perennials.
»Divide and replant summer- and fall-blooming perennials after leaves yellow.
»Plant container roses.
»Plant container and balled-and-burlapped trees, shrubs, and vines.
»Plant tender shrubs and vines.
»Plant summer-blooming shrubs and vines.
»Plant frost-tolerant trees.
»Plant needle-leafed evergreens.
I'm guessing that you've already got most of these items completed, if you're seriously into gardening. The list for July will be up next week.

Net Usage.
In November '95 when I got onto the Net with Netscape's v2.0 browser, Microsoft was calling the Web a non-player. By the time I'd gotten my www.gdnctr.com website online in January '96, MS was scrambling to unveil their v2.2 browser. I use Netscape v4.6 and MSIE v5.0 now, and everything pre-now is so crude, it's scary. The Net wasn't all that congested back then, but at 14.4 and 28.8, it was still a slow load as compared with today's connection speeds.
The Net and The Web are very congested now, sometimes slowing to a crawl. My 50.6kbps dial-up at work and the 500kbps Cable Modem at home can attest to the varying states of congestion. I can grow significant facial hair waiting to access some sites. Time to move on.

Jail The Bitch.
Attempted murder carries no statute of limitations, as does murder. Jail the Soliah whore. With overwhelming physical evidence, this 60s pseudo-radical should easily go to prison.
I remember the case well. I was a pseudo-radical back in the 60s and early 70s. There was nothing going on back then which required the murder of anyone, so her premise of freedom from oppression is flawed, as are all radical liberal theorems.
She'll make one of the prison bull-dykes a real nice girlfriend.

Say What?
This is bullshit; it should have been met with overpowering police/ army force odds of 15-to-1 sound about right. The only reason those scumbags could demonstrate within reason, is that they live and were pampered in a capitalistic society. In the socialistic society they supposedly crave, all opposition is banned does the name Tianemen Square in China ring any bells? These filth were just hired thugs, devoid of any loyalty or membership in anything. Gas 'em and waste 'em.
Same deal with these lowlife scum; overpowering brute force should have been used and heads cracked open.
And this shit doesn't belong in any school, for any reason. Gay issues, such as tolerance, are not subjects to be taught in school; they belong in community discussion groups, not in school at any level. There shouldn't even be any discussion of the topic; the US Constitution guarantees them full rights. I have openly gay and lesbian customers and they're as welcome as anyone. Most garden centers and nurseries either reject or merely tolerate them. I welcome them. Their interest in gardening can rise to the fanatical. Their money is as green as anyone elses. I don't condone the lifestyle, but I don't discriminate because they're who and what they are.
Spend a few minutes and read about Clinton's treason. Chilling stuff.
So Americans are worried about the Nation's decline in morality? Well hey: they f*cking voted twice for the lowlife, lying, rapist, adulterer Clinton and his scum-filth liberal democrats. I didn't either time. You reap what you sow.
Here are the good guys combatting the lard-ass, Richardson-son-of-a-bitch, Clintonite filth.
Why is this alcoholic piece of shit criminal not in prison where he belongs? Why the hell is he merely getting so-called community service penalty? Eight f*cking years of worthless appeals clogging up the courts. He should have been locked away all this time.

The Death Penalty.
I can't understand all the hesitation in executing the subhuman scumbags who've been waiting many years on Death Row to die. At least 3,700 are there, costing US Taxpayers $16 billion-plus every year. $16 billion to keep subhuman filth alive for no good reason.
Mentally ill or not, this piece of shit should die for Killing two Capitol City cops. Why waste $70,000 per year trying to make him healthy again so he can be sentenced to death? If he can plan the Killings, he's fit enough to die for the deed.
I've said before many times that all murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors should be executed. Although their country is an Islamic shithole and their politics are abhorrent, I do agree with Iran's philosophy on spies.
This piece of subhuman garbage also needs to die for his transgressions against society's innocents. Do you disagree? If you do, you're one(+) of the 1,400-a-week bed-wetting liberals who read this diatribe and need to send me some mail, so I can convert you. Or at least enlighten you.
Why is there even talk of new trials here? The talk should be of executing those towel-headed scum-filth for murder and terrorism.
And these Stone Age scum are idiots, too. Watch the murder and crime rate climb over the next decade. Laugh as I will when their two-bit social experiment goes awry; I will.
This piece of shit needs to die after being tried and convicted. He's a mad dog with 8 vicious murders to his resume, and needs to be terminated ASAP.

This terrible-looking, graphically-challenged How To Be Platonic website is hereby re-dedicated to Lynn's two daughters, Jessica and Ashley and their newest beaus, whom they are friends and only friends with. Since these are male-oriented directions, and females are exactly the opposite of males, simply juxtapose "male" for "female" to get the female-oriented viewpoint, girls.

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