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beach bucket

Friday, June 26, 1998

Even if there was a reason to go to the beach, as I used to do with my family as a kid, I wouldn't these days. Too many body parts, medical waste and flotsam and jetsam thereabouts. The water is polluted with errant petroleum, deceased sea creatures and debris. No telling what'll wash up on the beach. Always wear shoes. No different than anywhere else, actually. Besides, all those little, screaming, undisciplined rat bastard kids give me a headache. But the young girls in teenie-weenie string bikinis are enough to make a grown man cry. Where the hell were they when I was growing up? I don't remember anyone in my high school or university who looked like that. I really want to go back to college and finish my masters degree. I think I could learn to study stuff again...

Hearing Things?
I added a nice mellow, piano jazz midi file to the Journal Page to comfort those perplexed by all the stuff they find there, and to make browsing easier. Many new visitors are perplexed. I get notes all the time about how there's too much there to choose from.
So, pick and choose. Nosh on this and that. A nibble here and a nibble there. Or don't. Whatever. Most visitors can't digest it all anyway. Hells-bells, I can't digest it all either.

The Pesto Saga Continues.
The first harvest and resultant batch was a success: 6lbs of refined paste from a mere 3lbs of basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil and pignoli (pine) nuts. And all 6-lbs distributed to friends and customers. The feedback was gratifying.
I started with 75 plants in nine tubs, but attrition has taken its toll. Excessive rains, winds, hail and oppressive heat wiped 15+ out. Another seedling tray is coming on fast to replace and augment the survivors. I did another basil leaf harvest this past Saturday and it yielded a mere 2lbs, due to the reduced quantity of plants, but produced another 4.5lb batch of high-quality pesto paste.
I'm sworn, pledged and bound-and-determined to find the magic, creamy white sauce recipe, which has so far eluded me. If I have to use up every basil leaf in the free world, I'll find it by Summer's end, or until all of the basil is gone.

Gun Control.
The liberal filth argue that the country should control firearms purchases, but what they're totally mindless about is that criminals do the Killing, not citizens. Criminals are not citizens. They're parasitic scum. Restricting our 2nd Amendment Right To Bear Arms because they have guns and whack is beyond absurd.
ABCs Series on "Gun Romance" is pathetic, at best. It paints Americans as shoot'em up wild people. The left-wing nuts at ABC conveniently forget to mention that criminals do 99% of the Killing. Of course, the liberals at ABC have their agenda, as do those in politics, like Fat Teddy Kennedy, who whacks with alcohol and automobiles. Does Chappaquiddick or Mary Jo Kopechne ring any bells? Should we declare Budweiser (piss water) and Buicks (junkers) illegal as we're trying to do with all guns? f*ck no!
Of course, all the recent school shootings have heightened awareness of guns, but for all the wrong reasons. The kid-shooters' families are to blame for what's happened, by allowing those kids access to the guns. Not gun companies or citizens who own firearms. The families must bear direct legal responsibility for what their unbalanced, rat-bastard kids do, not the gun owners.
The only way this f*cked up government of liberal filth will ever get my firearms away from me is to pry them out of my dead, cold hands.

Did Clinton Lie?
The world knows he did, and probably about everything he's ever done, too. But it seems that in a poll among lawyers, most believe that Bubba did have sex in the Oral Orifice with the "Lewinsky woman".
The surprising part of that poll is that the majority of lawyers don't think he should be impeached or prosecuted for perjury, just for lying about sex. Huh? Whazzat?
Umm, let's see: perjury for sex is okay, but not for anything else. I just can't believe it when liberal scum lawyers re-write the law to suit their own situations. No wonder the US Legal System is in trouble. The so-called lawyers wink at this crime and wink at that crime, plea-bargain murderers, robbers, rapists and child molesters to lesser sentences for the sake of expediency, and release criminals back on to the street to whack, rob, rape and molest again. Nice.
Perhaps if more so-called lawyers were actual murder or robbery victims, or someone in their family was raped or molested, they'd change their sleazoid liberal stance on crime. Insulated and isolated from the real world, they continue to f*ck up everything they touch in the real world we live in.
Yes, the world knows he did lie like a rug. But getting at the truth about the lies is another matter, entirely.

Summer Is Here.
When the Druids and other pagans celebrate, it's either Summer or Winter; today began the first official day of Summer at 10:03am.
Sunday was reminiscent of a day in Hell: stifling humidity and heat fit for neither man nor beast. But I had to function since it's just another day at the office. Sigh.
I slept in until 8am. The cats needed feeding and after that, I went out for a New York Times and fresh baked croissants. Those secured, I made some fresh-ground French Roast Coffee and listened to some light Bach sonatas in E minor on WITF and jazz on the Temple University station at 90.7FM. Wonderful, just wonderful. I wished it could have lasted all day.
Reality set in all too quickly. Time to head out to work.
It was a busy day. People from New Jersey, Maryland and Ohio were among the visitors shopping for the rarities we carry. I was miserable in the heat, yet smiled all day despite dripping sweat like a rain forest. The rest of the week looks awful, too. At least my office has AC.

Lying Liberal Media Scum.
Every network and newspaper has them. Liberal scumbags who lie, fabricate and twist the truth to fit their own agenda. This month, two of the most glaring morons were exposed. Their sacred bond of truth and impartiality was dumped in favor of expediency and liberalism. Fortunately, they were fired and won't dirty the public pages of journalism again, for a while. or until another sleazy liberal rag picks them up for staff flunkies.
Lying bastard, liberal filth: Rather (CBS), Jennings (ABC), Brokaw (NBC) and Kalb (CNN) are four of the very worst examples of liberal morons who permeate the national media. They can only fudge the truth so far, since they are scrutinized more than anyone else. But their writers and producers can skew the truth to accommodate the lib-dem agenda, simply by presenting the salient facts as minor points, and The White House's coverup lies as the main story. They do this routinely. No wonder their ratings numbers are way down; the American public is starting to catch on to their scams.
Journalism, the so-called Fourth Estate, in which I have a B.A,, is in the toilet. Almost completely devoid of ethics and morals because of the slimy liberal influence, journalism now mirrors society as a whole. Pity.

Navy Gravy.
I've heard that the US Military calls ketchup or catsup Navy Gravy, and probably for good reason. So when I found Planet Ketchup, I was curious. It's a fun place to visit, but I don't think I'll try any of the recipes. Diarrhea isn't my long suit. Besides, you should see what that stuff does to the human liver.


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