my sweet tooth
Friday, June 29, 2001

It's been a staple of American Society since 1907, yet I didn't like it in the 50s, even as a kid. Chocolate, that is. Everyone else I knew ate copious amounts of the stuff, except me. For that matter, anything chocolate wasn't my favorite, not just Hershey's products alone. Maybe it was the stimulant caffeine? Not sure, don't know, can't say. And it would be many years after the 50s before this high-end brand came into existence, so all Americans ate milk chocolate instead. The snooty Europeans abhorred such plebeian eats; they preferred dark, bittersweet chocolate. My penchant for all things chocolate started in my late 30s: I switched from strawberry, and occasionally peach, to lots of chocolate variations, but am now gravitating back to the original milk chocolate flavor that I once disliked. News reports say it has "aphrodisiac" qualities; can't vouch for that. New reports say it has "medicinal" qualities; can't vouch for that. News reports say it has "stimulant" qualities; can't vouch for that, either. But it has the "lush taste". And I can vouch for that. Yum. There's even a vanilla-scented patch available for chocoholics. Chocoholics?

Around The Garden Center.
Not being an alarmist or a conspiracy nut by nature, I was stunned when I read this: unless we consumers respond by July 1st on a very long and complex form to "opt out", banks will be selling all the confidential information they have on us in their files with anyone who wants to buy the data. Under a little-known law called the Financial Modernization Act, banks, credit lenders and insurance companies will be allowed to share your personal financial data with each other from July 1 unless you "opt out" by reading and returning important forms about your financial privacy. Can you f*cking believe that? What right do they have to sell anyone's confidential file information without that person's explicit permission? None, dammit. I called my bank immediately and demanded the form, which I've never received, and was supposed to, almost 60 days ago. I strongly advise you to do the same, and quickly.
Last Friday, thunderstorms, very heavy rain and hail moved through our area, doing a lot of damage everywhere, and beat the shit outta up my 20 acre Complex pretty badly: fried the circuits in our irrigation controller computers, burned out several underground solenoid valves which control water flow between the 6 wells, burned out 2 well pumps, scored lightening hits on 3 large trees and blew them apart, knocked out the 6 phone lines, tripped circuits all over the place, burned out my Office and one of the Front Counter 56k v.90 dial-up modems, scared the shit heck out of Pickles and dumped over 6-1/2" of water and hail on us. Besides the direct hits on the property, lightening boomed and thundered all around us; I saw several explosions in nearby woods and resultant fires and smoke. I haven't seen that much rain in a 4 hour period in many years: the 3 billion gallon-plus retention ponds overflowed from the downpours. And it continued sporadically Friday night into Saturday. Always glad for the rain, but the deadly stuff we can do without, thankyouverymuch. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday effecting repairs where I could. I had to call in Saunders Plumbing (burned out well pumps), GPU Electric (fried circuits), Trickle-EZ (irrigation controller computers), NTE (burned out long distance dialer box) and Verizon/GTE (2 dead phone lines) TelCo to get the other stuff working. Also, many bird's nests were blown right out of the trees by the fierce winds; we're caring for a small, medium-feathered Robin right now, feeding him/her mother plates of worms. Dunno if it'll respond and live, but it's worth a try. Better to try and save it than let it starve to death. Film at 11.
I sort of remember "life before the Net", when I was "not connected" what I didn't know didn't hurt me back then and all that's come back as I've entered my 3rd day without an office connection. Oh, I have the ultra fast Cable Modem (768+ Kbps downstream/512+ Kbps upstream) at home, and a dial-up as back-up, but the office is still without. Imagine having to spend 12-13 hours per day without email, weather forecasts etc just Rush to keep me company for his 3hr radio show while I'm working on estimates, billing, ad copy, Journal entries or website design, et al. By Monday afternoon, the new modem was up-and-running and I was back on the Net.
The Fox News media trial of York's '69 Race Riots continues, with 9 white defendants, including York's Mayor, indicted and on trial. Yawn. No, I wasn't here back then. But if I had been, you could have surely bet on me being armed and protecting my family and property. I definitely wouldn't have been a gang member never had that "run with the pack" mindset going after anyone. But read this about the developing black underclass. I fear this full-blown race war will come to fruition within 5-10 years.
I took Thursday off to sleep in most of the morning, get some condo projects done, errands run and shopping wrapped-up. It's also normally a day when I can watch Molto Mario twice on and when I can spend some "quality time" with my two condo cats, Murphy & Mama Kitty.
Yep, I called this anti-trust case law reversal many months ago when the stupid, bigoted, grossly-biased, lardass, incompetent judge, Thomas Penfield Jack-scum, made disparaging comments about Microsoft and Gates to reporters, and was cozying up the the AOL, Oracle and Netscape scumbags. Sure, MS is a monopoly, but who makes a better more widely used O/S? Apple? A joke. Linux? A worse joke. Who builds an O/S to challenge MS? Jeeez, I wish someone would; until then, we're using their products.
BTW, Happy 4th of July!

GOP Bumblers.
I don't normally sometimes ever agree with lib-democRAT scumbags on politics, but here I do. DemocRATs, with help from a handful of Republicans, nearly passed an amendment stripping money an estimated $30.5 million for the controversial letter from the IRS budget, but Republicans eventually prevailed. The idea that we need to send out a letter saying the check is in the mail is the third second dumbest idea I've heard in a long time. Why doesn't W go on TV at 8pm and tell everyone he did what he said he'd do. Why the f*ck hell do we need to spend that kind of Taxpayers' monies on a letter? I remember when we all used to think $30 million was a lot of money.
New York State banning hand-held cellphones while driving? And Republican (really a lib-democRAT scumbag in disguise) Pataki helping push it through? What shit shit! What's next? Banning drinking coffee while driving? Banning smoking cigarettes while driving? Banning eating a cheeseburger while driving? Banning outdoor, drive-through food windows? Yep, they're all next. The stinking government is slowly getting control of New Yorkers lives. Can we all be far behind?
Here's what's next: rental car companies keeping "tabs" on everything you do and fining you accordingly. And it's only just started; wait a few years and there'll soon be no more privacy for citizens.
Do you think Ws White House resembles Clintoon's? The socialist-commie Washington Post apparently does; of course, they're f*cked up cagey enough to plant a story like that to undermine the tottering GOPers. Your call.
C'mon W, if the RNC chairman is a failure, get rid of him and get someone in there who can do the job. What's the problem? You're the damned president. Do something about it, instead of whining.
Here's this bumbling idiot Karl Rove popping back up in the headlines again, sticking his bald head into areas he has no business being involved in. C'mon W, rein-in this twerp. He's making your Administration look like an unethical fool, who can't control his subordinates.
Why the hell heck doesn't W get his "bully pulpit" on TV and expose to the American People this corrupt lib-democRAT "Patient Bill of Rights" as a Daschle-scumbag bill for the money-grubbing, lowlife trial lawyers? Instead, the lib-dem garbage are spinning lies unimpeded. It's perplexing why Bush doesn't use all available avenues and methods to rip the lib-dem slime some "new ones".
Finally, a Conservative takes the GOP helm for NJ from the lowlife moderates and liberals.
Amazing: the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of The US) ruled states don't have a right to restrict outdoor tobacco advertising close to schools and public parks, beyond limitations set by federal law. The Massachusetts law in question barred tobacco ads within 1,000 feet of public playgrounds, parks and schools. Remember: tobacco is a legal product, sanctioned and (heavily) taxed by the US Government. Does something stink here?

Liberal DemocRAT Trash.
The stinking lowlifes at The Washington Post are racists, pure and simple. They invent stories by maufacturing skewed polls which agree with a story they want to write. Example: racial profiling, which has been done since the races mixed and will continue forever since minorities commit the vast percentage of crimes disproportionate to their percentage in the overall population. The WP racists just like to cause problems and keep it on the front page. Result: sell more papers, further the socialist-communist cause. Pathetic lowlife liberal filth, aren't they?
Aw gee whiz, Roger "The Lowlife Scumbag" Clintoon, half-wit brother of the disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, is "internationally tarnished" because he's a scumbag, like his whole idiot family of drunks and criminals. He had his hand in the cookie jar and got caught. The world would be a better place if he were in prison, along with Bubba and the criminal bitch, Hitlery Rotten Clintoon.
Oooooooo, I'll bet W & Co are just quaking in their boots. shit-for-brains, washed-up, alcoholic scumbag Warren Beatty slimeball lib-dem homo and a group of lowlife liberal DemocRATs is declaring war on Republicans this weekend, and possibly some DemocRATs as well. Hey Beatty idiot, a piece of advice: take your mentally-ill wacko sister slut, Shirley "Squirrely" MacLaine and check into a hohispanice for the terminally cretinous and eternally asinine. You could run for prez of that group, stupid.
This is obscene; Kelsey Grammer's a dogshit actor and indicative of the lib-democRAT garbage who watch this lowlife shit worthless shit prevalent trash on TV. Which is why I watch the, and Home& channels, not the usual ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or FoxTV junk. Who gives a flying f*ck flying rat's ass flying rat's rearend about $75 million a season? Not I.
Oh, here the liberal media scumbags this time the PMS-NBC filth go again with pushing their wacko, perverted, demented queer agenda: massive coverage of the fag day activities and lots of fictitious, supporting articles. Makes me puke sick.
The lowlife, lib-dem DC Human Rights Commission telling the Boy Scouts to pay two fag filth $50k and reinstate them? I don't f*cking think so, idiots. Ever heard of the US Supreme Court ruling last Summer? I think the BSA will go back to the SCOTUS for another ruling on this one. Since when does a mayor-appointed group of scumbags have the weight of law behind any of their twisted decisions? Kick out all the rump-raiding, fudge-packing homo filth once and for all.
Here's why they drag blacks not blacks behind pick-up trucks: a brainless, lowlife racist bigot, left-wing wacko niggress, Tennessee state Rep. Henri Brooks, Memphis democRAT slut, refuses to pledge allegiance to the U.S. flag, calling it a symbol of slavery and racial oppression. I think the black bitch ought to be run out of office and shipped back to AIDS-riddled Africa, where the lowlife cretinous-moron bitch belongs. Here's my $10 for the ride on a leaky boat. All aboard, niggress whore dog slut.
The very same f*cked-up New York State elected the criminal Hitlery Rotten Clintoon bitch is supporting subhuman trash and filth on parade for AIDS in NYC? Nope, sorry, I don't have any sympathy for those with deviant sexual behavior patterns or those who use needles to get their drugs. Let them die and rid the world of the garbage; spend no money of mine on a "cure". AIDS is a wonderful opportunity a modern plague to cleanse the earth of all the subhuman filth. I say let it run its course. Too bad it's so damned slow in Killing off all the filth. So far, 22 million people around the world have died from AIDS, and 60 million more are infected. By 2005, it's believed that 100 million people will be infected. Hooray! And good riddance, lowlife filth.
Here's the racist, bigoted ACLU of Hawaii calling SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas "an anti-Christ, a Hitler, a black Uncle Tom" and refusing to invite him for a debate. This is typical of the left-wing wacko ACLU lowlifes all over the US, constantly trying to tear down American morals, institutions and tear the social fabric of this once-great Nation. They're filth and subhuman trash.
Gee whiz, why doesn't this surprise me? Another fat dyke lowlife lib-dem hurting/ molesting children, just like the sleazy lardass Rosie O'Donnell did when she dumped one of her adopted kids. This time, the very unfunny Paula Poundstone lesbian has molested several children and was arrested for it. Good, I hope the lardbucket bitch goes to prison so she can experience firsthand what real molestation is like.
Here's the illegal check tying Roger "Dumb Redneck shithead" Clintoon to the pardon payoffs of his older, lowlife brother, disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon. This is gonna put the sleazoid scumbag away. Maybe.

2nd Amendment Factoid.
Number of physicians in the US: 700,000. Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year: 120,000. Accidental deaths per physician: 0.171 (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services). Number of gun owners in the US: 80,000,000. Number of accidental gun deaths per year (all age groups): 1,500. Accidental deaths per gun owner: 0.0000188. Statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners. FACT: Not everyone has a gun, but everyone has a Doctor. Please alert your friends to this alarming threat. We must ban doctors before this gets out of hand. Remember: guns don't whack people, doctors do. (Thanks, Rusty.)

Tough Choices? Nah.
In overview, they're the same as us, except the shithead Frog (French) Government does not execute; they merely make the already overburdened French Taxpayer pay more to keep heinous murderers alive "for life". The Chi-Comms readily execute and then send no apology to anyones' family. I like that. I also like the fact the the Frogs are questioning the Chi-Comms' so-called Human Rights Record, which is non-existent. Take any chance of the 2008 Olympics away from the Chi-Comm filth, Froggies.
Can't they let the schizoid, mentally-ill (borderline personality disorder) whore slut tramp Diana bitch RIP? Never liked the pig, myself. Apparently not. There's a perverse "fascination" with her thankfully-shortened, sicko life with lowlife scumbag towelhead pork-sucking muslim trash Dodi Fayed. Glad he's dead; one less weenie the world has to deal with. Actually, good riddance to both.
The toothless, worthless World Court has ruled the U.S. ignored the international legal rights of two German-born brothers who were executed for murder? So what? They're murderers and deserved to die. I was dancing in the streets on both execution days. f*ck Screw the World Court and Germany. How dare they rule anything about the sovereign USA!
This piece of white trash shit should have gone to prison; he was already on probation for other crimes, which the article kindly omits. Once again, the Truth is hammered, gone. There are 3 types of Justice: you and me, celebrities and stars, others. Am I right? Yes or No?

Worthy Of Execution.
Postpartum depression made this f*cked-up psycho bitch murder her 5 children? I doubt that. And her idiot hubby is sticking up for her? She should already be in the death cell, ready for execution. Sounds like another lib-democRAT excuse for not taking responsibility for one's actions, to me.
A suicide watch for the murderous bitch who whacked her 5 kids in Houston? Why? Let the stinking lowlife whack herself. Throw a 10ft length of rope into her cell and get rid of the filthy murderess. Postpartum depression? Bullshit; doesn't elicit any sympathy from me.
Further proof that Britain is a truly f*cked screwed up nation: two schoolboys who battered a toddler before Killing him in a murder case that shook Britain will be released after serving less than nine years of their sentence. Following the national revulsion the murder generated, the teens will be given new identities, which a liberal lowlife British judge has barred the media from disclosing if they were to learn details of their new lives. What an outrage. The 2 year old child is still dead, and those murderous scumbag punks are free. I surely hope people find out who they and where they live, and whack both of them. The so-called Justice System in the UK failed miserably; perhaps vigilante justice will serve the child's memory better. I have no sympathy for murderers, of any age, gender or color.
Parolling murderers? That's how f*cked up screwed up California is by allowing murderers serving life to be let out after serving only a few years. Gov "Grey Out" Davis (D), to his credit, said he'd never allow it, but was overruled by the liberal scumbag Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Paul Gutman.
Marking the 5 year anniversary of 19 US Air Force servicemen who were whacked murdered in the 1996 Khobar Towers bomb attack in Saudi Arabia with a ceremony, while none of the murderous towelhead pork-sucking muslim filth are either in custody or assassinated, is a waste of time. The US should have gone after them right away, but the cowardly criminal Clintoonistas cowed in front of the subhuman mideast garbage. Typical lib-democRATs. The Saudi scumbags are protecting them and Iran, whom we should nuke off the face of the earth.
Here's another American traitor who richly deserves execution, after passing secret documents to the commies for the past 25 years. whack him.
Oh Indiana, you made my week! An Indiana man convicted of murdering an elderly couple in '79, who once employed him as a caretaker, was executed early Wednesday by lethal injection. Jim Lowery, 54, a subhuman piece of dogshit, was the third person put to death in Indiana in 16 days. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
This is f*cking bullshit: "Mandatory Justice: Eighteen Reforms to the Death Penalty" by lowlifes, morons and idiots who want to gut the capital execution system. Instead of seeking to "reform" the Justice System, they should be seeking to deliver condemned-to-death criminals to the death chambers within 1-2 years, instead of allowing those subhuman pieces of dogshit to languish in prison for 15-40 years. Hey, the victims are still dead; they didn't have any kind of a choice. Why should ambulance-chasing, scumbag attorneys or murderers have any choice except death for such heinous crimes?
This I do like: a lowlife criminal inmate whacked by a restraining chair. Wow, what a great idea. Save the US Taxpayers all that money. Luvit.

2001: Destination Space.
The Tech, an innovative technology museum in San Jose, California, offers a double-edged tribute to Stanley Kubrick's monolithic science-fiction film. Showcasing the intersection of science and art, the museum's physical exhibit has been translated into four main parts: Fact and Fiction showing the advances that 2001: A Space Odyssey anticipated and which have come to pass; The Art of Robert McCall paintings by and an interview with the renowned illustrator; Visionary Voices Q & A with scholars whose work was affected by Kubrick's film; and finally, Learning Resources challenges for students and links to an astronomical amount of information on 2001 and our future in space.

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