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the clintoon legacy

Friday, June 2, 1999

the Legacy of President William Jefferson Clinton? Much has been said and written about the legacy of our current president, however I feel it is crystal clear as to what that sorry, soiled legacy will be. After he leaves office, it will be years before we can place our young soldiers in harm’s way without wondering if it is a ploy by the President to push a personal agenda or to lift a flagging approval rating. It will be years before we can feel comfortable with seeing the President smile at, or touch a woman that is a possible sexual partner without wondering and remembering. It will be years before we can look back and remember the great ideas and vision of the many Presidents that brought honor and respect to the office from both parties. Due to the total lack of respect and honor that Clinton has left behind, and the resultant cynicism he's produced, it will be years before we can ever watch the President sitting behind the Oval Office desk giving a speech without snickering. It will be years before we can trust anything the Democrats say, given their craven defense of this criminal. It will be years before we can trust the Republican Senate, given their cowardice in letting this criminal stay in office. It will take years to take anything from the Femi-Nazi's so-called cowardly "leaders" of this country seriously, given their slavish devotion to Bill Clinton. It will take years to erase the stain that Bill Clinton has cast upon the American Judicial System that says to lie about sex in a court of law is OK. Therefore, we may as well repeal all rape, sexual harassment, and sexual abuse laws on the books. It will take years to repair the division in this country that has been created by, and profited from, this most perverted of men. Yes, it was about the sex, but only in the sense that it showed the depths of depravity that our country has come to accept. It also shows how we, as a "free people", are willing to enable this kind of behavior, not from the lowest of our society but from the highest. This is the legacy of President William Jefferson Clinton and for those of you that supported him, it is your legacy as well. heh, heh, heh: bend over and grab your ankles, li-dem slime; Hitlery is about to shove the 2x4 up your kazoo. Enjoy!

Around The Garden Center.
Memorial Day Weekend burst upon the scene last Friday with tens-of-thousands of people heading for "somewhere", other than York County. Caravans of campers, trailers, boats in tow, SUVs packed to the hilt, "mommy wagons" with packed roof racks, all streaming to the hiways and byways for destinations unbeknownst to me. I was just amazed at the volume of traffic. On Saturday and Sunday, the roads were empty. We were moderately busy all weekend with hundreds of people coming through, purchasing plant material for their 3-day weekend. I went home at about 9am on Saturday — after cancelling my 11am landscape meeting — feeling fevered and sick. The flu? Nah, can't be. Gotta be "just some bug" going around. Just tough it out. Back, okay and slightly wobbly on Sunday. I decided to close on Monday, Memorial Day, for the first time in 10 years. (Plus, I took off Tuesday and Wednesday to rest up; last vacation I had was over a year ago. I'll be ready for some more time off in another month.)
Sunday evening, after getting off of work at 5pm, I stopped at The Paddock Restaurant & Bar to get a prime rib club sandwich. I usually get a turkey club w/ extra mayo. No prime rib Sunday. After watching the rain-delayed INDY 500 2000, I headed home, after the race. Boring shit, to be sure, in leiu of past races? Yep, it was. Then off to DC to again visit The Wall and some old friends. Had a good time.
Monday was Memorial Day and the Western Hemisphere took a Gummint-sanctioned Holiday. For what? The Clintonista Filth don't even mildly respect Veterans, of any War. They're all draft-dodgers in The White House and Gummint. Well, we've persevered through the shit and I gleefully spit on the Clintonite-ista scum filth. Anyway, I got back up to the Garden Center & Nursery at 4pm, to feed Pickles, spend some "quality time" with him, and do some paperwork. I took Tuesday & Wednesday off, in combo w/ Monday; did some clothes shopping and slept. Wow, I haven't had this much contiguous sleep for years.
I also went food shopping; my condo has been seriously "depleted" since I've not been to the markets for 5-6 weeks. I just buy what I need for the GC&N Office, and my two cats (Murphy & Mama Kitty) at home. Oh, Pickles, Murphy & Mama Kitty are well-taken care of; it's my stuff that needed the re-stocking. So I spent $179 re-plenishing my pantry and shelves. Kinda fun watching all the boffo people rushing in for buns, rolls, burgers & dogs, etc et al. I just cruised along the isles. I have several dinners coming up in the next 2-4 weeks, so there were "basics and specialties" I had to get.
Hmmm, now I understand why it's a guy thing to BBQ in the Summer. Ummm, maybe I won't get that new gas grill afterall. And here's why I don't drink bottled water. I don't think I was ever much of a hunter-gatherer, some 12,000 years ago. Probably was a first-line casualty. Sorry. For the past 27 years, my idea of "roughing it", has been slow room service.
shit, I always knew it was less healthy to watch TV — or anything else — than to smoke Marlboro cigarettes. Here's proof.
Figures that gas will be well over $2/ gallon by mid-Summer. Around here, it's held fairly steady at $1.53.9 (89oct) for the past four weeks, but I can see an increase coming. The towel-headed scumbags at OPEC are up to their old tricks, once again.
I watched far too much TV in the 3 days I had off, than I've watched in the previous 10 years. But not all in vain, as there were some very good shows on PBS and other CATV channels. I used to be a TV freak, living on the airwaves as events unfolded; now, I'm an WWW freak, getting the news quicker and more reliably from the "new media", than from the "mainstream press" lackeys who pander to Clinton. Go figure.

MicroSoft v DOIJ.
That's the Dept of InJustice, to you and me. Dontcha know? A bunch of lowlife homos who can't find their own asses with both hands, and they've invaded and inundated the once-venerable DOJ and turned it into a swill party, replete with degens, lowlifes, subhumans, cretins, idiots, morons and Clintonistas — the lowest form of life known on the planet Earth. Right below rectal amoebas.
Now, the DOIJ Lowlifes want to break MS into 3 pieces — the initial Justice Department plan called for the breakup of Microsoft into two pieces — one governing the Windows operating systems for personal computers and large corporate servers, and the other governing the popular Microsoft Office suite, the Internet Explorer Web browser and Microsoft’s various Internet properties. The two industry groups, the Software and Information Industry association and the Computer and Communications Industry association, supported the government’s breakup plan, but suggested the judge go one step further by spinning off Internet Explorer into a third company. The groups noted that technologically-challenged Judgie-Wudgie Jackson had found Internet Explorer was a key in Microsoft’s crushing of its competitors. Judgie-Wudgie, Pig-f*cker, Jack-scum is an idiot.
In sum, the consumer is going to get royally hosed with much higher prices, when MS is broken up by the cretins at DOIJ.

Waste The Filth.
This is why rape should be re-classified, prosecuted and implemented as a capitol crime: death penalty.
Why in the hell wouldn't the Federal Gummint execute subhuman filth for 37 years? If they're guilty of a capitol crime, execute the slimeballs. It's costing $40,000-60,000 per year per inmate to keep that garbage alive. Finally, they're going to dispatch a piece of shit to hell.
I like GW's stance on executions. I'm betting that this year, he beats '99s record of 35 lowlifes sent to hell.
Execute the piece of shit 13year old half-breed kid, for Killing a teacher. Do the crime, do the time, errr death.
Here's couple of idiots who executed 5 Wendy's employees: execute them promptly after conviction. I have no sympathy for this kind of garbage, regardless of skin color. They're either Whites/ White Trash; African-Americans/ idiots; Hispanics-Latinos/ illegal aliens; and et al. More likely, the latter.

Clintonista Garbage.
The shit de la shit: Clintonoids on parade. He's the Liar-In-Chief; she's the Liar-In-Chiefette. Figure it out. Two fer one! Remember? Such a deal!
Just one more superb use of the American Taxpayer's — that's you and me — hard-earned tax-dollar by the "most ethical administration in US History".
Let's hope that the Arkansas Circuit Court Judge does the right and just thing: strip the First Liar of his law license for perjury in the '98 Paula Jones trial.
Double standard? Rudy and Bubba? Nah, no f*cking way. Clinton is a criminal. Read this.
Also, read what the Clintonista slimeball motherf*cker scum did illegally out of The White House — called blackmail — with the American Taxpayer's — that's you and me — hard-earned tax-dollar by the "most ethical administration in US History". The whole stinking group of those lowlifes need to be prosecuted for the felony. When the f*ck is Congress going to get some guts and balls/ ovaries? Judging from the cretinous criminals who inhabit the US Congress, probably never. They're all compromised.
Not far off the Left Wing Wacko Nutcase Commie Socialist (LWWNCS) Agenda — not as media-attractive as the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, is it? — is The Independent Party; about as independent, or so, as my ass. And it's dependent as my intestines are upon it. Lies from DumbocRATs. As usual. Congenital Liar Party (CLP), should be what they're nominated.
Commie, socialist scumbag Vladimir Putrid (Putrin) was a failure then, and still is.
At least someone is being forthright about the US succumbing to a massive terrorist attack, even if it's the once Republican Senator, and full-time Clintonista scumbag, Ricky-Dicky Cohen.
Sure Jesse, you and only you can do it. Come grab the General Election away from Bush-Gore in the 11th hour. moron.
The dirty, stinking, lowlife lying Clintonistas — specifically Hitlery — have flip-flopped again: this time on the death penalty. Any surprise here? Nope, liars always do that.
This kind of shit is what the Clintonoids have led this once-proud and strong Nation into: threats from nothing, nothing shithole countries, like Russia and China.
Give it a rest, DumbocRAT filth! C'mon in here and read my Journal, if you want controversy.
Swell, we're paying billions to the Soviets to "dismantle nuclear weapons", "dismantle biological weapons" and dozens of other programs — more realistically in the trillion dollar range — and they're using it to rebuild nuclear and military forces. Nice going, AlGoreBore-Clintonista-Cohen scumfilth.
Whatever it takes: die, moron. We — the World — don't want or need your filthy kind, lowlife scumbag.
Meanwhile, the AlGoreBore idiot continues to self-destruct.
I always knew they'd find a use for human shit, but this is too good to be true. Hey, AlGoreBore: take credit for discovering this... as you've done for everything from the Net to the paperclip.
Listen to the Clintonista LIE. Are the lib-dems deaf? Sure looks/ sounds like it.
This is what should happen to all Clintonista filth scum, until WE sort out their crimes, and WE arrange for "punishment", most of which, I suspect and applaud, WE will be their DEATH!
When I heard the draft-dodging, lying, perjuring, suborner of perjury, perverted, rapist, coke-head, criminal Clintonista "thank" our Vets for doing their duty and honor to our country, I wanted to scream. The moment of silence was just too much, coming from that criminal son of a bitch.
For the untold hell and havoc that the Clintonista Slimef*cker wreaked upon the US Constitution, he's been rewarded by the Chi-Comm Motherf*cker Yellow Dog Filth-f*cker: nice job Bubba Boy; we'll add more dough to your Party's coffers as the weeks go by. You're our "boy". Quote, unquote.
Another worthless presidential trip, another waste of American Taxpayers' — that's you and me — monies. What will they spend this time? $15 million? $20 million? $25 million? The worse-than-lame-duck Clintonista and his 1,000 people entourage needs to do something, anything, to justify his last months in a greatly-hobbled and crippled office. Ummm, how about resigning and getting the f*ck outta town, lowlife Bubba? Read the NY Times take on this joke, and then compare it with reality. It's worse than sad; it's pathetic. They're still apologists for the Clintonistas, as they've always been. f*ck "The Grey Lady".
And they said Nixon used the IRS and CIA to his advantage? Bullshit, compared to the Clintonista scum, he was a rookie. Now, to all women who've accused Bubba of sexual harassment — Paula Jones, Liz Gracen, Jennifer Flowers, add Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Clinton of raping her in '82 — have been audited by the IRS. And he's raping her again with the IRS. Wow, what a guy! Other perceived adversaries of Clinton have also been audited, including Billy Dale, the Western Journalism Center and more than 20 conservative groups in the last seven years alone.
How is it that we've, as a Nation, come to this pathetic point: removing historic flags, plaques and monuments to bygone eras so that lib-dem filth scumbags can feel good? f*ck those slimeballs.

Hate Crimes.
By now, most everyone must know that Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker is in Chicago, this week. Rocker became a media sensation last year, when his formerly private thoughts about foreigners and minorities were transformed — into public thoughts.
After his comments were published in Sports Illustrated, it seemed that every media type had to denounce him. So they wrung their hands and beat their breasts, and condemned Rocker as a dangerous infection.
I said he said what he felt. I agree 100% with what he said. NYC is full of filth and scum and garbage, all needing extermination from "The Human Race", since they're aberrations (errors - Dr Laura), in the first place.
"The biggest thing I don't like about New York are the foreigners," Rocker told SI. "You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. ... How the hell did they get into this country?"
It's an easy story, declaring outrage at a white countrified bigot who heaves a baseball for a living. There's no risk to it. And with Rocker in town as the Braves play the Hapless Cubs, the journalistic hand-wringing continues.
Nobody will criticize you for writing these stories. Instead, they will praise you for opposing thought crimes. Lib-dem filth abound. I'd prefer to "terminate, with extreme prejudice", them.
In the first 12 days of the Rocker controversy, there were 165 newspaper stories written about him, according to a search of the Dow Jones newspaper database.
(That doesn't count the thousands of times his name was mentioned on TV or the radio, or in stories in magazines and other publications.)
Now let me tell you about another 12-day cycle, beginning May 15, when Penn State University quarterback Rashard Casey and a buddy made the news.
Casey, who is black, is a talented college quarterback. But like Rocker, it wasn't his athletic talents that helped him get his name out there.
It wasn't just what was in his head, the way Rocker earned his nose-pick version of fame.
Instead, it was how Casey allegedly used his fists.
Casey and another black player have been charged with aggravated assault for what happened outside a tavern in Hoboken, N.J.
According to witnesses and police, they smashed a man's face until it looked like a broken pomegranate. Then, allegedly, they bounced his head on the concrete, again and again, until he was unconscious. They allegedly did such a thorough job, it's a good bet that the victim will need extensive reconstructive facial surgery.
The victim's name is Patrick Fitzsimmons, 34, a Hoboken police officer.
Since I mentioned the race of the alleged attackers, I should be fair and let you know about Fitzsimmons — he's a pinkish white guy of Irish extraction. And an moron fo ever getting involved with a idiot bitch.
Fitzsimmons was unarmed and off duty at the time of the beating. But when he's working, Fitzsimmons is assigned to the community policing division, where he is a "tolerance training" instructor.
In Hoboken, tolerance training is part of the Police Department's efforts to stop hate crimes.
You know about hate crimes. They're crimes of hate, and they're terribly confusing.
If you're a kid with clout and have a beer party at your daddy's summer home, and daddy happens to be mayor, then you and your pals can beat people senseless and only get your wrists slapped.
But if you don't have clout and beat someone during an election year, you go to prison.
If you're a politically connected white sheriff's deputy, you can chase a black couple into Robbins and shoot at them because they may have looked at you funny, and it's not a hate crime either.
And if a black strong-armed robber beats an old man to death with a chunk of wood because he thinks old Jews have money--then that's not a hate crime because the only person who could have testified about racial epithets is dead.
If they're not hate crimes, what are they? Love crimes? So, like I said, the application of hate crimes is confusing.
Of course, although I don't accept excuses in these matters, sometimes people just get provoked and believe they have reasons for violence.
And it turns out that back in New Jersey, Officer Fitzsimmons may have provoked Casey. Here's how:
Fitzsimmons, a white guy, had the gall to date a black woman.
Casey and his pal didn't like that, authorities say. "They took exception to the fact that the officer was white and he was with a black woman," Hoboken Police Chief Carmen LaBruno was quoted as saying in the Newark Star-Ledger. "Apparently, words were exchanged."
Earlier, I told you that in the 12 days after Rocker made his NOT- stupid, nose-pick comments, there were 165 newspaper articles on his ignorance, according to a computer search of major papers in the U.S. But in the 12 days after Casey and his pal were alleged to have seriously beaten a white cop because he was dating a black woman, only 34 articles were published. Unfortunately, the jerks who think Rocker is a hero and a victim of the media are reinforced by these numbers.
What does that say about Society, us as a population? Huh? Duh?
What happened to all the outraged bigot-fighters in sports media?
As a Southern white guy, Rocker is an easy target, and all he did was speak his thoughts; thoughts which 99% of the World has. We'd like to rid the Globe of you lowlife, scumfilth.
But Officer Fitzsimmons wasn't beaten with thoughts.You know about hate crimes. They're crimes of hate, and they're terribly confusing. But to me, immediate execution is the ANSWER!

GOP Liars.
Denny Hastert and Trent Lott, are part and parcel of them. In fact, there are quite a few lowlifes and scumbags and criminals in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate; that kind of scum know no party boundaries.
Sure, I'm a little alarmed about a Republican-sponsored bill which would negate the Fourth Amendment, against unreasonable search and seizure, in the name of drug searches. I have no problem catching drug dealers and finding their evil labs, but to give carte blanche to law enforcement agencies is wrong...

The Early Video Project.
While film has been around for over a hundred years, video made its first appearance in the mid-sixties. As a new generation of digital film makers opts for camcorders over Bolexes, The Early Video Project takes a look back at the pioneers of video art. This impressive selection of source material includes lists of early publication, analyses of important works, descriptions of key exhibitions, and biographies of the artists. As the site's founder suggests, "the tapes that the proto-video artists of the late sixties and early seventies produced threw a privileged light on both the countercultural and artistic world of that time."

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