gas pains

Friday, June 30, 2000

if you were to name the single most desired item on the environmental wacko wish list, it would be sharply higher gas prices. Hardly a day goes by that some tree-hugger doesn’t praise Europe for having $5-a-gallon gasoline, while "troglodyte America" displays its indifference to Mother Earth through its orgy of cheap gasoline and sport utility vehicles. shit-for-brains AlGoreBore, you may recall, wrote in the pathetic "Earth in the Balance", that higher gasoline prices are essential if the nation is to achieve environmental enlightenment, and that those who oppose higher gas taxes to achieve this are "shortsighted." (You've read that book? Really? You need a life!)
It must be depressing to be an environmentalist wacko these days. Even with the recent jump in the price of gasoline, it is still cheaper, adjusted for inflation, than it was in the 1950s. Go into the supermarkets: a gallon of almost any liquid is more expensive than gasoline. Yet Americans are screaming mad about pump prices, and AlGoreBore is terrified of what might happen in November if gas prices stay above $2 a gallon. So even the EPA is now enlisted in the effort to keep gasoline inexpensive. The EPA is worried sick that the public might connect the dots and conclude that their gas costs more because of federal clean-air policy.
California and several other states have been using reformulated gasoline for several years now, and the price of refining RFG has supposedly been falling steadily. The oil refining and retail gasoline market can be as complicated and intricate as the airline seat pricing system, and therefore can seem capricious to an outside lay observer, or a government regulator. But the real story here is not that the EPA is worried that a price-gouging cartel has been formed; it’s that the EPA would be against such a price-raising scheme in the first place. Contemplating this irony for a moment reveals the jerking liberal knee under the conference table.
On the other hand, perhaps what this really reveals is that liberal environmentalist wackos are only happy if gasoline prices are raised through taxation alone. If the oil industry and the market raise the price of gas, well, what fun is that? And guess where all that money goes: to the US Gummint's coffers for more social welfare programs, not environmental rehabilitation.
Want to know why gas prices are really rising? Read this. As well as why AlGoreBore is hugely profitting from the price rise in oil.

Around The Garden Center.
First things first, before I forget: Happy 4th of July!
I've always enjoyed 4th of July fireworks, yet getting to the site amidst the huge crowds is sometimes a problem. The Net has changed all that. You won't believe how much fun this is, if you have a fast connection: virtual fireworks.
It's not just happening in the Midwest; it's happening here, too. Gas prices have ramped-up in the York, PA, area to $1.82.9/ gal at several prominent stations, while most others are playing catch-up, early in the week. Even the large "super-station" chains are edging their prices upward on a daily basis. Being out on the road visiting jobsites as much as I do, I see workers changing the advertised prices everywhere. They should have gone digital instead of those plastic numbers; woulda saved a lot of time. I don't give a flying rat's ass about the cost — I can and have to afford whatever they inflate it to; I don't have a choice — just make sure the supply is there. By week's end, pump prices had dropped back to $1.66.9/ gal, and the "price changing personnel" were busy at the signs once again. What a wild ride this has been.
The domain:, is ranked #38,815 out of 681,260 domain names in the database. Better than Slashdot (ranked #43,408), nowhere near as good as (ranked #4). The ranking is based on how many other sites link to yours; the higher the number, the closer you are to #1 ( Natch.
As the Summer months move along, both people traffic and dollar volume are dropping slightly as more people go on vacation in the July-August periods. The landscape traffic is maintaining a steady pace well into October, now, and I'm adding more jobs well into the Fall. All normal for this time of year. Carry on, nurse!
Why am I surprised? Happens every weekend: 89°F when I left for work at 9:30am Sunday and it got into the low 90s with a heat index of 100°F or better. I was soaked with sweat even before the 30-min task of opening up the complex. Thunderstorms barrelled through in the evening, making an already unbearable hum-didity even worse. We needed the rain, so it wasn't a loss. At the condo, my 500Kbps cable modem, CATV and 50.6k dial-up "went south" from the storm, so I called it an early night.
I had to scale back the scope of this week's landscape projects, due to so many employees being on vacation this week. We basically had a "skeleton crew" working just under half of a week, so smaller jobs were moved forward to accommodate the shifting personnel availability.
Last week, a reporter for USAToday interviewed me for several hours about our high-end water gardens. This Monday, a staff photographer showed up at 8am to photograph numerous installations we've done over the years. The story's scheduled to run today, so if I can't get the online version for you to read, I'll scan in the print version for next Friday's Journal.
It was a rainy, cool and cloudy week; last year at this time, we were in our third year of drought and didn't see any significant rain until October. Everything was parched, even the rocks. Now it's another region's unfortunate turn to suffer through that terrible experience: the southeast is in dire straits.

The Supremes.
Those nine Justices were busy this past week, ruling well on one issue and badly on others:
The Boy Scouts don't have to admit gays etc to their organization. Good.
Nebraska's law banning the hideous partial birth abortion is unconstitutional. Bad.
The antiquated and stupid Miranda Law is still an enforceable law of the land. Bad.
Refused to hear an appeal on that 6 year old Cuban kid's right to an asylum hearing. Bad.
Ruled that states may require anti-abortion demonstrators to stay away from anyone entering or leaving medical facilities. Bad.

"The Truth Is My Friend."
What a f*cking joke this lie is, AlGoreBore, you hook-nosed, slime shit filth. Just like your criminal, commie rat bastard, Armand Hammer-owned, piece of shit daddy redneck racist, you are a liar. And you lie like a true Clintonite piece of shit. You wouldn't know the truth if you fell over it, AlGoreBore.
Of course, AlGoreBore's got the shakin'-&-bake, diseased, alcoholic, AG, Janet "Waco" El-Reno on his side. She's been delaying, lying and covering for AlGoreBore as she's done for Bubba and Hitlery for the past almost 8 years. Until that stinking bitch is removed from the Dept of InJustice (DOIJ), nothing amounting to justice will ever again be served. The next occupant will have to severely fumigate: it really stinks at the DOIJ.
Remember the situation with the ramshackle house that AlGoreBore rents to tenants on his 70ac estate? Here's an update. And why does it not surprise anyone that nothing's been done in 3 weeks. Hell, a new place could have been built in that time. AlGoreBore's idiot contractors must be relatives; that's the only way to explain such gross incompetence. Everytime AlGoreBore's lips move, it's another lie.
More proof of what a lying rat bastard AlGoreBore scum is. Here's some more proof.
Hypocrite? No, worse than that. While blaming the oil companies out of one side of his lying mouth, AlGoreBore the criminal proposes "energy independence", presumably outlawing the internal combustion engine and fostering some other new type of power, out of the other side of his lying mouth. What, AlGoreBore you shit-for-brains idiot? Why don't you invent some new source, as you did with the InterNet, you lowlife scumbag? Net, net: he doesn't have a f*cking clue.
And of course, the gutless US Senate is completely without balls and ovaries is now declining to investigate AlGoreBore's corruption and criminal acts so close to the General Election 2000. Same f*cked up group of criminals who couldn't find the balls or ovaries to convict the Clintonista slimeball after impeachment by the House of Reps.

shit For Brains Clinton.
In one of the biggest upcoming e-disasters — remember, you heard it here first — Bubba Jeffy shithead wants to put our Social Security information and lots of other sensitive stuff online, in a joke of a website called,, which is courting disaster. The US Gummint can't even handle the many sites they now control; hackers regularly break in and deface the graphics and destroy the files. From the CIA to the Pentagon to The White House, the US Gummint is e-incompetent and what they're planning will be a real headache for US Taxpayers in the coming months and years. Can't someone keep that stupid redneck cracker out of the Net?
The shit-for-brains Clintonoid moron can't even spell "Net", but his handlers make him talk the shit about combining the USA into a lowlife socialist, commie website which exposes all of our SS #'s and thousands of other bit/ bytes of important data. f*ck you, Clintonite moron! Leave my data off of your pathetic website, you redneck moron, pervert, liar, draft-dodger, suborner of perjury, criminal bastard.
Speaking of stupid redneck crackers, read about The First Bitch's role in TravelGate in '92, and subsequent crimes and damage control. Should this stinking gag-bag go to prison? Of f*cking course! The bitch needs to do 10-35yrs in a dyke hell prison. She's a filth-bag bitch! Go to REAL HELL, Hitlery! Do not collect $200 or a Senatorship.
There is no budget surplus. Let me say that again: there is no budget surplus. It's done with smoke and mirrors, juggling Social Security accounts and other accounting tricks. There is no budget surplus; never has been. It's a lie.
And it seems likely that Hitlery Clintonista, despite "substantial evidence" of her criminal role in TravelGate, is beyond the reach of the Law. Some f*cking Law we have when a criminal bitch gets off scot-free. If that "role" had been attached to you or me, we'd have been in prison long, long ago. Seems as though Justice isn't blind afterall, and that "equal justice for everyone" isn't the case here. Surprised?
A little levity about Clintoon's so-called women? Read this.
Clintoon Haters unite, right here.
Still in denial and unable to recognize or handle the truth, Bubba Clintoon calls all his problems "bogus scandals" instigated by Republicans. What an moron.

Microsoft v DOIJ.
Joel Klein, the third-rate lawyer/political hack and resident shit-for-brains moron, who is in charge of the Dept of InJustice's Microsoft persecution, recently tried to rationalize the lawsuit by saying that it was in keeping with the long history of consumer protection regulation, beginning with the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. What a load of shit. In reality, the history of antitrust has been a history of destroying the most innovative and entrepreneurial businesses.
Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, the ignorant lardass and grossly biased judge in the Microsoft case, has frequently compared Bill Gates to John D. Rockefeller, thereby perpetuating another statist myth — that Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company was a "monopoly." But Standard Oil caused the price of refined petroleum to fall from over 30 cents per gallon in 1869 to 5.9 cents by 1897 while stimulating an enormous amount of innovation in the industry, just as Microsoft has stimulated innovation in today’s computer industry. For this great service to consumers, Rockefeller was prosecuted and forced to break up his company.
For example, the American Tobacco Company was found guilty of "monopolization" in 1911, even though the price of cigarettes (per thousand) had declined from $2.77 in 1895 to $2.20 in 1907, despite a 40 percent increase in raw material costs.
In what is perhaps the best example of nonsensical double-talk in antitrust history, in 1944 Judge (Un)Learned Hand found Alcoa guilty of "monopolizing" the virgin ingot aluminum market by employing "superior swhack and foresight" which the judge feared had "forestalled" competition by those businesses with less swhack and foresight. He condemned Alcoa for being extremely adept at correctly anticipating market demand for its product and then supplying that demand, to the "exclusion" of its less efficient competitors.
Alcoa "embraced every new opportunity" with a "great" organization, said the judge, and manned the organization with "elite business personnel." It was obvious to the confused and befuddled Judge Hand (job) that gaining market share through entrepreneurial excellence should be illegal.
In 1962 the government forbade the Brown Shoe Company, which had 1 percent of the shoe market, from acquiring Kinney Shoes, which also had a 1 percent market share. A company with 2 percent of the shoe market, according to the government, constituted a monopoly.
In 1969 IBM, the Microsoft of the day, had a 65 percent market share in the computer market and was sued by the government for allegedly monopolizing the industry. IBM was mired in a court battle for thirteen years before the government finally gave up on the case. In the meantime, the company was eclipsed by Intel and other competitors while Microsoft had just produced, in 1981, its first copy of MS-DOS.
The government's assault on IBM undoubtedly weakened the company and weakened the level of competition in the industry as well. This has happened time and again as a result of Quixotic antitrust prosecutions.
In 1962 the government forced the Schwinn Bicycle Company to divorce itself from its network of dealers; foreign competition eventually drove Schwinn into bankruptcy.
General Motors was never prosecuted, but because of the company's fear of antitrust it was official company policy from 1937 until 1956 to never let its market share top 45 percent, for any reason. This fear of antitrust prosecution contributed to the industry's dramatic losses in market share to the Japanese and German automakers during the 1970s and '80s.
RCA was prohibited by antitrust regulators from charging royalties to American licensees, so the company licensed its products to Japanese companies. The entire Japanese electronics industry is based on this.
Antitrust regulation whacked Pan American World Airways by forbidding it from acquiring domestic routes. Lacking "feeder" traffic for its international flights, the company went bankrupt.
Most Americans have never heard of any of these facts because they have been fed the Official History of antitrust, which is that free markets are a source of monopoly power which must restrained by enlightened antitrust regulators.
The truth is that monopoly is impossible in a free market; government is the true source of monopoly, and antitrust itself has never done anything but render American industry less competitive while inflicting great harm on consumers. The standard account of antitrust regulation being in "the public interest" is truly Orwellian.

Good Riddance.
I agree there's something very wrong with executing murderers: we don't execute them soon enough after their heinous crimes. That's why the Death Penalty isn't a strong enough deterrent as it could be. If we executed them within one year of conviction and sentencing — allowing for 2-3 appeals — the other subhuman filth might think twice before fatally harming society's innocents.
Texas did the right thing by executing a much-publicized murderer last week: Gary Graham went to Hell for his 19-year old crime, and maybe the victim's family will finally get some closure from it. I do not have mercy on that murderer's soul; I sincerely hope he's condemned to the worst Hell available. Death-penalty opponents had argued that one witness’ word was not enough to send a man to his death. Hey, moron lib-dem filth subhuman shit slime: of course it is, cretins! Of course, the race-baiters Jack-scum and Sharp-scum, and resident, national racist bigot idiot, Irrev Jesse Jack-scum milked it for all it was worth on a national basis. He is truly a idiot scumbag racist moron.
Here's another piece of subhuman shit — a punk mobster from Asia — sentenced to die for the murder of a California highway patrolman (CHIP), who'll languish a minimum 5-7 years and most probably 10-20 years before being executed. And hey: the cop is still dead. And the cop's family must, through their taxes, support and keep the murderer alive. Fair? f*ck no, it's a damned crime to allow filth like that to live!
Isn't the world tired of this mentally-ill, psycho scumbag, Tyson? I know I sure am. Put the scumbag in an institution or asylum where no one has to deal with his stupidities and idiocy. Better yet, put a bullet through his empty head.
And now, the dwarf-brained and loudmouthed idiot Desmond "I need taller shoes" Tutu from Africa — the most crime-riddles and AIDS-infested continent on the Earth — is calling upon the US to outlaw the Death Penalty? f*ck you, scumbag. Go back and live in that African shithole, where you belong, scumbag. We'll take care of our murderers our way; you shut the f*ck up and heal thy own problems.
Why isn't this subhuman piece of shit, lowlife redskin, f*cking scumbag, dysfunctional Peltier, dead? He's escaped it to date. A Browning .460 LR, an M16, Glock .9mm or Colt .357 Magnum would do the trick, baby. Bang-zoom!. Gimme the chance to avenge two FBI Agents.
I also strongly advocate execution for treason, such as this scumbag Philip Agee, former CIA agent. He richly deserves to die, and I can't quite figure out why the CIA let him live after all the traitorous damage he did back in the 70s. Now the moron is in Cuba, exhorting Americans to break the law and vacation there. What a pathetic piece of shit he truly is.
Hoooooray for Missouri! A piece of subhuman shit was executed for the '88 robbery-murder of an elderly woman and her son. Sure made my week. Thanks!
Another criminal Kennedy scumbag — this time an accused and admitted murderer of a 15 year old girl — goes on trial. What a f*cked up lib-dem scumbag family.
Read why "hate crimes" are a load of political and racist shit.
I'm sure glad I went to public school back in the 50s and 60s; it is a terrible mess today with the NEA (National Education ass'n.) liberals continuing to ruin our educational system at every turn.

Sick Perversions.
Sick, disgusting, perverted, lowlife, degenerate, deviant, subhuman filth — no, I'm not talking about lib-dems or Clintoonistas this time — should be machinegunned in the streets while on their parades. Mini-Vulcan-gattling guns at 6,000 rounds per minute could easily turn this trash/ shit into street hamburger. I'd be there cheering the shooters.
Good riddance to all the World's scum and filth via AIDS. I just wish it could be sped up and didn't take so long to complete its mission. Whatever happened to the Spanish Flu and Bubonic plagues that rid the Earth of millions in a few short months?
Further reinforcing how warped and sick this Nation's so-called justice system is: a transvestite pervert is freed from jail because authorities used the InterNet to trap him as he was showing little girls how to have sex. Huh? He should have been executed for enticing children into sex. But noooooooooo! The f*cked up legal system protects slime, filth and subhuman scum. I say execute him.

The Stinkymeat Project.
Each week, the crack Journal Staff (me, myself & I) toil relentlessly to bring you the most dazzling, creative, and unique sites on the Web. This one isn't exactly dazzling, but it does bring a unique perspective to the world of meat decomposition. While we can't condone this sort of behavior, we get a kick out of the demented enthusiasm of the project's creator (and his sidekick, Stinkymate). The pictures are rather disgusting and stomach-turning, but this site's look at the lifespan of a plate of raw meat left unattended in a neighbor's yard is absolutely engrossing. We would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to our more sophisticated readers. For the rest of you, dig in.

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