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Friday, June 4, 2004

i never get tired of putting together another John's Journal for Fresh-On-Friday consumption. It's both an exasperating and a fun vehicle, which lets me blow-off steam, rant, yell, kick furniture, punch holes in the sheetrock, warn America about the Islamic murderers, and chase the two condo cats around with a stick. But with the way I've been ailing physically for the past 2 weeks — extreme sciatica pain from the left buttock through the left thigh and into the left shin — I've decided to ask a Journal Regular, to write this week's piece. I'll have already been at the York Hospital's Orthopaedic & Spine Specialist Clinic for examination, treatment and a bevy of painwhackers, I decided that I might not be as "lucid and rational" as I should be to write the various sections. So, enjoy Bob's article, instead...

Hate Crime Statistic Act.

Robert Simmons, San Rafael, Ca.

The current methodology employed by the FBI in compiling hate crime statistics is clearly inaccurate, misleading, and very discriminatory against Americans of European ancestry.
In 1990, Congress passed the Hate Crime Statistic Act, US Public Law 101-275. This legislation mandates that the US Attorney General establish guidelines, definitions, and data about crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.
The Attorney General turned this matter over to the FBI for this purpose which was then referred to as the Uniform Crime Reports section of that organization.
The problem surfaced when the FBI clearly identified the victims of race crimes by race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation which was the intent of the Congress.
The FBI does not, however, apply the same standards to perpetrators of hate crimes. Instead perpetrators are identified not by ethnicity, but only by race (white, black, American Indian, Alaskan native, Asian, Pacific Islander, multiracial group, or unknown).
According to this methodology, Hispanics are recognized as victims, but never as perpetrators because they are categorized as “white” when perpetrating a hate crime, but recognized as Hispanic when they are victims.
There are others besides Hispanics who can be classified only as victims: persons with North African origins (Arabs, Copts, Berbers, etc.), Southwest Asians (Arabs, Syrians, Lebanese, Israelis, Kurds, Persians, Turks, etc.), and some Russians of Asian ancestry.
In practical terms, this means that, for example, two Hispanic friends get into a quarrel and one hits the other over the head with a board and screams at him that he is a illegal alien. After throwing the board at him, he leaves.
Even though the crimes involves two Hispanics, the FBI records it as a hate crime committed by a white against a Hispanic.
This Hispanic wakes up, flutters his eyes a couple of times, puts a bandage over his wound, grabs the board and off he goes to look for his assailant.
When he finds him, BANG! Right in the middle of the noggin goes the board. Off he goes cussing every swear word in the Spanish language.
Now the flip-flop comes...
The assailant who a minute ago was the victim and Hispanic has all of a sudden become the assailant and white. And the chap who just got his brains knocked out, now is Hispanic and the victim.
Are you still with me?
And now the FBI has recorded the second hate crime both by whites and against Hispanics. Sounds something from "1984" by George Orwell, doesn't it?
But the scenario continues.
That man wakes up, notices a lump on his head the size of a golf ball, picks up the board, and looks around for his assailant. Sees nothing but a black man laughing at the comedy that just ended.
Guess what happened?
That's right. WHAM! Down comes the board on the black's head amid a torrent of cuss words.
The third hate crime has been committed.
The Perpetrator who was Hispanic a minute ago is now white. So the FBI records a third hate crime; each one perpetrated by whites against non whites although there was not one assailant that was white.
Under current definitions, it is impossible to tell how many “white” hate crimes were committed by persons who would be classified not as “white” were they victims of hate crimes. This not only inflates the number of “white” hate crimes, but because of the publicity given to these flawed statistics, people assume that the vast majority of hate crimes are committed by white people, most all of whom are Americans of European ancestry.
The phrase “hate crime” has become synonymous with European Americans. This is one reason that conferences on hate crimes do not include European Americans because it is they who are thought to commit them. Nothing can be further from the truth, but that is the perception.
An analysis of hate crime statistics will reveal, however, that the share of hate crimes perpetrated by European Americans is small compared with their population numbers.
Was this double standard just a simple mistake, an oversight perhaps? I think not.
I think it was deliberately done to discredit Americans of European ancestry as step towards a multicultural, multiracial nation where whites are a marginalized minority and their heritage, culture, and contribution devalued.
The manipulation of hate crime statistics and related publicity certainly has staggering propaganda value.
What can people of goodwill do about it knowing there is no possible way for statistical agencies to justify such a double standard with such a racist impact?
Just don’t sit back and talk about it.
Write letters, call, fax, email your senators, representatives, Attorney General Ashcroft, President Bush, and the local office of the FBI. And do it persistently until you get satisfaction. Almost every congressman has an email address and fax, call your local representatives and get it. Unite with other and do these things en masse.
Names and Addresses:
President George W Bush, The White House; VP Dick Cheney;
Attorney General John Ashcroft, 10th & Constitution Ave. Washington, DC, 20530, (800)546-3224;
•Call your local senator up for the 800 number of the US Capitol switchboard, 1-800-522-6721, it keeps changing.
•Any US Senator, US Capitol, Washington, DC, 20510
•Any US Representative, US Capitol, Washington. DC. 20515
Good luck.
Author's Note: (Some of the above information was abstracted from an article by Joseph Fallon, The Politics of Hate Crime Statistics based on an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, May, 1997.)

The so-called 'traditional medicines have been an abject failure in treating my sciatica nerve pain. An MRI® (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) was out of the question because of a .32cal bullet lodged near my spine from a July 14, 1974 robbery and shooting — I was the victim and my 30yr Anniversary is coming up! — and CAT® (Computerized Axial Tomography)-Scans don't show the kind of resolution needed to make a correct diagnosis. An MRI would super-heat the lead bullet to the point of doing excessive internal damage to all kinds of internal organ/bone/nerve thingys, so it was ruled-out.
Instead, I was told to take 2-3 weeks off, stay in bed and rest the sciatic nerve. Yeah, freaking sure, Dr Cohen. I have a multi-million dollar business with now 20 employees to run, and, unlike you, dear doctor, I can't toddle from examining room to examining room, ordering people to put on gowns and bend over and grab their ankles. I have to w-a-l-k 8-15 miles every weekend, and my livelihood, plus that of 20 other people, depends upon it.
Dr Rick Green from The East York Chiropractic Center called Thursday, and scheduled me in for Monday at 11am. Rick's a solid Conservative, good friend, landscape customer and pillar of the community; I trust him and his methods. I have a good feeling about his regimen.
I'll be back next week with my usual vitriol and disdain for the many and varied lowlifes and subhuman scumbags who plague our troubled nation and world. If you would like to contribute an article or opinion on any topic (that I approve), please contact me. I enjoy hearing what other people have to say, think and feel.

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