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unnatural diversity
Friday, June 8, 2001

If you value natural diversity, as I do, you enjoy seeing different people, places and things everyday. Variety is the illegal aliene of life, it's been said. In Nature, variety is common; no two things are quite alike in shape, form or color. Being in the nursery business for over 11 years, I see this factoid on a daily basis. I enjoy all kinds of food, too, though organ meats, and the ultra-cruel meats of veal and lamb are definitely not on my menu. But when diversity becomes legislatively forced and legally mandatory, it is bad. Very bad. Being forced to do anything is a distinct warning sign that lowlife liberal scum are now setting society's agenda. And it's clearly long past time to reverse any and all of their perverted legislation, to permit individual freedom and free will to express itself once again. Even the once-rational democRATs have signed-on to legislating diversity: quotas, set-asides, affirmative action and other stupid social and business practices have been rammed through state legislatures and the US Congress to subvert The US Constitution and Bill Of Rights. By taking away one freedom at a time, most Americans won't even realize it has happened to such an extent, until the left wing wacko nazi socialist communist police are breaking the door down and carting everyone off to "re-education" camps.

Around The Garden Center.
Alternating between hot and humid, and cool and cloudy, last weekend's weather was a mixed bag and it was busy. A reverse-clock-spinning Summer Nor'Easter brought huge amounts of moisture to the Mid-Atlantic and North-East Regions. Everything is lush and green as we head into the dreadfully hot days of Summer, but at least there's some moisture in the ground up to 18" deep, for plants to rely upon. It'd sure be nice to see the occasional weekly storm move east to replenish the water as it's used up. We'll soon see how it all shakes out.
I've used enjoyed garlic for many years; here's another "study" touting its benefits.
What energy gas crisis? Gas prices have plummeted from $1.73.9/ gal (89 oct) to $1.58.9/ gal in just four days, in the York (PA) area. Sure, Memorial Day is over, but predictions were for prices to rise to over $2/ gal and continue steadily upward. There's no sign of that happening right now. No complaints here. Lots of Maryland cars come across the state line to fill-up at the gas stations in Stewartstown and Shrewsbury, PA; gas in some places down there is almost $2/ gal now. I'm sure that's happening in New Jersey, too, with people driving across the river into PA to purchase cheap gas.
Early Wednesday morning, I suffered an inner ear infection with fever, and had to stay home for the day. My equilibrium was so affected I would have been cited for a DUI had I tried to drive into work. Antibiotic ear drops and rest soon mitigated the chronic condition. I still took part of Thursday (my semi-regular "whole" day off) afternoon off, to go into the York ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat Medical Center) and get treated by the head doc, also one of my landscape and retail clients. It's chronic and the medical establishment hasn't a clue.
Wow, small business owners revolting against the IRS and taxes; hadn't heard of this before. Not sure I'd get involved unless precedent is set in court, and that's not likely. Prison sucks; let the shiester lawyers either try to make law, or let them go to freakin' federal state county prison, not you or me; any and all of those places is pure Hell. I will follow this story with much interest, now that thousands of small business owners have stopped paying taxes. Something's in the wind, methinks.
Reason #18 why I don't fly anymore. Just a little curious what Reason #1 is? Here ya go; got a couple of weeks to read? And there's more (it's at the bottom).

GOP Troubles.
Best thing to happen to the GOP would be for Johnny "No Brain" McCain to leave, like the spineless coward Jeffords did. Leave McCain to his own devices; he'll self-destruct soon enough.
They should have taken pics of the Clintoonite staff damage back in January to document the charges of vandalism in The White House and EOB. Now it's coming back to haunt the administration.
Another worthless, liberal-biased poll by the left-wing wacko ABCNews is trying to tell W what to do. Screw 'em, they're idiots and partisan hacks and flacks.
Dogshit Daschle and the Dimwit DemocRATs took over the worthless and corrupt US Senate on Wednesday. What a bunch of losers. Worse than the useless, spineless, cowardly GOP Senators, if you can believe that.
And the bright spot: W got the Tax Cut through. W: 1, Lib-Dems: 0. Sure smells of bipartisanship shit, doesn't it? Stinks! Illegal! Immoral obstructionists, those liberals and left wing wacko democRATs! Hmmmmmmm, sounds just like the GOP all branches mentioned herein when we were in power. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

Lowlife Lib-Dem Scumbags.
Always revisionist in nature, the idiot lib-dem governor of Maryland, Parris "shit For Brains" Glendening, pardoned a black man convicted of murdering a pregnant white woman 80 years ago. He was also rightly hanged for the crime. Scary what power in the corrupt hands of a moron can do to change the facts of history to suit his twisted political agenda.
There's a definite stench missing from the usually fetid NYC air these day, now that the "Vieques Four" - Sharpscum, Carrion, Ramirez and Rivera are in prison. Fat pomade Al Sharpscum's on a hunger strike, eating emulsified Twinkies™ and liquid lard through a straw, or something like that. Rot in prison, Sharpscum.
A 9,000 year old Caucasian man easily predates the lowlife racist injun scum who want to cover it up, thereby trying to preserve their claims as "Native Americans". The Kennewick Man scandal was aided and abetted by the lib-dem criminals in the Clintoon InJustice Dept, Army Corps of Engineers, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and several other federal government agencies, who want to preserve the redskins false claims of "originality". Destroying and hiding evidence, interfering in scientific investigations, obstruction and other tactics were routinely used to subvert the truth. It's a crime what has gone on for so long, but it's not over yet. Justice will somehow prevail if the idiotic US Supreme Court can be kept out of it all.
The lowlife lib-dem filth on the corrupt US Civil Rights Commission are "reporting" problems in Florida's Presidential Election, without one bit of supporting evidence. Pure lies.

Human Garbage.
Sorry no, I don't have any sympathy for gays of any color who contract AIDS. They richly deserve the long, painful death that's coming to them. It's a purely preventable disease, and they know well the risk they're taking by engaging in such perverted and degenerate behavior. The US should not spend a dime against curing the disease; it's a wonderful "plague" to cleanse the world of all its subhuman filth. Let it run rampant. Too harsh? Nah, not a bit.
In the past 5 years of John's Journal rantings, I don't think I've ever touched upon the OnGoing MidEast Conflict, in depth; time to correct that, but not in depth. Israel should nuke the towelhead filth scumbags to death! Blow the shitfilth sand blacks off the Face Of The Earth. What the hell are you waiting for? For the USA to OKAY the act? f*ck the USA. Too many moderate Jews here to cower before USA monies. Do it! Annihilate the towelhead subhuman filth.
After the suicide bombing of hundreds of Jewish youth and the death of 20 innocent Israeli children by towelhead extremists, Israel should proceed with a bloodbath of the PA (Palestinian Authority) and all radical muslim shitfilth towelhead scumbags. Their Mossad is quite capable of wreaking terror and death across the towelhead world in retribution and retaliation. Enough is enough. Time for Justice. To hell with what the rest of the world wants, exterminate the arab filth.
All those scumbags leading the slavery reparations movement are lowlife garbage blacks, pure and simple. No other term for it.
In one of the largest individual damage awards ever against the tobacco industry, a Los Angeles jury on Wednesday ordered Philip Morris to pay more than $3 billion to a 56-year-old cancer patient who said the tobacco giant failed to warn him of the dangers of smoking. The fact that the guy had ignored health warnings by smoking two packs of Marlboros a day for more than 40 years was irrelevant to the f*cked up jury. Incredibly stupid people. I've smoked more than that since '63 and clearly remember the warning labels, but then I only buy packs/ cartons if the labels read: Smoking may result in premature birth, low fetal birth weigh and birth defects. At 51, I can live with that.

Execution Clearly Called For.
The US Supreme Court screws up again: giving a new sentencing hearing for Johnny Paul Penry, a "mildly retarded" murderer, who was sentenced to death for the 1979 rape and murder of 22-year-old Pamela Moseley Carpenter. Stupid move. If he was intelligent enough to do the crime, he's fine and dandy to be executed. Mental capacity has nothing to do with anything. Did the victim get a second chance? Hardly, she's still dead 22 years later.
Now the Frogs (communist-socialist Frenchie schmucks) are telling us that we can't execute a murderer if they extradite him. Huh? Remember the sniper who whacked the abortion doctor in his home a couple of years back? This is one more way the lowlife commie-socialist left wing wacko filth around the world (read UN) is trying to neuter the USA. And NO!, I'm NOT a conspiracy nut.
What bullshit: trying to save murderers lives. whack the white trash McVeigh and hispanic Garza without delay. Start doing your duty, Federal Gov't, execute all that subhuman filth on Federal Death Row.
I'll wager he'd dead on schedule. Any takers? Thanks to Federal Judge & Appeals Court verdicts, it's going to proceed. But watch the US Supreme Court get into something they know nothing about. Pitiable lib-democRATs.

Underwater Archaeology.
Beneath the waters of the Mediterranean lie vast amounts of relics from the region's maritime history. Undisturbed for centuries, these items are painstakingly uncovered, identified, catalogued, photographed, and analyzed by teams of intrepid marine archaeologists from France and other countries. This site highlights some daring expeditions and pays homage to past discoverers who brought the complicated craft of modern diving to the fore. Like their dry-land counterparts, these marine archaeologists are concerned with more than human artifacts. While visiting the undersea world, they also note the unique topography of a site and survey the terrain surrounding the excavations.

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