Junk Merchants
Buying Any Plant Material
From Roadside Vendors
Is A Terrible Mistake For Any Gardener.

They're everywhere during each Gardening Season: junky roadside vendors selling grower's surplus, disease-riddled, insect-infested and sub-standard plants at cut-rate prices. And amazingly enough, many unwitting motorists and gardeners stop to buy without having the following information available from any source. Until now.

Yes Virginia, there is in truth in advertising. Always has been in ours.

These vendors are selling several local, sub-standard growers' surplus plant material, not first-quality merchandise at all, but rather junk that will infect your Garden's other plants and ultimately ruin your Garden. Their junk plants transfer disease and insects into your precious Garden, soon weakening and killing off everything you've worked for. You'll never get the beauty and performance from their surplus plants; those plants should be composted and used as fertilizer for first-quality plants from reputable growers.

These roadside junk plant merchants know nothing about the plants, have no PA Nursery License, aren't inspected or regulated by the Pennsylvania Dept of Agriculture (why aren't they Ag Dept.?), and can't even answer the basic questions on culture and care, which a quality Garden Center can and does readily. They rarely water, and never fertilize, inspect or treat the plants for disease or insects; they disguise these symptoms and soon the problem will hit you in the face after you've installed the plant.

Returns? Guarrantee? Care? Questions? Don't bother trying; they're incapable of even these basics.

They quickly whine and cry about Free Enterprise and Restraint Of Trade, two basic freedoms, which we vigorously support. These smokescreen-lies have no bearing on the sham they're pulling over every unwitting motorist's eyes that stops in.

These filth and junk merchants need to be stopped, not so much by local or state governmental action, but rather by the public's attitude of not buying this trash; but rather going to first-class Garden Centers & Nurseries to purchase first-quality plant material.

Stop patronizing these junk merchants, Gardeners, just to save a couple of dollars. You’re not getting any “good deals” from these scum; you’re getting taken six-ways-to-Sunday. Wake up! In the end, your Garden and you will both pay a much higher price. If you do the sensible thing and buy only from reputable Garden Centers & Nurseries, junk merchants like these will soon disappear, and their trash plants will become the compost fertilizer that they should have been in the first place.

In addition to carrying only Premium Dark Bark Mulch, we feature over 900 varieties of perennials, 200 varieties of annuals and herbs, over 100 varieties of ornamental grasses and bamboos, and more than 1600 cultivars of nursery stock, ranging from the common to the very rare, unusual and hard-to-find. Our Collector's Rare Plant Nursery has been supplying gardening enthusiasts for over seven years, and is a must for connoisseurs and serious collectors.

Our Nursery Division can supply any request from the common to very rare and unusual material. And if you need a tree or shrub moved, we feature a special team capable of easily moving anything from 1-inch to 10-inch diameter trees. Call us for a free consultation and estimate.

Our Warranty: is unmatched by anyone, anywhere, and is one (1) year from date of purchase if you install the plant material; it is five (5) years if we install the material. Call, write or email us for a complete copy of The Warranty. It's also online right here.

Drop by our Website on The InterNet for a tour of the Garden Center & Nursery. It's located at www.gdnctr.com for those digerati among you out there who are connected on-line.