I was on a certain website last night and someone brought up how great the 90s were. Compared to today, you actually seemed to have a thrill for life - now it all seems very artificial. Sadly, the left’s moralism seems even more artificial. They know they’re lying and that what they’re espousing is false, but they refuse to admit it and get irate when its mentioned. Everyone knows that weak men are exploiting transgenderism because they’re looking for approval. America is farther along in race relations than any other country in the world, yet they demand we acknowledge that we haven’t left the Puritanical ages. It’s really sad because the left of this country will eat themselves and try to consume us too. I think you’re just going to see red states coalesce more and become more vituperative against outsiders. The sanctimony of the left will continue until they find they need the right, but by then it will be too late for them. If one tenth of the people concerned about this would become active, it would be over. The traditional non involvement by conservatives is killing us. As for the left, they are not good people. Don’t think for a second that your communist neighbor is anything but a complete jerk set on dismantling society. Some biblical studies indicate what represents the US will be a non-factor in the End Times.

— Roth, Buena Vista

Volume XXVIII - 2023

"Now In My 28th Year & Still Commenting Weekly, On The World's Daily Dose Of Lunacy",
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06 The War Is Over, And Christmas Won

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10 Anarchy, American-Style

17 Destroying American Democracy; An Inside Job

24 Free-Market Capitalism Is...



03 Scary Developments In 2023

10 On The Altar Of Equity & Diversity

17 We're All Unvaxxed

24 Science Is Not To Be Trusted









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