Government economics is a joke, but conservatives should be explaining all of this to the public -- in a straightforward manner with illustrations and examples. The rate of inflation was 1.4% in 2020. In 2021, after Biden took over, it was 7%. In 2022 it was 6.5%, and in 2023 it is 3.2% -- still over twice what it was in Trump's last year in office. If people spent $100.00 on groceries in December 2020, they paid $107.00 for the same groceries in December 2021, and then $114.00 for the same groceries in December of 2022. Despite the inflation rate decreasing to 3.2% in 2023, by the end of 2023 those same groceries cost $117.65. Lies all over. So spending is up 5% while costs increase 100% which tells me things are actually down 95%. 100K jobs created with 70K of the jobs were guberment jobs which produce nothing. Cash flows only because the guberment is printing fake money. What will happen when people max out their cards and start failing to make payments plus have to quit spending on groceries houses, cars etc?

-- Ben K, Salt Lake City

Volume XXVIII - 2023

"Now In My 28th Year & Still Commenting Weekly, On The World's Daily Dose Of Lunacy",
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06 The War Is Over, And Christmas Won

13 COVID Communism Has Been Contagious

20 The Perfect Transportation Storm

27 Joe Biden Documents' Story



03 The Corrupt Media

10 Anarchy, American-Style

17 Destroying American Democracy; An Inside Job

24 Free-Market Capitalism Is...



03 Scary Developments In 2023

10 On The Altar Of Equity & Diversity

17 We're All Unvaxxed

24 Science Is Not To Be Trusted

31 Will We Go Gently Into That Good Night?


07 The Coup We Never Knew

14 As Climate Experts Warn Of...

21 A Nation Committing Suicide

28 Society at Peak Shared Misery



05 Tucker Carlson Is Right: It’s About Evil

12 Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence

19 The Beginning of CBDC?

26 I've Had The Shits Of All This Stuff



02 Build Back Borderless, Bankrupt, and Broken

09 Neither Green Nor Energy

16 After The Death of Privacy

23 Letter From A Christian Pastor

30 Democrat Party = Nazi Party


07 Joe Biden -– A Soulless Sociopath

14 Electric Cars (EVs) Are An Expensive Scam

21 America Wakes Up To Woke

28 Canadian Wildfire Apocalypse



04 Era Of Global Boiling Is Here

11 Two Sets Of Laws For Two Americas

18 Six Ways Flawed & Shady

25 When The Justice System Falls Apart



01 The Remaking of America

08 Save Or Destroy The Rule of Law?

15 What The Left Did To Our Country

22 The Decline of American Civilization

29 Death By A Thousand Cuts


06 Our Self-Induced Catastrophe at the Border

13 Democrats Really Do Hate America

20 Americans Have Too Much Freedom

27 Comes The Dancing Skeleton



03 Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Warming

10 I Told You So, Jerks

17 God Is Taking Note

24 Terrorists & Saboteurs Are Surging Into America



01 When Hell Breaks Loose in USA






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