Hello JS,

The Durham Report defines a cancer growing in this nation and the disease must be excised or the sake of a great Nationís people. It seems as though it is really just circular, that what the CIA did was proceed to activate sources who were actually their own assets within MI6, Australia, Israel, to feed the CIA the information they wanted to be fed. In other words, it appears that the CIA subverted the intelligence agencies of all these other countries too, in their bloodthirsty intrigue to smear Trump and associates. Why all the fuss over Five-Eyes in the context of the Durham Report? Durham doesn't even exist. He admitted it and finalized it his own self when he issued his donothingaboutanyofit report, timed after the statute of limitations had run out on all the crimes committed. FBI tells Linda to tell everyone that they're sorry. That's that.

— Charles D, Elizabethtown, NJ

Volume XXVIII - 2023

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