Two young women on my block have been looking to move. They have a Tesla. They want to be in a condo. Guess again if you think for one second a condo association will agree to spread their bill to charge their car (in a common garage) over all the condo owners. No, not one condo assoc has agreed to do that for them. The reason they are looking to move is that, in their own garage, they have to foot the bill to recharge their car all out of their own pockets! They think others should share the load! Not to mention the very, very real possibility of the EV catching fire and destroying the entire condo complex, and the HOA will have to take out a huge, newer insurance policy rider to cover fire.

— Nancy, Chicago

Volume XXVII - 2022

"Now In My 27th Year & Still Commenting Weekly, On The World's Daily Dose Of Lunacy"
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07 Why China Got Away With It

14 2021 Is Over At Last, Thank Goodness

21 Foreseeable Electric Car Catastrophes

28 China Is Hoarding



04 America: Dying Or Disintegrating?

11 Greatest Gov't Failure In American History

18 Spartacus Letter

25 Reclaiming Our Country



04 One Year of Crises Under Biden

11 Red Pill Time

18 Democrats Now Want To Move On

25 Deadly Us-Ukraine Bio Labs



01 Architects Of Our Present Disaster

08 Growing Old

15 No 'Good Guys' In This War

22 CBDC Caution

29 What Is The 'Great Reset'?


06 Watch Europe Commit Suicide

13 Chronic Shortages of A Few Items?

20 Weirdos, Losers and Mutations

27 Recovering America



03 Don't Resist 'Painful Global Transition'

10 Liberals: Shut Up and Sit Down

17 Killing Millions of People

24 Planet Pennywise Hatches The Hydra



01 This Isn't Happenstance

08 America Is Fragile

15 When The Wicked Rule

22 Radically Blind

29 Biden's Economy Is A Dumpster Fire


05 Consequences of Green Extremism

12 Buttboy Petey Buttigieg's Electric Cars





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