The last half of 2024 is shaping up to be one of the most politically insane in a century and the sparks are already flying. The biggest moment of absurdity so far might be the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, in which it was made abundantly clear for all the world to see that Biden is on the fast track to crazy town. We’ve been saying for four years that the guy is gone, a dementia case propped up and protected by the DNC and the media. Now, it’s undeniable: Leftists are panicking because they’re now realizing their candidate is a farce, the emperor has no clothes and they bet all their cash on one very retarded race horse. Conservatives are celebrating, but also panicking because they think Biden in his senility might launch nukes at any moment. But something happened during this process that I believe the globalists did not intend; the pandemic agenda failed. The vaccine passports failed. The mandates failed. The average infection fatality rate was a tiny 0.23% and the public was not sufficiently terrified. Too many patriots were refusing to comply. The CDC numbers on vaccinations were clearly inflated to make it look like more people were taking the jab. Almost no one took the boosters. ”It was perhaps one of the biggest blunders the globalists have ever faced. The big play for medical tyranny bombed. The agenda will be to put conservative and liberty movement principles on trial and paint them as ideals of calamity.

— "packagingguy"

Volume XXIX - 2024

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05 2024 — The Year of Our Reckoning

12 The Corruption of Everything

19 A Culture In Collapse

26 Climate Dystopia



02 Insanity of Joe Biden’s Open Border

09 You're Already Watchlisted

16 DemonKKKrat Weaponization of Government

23 The Floodgates of Hell



01 Russia Collusion Hoax Pt-1

08 Russia Collusion Hoax Pt-2

15 Russia Collusion Hoax Pt-3

22 Russia Collusion Hoax Pt-4

29 Russia Collusion Hoax Pt-5


05 Russia Collusion Hoax Pt-6

12 Russia Collusion Hoax Pt-7

19 The Late, Great United States

26 The De-Evolution of The West



03 Cheer The Government Surveillance?

10 The Neo-Nazi Left

17 Enemies of The American People

24 Enemies: State vs People

31 The End of Everything


07 America Just Lost Something

14 America Is Under Attack

21 Biden’s Problems Are The Real Threats

28 The Truth About The Pandemic



05 The Swamp Fears Donald Trump

12 The Lies We Have Lived Through











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