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everything is fake in utopia

friday, march 5th, 2021

When Democrats gain power through fraud, everything that follows becomes fake as well.

The media bombarded our screens with fake stories about Russian collusion, "hands up don't shoot," Jussie Smollett, systemic racism, and "very fine people" at Charlottesville. These falsehoods are the output of professional fraudsters whose flagship product is shipping lies in bulk.

After getting away with an election so fraudulent that we have it on video, a fake impeachment seems like an appropriate next step. The public relations event featuring high-profile scammers using manipulated tweets as evidence to attack Trump is the perfect encore to the greatest heist of our lifetime.

Welcome to our fake new world.

When deception is normalized, tech giants can routinely conceal Bidens unpopularity. On Bidens campaign trail, mass manipulators scripted questions for audience members to ask him. Not even a month into office, the phony administration requested its media allies brief them on questions they intend to ask. White House press conferences will still be theater, but Jim Acosta will no longer have a part.

Our fraud-in-chief was filmed repeating "salute the marines" after someone likely relayed the command to him through an earpiece. If you ask the fraudsters, Biden actually said "good-looking marines," and we all misheard him. We're supposed to believe that Biden complimenting the looks of male marines is more sensical than a party of manipulators secretly telling a senile puppet what to do. Ill take door number two.

When everything is fake, Joe Biden is a "devout Christian" who supports abortion, Black Lives Matter, and the most radical factions of the LGBTQ lobby. It doesn't matter that these movements are antithetical to Christianity because fake is the new normal. Leftists might find solace in pretending a man with no redeemable qualities is a profoundly religious person because it reassures Catholics they can be hip left-wingers without undermining their faith. Of course, that's a lie, but accepting what's fake to avoid hard truths is a significant benefit of leftism. That tradeoff gave birth to the abortion industry, transgenderism, and systemic racism.

In our fake new world, Hunter Biden is an expert in Ukrainian and Chinese affairs, and there's nothing suspicious about him raking in millions from foreign companies. Ilhan Omar's staffers did not illegally harvest ballots, and Maxine Waters never told Democrats to attack Republicans. If the security footage from State Farm Arena on election night is a conspiracy theory, so are the videos of Omar and Waters.

I got some teeth left in my head, and a few friends in town.

Living in unreality means Republicans almost murdered Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on January 6th and a D.C. police officer was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. When both stories turn out to be lies, it was irrelevant, because they served a purpose. Pretending to be mortified by political opponents' behavior is one of the Democrats' favorite national pastimes.

Ever since January 6th, social media became platforms to rant about "insurrection," "sedition," "treason," and "domestic terrorists," by nearly every blue checkmark. Whenever a prominent Republican like Ted Cruz tweets, the replies are dominated by leftists reciting these lines right on cue, still pretending to be haunted by the event.

In response, Republicans are eager to cite the riots by Antifa and Black Lives Matter that killed dozens of Americans and caused billions in damages, anticipating that the hypocrisy would matter to Democrats. That kind of hypocrisy might cause rational people to stop and reflect, but it makes no difference to phonies. A child isn't concerned with hypocrisy while pretending to be a superhero, and neither are leftists.

Hypocrisy is only bothersome to people interested in truth, but the left has different rules. They are immune to hypocrisy because they don't believe many of the things they espouse. Do you really think Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi had an epiphany in their seventies that there's an infinite number of genders? Unlikely, but they have no problem faking it.

Democrats aren't suffering from amnesia. They didn't forget screaming "Gestapo" when Trump defended federal buildings from rioters. Their outrage was fake when Trump sent troops to Portland, and it's fake now concerning Capitol Hill. These are the people who turn the other cheek when sanctuary cities release illegal aliens after murdering teenage girls with a machete and sue states who outlaw the butchering of babies with a heartbeat. Spare us all the charade about being horrified that four Americans died on Capitol Hill from suicides, strokes, and a police officer killing an unarmed Trump supporter. Everyone knows it's an act, including the purveyors.

I'm not shocked that Andrew "The Homo" Cuomo falsified COVID-19 death counts at nursing homes. Frankly, it's stunning the media is covering it at all. I'm sure Cuomo is surprised to face scrutiny for lying when fraud is the party's modus operandi. We've already witnessed counties falsely attributing deaths to COVID-19. A recent study even concluded COVID-19 deaths might be 1600% over reported. If I were part of a fraud syndicate like Cuomo and was the only one required to report honestly, I'd be upset too.

The good news for Cuomo is that people who lie for a living have been in these situations before. He'll have to endure some bad press as punishment for getting caught, but he's not in any real trouble. The Democrats will set up a pretend investigation by a congressional committee or a deep state-controlled department. It must be a separate entity to appear legitimate and unbiased but comprised of fellow party members. The FBI or DoJ will work fine because Democrats can corrupt institutions faster than Rumpelstiltskin can spin hay into gold.

The fake investigation will rule Cuomo innocent, and Democrats will leverage the sham ruling to crack down on "disinformation" because this incident demonstrates the dangers of conspiracy theorists having first amendment protections.

It would be hypocritical for a fake party to punish another member for being a fraud, and that kind of hypocrisy is the only type the left can't tolerate. It worked for Hillary, Comey, and Brennan, and it will work for Cuomo, too.

Welcome to our fake new world.

© 2/23/2021 by Bode Lang, "American Thinker".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 7a on Friday, to 23°, I cranked-up the condo heat, started coffee, and got ready for break. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS! I have t5o *Fast 8-10 Hrs* before these 12 tests. I unplugged the brewed Hawaiian Kona Coffee, put the Poached Eggs In A Bowl on hold, drank a water tank full of water, and left at 9:15a, after posting the "Chris Plante Show" daily thread, to FR. They had me wait in the Jeep for 40mins, got called on my cell, and went directly in to Keni, a beautiful Wellspan Technician, got the required 12 blood and urine tests done, and left for home.

I was so tired when I got home, I just had a quick plate of Becky's Beef Stroganoff, and went to sleep on the LR couch, until 6p. After a Grilled Cheese sandwich for dinner, I watched Tucker and Laura, and called it a night at 11p.

I slept-in on Saturday, until 11:30a, and could have stayed in-bed longer, but I had things to do. After coffee, breakfast and a few errands, I helped a neighbor get a dead car battery replaced, had lunch and suddenly wasn't feeling well/ I laid down on the LR couch, and slept 5hrs until dusk set-in. After closing-up the condo, I had dinner, watched some TV and crashed early at 9p.

I also slept-in, only until 10:30a on Sunday, although there were no F1 Races on TV – all that changes next week as the 2021 F1 season opens in Bahrain – had coffee, breakfast and did laundry and paperwork. Still not feeling 100%, I had a small dinner, and called it quite at 9:30p.

Up at 8a on Monday to a crisp 25°, I was feeling much better than over the past 2 days, so I did a finger stick to check BSL, had coffee, breakfast and a smoke. I had leftover errands to get done, from Saturday, so I posted the "CP Show" graphics to FR, and left at 9:30a. My tailbone was hurting, so I cut the errands short, went home, took 3 100mg Gabapentin, and slept on the LR couch for 3-4hrs. After lunch and dinner, I watched "American Pickers" until 11p, and called it a day.

Up at 9a on Monday, my tailbone was already hurting, so I canceled my 1:30p app't with Restorative Bodywork in South York, and just rested on the couch.

First, the mentally-ill leftist filthbags fucked-up Mr & Mrs Potato Head, by making them "gender neutral" (whatever the fuck that means), and now they're banning all 6 Dr Seuss books. Can you imagine what's next? Our next Conservative-GOP President has a lot of "undoing" to do.

After posting the "CP Show" to FR, and having lunch, I drove to the drive-thru car wash, and got the Jeep cleaned-up, came home and did paperwork. After posting the "Rush Memorial Show" and having lunch, Becky stopped-by to p/u a Wells-Fargo Bank tax document that she needed to complete her 2020 taxes. I went to sleep, after taking 300mg of Gabapentin for the Peripheral Neuropathy in my feet, until 5p. After dinner, I watched Fox News until 11, and quit for the day.

Up at 7a to a cold 22°, I fired-up the condo furnace and garage heater, started coffee, had a couple of smokes in the garage and checked the weather and news on the computer. I had a light breakfast, posted the "CP Show" to FR, noticed how my tailbone wasn't hurting as bad a yesterday, and just before noon, posted the "Rush Memorial" to FR. I made a Grilled Cheese w/ Ham Sandwich & Potato Salad for lunch, got the Dyson® DustBuster® Vac out and charged it. With the Jeep washed yesterday, the inside needed a cleaning.

I spent 3hrs cleaning every square inch of mats, carpet, cup holder ashtray, crack and crevice, every surface and it looks better than the day I bought it (May 1, 2019). Heh.

After dinner, I got the Nephrology file folder out one of the filing cabinets, for tomorrow's afternoon app't, printed the 16 test results from last week, and watched Fox News until 11p. Lights out.

Up at 6a on Thursday, as the cleaning ladies were due in just after 8, I did the usual morning routines, moved my Jeep to a "snowbird" neighbor's driveway, and got the garbage and recycling bin ready to take to the curb, tonite. I posted the "CP Show" thread to Fr at 8:45a. They finished-up the cleaning around 10:30a, and left. I had lunch, posted the "Rush Memorial Show" to FR, and left for the Dr's app't at 1:45p. That went well. Then off to my CPA's office, where I signed tax returns, wrote checks, in my Jeep, and put the e-File Federal and State forms in the CPA's drop-box, kept what I needed to mail and write checks for. Finally, I stopped at Rite Aid on the way home to p/u 2 Rxs, and magically it was 5:30p, and still light outside.

GOOD NEWS! I just got an appointment for the Pfizer COVID-19 Wuhan Red Chinese CCP flu virus first shot, this Saturday, at the Apple Hill Rehab Hospital. After 5-6 weeks of trying, it worked. Tomorrow, the Geisinger Health Co RN comes for my annual Health & Wellness Check-Up visit, and I have to be here all day (8hrs), since she doesn't have a set schedule, or even a 4hr window for me So be it.

I had dinner, watched Fox News, did some paperwork and called it a week at 11p.

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