spring break
Friday, March 10, 2000

I really enjoy the Winter respite from the Spring, Summer, Fall madhouse; that is the seasonal nature of my business. It's a real "soup" of people, plants and positioning. The distancing of myself from landscaping, plant propagation, ordering, labelling and signing and tagging, landscape designs and customers is most welcomed over the Winter months. By the time the ground freezes, I'm ready for a break from it all. Everyone seems to think that I go to Bimini, the Bahamas or Florida for months, but that isn't accurate. In 11 years, I've not been to any of those places, only an aborted trip to San Francisco, once in '95, to visit my sister, with my ex-wife. I rarely get beyond Lancaster or Adams (PA) or Harford or Baltimore (MD) Counties. The prep work to get ready for the Spring onslaught is formidable. More prep work is done to get the 20acre Garden Center & Nursery Complex ready than anyone can imagine, unless one has worked at a place this large. The incoming rush of nursery stock is always incredible; dozens of semi's unloading trees, shrubs and perennials in a matter of a relatively few weeks. Ah, Spring. Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras just started; it's really Spring 2000! Wow! Holy Moly! Holy Cow! Great Caesar's Ghost! Super Duper! Not.

Around The Garden Center.
The front steps' 30year PT-timber and brick have been replaced and re-built; it looks great. The Main Greenhouse is undergoing a transformation to get ready for the 10th Anniversary Open House. We're also simultaneously working this week on converting a prime area just below the main parking lot into a Japanese Garden. Next project is the field irrigation system to accomodate another 800 trees. Then we're off to maintenance on our scheduled customers' landscape jobs. Progress. Sure 'nuff.
The writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, Kelly, emailed last week over the weekend, to get some "corrected facts" for her story on www.gdnctr.com & me for the May issue. I re-emailed her the corrections, plus offered several digital camera shots of "me", which they've asked for. Apparently the pics of Pickles & Me weren't appropriate. Lynn, my General Manager, was kind enough to volunteer her 1200px1600p 2000 Canon (as opposed to my old 300px600p) 1997 Kodak digital camera, for the story shots; my, times have changed the hardware capability and quality. The magazine's Photo Editor, Jason, gladly accepted the pics.
We've had four deliveries of large nursery stock on semi's this past week alone, with a dozen or so more to come. The trees and shrubs are some of the best I've seen in years. All are either budded-up, or just starting to flower. Since we've got the rest of March and first two weeks of April to go before our last frost date in USDA Hardiness Zone 6 a period when ice storms roll through with increasing frequency we'll keep all the fresh nursery stock under cover in one of the storage greenhouses on in the truck storage buildings until the leaves have "hardened-off and it's safe to expose them to Nature's wrath.

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Who Wants to Be President?
Speaking of brains, do you have what it takes to be President of the United States? Or, in the words of the site, "Can you exaggerate like Al Gore? Dodge pop quizzes like George W. Bush? Charm reporters like John McCain?" Then we have a gig for you. You must have Shockwave installed on your computer, but there's no need for a well-financed campaign simply drop in and start answering the questions. If you're "politically savvy" you'll win "votes" hey, it's really that easy. This fun satire of the 2000 elections is provided by the Phoenix New Times. Interns need not apply.

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