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Friday, March 11, 2005


this is, without a doubt, one of the weirdest winters we've had in the Mid-Atlantic Region, in the past 15 years. Protracted Fall into January; then Winter made-up for it by dumping brutal, bitter-cold temps and constant, mini-storms on us, seemingly every week. Now, as we near the midpoint in March, it looks as though we'll have an even later Spring, contrary to what that moron groundhog, "Puxatawney Phil", predicted, a few weeks ago. Shoot the damned groundhog; make some "Brunswick Stew". Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Refill on that wine?

Around The Garden Center®.
Gas prices went up 20˘ at the pump ($1.99/gal 87 octane), last week, and it looks like we're going to get hammered again, this week. Unleaded premium, 92 octane, is at $2.23/ gal.
It was 63°F on Monday, and the phone was ringing off the hook with people wanting work done this week. I politely told them to look at the 6-15 day forecasts, and chill out. Winter isn't finished with us, just yet. Global warming, again?
Sure enough, Tuesday morning saw a cold front go through and it began snowing and sticking. It was a wet, heavy snow and it stuck to every surface. By 10am, we were in the middle of a blizzard, with white-out conditions and 40+mph winds. The blowing and drifting was incredible. Yikes! Temps dropped quickly into the low 20°Fs, and I had a waiting semi-trailer, from a nursery in Oregon, to unload right away. Luckily, I had 5 men in do the unloading of the 168 pieces of fresh nursery stock. Only 22 more trailers, and 11,000 more units of nursery stock, to unload this Spring. (((Sigh))).
This is always a strange time of year, for us in the horticultural business. Playing the guessing game of "when does Spring arrive" is often fraught with peril, especially with newly-arrived nursery stock at risk of damage from cold, snow and ice. In the "early years" of '91-'95, I'd been caught with tender nursery stock by several snow and ice storms, and had suffered widespread damage. Since, I've wised-up and delayed shipments until either the stock was "hardened-off", or the inclemenent weather had subsided and it was safe to receive the shipped plant material.

US Sen Rick Santorum (CONSERVATIVE-PA) has a problem in '06.
Yes, there is a "glorious catastrophe" taking place in the middle east, and George W Bush gets the credit.
When guns are confiscated or banned, violent crime increases. Fact. The Second Amendment rocks.
26 US Congresscritters are steamin' mad at Ann Coulter, for calling that hagged-out subhuman arab bitch, Helen Thomas, an "old Arab"? Bwahahahahahaha! Go Ann, go!

Liberal-demokkkRAT Trash™.
Bush was right? Am I hearing the socialist-commie Danny "Liberal Buttboy" Schorr declaring that President Bush was right about the middle east, all along? Sure sounds like it.
Yes, liberalism is a mental disorder. Comfy, Martha? Your PR machine is doing a great job of rehabilitating your shitty image, convict. Working overtime on that shitty image, Martha, aren't they?
Anyone who doesn't think that Little Danny Rather-Blather isn't mentally-ill and completely delusional, read this. Rather's a lying fruitcake scumbag.
Anyone who doesn't think liberals and demokkkRATs root for terrorists over America, read this. Pathetic sons-of-bitches.
NPR's Nina Totenberg, one of the most blatantly liberal, hate-America scumbags I've ever heard on the radio, eats her shoe after admitting she was wrong about the elections in Iraq. Bitch.
Fat, bloated, liber-socialist, hate-America New York demokkkRAT US Congressman Charlie "I Hate America" Rangel Friday responded to suggestions that the federal income tax be gradually replaced with some form of consumption tax, saying that equal taxation is unfair. Hey fat boy: go iron your hair.
Charles Kushner, former chairman of Kushner Companies, a real estate and apartment owning/managing company in northern New Jersey and the Northeast, was sentenced on 3/4 to twenty-four months in prison and fined $40,000. He had been free on $5 million bail. Kushner, a major fundraiser for demokkkRATs, pleaded guilty in August to giving false statements to the FEC regarding $385,000 in political contributions he made from real estate partnerships without the permission of other partners, falsifying tax forms (16 counts), improperly listing $1 million in charitable contributions as business expenses, and shaving funds several hundred thousand dollars off taxes owed, and retaliating against his sister — a government witness.

Lowlife, Subhuman Degenerate Filth®.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, ugly, hagged-out, suhuman leftist journalist urinalist greaseball, Giuliana Sgrena, freed after one month of captivity, was wounded and one of her bodyguards was killed when US troops shot at her car near a Baghdad checkpoint. Too damned bad they didn't kill all of the wacko-WOP garbage.
Anyone who doesn't think that Mikey "I'm A Pedophile" Jack-scum isn't a pervert, deviant and degenerate, read this. I'll wait.
Anyone still believe that islam is a religion and not a cult, read this.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
A man subhuman piece of filth, who spent nearly a quarter century on death row for killing a couple and their two children was executed early Thursday. Donald Ray Wallace, 47, died by injection at 12:23am at the Indiana State Prison. He was convicted in 1982 of slaying the Gilligan family — Patrick, Theresa, 5-year-old Lisa and Gregory, 4 — two years earlier during a robbery at their Evansville home.

American Oddities.
America has its share of odd buildings and structures, and this site offers up some of the weirdest of them. Pay particular note to the shoe (11th pic down) in Hallam, PA, just east of my hometown, York. It still stands and is quite a tourist trap, either coming from or going to Lancaster County's Dutch Country. (Thanks for the tip, Pastor Tom!)

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