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Friday, March 12, 2004

After all the hate-America, hate-Bush rhetoric that the lowlife, liberal-demokkkRATs have foisted upon America, what really remains? Is there an alternate path back to an undivided America, not so full of hate and derision? Apparently not; the left-wing wacko-socialist-commie-nazi liberal-demokkkRATs are so full of hate, anger and rage at America and it's legitimately-elected President, that they'll do and say anything to overturn the rule of law, and destroy society. They are totally vacuous, and completely devoid of any ideas, except: anyone but Bush. Can't you just hear and feel the hate? America does. It's now exactly one year since we liberated 25 million people in Iraq — God bless our American Military and our Allies' troops — and prior to that, another 23 million in Afghanistan, and the lib-dem scum and their fellow travellers in the lamestream media, just can't handle Reality or the Truth. So, liberal-demokkkRATs: what comes after all the hate? What cogent, well-thought-out ideas do you plan on putting on the table for America to weigh against President Bush's handling of our Nation? Think real hard; I'll wait. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Ummmm okay, thought so.

Around The Garden Center.
No, this year we didn't participate in The Mid-Atlantic Garden and Flower Show, which we have exhibited in for the past 10 years. Too much work to do to get ready for The 14th Annual Open House, Saturday April 17th, this time. I actually don't miss the show; it was a lot of work and I couldn't directly tie any landscape jobs to it as a result.
Sad to say, York's (PA) mayor is a piece of liberal shit. John Brenner (demokkkRAT-PA) has no morals or belief in morality, and said he'd "perform gay marriages if only he could". He's a typical lib-dem prostitute, only concerned with votes and money; in fact, he'd sell his pathetic soul for either or both. Brenner is lowclass, lowlife garbage. He's a liberal-demokkkRAT whore, completely devoid of all scruples, morals and mores. He's fully-willing to undermine our Christian-Judaeo societal values, for a buck. Fortunately, he's not my mayor; I don't live in York City.
According to local entymologists, we're in for the noisy and irritating, 17-year cicada brood, later this Summer. Hopefully, the birds will feast on them and reduce the numbers before they lay too many eggs.
In the waning weeks of Winter, which I've enjoyed with late-morning sleep-ins, and "banker's hours days", I'm seeing an early Spring coming, and a quickening end to my "vacation" from the Spring-Summer-Fall whacker 12-15hrs/day regimen, seven days a week. I'm going to miss the "leisurely Winter Hours".
A mini-blizzard dropped-in on Wednesday morning, leaving about 1½" at the Garden Center Complex, in a matter of 2-3hrs, specifically to remind us that Winter hasn't finished with us yet. By 1:00pm, it had completely melted, as temps rose into the low-40s. It was kind of nice to see the fluffy white stuff again, knowing all-the-while that it wasn't going to be a serious snowfall, or last very long.
The frequency has decreased markedly, but now I'm being hit with W32.Elkern, W32.Beagle and W32.Klez-infected emails. Norton Anti-Virus, as usual, intercepts, destroys and quarrantines them quickly. Those, in combination with huge amounts of SPAM, make me reiterate: track down the senders, torture them mercuilessly, and whack them. No exceptions: whack them all.
Yikes! Gas is up to $1.83/gal for 89oct; I just filled-up on Thursday, and was amazed. Get ready for $2-3/gal gas this Summer, folks.

Once again, Mr President: darned nice TV ads. Ignore the churlish, whining lib-dem garbage. Go after them with a vengeance, sir. Here's the messages you should be using to nail the stinking, lying lib-dem garbage, sir. The solemn 9-11 pics are all right, by me and by many others, Mr President. Never forget 9-11!
Lowlife, Christian-hating, wheelchair-bound vegetable scumbag, up-Chuckie Krauthammer, NY and piece-of-shit writer two-bit hack, and pro-gun control lowlife, is a stinking, subhuman bigoted Christophobe. Whatever you've got, Krautfarter pigshit: die from it.
US Sen Majority Leader Bill Frist (MORON-TN) is a spineless, scumbag idiot for Killing the gun immunity bill. Fire his cowardly, moronic ass, W!
Yes, US Congress, pass the FairTax Act, dammit.
Severely-dysfunctional rump-raider, fudge-packer RINO US Rep Jim Kolbe (homo-AZ), said that homo marriage's time is come. Drive him out of office; the Nation doesn't need filth like him.
Former South Dakota governor and RINO US Congressman murderer, Bill Janklow should be in prison for 20 years to life; he was convicted of manslaughter, reckless driving, speeding and running a stop sign for an August accident that whacked Randy Scott of Hardwick, Minnesota.
Bravo, FBI; we're supporting you 100%! Please tell me what I can do, to help out. How about rounding-up all traitorous liberal-demokkkRATs; then, duly charging, trying and executing them all? That would eliminate the Fifth Column liberal-commie-socialist-nazi filth, who want America to die. Just say when. I'm ready... just say when. Loading lots of .308cal mags, now.
Bravo, Wisconsin! After a night of partisan wrangling and a session that stretched into a second day, the state assembly approved a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.
Finally, a Republican telling it like it is, about the treacherous Muslim garbage in this country. Bravo, US Rep Peter King (R-NY)!
Yes, there is a major disconnect between hundreds of millions of Americans wanting tighter immigration controls, and what the GOP is doing. And it's sadly going to cost them a lot of votes in November.
Bravo, W! John F(ucking) Kerry's a coward, liar, traitor, scumbag and lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT POS. Thanks for exposing his perfidy, treachery and lies. keep it coming, W; it's a long road to the November general Election. We're with you, Mr President.
Fat, lowlife, race-baiter, bigot, liar, criminal racist Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum on Fox CATV, with his own show? I don't frigging think so. FNC's ratings would drop like a stone.
Hey GOPers: here's why all ilegal alien filth should be rounded-up, quickly deported/whacked, and not housed, at US Taxpayer's expense. $700,000,000 a year is way too much to spend on subhuman garbage; better to whack them all and bury in a huge pit full of lime, so they decompose quickly.
US AG John Ashcroft is undergoing emergency gall bladder surgery. Prayers for you, sir, and for your anxious family. We can't afford to lose a Real American Patriot like you, Mr Ashcroft.
US Rep Billy Tauzin (R-LA), has been diagnosed with cancer, and is taking a 30-day medical leave of absence from Congress. Prayers for you and your family, Billy. Get well, sir.
Ann Coulter at her best. You go, girl!
Stay the course, Mr President.
Finally, some common sense on obesity lawsuits. We need tort reform, to get the filthy, stinking trial lawyers cleaned-up. They're subhuman garbage, as are the lowlife filth fatties they bring suits on behalf of. Hey fatties: take some personal responsibility and eat less food!

Buh-Bye, Martha!
Dysfunctional Martha Stewart guilty on all counts! Heck, I said that last June 6th, and numerous times, since.
Martha Stewart is a stupid liberal-demokkkRAT bitch.
Martha Stewart is a lying liberal-demokkkRAT bitch.
Rot in prison hell, criminal lib-dem bitch. Her business ventures are dead. Her cooking world is crumbling all around her. Her world is falling apart; time to put her on a suicide watch, IMO.
Yeah sure, Martha; you'll be exonerated, all right. Better get your orange prison jumpsuit pre-tailored, honey, 'cause all your new dyke girlfriends are already lining up, and signing up, for *dates* with you.
Even the left-wing wacko, socialist-commie-nazi scum at The NY Slimes, are predicting she's going to prison, for lying, at the least. Obstruction of justice; definitely.
Here's Martha-The-Convicted-Criminal's Timeline To Prison. Any questions?
Here's Martha's new prison cell decorating contest. Join in the fun.
Uh-oh; the Hamptons erupt in riots over Martha's conviction? Hey folks, it's parody. Relax...
The scumbags at Scripps Network, Inc., are refusing to remove the lying, convicted felon bitch, Martha Stewart, from the line-up at's website and FoodTv. I've emailed them several times after her conviction, and they've not seen fit to respond. I can only surmise they're liberal-demokkkRAT filth, and don't believe in The Rule of Law, which Americam was founded upon.

John F(ucking) Kerry.
The Kerry moron's whorebag wifey-pig, Teresa Kerry-Heinz/Heinz-Kerry, whatever, is a degenerate, lowlife socialist-commie-nazi supporter and America-hater, through the deviant Tides Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, a commie-nazi-socialist, hate-America, pro-Islamic group, and the Heinz Endowment, who both want to destroy America. The money that flows into The Tides also flows out. They have given grants totaling $489,000 to the Iraq Peace Fund, who used that money to fund the anti-war marches and media costs of 27 groups, including, whose purpose is to defeat George W Bush. Other Tides Center projects include The Youth Gender Project, which seeks to "empower and support transgender, gender-variant, intersexed and gender-questioning youth and young adults." They also shoveled $200,000 towards The Ruckus Society — founded in 1995 to train activists in violent protest against biotechnology, globalization and the World Bank. It incited property destruction in the Seattle riots of 1999 and Washington, D.C., the following year. Now, if you really want to get mad, you should also know that $8,000,000 in US Taxpayer money flowed into the Tides Center in the form of federal grants made by eight different agencies between 1997 and 2001. Are you pissed-off, yet? C'mon IRS & FBI: audit the bitch and charge her, jail her crusty commie crotch.
Private foundations, such as the Heinz endowments, must publicly report their donations. Both the Tides Foundation and the Tides Center are 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporations considered by the I.R.S. to be public charities. As such, they are not required to disclose their donors. Therefore, the hundreds of millions of dollars that Tides Foundation and the Tides Center receives from Heinz, Pew Charitable Trusts, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and others is, in turn, redistributed to organizations like The Ruckus Society, Greenpeace, Peaceful Tomorrows and others. Thus, using Tides as an intermediary, there is no direct reporting connection between the private foundations and the activist groups they support. And you thought Swiss banking was secretive and sleazy. Where's the IRS on this?
Another socialist-commie-nazi, hate-America, hate-Bush group funded by the lowlife Teresa Kerry-Heinz/Heinz-Kerry bitch, is "Peaceful Tomorrows", portrayed as an independent group of relatives of victims of the 911 attacks. According to their own contribution page, "Peaceful Tomorrows is a project of the Tides Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization." Tides is a commie front group; see previous paragraph. Fakers and frauds, Rita Lasar and Colleen Kelly, are funded and bankrolled by the Heinz-shit, left-wing wackos. Get 'em, IRS.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is a flip-flop, lying socialist-commie-nazi, traitorous, cowardly, seditionist. He's a scumbag.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is a fraud, fake, phony. He's dogshit.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is subhuman garbage, and we all will learn the truth about his cowardice in VietNam, soon enough.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is a liar. He's a botox subhuman.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is a traitor. He's liberal junk.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is a mentally-ill. He's liberal garbage.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is loved by the North Korean filth. He's America's worst nightmare.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is subhuman shit and a fake American. He's America's enemies' best friend.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is a lying traitor. He's liberal junk.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is a lowlife liberal. He's demokkkRAT junk.
The "world wants Bush out" of office, says Kerry The Traitor? Amazing what mental illness can do to a person, isn't it?
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is self-destructing, just the way Howard "The Coward" Dean and Weasely Clark, did. Most enjoyable to watch.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is a slimy flip-flopping weasel, and America knows it. He can't be trusted on anything. Kerry's lying dogshit.
Scary John F(ucking) Kerry is a traitor, and America knows it. He hates America and our Military. Kerry's a coward.

Lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT Filth.
The criminal Klintoon filth think they own the liberal-demokkkRAT party and the criminal DNC enterprise. Bite me, Klintoonies! Let's see the catfight with Kerry.
Ultra-liberal, left-wing wacko hate networks, CNBC and MSNBC, at first reported Stewart was not guilty on some of the four charges against her in the stock-trading scandal. The jury convicted Stewart on all of the charges. So much for the dysfunctional liberal-demokkkAT-controlled media trash.
Nasty, sleazy, lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT sleaze bitch, NBC's "Today Show" resident slut, dysfunctional Katie "Colon Cancer" Couric, is inflaming the passions of 9-11 survivor relatives. Lying, biased lib-dem scumbags, like Kelly Campbell, co-founder of September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows; Rita Lasar, who lost a brother on 9/11; Bob McIlvaine, who lost his son Bobby when hijacked planes destroyed the Twin Towers, are all moron, hate-America, scumbag liberal-demokkkRAT whiner filth. Think the lib-dem family-garbage were coached by liberal-demokkkRATs? Of course they were. They're garbage. As is the Kouric-Cancerous bitch-filth. Angry victims? No, they're lowlife moron lib-dem scum. The Couric whore needs to get get colon cancer, and die painfully, as her degenerate, homo, bestiality-lover, homo-punk hubby, did. Die bitch, and good riddance.
Lowlife, alcoholic, drug-addicted, bloated, mentally-ill, fat scumbag, intern murderer, dysfunctional US Sen Teddy "Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy, (MURDERER-MA), delivered a blistering indictment of President Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq, accusing President Bush of deliberately exaggerating the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's murderous regime. Kennedy's a pathetic piece of liberal shit; all Kennedy's are degenerate, criminal, lowlife garbage.
9-11 family members, who are subhuman garbage. f*ckEff-'em. wake-up, lib-dem morons, and face reality, shitheads.
Dysfunctional Walter Cronkite Crankenhouse is a lowlife, degenerate, subhuman, boy-buggerer, women-chatteller, terrorist-supporter, commie-socialist-nazi, deviant homo lover, and is widely-wished by much of America, that the Crankenhouse-liar should get cancer/heart disease/diabetes/stroke, and die, slowly and painfully. Yes, Waltie-the-rump-raider: D-I-E, scumbag! America hates your degenerate, deviant asswipe, lib-dem filth!
Filthy, lowlife pigshit Wahabbi-Saudi-Muslim bitch, Faryal Al-Masri, is running for the US Congress, from The People's Republik of Kalifornicate. Defeat this subhuman Muslim piece of pigshit murderer. If I had my way, I'd have the degenerate bitch deported back to the turd-world hell-hole of Saudi Arabia, as with all Arabs and Muslims
Another criminal liberal-demokkkRAT going to prison, for crimes.
Liberal-demokkkRATs want to forget that 9-11 even happened. Sorry scumbag filth; W's TV ads will remind America of your treason.
The stupid, lying, ignorant Hitlery Rotten Klintoon bitch, thinks "the US economy has no strategy". Wake-up, Klintoon lesbian, bull-dyke criminal whore.
Tom Shales (, a lowlife deviant, ass-boy, rump-raider, subhuman degenerate liberal-demokkkRAT piece of garbage, opines that Mel Gibson is going to Hell, for The Passion. Hey Shales: get cancer and die, garbage scumbag.

Subhumans, Scumbags & assorted Garbage.
Finally, a district attorney getting balls enough to threaten to arrest anyone who applies for a same-sex marriage license.
Why hasn't someone shot and whacked this subhuman piece of commie-socialist shit, Venezuela's wacko President Hugo Chávez? If I could get the shot, I'd take it. Get busy, CIA Spooks; whack him.
whack all the hate-America UN commie-socialist-nazi filth; whack all of the deviant, subhuman turd-worlders. Wipe them off of the face of the Earth. whack all the ACLU-terrorist-supporter filth; every damned one of the subhuman commie-nazi-socialist garbage filth. The ACLU hates Christians and Jews, and actively wants them all tortured and whacked, everywhere. Time to be aggressively pre-emptive. Diversity Is Perversity.
Nothing wrong here: anytime a criminal is whacked by a police officer, that's a good thing. Give the cop a medal. Nice shooting, officer.
Goodbye and good riddance, Coward Sperm, aka Howard Stern. America won't miss your lowlife, porno, hate-America, scumbag ass, one damned bit. Hopefully, you'll get AIDS and die, lib-dem filth.
Not only should no new mosques be built anywhere in America, all the existing pigshit-hole mosques should be torn down and bulldozed, and liquid pigshit spread liberally on the site. Islamic and Muslim terrorist cells are using the mosques for cover. The FBI and DHS should be arresting and executing this subhuman Muslim terrorist filth en masse, and deporting all the women and children. American citizens? Tough shit: revoke their citizenship, and ship them back to the middle east, where the degenerate filth belongs.
The lowlife, commie-pinko, homo-lover trash at the ACLU is defending the subhuman homo-pedopohile deviant garbage in NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love association), against The Boy Scouts.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
If the subhuman, lowlife, pigshit murderous terroristm Muslim-Islamic pigshitfilth are too dangerous to release from GITMO, then whack THEM! What's the matter, America? whack THE MUSLIM TERRORIST PIGshit SUBHUMANS! My apologies to pigs.
Speaking of Muslim terrorist pigshit scumbags, Beltway Sniper John Allen Muhammad was sentenced to death for the murders of 10-13 people, two years ago. Bravo, judge! String-up the scumbag Muslim murderer; I got the rope!
Two more subhuman pigshit Muslim murderers, Dawud, 29, and Khalid Faruqi, 28, were convicted Friday of participating in the bloody massacre of seven people inside a West Philadelphia drug den on December 28, 2000. Prosecutors said the brothers were among four masked men who burst into the home, ordered its 10 occupants to lie on the floor, then strafed their bodies with bullets. They avoided the death penalty by admitting their guilt Monday and giving up the right to appeal last week's convictions. They were sentenced to seven consecutive life terms. They should have been executed, promptly. Another screw-up by the US Legal System.

The Food Section.
When it comes to cooking ability, not everyone is created equal. While some amateur chefs can sizzle up a steak worthy of Iron Chef, those less blessed have trouble boiling water. No matter what your culinary swhack level, you're sure to find The Food Section's menu quite tasty. Featuring articles and photos from Josh Friedland, this site offers ideas and recipes on everything from the perfect appetizer to delicious (and unique) desserts. And, for those whose home insurance doesn't cover home cookin', there's a great section on eating out. Bye-bye belt!

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