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Friday, March 12, 1999

each March and continuing through April, fresh nursery stock arrives from Oregon, northern California, Texas, North Carolina and New Jersey. And though it's all very hardy to USDA Zones 4-5, the new growth is still tender. With some very unpredictable March and early April weather, it's a huge guessing game as to whether we'll again get hit with freezing rain, ice storms, snow or bitter cold. That new growth on the plants is very susceptible to cold damage and must be sheltered until it hardens off. For the past eight years, we've had to tarp the new arrivals against inclement weather, but that didn't always work. To that end, we erected two new 30ft x 100ft storage greenhouses last Fall and they will house the arriving nursery stock, as they've housed the leftover container stock since. Playing a guessing game with hundreds of thousands of dollars of plant material is dumb. I like a sure thing.

I went apoplectic last week over a cop whacker being awarded $660,000 for being locked up in solitary confinement for five years. Today, I went ballistic when I read about US nuclear secrets being stolen by the stinking Chinese-commie scum; actually, a Chinese-American scientist passed the secrets to agents who'd infiltrated the labs. And the Clintonites ignored it for three years, as if it's a f*cking parking ticket or something trivial. Allowing the murderous Chi-Comm filth to have nuclear weapons of a US grade is insane; does the name Tienamen Square Massacre ring a bell?
Jeeez, I'm having chest pains again; I gotta sit down.
What in hell is going on? What is going on is treason throughout the stinking Clinton administration. Cover ups. Evasions. Outright lies. Double dipping. Deception. And much, much worse: the president is now a major national security risk.
Still not able to take responsibility for their crimes and inaction, the Al Gore idiot lied and tried to lay the blame for the Chi-Comm infiltration of US nuclear labs off onto the Reagan and Bush administrations. The world sees right through that shit, Al, you dumb f*cking moron.
What makes anyone confident that the wimpy sissies in the US Senate will be able to handle an investigation? Hell, they couldn't even muster a simple majority to convict the criminal, lying, son-of-a-bitch, rapist Clinton. Fat f*cking chance those 100 sons and daughters of bitches have of doing anything to stop the flow of US secrets to the yellow scum.
Spies should be executed upon conviction; so-called life sentences are not adequate for that type of crime. In many ways, it's worse than murder, rape or child molestation since it compromises entire nations and whole present and future populations.

New Technology.
I'm sure you heard the joke: what's a Polish land mine detector? [Stomp feet]. Funny the first time around, but getting long in the tooth, now. Heh...
Rather than risk honest citizens lives on trying to find and defuse deadly buried landmines, send the subhuman shit prisoners from society murderers, rapists, child molesters, traitors to walk through suspected fields and on the roads and personally clear those buried nasties out of the way. It would eliminate all the subhuman filth, cleanse the prisons, save $18,000,000,000+ (that's billion dollar to US taxpayers for the elimination of 3,700+ Death Row subhuman filth) and explode all of the landmines in the same stroke. Wow, what a bargain.
Brilliant, all-around dual disposal method. Pure genius.

Continuing Government Interference.
W.C. Fields' most attributable famous quote was, There's a sucker born every minute. And with the annoying Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, that's never been truer.
Tens of thousands of idiots, morons and cretins play that bogus magazine subscription game every day, but that's no damned reason for government to interfere with an individual's right to make an moron of him-herself.
Each of us were born with a functioning brain filthy liberal Democrat scumbags included and a Constitutionally guaranteed right to use it. For good or bad. Dumb or smart. Profit or loss. Right or wrong, it's still our right to make that decision.
I find scams such as PCH's very offensive; it insults my intelligence and business background. I'm highly amused that such a sophisticated marketing operation would expend so much energy in coming to the edge of felony charges simply to dupe people. Surely they could have applied this technique of direct marketing to a more worthwhile product.
Anytime the government gets involved in anything, there's a stench and a smell from damage they do to leading edge companies of an era. Standard Oil. Exxon. IBM. AT&T. Bell Telephone. Microsoft. Intel et al.
Anytime an ignorant, liberal moron like Al Gore gets involved with anything, it's a disaster. Now the government morons want a Passenger Bill of Rights for airline passengers. How f*cking stupid. You pays yer money and yer takes yer chances. Stifling free enterprise with government regulations is fascism and socialism. The telephone and CATV industries were prime examples of how government can f*ck things up by meddling in what they know nothing about. BTW, I don't fly anymore.
The shit-for-brains Gore is also meddling in the OTC (over the counter) industry, claiming the labels are too difficult to read. Maybe an idiot like Gore has a problem, but most anyone with an IQ of 50+ can figure it out; hmmm, that leaves all of the Clintonites out. This is another example of how the government meddles. Actually, it's a badly-disguised PR move for the Gore moron, since he want to win the 2000 election.
Gore's day in court isn't too far down the road. The publicity will all but whack his meager chance in 2000. Nice going, Judicial Watch.

Fry The Filth.
Two more subhuman, murdering pieces-of-shit were sent to hell, where they belong. Lemme see: that still leaves 3,700+ waiting on Death Row. What the hell is the delay with terminating the rest of that scum?
Last minute pleas by the Pope-A-Dope? f*ck him! Stay the f*ck out of this, you moron. Your religion has so many flaws and problems; fix'em and let the murderers receive their just due for their crimes.
Net net: Justice must prevail, whether it's executing the subhuman murdering filth, or seeing an innocent man released after finding new evidence to exonerate him.

3rd Anniversary.
Glassdog.com, One of the best sites on the Net is having it's Third Anniversary next month. Here's a short essay I did to commemorate their Second Anniversary, all in the spirit of good humor, of course. That's Box #9 in the square.
We at www.gdnctr.com had our Third Anniversary back on January 26th, and celebrated it by switching to a better-priced ISP. I wonder why Lance didn't write something for us? Maybe we forgot to ask?

Damned Right!
That was very nice of us US Taxpayers footing the bill of $383,000,000 to rescue lots of idiots and some genuinely in trouble.
I have no problem helping anyone out when they're threatened and in trouble of either accidental or their own making but, as with auto accidents or medical emergencies, the person (or insurance company) pays the bill for the body shop or ambulance ride and resulting care. Taxpayers don't.
I'm certainly not being niggardly here, just saying that the person should take responsibility for his/ her actions. Pretty simple concept, really.
Taxpayers should not subsidize thrill seekers. Make 'em post a VISA, Master Card or AMEX deposit before they decide to do something risky or stupid.

Required Reading.
Wait for a snowy day, build a roaring fire, pour a '74 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon, take the phone off of the hook and read The Federalist.

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