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but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."


r e e l  l i f e ?
Friday, March 13, 1998

it was just last week that I was thinking about really getting a life outside of this 18-hour per day, 7-day per week Garden Center & Nursery which I own. Then I remembered: it's almost Spring and the stuff will soon hit the fan and everyone will want plants and landscaping and I'll be working 18-20hr days again, 7 days a week, again. Jeeeez, I need some time off. Too late. I should have done that over the so-called Winter months. Too many things to do to get ready for Spring, while Winter still is upon us. Indeed, Winter has just visited us for the first time: it's below zero outside. Brrrrrr.

Is It Safe Yet?
Just when I thought it was safe to do something outside of the business, the Spring rush rears its head and slaps me in the face. Landscape appointment requests, designs and estimates by the hundreds are flooding my office.
Getting the 20-acre complex ready for Spring's Open House on April 11th, moving nursery stock from its temporary house in Greenhouses 5 & 6 to the Outdoor Retail Display aras, readying Greenhouses 2-3-4 to receive tens-of-thousands of newly-arriving perennials, moving all the potting house functions back into Greenhouse 1 from its temporary location in the Main Retail Display Greenhouse, preparing to receive 20 tractor trailer loads of fresh nursery stock from high-quality growers around the US, and preparing for arrival of obligatory annuals and herbs is proving to be a handful. In past years, I handled it with ease; this year, I seem to have lost the fervor.
Perhaps it was the fact that we didn't have a Winter respite. Until this week, it has seemed like one long continuation of Fall, or an early Spring. The mental break between seasons the separative barrier of the bicameral mind goes a long way in helping me prepare for the coming onslaught of 18-20hr days, 7 days a week until the following Winter.
It's 4am, dark and bitter cold as I write these words; in 10 minutes, I'll be in the Jeep winding my way to the complex to start working on landscape estimates and myriad other paperwork.

Remember, our last frost date in USDA Hardiness Zone 6B is April 20th; nothing tender should be set out until after that date. The risk of El What's-His-Name ruining a colorful Spring is real.

Clintonian Criminals.
There's just no end to the Clinton criminals in the news everyday. The most corrupt and unethical administration in US history has dozens, maybe hundreds of scumbags running through the court system on various felony charges. Cabinet-grade officers four at last count were under indictment for various crimes, friends, acquaintences, partners; hell, just about everyone who came into contact with Bubba and Hitlery have some sort of legal problem.
The stinking McDougal bitch continues her court appearances: from refusing to testify before a Whitewater grand jury to embezzling $150,000 from some LA people, she's destined for a long stint in prison. Good riddance, slut.
Where was this scumbag when the Senate Campaign Finance Hearings were going on? He was a fugitive, along with a bunch of other Chi-Com scum. Now, maybe some of the truth about the DNC-Dem-liberal lowlifes will come out. Look for more shit to hit the fan about the China connection.
This criminal took the easy way out of it all.
It would sure be nice if everyone got off Ken Starr's back and let him get on with his responsibilities. Then we could have a national impeachment party to get rid of the Clinton filth and other assorted liberal degenerates.
Clinton is still blaming others for his legal problems. With a legal team of 36+ lawyers to defend him against hundreds of criminal and civil charges. Actually, anyone with a brain could understand that if he didn't commit crimes, he wouldn't need protection. Very simple. Only the guilty need lawyers. Clinton, the most investigated and corrupt president this country has ever had, has easily surpassed Nixon in that category of shame and degradation. Way to go, Bubba.

The End of Privacy.
George Orwell's 1984 has returned as 1997-98 and it's much more scary than the original version. And it's all coming true.
I shivered when I read the dossier they have on me. No links to it, unless you fork over the $8.56 for the transcript. They have everything but my *%*& size on that report. Data collected from the past 29 years, since my first credit card in 1968. More than scary.

Americans Still Shrugging.
The uncaring American public (collectively speaking) still doesn't give a flying shit about lowlife Bubba's tryst with the Lewinsky slut. As long as the pockets are full of cash and everything's well in their little corner of the world, no one wants to rock the boat and demand a higher standard or morality from the president. A very telling viewpoint, to be sure.
The reason politics in America is so screwed up is that religious zealots like this scumbag Dobson are involved. Religion and abortion have no place in politics. None. Those issues are between an individual and his/her diety, and should not be flaunted in the political arena. Too many people wear them on their sleeves, or as badges of honor. All for the wrong reason.

SF School Board of Idiots.
This is the most f*cked up idea I've ever heard: removing white authors' books for colored authors' books. The whole debate is ludicrous, moronic and typical of the scum that now inhabit a city I used to admire and look forward to visiting on business trips.
Some lowlife, liberal piece-of-shit educators thinks that colored authors will be more relevant to colored kids; white kids now being in the minority. As if so-called colored authors have made contributions on a scale comparable to white authors. Never in a million years.
San Francisco has become a town of racists, bigots and lowlifes since I lived there in the early 70s, in Haight-Ashbury. Every so-called degenerate special interest group gays, lesbians, blacks, hispanics, homeless etc are out for themselves and not for the common good of the city. The mayor is a pompous, moron bag-of-wind who should be in prison for his financial crimes. The city is now permeated by scum, filth, lowlifes and the dregs of American society. It's a cultural wasteland and starting to look like it to visitors.
Frisco usaed to be one of my favorite cities. Now, if it falls into the ocean or is destroyed by earthquakes, I won't shed a tear. That might be the best thing to happen to it, considering its overall decline in the past 20 years.
The real question is why make the differentiation between colored (their words) and white (their words) authors? Why not just select great literature, without bias toward ethnicity and race? Because the two school board members are racists and bigots. And both need to be removed from their positions for influencing children and put back into a ditch-digger position, where their mental abilities aren't taxed to the limit.

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