it's not spring, yet
Friday, March 15, 2002

although it sure looks and feels like Spring outside, it's not. It's still Winter, and anything can happen quickly. Several times each day, I scan the weather at both Intellicast and The Weather Channel, to see what's coming ashore on the Left Coast, what's rolling through the Great Plains and Midwest, and to see what's coming our way from the Gulf. Although temps hit 71°:F on both Friday and Saturday, there's snow and ice in the Plains and Midwest; it's just not making it here, so far. March is always unpredictable usually very volatile, and we've gotten surprised before.

Around The Garden Center.
Another week of abnormally-high temps has caused many trees and shrubs to break bud; the tender young leaves are now very vulnerable to cold, ice and snow damage, should a storm system roll through the area. And the rain-groundwater situation hasn't improved, despite a few showers. We're in a declared drought emergency. It's going to take some very heavy Spring rains to alleviate the drought we're in and facing for gardening season.
Despite what the so-called "experts" predicted, the economy grew in February, and unemployment dropped; good news for millions of Fellow Americans. It pains me deeply to see people who want to work, out of work. Prior to opening my business in '91, I worked in NYC's advertising business, and was occasionally laid-off due to mergers and acquisitions. Not fun, I can assure you.
How long are we all going to live? Dunno really, but go here to calculate your life expectancy. Mine's 85; 100 if I give up smoking, drinking and get some more exercise. Hmmm, nah; I'd rather be dead room temperature than miss all the fun.
Only two weeks or so to go, before I opt out of "Winter Hours" and back into the "Spring-Summer-Fall Hours" of operation, so I'm enjoying the shortened weekly routines, sleeping-in Sundays, my only day off for now. We're starting our 12th year; all is as it should be, except for the continuing drought.
Gasp! In between "fill-up lull" for the past 2-5 weeks, gas prices rocketed-up this week noticeably, from $1.14.9/gal (89oct) to $1.26.9/gal, in York, PA, and mirrored DC's huge price jump. The changeover from "Winter gas" to "Summer gas" must have just happened to cause that big of an increase. Gasp! NOT.
Spring nursery stock continues to arrive, big time: six 84ft super-tractor-trailer loads have arrived his week, with another 14-15 to go, until we're fully-stocked and ready to rock & roll. I have over 40,000 trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, bamboos and groundcovers, on my 20acres. 12th Open House is Sat, April 6th, 11am - 2pm. See you there.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was comparing the current Landscape Contracting Activity Models, which I built in MS-Excel, to those of '91 - '01. We're already way behind, in '02. The Worsening Drought is suddenly playing a more major role than I'd expected, and new business has dropped off. By now, I should have 35-50 Landscape Design Plans from Michelle, our LSCP Designer although we're pre-booked until June/July for landscape jobs and landscape maintenance and be feverishly working on their accompanying material/labor estimates. I'm not; it's very, very slow, as The Drought gets worse by the week. I've cut any further landscape crew or staff hiring I'll miss Lynn, Jessi and Ashley this year fully understanding that if we don't get the much-needed Spring Rains, we're in a load of deep do-do, after mid-year.
At 2:10am on Wednesday morning, I was awakened by booming thunder and the sound of heavy rain on the skylights in my condo. The cats were already awake, so I grabbed a Marlboro and headed for the loft, plopping down in one of the oh-so comfy hammock chairs, and just listened to the sound of rain for the next 25mins on the skylights. Hmmmm, I gotta get a real life, if the simple (and foreign) sound of raindrops makes me giddy. Wednesday was a rainy day, with just over 1/2" of sorely-needed moisture. We'll take what we can get, at this point.
Well, I guess we're past the mere "Dog Days of March"; we're officially into Spring now. Temps have been in the lo-70s all week, trees and shrubs are blooming, bulbs are in full bloom, perennials are up further than they should be, and the two geese who usually nest and mate on one of my ponds are here 2-3 weeks early. I'm stillthinking that March, the usually very unstable month of ice storms and bitter cold, isn't "finished with us, yet"; but, hey I could be very wrong, this time. In a few months, we'll know.

GOP Idiots.
Let me be the first to say it: if W and Tom Ridge open the southern border to millions of Mexicans, through some asinine "fast lane" program, or ludricrous amnesty, I'm voting third party in '04. There'll be millions of Conservatives who will be alienated from the GOP, and the lib-democRATs will sweep the General Election and both Houses of Congress. "Continental Integration"? No thanks, keep "your illegal people" in your country and away from the US, Mexico.
Economic stimulus bill? No such thing exists after the lib-dem lowlifes gutted all the incentives to business, and basically left it as an unemployment 13-weeks benefits package. Sure, I feel bad for the millions who lost their jobs after 9-11, and they should get some additional help, but to gut all investment incentive and tax credits for the businesses and industries who will create the jobs, is ludicrous; it should have either been re-named for what it actually is, or vetoed. W should not have signed it in its present form.
Hmmmmmmmmm, "The Fighting Whiteys"? Heeeeeeeeeeey, I liiiiiiiiiiike it! Sign me up for a Season Pass, whatever the sport is. I just like the name! Are they selling Franchises? No offense, "folks of color". Doesn't both me at all. Can we name more teams in that genre'. Are T-Shirts available? Baseball caps? Pens? Fridge magnets? Decals?

Lib-democRAT Scumbags.
The slimy Clintoon pardon deals are beginning to unravel, and will soon begin to really stink. But will anything happen to the lib-dems and other assorted lowlifes? Not likely.
Florida's 2000 presidential election fiasco damaged democracy as badly as the September 11th terrorist attacks hurt the nation, so said second-rate, two-bit lib-dem lowlife "actor" Alec Baldwin. This Baldwin punk and his whore-dog tramp, Kim Bassinger slut, are two of the most untalented scumbags Hollyweird has fielded in many years. Right up there with Robert "The Bobby Cretin" Altman-lowlife.
The "Clintoon Legacy"? Ummmmm, probably definitely not.
The lib-dem lowlife, red-snapper-breath dyke-dog, coke-snorting, leather-undie-wearing Janet "Ol' Shakey" El Reno pig, is concerned about W and the War On Terrorism? Sure s/he is. Janet, you subhuman criminal slut: you belong in the same prison as Bubba Jeffy and Hitlery Rotten Clintoon. I seriously hope you die from Parkinsons, you degenerate lib-democRAT subhuman.
The Clintoon pardon scandal is coming back to the surface with some potentially-criminal charges, just as a turd continues to bob in the toilet after flushing, just as the stinking Clintoons do everytime I read about their criminal activities. Gaaawd, I hate those filthy white trash lowlifes.

The Massacre of September 11th.
"Stirred to anger"? Nah, I was stirred to abject outrage and all-consuming hate! Monday 3-11, was the 6 month anniversary (somehow this term doesn't seem appropriate here...) of The Massacre of September 11th, and millions paid tribute by pausing to remember the 3,000+ dead. Here's the 9-11 buzz at, exactly as it happened on that terrible day. The September 11 Web Archive is open for browsing.
The unbridled anger and hate I feel toward Muslim and Islamic extremists still rages within, and it may never be quenched. I want to see millions of goat-f*cking humping towelhead corpses, piled 1,000ft high and 3,000ft wide, drenched in airplane fuel, anointed with pigshit and guts, and set alight. I want the pyres to be visible from space, as was the WTC wreckage as it burned. I truly hope the cowardly "Arab Street" rises-up against America, so we can start Killing them on a scale never before seen. And I hope it also happens here in the US, so I can personally participate in the carnage.
The White House has ordered the Pentagon to prepare plans for using nuclear weapons against at least seven countries and to build smaller nuclear bombs for certain battlefield situations: China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria. Be afraid rogue nations, be very afraid.
More than 100 people are under investigation for allegedly scamming more than $1 million from charities set up to help victims of the Twin Towers attack. Must be lib-democRATs; I sincerely hope they make nice "bitches" in state prisons.
Here's the attack sequence on the Pentagon on September 11th. Chilling.
Stinking lowlife Muslim "charities" like the un-un-Holy Land Foundation, who funnel money to terrorist organizations suing the US Government because we've frozen their assets? Hey towelhead filth: f*ck hump a goat, eat shit and die. And while we're at it, let's deport the Islamic garbage en masse.
It's long past time to shut down and exterminate this pork-sucking towelhead Islamic garbage Muslim shitfilth, Muslims of the Americas, who are tied to the pork-sucking Islamic morons, Jamaat al-Fuqra, in Virginia. Round-up the black American Muslim trash who hide-out in these shitholes, and execute their traitorous asses. Find Sheik Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani and whack him. I have no problem with the FBI and BATF doing a "Waco" on the no other word for them idiot scumbags. whack them all!
If anyone doesn't think that there are terrorist cells operating in the US, with hundreds of operatives, read this. And read this about why the FBI can do nothing about it, until laws are changed.
Here's a eye-opening index of terrorism articles, at's site.
Wow, I'm humbled to tears, but also to anger, hatred and a murderous bent toward extremist Muslims and wacko Islamic fanatics. (Time to die, Moe-ham-head and Ack-med filth.) Did you also see CBS' 2hr show on Sunday evening about 9-11? Brrrrrrrrr.
I have to laugh when Jordan's King Abdullah, one of the dumbest goat f*cking humping towelheads in the region, and a major sponsor of terrorism, "warns" Dick Cheney about attacking Iraq. Hey pork-sucker: you're next, sandidiot Muslim, pork-loving, Islamist scumbag homo. Me and Mr Glock32 would like to "talk" with all of you deviants. C'mon, diaperheadshitscum; bring it on!
Why are we letting this Muslim shitfilth, Islamic garbage trash, escape and live? Why, Rummy, aren't we surrounding them, and Killing them wholesale, when they try to escape?

Lowlifes and Scumbags.
Hindu towelhead garbage suing McDonald's for $10 million, for using beef tallow in their french friers? Hey, Hindu garbage: don't eat at a burger barn if you're a stupid vegan. Hey McDonald's: take it through the courts to an American jury, and you'll win. Don't cave to these lowlife immigrant trash scumbags.
MALCOLM X-crement? Who gives a flying rat's ass about that subhuman idiot racist bigot? Glad he's dead; can we add-in Jack-scum and Sharp-scum etc, too?
A mentally-ill gunman apparently unhappy with widescreen televisions has shot himself dead in an Amsterdam office building after a seven-hour siege. The 59-year-old psychiatric patient, armed with two guns and possibly explosives, had stormed into the Rembrandt Tower just as the working day began on Monday. Hmmm, must be a lib-democRAT or libertarian cretin.
Darryl Strawberry was jailed Tuesday, his 40th birthday, for breaking a rule at the drug treatment center where he had been serving two years of house arrest. What's that? The 15th or 20th time in the past 5 years? Why doesn't someone give him some heroin and let him inject himself to death? I'm getting tired of reading about this stupid idiot, who threw away his life, family and career for dope.
Okay, so tell me something that I don't already know: that the fat, stupid waddling pig alcoholic lib-dem lowlife Rosie O'Donnell is a ? Hell Heck, the world already knew that. What's gravely wrong with this, is that she's allowed to adopt normal children and pervert them to her deviant, degenerate views on homosexuality. Her, and all homos' sexual orientation is their business; I don't want to know about it. But allowing the perversion of innocent, young children is a crime against society.

Execute This Subhuman Filth.
Catholic priest boy-molesters and pedophiles released from prison on DNA evidence, who again commit the same heinous crimes, should have been executed in the first place. When dead, they can't re-commit crimes that the lib-dem lowlife scum say they won't. Yeah, sure thing. These deviant filth can't be rehabilitated, merely executed for society's good.
Andrea Yates? Fry the white trash murderous bitch. During a videotaped interview with a psychiatrist, Andrea Yates described in chilling detail drowning her five children in the bathtub, recalling that one of the children asked: 'Mommy, are we going to take a bath today?' She said she allowed earlier opportunities to whack the children pass because she 'wasn't ready...mentally, to do it.' On the tape, she described placing the children into the water face down, holding them underwater until they no longer could breathe. She told (psychiatrist Park) Dietz all her children struggled, 'except (six-month old) Mary. She wasn't strong enough.
H shit Brown, aka Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin the pork-sucking sandidiot towelhead, needs to die for his past crimes of murder when he was a "Black homo Panther", and for the sheriff's deputy he murdered two years ago. Adios, scumbag. Hey, whaddya know, the idiot's guilty of 13 counts; no "OJ Jury" there. Time to die, porch-monkey, H shit Brown, scum-filth. No death; life in prison, says an OJ Jury of scumbags. Meanwhile, the deputy sheriff he murdered is still dead. Justice? Nah, not at all.
Ditto these ghetto scumboys: K Street Crew punks got "life without parole"; should have been executed ASAP, for the lowlife filth they murdered. WIT (whatever it takes).
Gov George Ryan (R-IL) is a lowlife RINO (Republican In Name Only); in reality he's a scumbag lib-dem shithead, helping the whining, hand-wringing, bed-wetting anti-capital punishment lowlifes in their sick quest to abolish the death penalty. Won't happen. But the morons will keep trying.
A British man piece of white trash shit was executed Tuesday after losing his plea for clemency despite calls to save him by the UK Government. Sniff, sniff. Tracy Lee Housel died by lethal injection about midnight Tuesday. News of Housel's fate comes after UK Government representatives made an 11th-hour plea to save him. Housel, who was convicted of raping and murdering a woman in Atlanta 17 years ago, has spent 16 years on death row. Good riddance, limey scumbag. Rot in Hell, lowlife.
Andrea Yates is guilty of capital murder and is going to die. I'm happy.
With a vulgarity-laced speech, white trash scumbag Keith D. Nelson lashed out at the legal system and his victim's family Monday before a federal judge sentenced him to die for kidnapping and Killing Pamela Butler. Heh, heh, heh: give me 10secs in a darkened room with this homo coward, and my MR Glock 32/ .357SIG will serve Justice, quickly and permanently. No jury in Penna will convict.
Life in prison, on a plea bargain? A former Los Angeles area hospital worker dubbed the "Angel of Death" pleaded guilty Tuesday to six counts of murdering elderly patients in a plea bargain that will spare him the death penalty. Efren Saldivar, who allegedly confessed to 50 hospital deaths in 1998 but later recanted the confession, entered a plea of guilty in a Los Angeles court to six counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder. There's really something wrong with the criminal justice system when a subhuman piece of filth gets to live after murdering all those elderly people.

Museum of Hoaxes.
In 1938, Orson Welles broadcast "The War of the Worlds," an event that sent the U.S. into a state of panic. Although it's arguably the most famous hoax in history, other lesser-known ruses have been perpetrated against the public. This Museum of Hoaxes site catalogs many of those frauds and pranks, such as the witch trial and unwed mother hoaxes pulled by Benjamin Franklin. You can learn about millennia-old hoaxes, like Pope Joan, more recent ones, like the 2001 Sony Pictures' fake movie reviewer, or view the Hoax Picture Gallery that offers images of the WTC "tourist guy" and the Jackalope. Take the Gullibility Test to see if you're likely to be fooled by the next Internet hoax.

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