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Friday, March 17, 2000

so far in Politics 2000, I'm having trouble with what isn't being said. Like why there's no real discussion on paying down the national debt. Like why there's no real discussion on completely revamping Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid instead of "shoring up" all three financially each year which isn't continually necessary. Like why there's no real discussion on true campign reform, instead of superficial treatment. Like why there's no discussion or action on getting to the bottom of all the crimes, coverups and evasions of the stinking Clintonista filth. Like why there's no real discussion of renewing our Founding Father's values once we get rid of the stinking Clinton-Gore scum. Something truly stinks in Washington, as always. I can smell it from here in Pennsyl-tucky. Pheew!

Around The Garden Center.
Heck, I always knew plants were good for something.
With the 70° and 80° temps now gone, it's still in the 50s and people around here think it's truly Spring. Many are already putting out bedding plants and annuals, and they're soon in for a rude shock. The March and early April ice storms, snows and frosts aren't over yet. So far, I've refused to sell any nursery stock or perennials I don't sell annuals or bedding plants and have vigorously counselled against their doing anything in the garden except prep work. Yep, that's pissed a few people off, but they'll get over it in time. Sure, Washington DC is in USDA Zone 7 and the Cherry Blossom Festival is the first week of April, but as warm as it's been these past two weeks, the cherry trees might be bloomed out by then.
After filling the Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8s 22 gallon gas tank up at $1.59.9/ gallon, I forked over $35 for what used to cost $19 just six months ago. I'm shocked, but not angry. Compared to many other countries who routinely pay $4-5-6 per gallon at the pump, we're still okay. But I hate the damed dependence upon the OPEC scumbags, when we have plenty of oil reserves here in the USA. The Clinton-Gore slime have once again allowed us to become addicted to the whims and political winds of the mideast, instead of developing our own sources of crude oil. They've shut down drilling 97% in Alaska and offshore and we're in worse shape than we were eight years ago. We've "adjusted" our refineries to accept only "towelhead" crude; a huge mistake. Alaska crude must be shipped abroad to more expensive refineries, which we (the USA) buys back at outrageous prices.
I heard something interesting on the radio this morning on NPR: compared to other "liquids" sold in the supermarkets, gasoline is still cheaper. A gallon of distilled water, milk, half & half, orange juice, vinegar et al costs more than a gallon of gas. Amazing, but true. As a Nation, we've been unrealistically addicted to cheap gas for the past 90 years.
After nearly two weeks of dry, unseasonably warm weather, temps dropped back into the 40s and 50s and a huge storm system moved through Saturday, giving us some much-needed moisture, after having done some very severe damage in the southern states. Another moved through on Thursday evening. So far, no ice storms, thankyouverymuch.
Nursery stock is arriving from the Left Coast (Oregon), the Southern States, New England and NJ daily now via tractor trailers. And the stock looks to be some of the best we've seen in years. We've almost got our new $5,000 thermal transfer "printer problems" solved, so Lynn can get the price-descriptive tags and signs made to be affixed on each plant. Jeeeez, I hate software and hardware problems.
So far, I'm leaving the GC&N Complex at 1-1:30pm. There's "nothing" to do. I've finished all the LSCP Estimates on my desk. No sense in running the computers, heaters, fans & louvers, lights and brainpower for 20-30 customers and 50-100 phone calls. I can dispense with that in 1-2 days. Unlike previous years, "Spring hasn't Sprung". The 200-300 email days are building.

Sure, I enjoyed James Taylor in concert, most recently two years ago at the Merriweather Post Pavilion, in Columbia, MD. The concerts he did in the 60s, 70s and 80s were legendary, but until today, I never realized he was a Clintonista; the worst form of subhuman filth on Earth. Clinton is a lying, piece of criminal shit and disgraces anything he "touches". Typical of the Hollywood scum to embrace the Clintonite garbage. Shame on you, James junkie, alcoholic lowlife. I wouldn't spend a dime on any concert of yours, ever again.
Corruption in LAPD? Nah. The cops there were providing excellence in an impossible job. I admire them. Same as NYPD, regardless of the "mistakes". They should be given "carte blanche" to do whatever needs to be done; full immunity to clean the stinking minority neighborhood up to a "liveability" factor for the residents.
Here's another example of how the lib-dem lowlife scumbags get into anyone and everyone's lives, in one way or another.
Huh? What? Huh? Something is seriously screwed-up big time when a self-confessed, mass-murderering piece of subhuman filth can't "request" his own death, there's a severe problem with the legal system in this Nation.
Huh? Give a lowlife, subhuman piece of shit an excuse to postpone his execution? No f*cking way: execute the subhuman piece of filth now! f*ck American indian scum alcoholics! They're trash. f*ck your sweatlodge shit, Tonto moron. Lowlife scumbags. They don't deserve a second thought: whack 'em.
How can this gravely-flawed criminal justice system allow murderers to go free even on a stinking technicality? They should be executed, in accordance with their crime. I'd rather see an innocent executed than see ten guilty murderers go free.
Good riddance, murderer. Also, to this child murdering piece of shit.

Journal E: Real Stories from Planet Earth
Here's a magazine that taps the Web's multimedia potential to tell stories with artistry and originality. We stepped into "When Flowers Fall," a sad piece about aging in Japan, presented as a dynamic series of screens using haiku, kanji, images, and text. We visited an extraordinary gallery of photo portraits by Steve McCurry haunting images of hungry children, pre-pubescent warriors, painted bridegrooms, and pregnant waifs. Then we read about coffee, and listened to the Montana Logging & Ballet Co.'s madcap a capella song about the last millennium. It's culture and it's entertaining an online Arabian Nights.

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