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Friday, March 18, 2005

i'm more than ever, firmly convinced that all liberals and liberal-demokkkRATs are thoroughly disturbed and completely mentally-ill. To harbor and savor such blinding hatred of America, our US Military and President Bush, is very unhealthy. In fact, it's suicidal. Yes, America's descent into evil and madness is proceeding nicely, thankyouverymuch. Hey, come back, liberals; we're not finished! We enjoy tormenting the lowlife, subhuman, lib-dem deviants. Good grief, we're talking about almost half the country, aren't we? The mentally-ill half which voted for John F(ucking) Kerry, loser. Lib-dems live in a parallel universe of fantasy. They're trying to dismantle and re-write the US Constitution, to suit their overt socialist agenda. Wake-up, America. Lib-dem filth are rampant. They're the party of abortion and murder, not only of unborn infants, but of defenseless women. Don't you understand? Can't you understand? liberal-demokkkRATs hate America; they hate the Brave US Military; they hate President Bush. The liberal-demokkkRATs are the party of hate and bigotry. Why are Blacks and Jews and Other Minorities so enamorerd with racists, bigots and such lowlife, subhuman, liberal-demokkkRAT garbage? Why, America? Why?

Around The Garden Center.
It's getting light now at around 6am, but I'm still clinging to "Winter Hours" for a few more weeks, before switching over to "Spring-Summer-Fall Hours" on Monday, the 28th. Because our 15th Open House is Saturday, April 2nd, I'll have to make the changeover a week before, in order to get all the prep work with staff done at the GC&N Complex, before the Open House and the landscaping and retail seasons begin.
Gas at the pumps went up another 7˘, to $2.05/ gal (87 octane) in the York (PA) area, with premium unleaded reaching $2.29/ gal (92 octane). And light, sweet crude oil passed $57/ barrel for the first time; a harbinger of things to come. Drill ANWR, dammit!
We've worked all week to get the GC&N Complex into top shape for the arriving nursery stock, from all over the US. I'm just hoping the weather cooperates and doesn't unload more snow and ice upon us and all this tender plant material. With the 15th Open House less than 2 weeks away, that would be a disaster.
My sister, Becky, arrives today for a two week stay, to help get the 7 greenhouses into shape and organized.
Ever heard of Mary Gardens? It's worth a closer look just for the historical plants.
Happy St Patty's Day, BTW.
Having trouble finding much of anything Made In The USA, anymore? Here's a few.

For the 7th time since President Bush was re-elected last November, I've refused to donate any more money to the GOP until the borders are closed, illegal aliens are rounded-up and deported, and the situation is brought under strict control. Which probably means never. Phone and mail solicitations continue, and I refuse to get involved with any political party, now. Terrorists are doing much more than just "testing our borders", Ms Rice; they're here by the hundreds-of-thousands, already. As the party in power, I hold the GOP personally responsible for any and all forthcoming terrorist attacks on US soil. I'm thoroughly disgusted with the administration's "I don't give a shit" attitude. Think I'm kidding? Read this.
The winds of democracy, freedom and liberty are blowing in the middle east; can you smell the sweet fragrance? Nice going, W&Co.
Anyone who thinks that Rudy Giuliani will run for the presidency in '08, had better read this. Too many skeletons in Rudy's closet.
DemokkkRATs served notice Tuesday that they will slow or stop most US Senate business if Republicans unilaterally change the rules to assure confirmation of President Bush's controversial court appointments. Any such change would mark "an unprecedented abuse of power", said US Sen Harry "Mentally Ill" Reid, (ASSHOLE-NV). Awwwwwwww, bad, bad GOPers.
US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (RINO-AZ) is a criminal and a liar.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage.
Buh-Bye, Danny Rather-Blather. The liberal-biased, hate-America, lying son-of-a-bitch, Danny "Buttboy" Rather, is gone in disgrace. Good riddance and rot in hell, Rather. Courage, Danny boy.
C'mon lib-dem idiot losers: time to take the "Gore 2000" and "Kerry 2004" bumper stickers off of your clapped-out cars. What were you morons thinking, anyway?
The shit-for-brains, dumb-as-rocks-in-a-box, Florida demokkkRATs want a 2˘ per roll tax on toilet paper? Morons on parade; cretins on display.
Doug Thompson, on his shitty little website, Capitol Hill Blue, has produced an essay named “American Hitler”. Dougie is a mentally-ill alcoholic who needs serious medical help. Hey, Dougie: go kill yourself, asshole.
Lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT, hate-America scumbag US Sen Paul "I'm A Hate-America Socialist" Sarbanes (ASSHOLE-MD), isn't returning to the US Senate, next year. Good riddance and rot in hell, dirtbag socialist filth.
Time to outright- torture wipe the phony, libertarian, subhuman fraud, liberal-demokkkRAT filth, US Sen Harry "Dusty Asswipe" Reid (SOCIALIST-NV) garbage. He's subhuman trash. He needs torture wiping.
The UAW is anti-America, hate-US-Military-slur-US Marines. Unions are dogshit. The UAW is commie-socialist-nazi-liberal-progressive-dangerous-left-wing-enviro-wacko-harradin-homo garbage. I piss upon the UAW; I also shit upon them. Never, never, ever will I buy any car/truck/SUV they have to offer. They and the evil ACLU are The Enemy Within™.
Racist, bigoted black bitch New Jersey Secretary of State, Regina Thomas, is a subhuman lowlife piece of garbage, intent on causing trouble in NJ's schools. She should be charged and tried for hate crimes.
Stupid, criminal, shit-for-brains liberal-demokkkRAT mayor of Filthadelphia, John "I Hate Whitey" Street, wants a tough new law restricting concealed handguns in Philly. Dumbass Street just doesn't understand that lawful, concealed permit holders didn't commit any of the 71 homicides YTD, in that shitty city of liberal garbage. Criminals did the damage, and outlawing legal CCW carry only disarms lawful citizens and makes everyone that more vulnerable.
Yes, the criminal-riddled UAW, sucks.
The lying, clueless lib-dem idiots at the NY Slimes, still don't get it.
Lib-dem Orlando FL mayor Buddy "I'm Above The Law" Dyer turned himself in on Friday to face a felony charge of paying someone to collect absentee ballots before his election in a tight race last year. Gov. Jeb Bush swiftly suspended Dyer, as required by Florida law, in a case that has roiled this city for months and even caused a brief firestorm in the presidential election. A grand jury handed up sealed indictments on Thursday for Mr. Dyer and three others: Patricia Beatty Phillips, his campaign manager; Ezzie Thomas, who worked for the Dyer campaign as a get-out-the-vote consultant; and Judge Alan Apte of Orange County Circuit Court, who was charged with illegally paying Mr. Thomas to collect absentee ballots before his own 2002 campaign.
Shit-for-brains, lying loser US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry (ASSHOLE-MA) is against drilling in ANWR, and is trying to stop progress in America. In fact, he hates America.
The managing editor of the Washington Post, Philip "I Hate America" Bennett, is a traitor. He should be stood against a wall and shot.
Thousands of dollars in federal funds intended to assist poor DC schoolchildren appear to have been spent instead by liberal-demokkkRAT school administrators on retreats and unapproved travel. DC auditors are looking into the public school system's use of these federal funds. Nice going, lib filth.
Federal agents have seized computer files from legislative offices of a powerful, liberal-demokkkRAT lawmaker in Philadelphia, whose role in directing public and private funds to community and nonprofit groups has been under investigation. Lib-dem state Sen, Vincent J. Fumo, is a crooked skunk and needs some serious prison time.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth.
An activist, mentally-ill liberal "judge" ruled Monday that California's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, saying the state could no longer justify limiting marriage to a man and a woman. In the eagerly awaited opinion, likely to be appealed to the state's highest court, San Francisco County Superior Court Judge Richard "I Love Faggot Sodomy" Kramer, said that withholding marriage licenses from gays and lesbians is unconstitutional. "It appears that no rational purpose exists for limiting marriage in this state to opposite-sex partners," Kramer wrote. Absolute asshole, isn't s/he?.
Bernard Ebbers, the former CEO of WorldCom, was found guilty Tuesday for his role in the mammoth accounting scandal that brought the company down two and half years ago. Buh-bye, Bernie!
Not a dime for lying Ward "I Hate America" Churchill; he should resign in disgrace. He's scum.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
An Oklahoma man, Jimmy Ray Slaughter, 57, who tried to prove his innocence through a little-known procedure called "brain fingerprinting", was executed by lethal injection Tuesday, for the 1991 murder of a woman and her daughter. Good riddance, asshole, and rot in hell.

Lyndon Johnson's speech, which might charitably be described as "folksy," is caught on tape as he orders six pair of pants in language that is downright crude. Offering actual recordings made in the Oval Office over the course of 33 years and six administrations — from FDR to Nixon — this site lets you overhear the conversations surrounding minor and major events in our history. Listen in as Nixon and Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman discuss Donald Rumsfeld, then counselor to the president. ("Rummy is tough enough. He's a ruthless little bastard," according to the president.) Eavesdrop on JFK and the head of NASA as they discuss the importance of landing a man on the moon. Although the Nixon tapes are the most numerous and famous in this vast archive, there's much to be learned about our presidents, our history, and the machinations of our government. It's "The West Wing" for real.

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