Friday, March 19, 2004

Last week, the imploding liberal-demokkkRAT morons cut their own throats, when moronic, shit poop-for-brains John F(ucking) Kerry (SHITFORBRAINS-MA), called his Republican opponents "crooked" and "lying", America saw and heard what the left-wing wackos are truly made of. Kerry and all the feckless, liberal-demokkkRATs are part of the enemy within; those lowlife. liberal-demokkkRAT left-wing fascist-commie-nazis actively seeking to emasculate America's military, destroy our soverignty and hand it over to the cowardly UN turd-worlders, cripple the mending economy by repealing the tax cuts and inciting hatred of America and President Bush. His fellow-traveller scumbags like IAFF president Howard Schaitberger joined the attack, claiming that President Bush was trying to "capitalize on the image of great heroics and a great tragedy". But other REAL firefighters, incensed at the IAFF's statements, rallied around America's duly-elected President. Many of them turned to the Web as a way to express their outrage at Schaitberger's remarks. Schaitberger is a cowardly, lowlife lib-dem shill. He's garbage. Trash. Scum. He's in cahoots with the liberal-demokkkRAT lamestream ABC-CBS-NBC-CSPAN-NPR media whores, who hate America and The President. Quite clearly, there is a media war against President Bush. The Kerry idiot would rather we all forget 9-11, and negotiate with murderous Muslim Islamofascist terrorists for our national safety. He is the king of waffling and flip-flopping, on everything. Kerry's a liar. Kerry's a spineless, pandering ass-boy. Kerry's an Un-American Frenchy coward. Kerry's a hate-the-US Military coward and traitor. Like "Little Dickie" Gephardt (LIAR-MO) and AlGoreBore (LIAR-TN), the lying US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry (shitFORBRAINS-MA) has all kinds of imaginary friends. Kerry is a liar. He's delusional and mentally-ill. Yeah sure, lib-dem morons; we'd be a whole lot better-off with John F(ucking) Kerry (shitFORBRAINS-MA) as president. He votes on both sides of an issue. John F(ucking) Kerry (shitFORBRAINS-MA) will make a wonderful sock-puppet for Osama Bin Laden & Co, just as Bubba Jeffy Klintoon and AlGoreBore were. Kerry's a dangerous socialist-commie-nazi left-wing wacko with "imaginary friends". Guess again, lib-dem idiots; we'll stay the course against Muslim terrorism, and whack them all. To anyone with a rational and functioning brain, there is no other choice: it's us or them. We're at war with the murderous Muslims and dangerous demokkkRATs. Guess where I come down on that subject? Liberalism is a mental disease.

Around The Garden Center.
The relentless attack of W32.NetSky, W32.Beagel and W32.Klez virus/worm emails continue, and Norton (Symantec) AntiVirus 2004 keeps kicking their collective asss. As I've said many time in this Journal, America should be tracking down the spammers and virus/worm creators-senders, torturing and Killing them, mercilessly. A few high-visibility, public executions would end the problem.
I slept-in until 11am on Sunday, went down to the GC&N Complex to feed Pickle and do some paperwork. We're still on "Winter Hours" — Mon-Sat, 10-3; closed Sunday — but will be converting to "Spring-Summer-Fall Hours" in a week or two, depending upon the weather. My "banker's hours" days are about to end. And it's been darned cold since last Wednesday, when we had an 1" of snow, which promptly melted; though the cold has stayed around. Later in the day, I stopped by Mom & Dad's for a traditional St Patty's Day/ York County Dinner of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, stewed apples and vino. My Dad's Mom, the beloved and late Amy O. Shelley, was a McKinley (her maiden name); hence, my Irish roots. I had the wonderful leftovers on Wednesday, proudly wearing The Green. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it's a Wednesday (3/17) Holiday, but who has time on a weekday? Hey, Happy St Patty's Day! Okay, okay, one day a year I can handle the Irish fiddling-dance songs.
My shooting buddy, glocknsail gave me a great book for Christmas, which I've just finally gotten around to seriously reading: "Enemies Foreign and Domestic", by Matthew Bracken. The first 20 chapters are on his website; go read a great novel. Buy it as a gift for someone, BTW.
A late-Winter snow/ice storm on Tuesday, made the entire day a pain-in-the-ass, and a messy drive for everyone. Lots of accidents. With temps wavering between 30F and 32F, it froze, melted, re-froze, re-melted and on and on and on. Lovely mess. Luckily, temps were warm enough to prevent us from getting the forecast 4-6"; we netted 1-2". Well, it's not Spring until Saturday, the 20th, afterall. Yes, schools closed early around here, too. Heck, it snowed most of Wednesday and Thursday, adding another 2" of very, very fine, light snow.
Looking for The Savage Nation? Direct audio feed, right here. Here's the Radio Program Locator, to help you out, if you need additional radio station URLs.
$2-3/ gallon gas by this Summer? Possibly.
Remember the guy — Vaughn Meader — who imitated JFK, back in the early 60s? Want a good chuckle? Here's a guy — Steve Bridges — who looks and sounds like GW Bush. Funny stuff. Hold on to your bandwidth! It's all in good fun.
Oh shit: more ice and snow here, the day before Spring!
Have you forgotten 9-11?

My choice between Arlie Sphincter (LIBERAL-PA) and Pat Toomey (CONSERVATIVE-PA)? Take a guess. Toomey's picking-up momentum, and I'll be there to vote for him in the April 27th Election. I want Specter out of office and gone, in the worst way. He's liberal scum.
Sore loser scumbag RINO, US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (RINO-AZ) comes to lying US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry's (shitFORBRAINS-MA) aid. What a lowlife, detestable scumbag.

Traitorous, Cowardly, John F(ucking) Kerry-Scumbag.
Sooooo, mentally-ill John F(ucking) Kerry: is the terrorist theat is still exaggerated, asswipe lib-dem?
The John F(ucking) Kerry lookalike contest- is underway.
John F(ucking) Kerry's whorebag commie-socialist, bitch-pig, Teresa, is theatening to use her Ketchup bucks to defend her dishonor. Bring it on, lowlife, ugly lowclass bitch-slut. Yeah, the Heinz-Kerry/Kerry-Heinz scuzbag bitch deserves everything she gets. She's a piece of hate-America, commie-socialist filth.
John F(ucking) Kerry's a liar. Yawn; all lib-dem filth are.

Lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT Filth.
It's hillarious to hear the lib-demm garbage whine about outsourcing; look what the hypocrite Teresa Heinz Co has done, so far.
Susan Lindauer, the former Democratic congressional aide charged with spying for Iraq, was arrested several months after meeting with an FBI agent who posed as a Libyan intelligence agent, looking to recruit support for Iraqi groups attacking US Forces in the aftermath of the war. Jail and execute the subhuman, traitorous pigshit bitch!
Stupid, lowlife scumbag, fat boy Al Sharp-scum needs to be arrested, tried, convicted and executed, as an enemy of America.
Mario "The Homo" Cuomo says W is a simple-simplistic? Coming from that degenerate piece of shit, it's a compliment.
Liberal-demokkkRATs are traitorous, lowlife garbage.
Along with San Francisco and New Paltz, NY, Seattle should be nuked. At least they've charged the homoism-promoters; now execute them.
Yawn. Consider the source.
Slave reparations Alderman Dorothy Tillman (RACIST-IL)? Crawl back under your slimy bigoted rock, lowlife.
Chucklehead Krauthammer is a lowlife, vegetable scumbag.
One more reason why Jimmy Carter was/is a festering, fetid pile of dogshit, and one of the worst presidents in history.
Execute the lib-dem Lindauer traitor bitch.
Fat alcoholic US Sen Teddy "Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy (MURDERER-MA) likes homo marriage? Natch; what else would anyone expect from a subhuman piece of scotch-soaked blubber?

Although I'm happy for the two PowerBall Winners, their troubles are just starting, folks. Get ready for hell.

Lowlife, Subhuman Garbage.
Is Europe finally waking-up to the Islamic threat, after the Madrid Massacre? I sure hope so. Their collective lives depend upon it.
Oooops, spoke too soon. The Spanish people are cowardly socialist scum, capitulating to the murderous, pigshit Muslim terrorists. The socialist-commies are in league with the Islamofascist Muslim murderers. Mark my words. I still offer prayers for the 200 murdered and 1,600+ gravely wounded, but the cowardly Spanish people who, last Sunday, voted out the current party, are chickenshit socialist-commie garbage filth. They are more concerned with homo weddings, than they are with national security. They will pay a very, very heavy price for their cowardice and outright appeasement. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, 43, is ripe for Islamofascist assassination. Get ready, socialist-commie-scumbag. They're targeting you, subhuman.
Coward Sperm, aka Howard Stern is lowlife, subhuman garbage. Good riddance, pigshit boy.
And speaking of pigshit, brainless scumbag, hip-hop star Ice Cube ass-WIPE, has blamed former American President Ronald Reagan for the gradual decline of the nation's inner cities.
The convicted, criminal Martha Stewart-bitch, resigned from the board of the home decor and media empire that she founded, the company said Monday, just 10 days after she was convicted of obstructing an investigation into a well-timed stock sale. Good riddance, whorebag slutfilth.
An ELF murderer and subhuman terrorist trash, is arrested. whack him; Michael Scarpitti is subhuman filth. whack him, America!
Yeah sure, we may be hit with a murderous, lowlife Islamo-Nazi-Fascist-Filthies...
Why is this subhuman Love whore, still alive? Do the world a favor, slutbag: whack yourself!

Some People Just Need Killing™.
whack all the subhuman Muslim pigshit terrorist filth.
These bull-dyke subhumans should be executed for such horrific child abuse. whack them both. No prison term is appropriate. whack them.
whack this illegal alien filth traitorous piece of shit.

la carte.
With a fluent culinary voice reminiscent of Peter Mayle’s Provencal chronicles and a food obsession worthy of Tony Bourdain’s A Cooks Tour comes this ode to French cuisine from an admitted die-hard fan. From recipes and techniques to the pettiest of phraseology quibbles, he has your crock pot covered. In marked contrast to the eclectic fusion sensation that has swept across U.S. kitchens, this simple guidebook teaches you the fundamentals of everything French, even as the author himself learns new derivations on old themes everyday. See this extraordinary foie gras presentation as an example. His recipe archive is like grandmere’s own card catalogue, complete with short, sweet, yet thorough instructions in both French and English. While many cooking fads come and go, these classic techniques will provide you with the means to create some tried-and-true favorites.


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