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Friday, March 19, 1999

it was actually a good week around here; much was accomplished. We completely renovated and rearranged the inside of the Main Retail Building which, after nine years of near-static displays, needed a fresh look. The new 20+ gal/min well is now in production, replacing the two original and now much weaker, wells. Dozens of new irrigation lines are now being extended into areas which were previously un-irrigated. The tropical foliage which arrived from Florida has been repotted and is ready for Spring sale. The copy for the Spring issue of the quarterly newsletter Roots & Shoots went to the art shop-printer for production and mailing. The landscape crew is busy unloading the first of 10+ semi's full of fresh nursery stock from all around the country, and putting it into a storage building; heavy snow and ice is predicted for the first of next week. Herb and ornamental grass plugs have been potted up and will be available in mid April. The three retail and one production greenhouse have fresh layers of crushed gravel applied to the paths between display benches. The perennials and nursery stock Wintering over in the four aforementioned greenhouses is being prepped for Spring. The entire Nursery Display Area was raked to remove grasses and weeds, and re-stoned. The front gate posts were replaced and an American Flag was added. New landscape crew personnel are being hired and trained. The Main Retail Display Greenhouse is also being prepped for the upcoming 9th Annual Open House, Saturday, April 10th. Whew! And I hardly lifted a finger. In previous years, I did most of the work, with a few helpers. This year, Alan, my Landscape Foreman and Lynn, my General Manager, took the tasks by the short hairs, and did it all. It's so nice to finally have great people in the right places. Heck, I'm going back to sleep. ZZZZZ...

Spring Is On Its Way. Maybe.
There are myriad signs that Spring is coming: by the calendar, we're only two days away, but that's hardly foolproof, since March is one of the worst weather months with ice storms, snow, bitter cold and blustery winds. April 20th is the last frost date here in USDA Zone 6; that's Spring to me, though we've had snow after that date once in recent memory. Robins have returned, although somewhat earlier than usual. Tree buds are swollen; some are actually in bloom, despite the fickle weather.
Trucks loaded with nursery stock are arriving with regularity now, and we're scrambling to finish renovations and repairs to the 20acre complex to accommodate them.
It's easy for me to tell Spring is coming; dozens of people have already booked their landscape jobs with us for '99. Some want maintenance work on the projects we've installed or renovated in past years. Plus, there's nine landscape jobs that carry-over from '98. Here's 3 of the 9 we did and there's one very large job that never made it on to the page. I'll fix that in the Spring. More will be added as they progress, under our expert tutelage.
It's Sunday, I've badly damaged my knee in an accident with a refrigerator door — don't ask — in the condo, it's swollen thrice its normal size, is turning purple and I can't walk. It's also snowing heavily outside and I'm bored silly. Normally, I'd be at work by now. Sunday? Sure, every single one for the past nine years. Except today and probably the next 2-3 days, until this knee heals a little.
I'm also sitting in front of my SAG Electronics PII 450Mhz/ 384mb SDRAM/ 9GB, 10,000rpm LVD2 ultra-wide, ultra-fast Hard Drive, SCSI Internal ZIP Drive, Plextor SCSI 48x CD, great subwoofer and speakers and tons of power, connected to a 500kbps cable modem. Except for not having a T3 line, what's not to like? But because I'm unable to go anywhere or do anything, I'm bored to death.
Between cold compresses for my heavily-swollen and discolored knee, glasses of '95 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon to dull the pain, I'm missing out on one of my favorite sports: driving in the snow in my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 Limited. I've been waiting all Winter for this storm; now I'll read about it and not experience it.
It's now Monday and my Dad and Alan are at the Garden Center, getting it opened up and plowed out. All greenhouses are fine, power's on, Pickles and all plant material are doing well. Lynetta called from Oregon to see how my knee was doing. Final tally: 6-8" at my home, 10-12" at the Garden Center site, 14 miles south. Southern PA got hit pretty hard, along with parts of Maryland. I'm staying here resting the knee.
The condo is now plowed and shoveled; we have a service contracted to complete that task when there's 2"+ of snow or ice. Ditto on the outdoor landscape maintenance. I've done my own landscaping, but either have my crews do the yearly maintenance instead of the hired service — they're a local nursery not known for quality and do cheap work, that's why condo associations hire 'em — so it doesn't get screwed up.
I think I'll building a roaring fire, curl up on the couch and snooze and rest my ailing knee. It's nice to know that my business can finally function without me being there all those long hours and many days each week. The right people in the right places etc.
I think I'm getting cabin fever.

Gardening Tasks For March.
Lots of people have asked me to put some gardening stuff in here, so here's a morsel. Here's what to do in your garden if it's not too snow-covered or frozen:
  1. Fertilize Spring-blooming bulbs.
  2. Clean up all garden debris.
  3. Cut back roses.
  4. Start all seeds inside.
  5. Cut back Buddleia davidii (asserfly bushes).
  6. Clean garden tools with light-grit sandpaper and coat lightly with motor oil to prevent rusting.
  7. Spray fruit trees with dormant insect and
disease control oil (when temperatures are
consistently above 32 degrees.)
  8. Plant peas and spring onions outside.
  9. Plan perennial gardens.
10. Clean debris out of water gardens.

Gore's Big Lie.
Guess what Al "I'm such an moron" Gore said: "I created the InterNet", boasted the ignorant liberal moron, in a CNN interview. Unfortunately, the CNN cretin didn't know enough about the true history of the Net to refute that lie. No, Gore didn't father the InterNet. Except for some funding issues, he didn't do diddly shit.
The Gore moron must be a student of history: Josef Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister once said, "If the lie is big enough, everyone will believe it". This was one of Gore's bigger lies. Remember the Buddhist Temple in California and " controlling legal authority"
But others caught Gore's lie, and ridiculed him about it. He deserves worse. Some of the people who really fathered and mothered the Net also weighed in with their thoughts on Gore's big lie.
The true story of the Net's developers and pioneers is here; funny, Al-the-shithead-Gore-scum's name isn't even mentioned or footnoted.
And Tim Berners-Lee, the Founder Of The Web, is probably trying to remember the shit-for-brains-Gore's contribution, but can't. Relax Tim, there wasn't any.
Hey AlGore idiot: here's some FAQs to help you get your misguided facts straightened out, you dumb shit.
It's just amazing what the stinking, lib-Dem, scumbag, filth will try to take credit for. Even when it flies in the face of all reason, fact and history, lib-Dem scum are so deluded with their minor, co-opted accomplishments that they project ownership of everything else onto their resume(s). Freud probably had a term for kind of sociopathic behavior.
Gore's dirty, too, and it's bound to come out sometime. sooner or later.
Plus, the ignorant moron Gore is a snore, but then we've known that for the past 7 years, haven't we?

Bubba The Bachelor.
Looks like Hitlery and The Rapist are toast.
After the 21 year old rape charges came to light against Clinton, The First Bitch has been noticeably absent from The First Rapists side.
Maybe the Monica slut will get her chance after all to marry Billy Boy. I hope so, because those two scum deserve each other.
Based upon Clinton's long history of sexual predation, it's a sure bet it won't last long; Clinton will get tired of the whining, mentally-unstable Monica and dump her plump ass in a heartbeat. Or Monica will shoot Clinton for playing around with other women.
It's pretty clear now that life at The White House isn't fun anymore for anyone.
Still, they continue to put the best face on it they can. Ain't that nice? All for us dumb citizens. Sniff...

"Payoff Clinton".
It worked in Watergate; following the money trail led right to Nixon in The Oval Office and his ultimate resignation. This money trail leads to Clinton, as well, if the idiots would just follow it.
The stinking McDougal bitch needs to spend many, many more years in prison for her myriad crimes, as do all of the sons-and-daughters-of-bitches involved in Whitewater et al.
Clinton is dirty with crime. Someday, it will all come out.
Speaking of criminals, the fat-lowlife-alcoholic-piece-of-shit and still very dead Tip O'Neill has been cleared by the partisan-lib-Dem FBI boys and girls. He was so f*cking dirty with crime, it was amazing they didn't nail his fat, stupid ass when he was alive. Jimmy Carter saw to it the FBI was stymied in their original investigation of the corrupt Speaker of The House.
Here's one guy I thought would never cash-in on his government service: former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. William J. Crow, Jr. But he did, big time with a foreign-owned company called Bioport.
A pile of stinking filthy towelheads own it, and Crowe has played — knowingly or unknowingly — into their clutches. I'm pretty sure he knows what the hell he's doing. He's now worth hundreds of millions from US Government contracts. Very sweet deal, Bill. Ain't being a liberal-Democrat nice?

Chi-Comm Spying.
Two weeks ago, I went apoplectic, last week I went ballistic, now I'm just numb. And the selling of America by the stinking Clintonites isn't over by a long shot.
Well, at least the chest pains have stopped.
Of course, the lying rat bastard Clintonites deny it all, but facts are facts, and the facts point to coverup and delay in dealing with this problem when it was exposed in '95. All to appease those filthy, murderous, lying, denying ChiComm scum.
What's the big deal? We routinely spy on everyone, and they spy back to the best of the technology's ability. No biggie, these days. But to allow it to go unpunished as Clinton did is a crime.
As the world's only remaining superpower, we have no decisive or coherent policy toward world crises and situational flare-ups. None.
Clinton is truly Beijing's man in Washington. He's given them exactly what they want. Everytime.
When this report hits the news, the shit will definitely hit the fan. Or will it? Given what we know about America's attitude — it's the economy, stupid! about the stinking Clintonites, nothing will come of it.
Well hey there Clinton, you moron, it's way past time you did something to provide security, after selling out to the, lying, stinking, filthy ChiComms, you f*cking traitor.

This Shouldn't Happen.
Sex offenders should be executed upon conviction; no appeals, no bullshit. Same as murderers, rapists, armed robbers and traitors. Ever hear of Megan's Law?
Sure, crime is down, but that's because we're locking more people up, as well as executing the Death Row scum faster than in previous years.
Megan's Law is a memorial to Megan Kanka, a seven year old New Jersey girl who was sexually assaulted and murdered in July, 1994 by a twice convicted, twice paroled sex offender. The Kanka’s dedicated themselves to lobbying for laws that would let neighborhoods know of such dangerous predators in their midst. (Now that Bill Clinton is a known predator, will he have to "register" with local police when he moves into a new neighborhood?)
Children are the future; how many of them are we going to intentionally f*ck-up, or allow to be murdered by known subhuman filth, before we realize that future society will be f*cked up as a direct result? Knowingly sending defective citizens into society is a crime. Or should be. Elect me; I'll make it one.
We have the inalienable right, as American Citizens, to grow up free of fear — this goes for everyone from every walk of life — regardless of color, religion, location or persuasion. That's why other seek asylum in the USA; only headcases or criminals would flee this country for another's asylum. Children shouldn't have to worry; parents shouldn't have to fear.
There isn't 2,500 people who could keep me from Killing anyone who'd raped and murdered a child of mine; I don't know how Megan's or any other parents keep their cool being in the same room as their child's murderer. Killing the whacker with my bare hands would be worth the death sentence. No jury in the world would convict me.
Virginia has the right idea: setting up a Sex Offender Website to keep track of that subhuman filth as they move around communities looking for their next prey.

Aw, Gee Whiz.
Are working 80 hour weeks a reason to commit suicide? Gee, I don't think so. I routinely worked between 80 and 120 hour weeks from 1990 to 1997, never taking a day off. And I'm still around. There are thousands, maybe tens-of-thousands of such people who work long weeks and don't commit suicide. Maybe it's all that raw fish they eat?
Well okay, I took one day off to get married, had 7 days off with the flu and another day to get divorced in the 7 year period, but I'm still here.
Whiny Japanese scum. It's more likely major character flaws which cause those pathetic people to whack themselves. I empathize but not sympathize with them. Harsh? Sure. But they have a choice. Why should I feel sorry for some schmuck who has a world of choices, f*cks it all up and whacks him-herself? The non-logic of that emotion escapes me.
And what's with the government making payments to the suicide moron's family? That's socialism-communism-fascism; I thought Japan was a democracy. Sue the f*cking employer, not the government. Actually, no one should be suing anyone, if the idiot who whacked himself voluntarily worked the 80 hour weeks.
Hey, shit-for-brains ToJo government: you ain't liable! Change that stupid f*cking law so your in-a-toilet government and economy doesn't go down the dumper.
If they can't handle the load, get another f*cking job; it's just that simple. Quit your f*cking whining, scum.

Let Justice Prevail.
First, execute the Nichols piece-of-shit for his role in the '95 OKC bombing. No life sentence; American taxpayers shouldn't be stuck with paying $60,000/ year for that scum to lounge in a comfy prison.
And execute right away that subhuman, lowlife, piece of garbage, Timmy McVeigh, who did the actual bombing. What's the delay all about here?
There are 3,700+ pieces of subhuman filth lounging in comfy US prisons on Death Row. Let the switches be thrown! Let the cyanide pellets drop! Push those lethal injection syringes in! Or try this novel method; give 'em all a 60ft knotted sheet-rope and shove 'em out a 10-story window. What the hell is this country waiting for?
Who speaks for the dead victims? The murderers remain alive, while the victims are still dead.
In addition, every rapist, child molester and traitor should be executed. Though I despise their politics and religion, Iran does the right thing with murderers.

The Rapist vs The General.
Clinton committed a felony when he raped a woman. The General merely had improper sexual relations and will be prosecuted. Clinton won't. What does that say about Justice System in America?
Exactly, there are differing levels, depending upon whom you are.
What does that say about Justice in America?
Right again, there is none.

US Prison System.
We don't need more prisons; we simply need less prisoners.
First, execute all those convicted and so sentenced to death. That would reduce the Death Row scum to the tune of about 3,700+. Then release, on probation, all those white collar criminals and petty offenders, for time already served. That's almost 25% of the entire 1.8+ million prisoners.
Next, execute all violent rapists, child molesters, armed robbers and traitors. That will further reduce the scum population by 10-14%.
See how simple it is. The prison population is back down to a manageable level, all the subhuman filth are gone and the American Taxpayer isn't burdened with $42 billion per year to keep all that scum comfy and fed.

Justice Is Served.
There's nothing quite as satisfying as reading about people being executed for the heinous crimes they've committed, although most of the crimes were from the 80s and I personally think it's taken way too much time for The System to do its job. But better late than never.
This piece of subhuman filth should have been executed right after the sentence was pronounced, not 16 years later. His 18 mutilated victims are still dead, and he's had an additional amount of time to live in a comfy prison system. What's fair about that?
And Delaware should be quite proud of itself for condemning this moron to death. Hopefully, it won't take 8-9 years to terminate his sorry, pathetic life. Likewise, his victim is still dead and he doesn't deserve the extra time — at our expense — to live.
Hopefully, this lowlife piece-of-shit, black racist, anti-Semite, con artist "Calypso Louey" Farrakan will die and rid the nation of a skunk. That would be true justice.

I downloaded MSIE v5.0 at 4am Thursday, and had it installed on both the Dell 333 and SAG Electronics 450 by 9am.
It's their best effort to date. And it blows Communicator v4.5 into the bushes. Sniff.
I've also found that with several older units of PII 586/ 200-233Mhz vintage, installing IE4-5.x can stabilize the Win95 system considerably.
I've always had IE v3-4-5 on my machines — and readily admit that it's a better browser than Netscape's Nav-Comm v2-3-4-4.5 — but used it only occassionally. Netscape's interface (GUI) seemed more user friendly; besides I'd first started using it in Novermber '95. So it was an old friend, visually. I'm probably going to remove it soon, and get used to the browser of the future.

Our Liberty.
We're losing our Constitutionally-given right to Liberty, one inch at a time. Read Charlton Heston's speech and lament the loss.

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