land of the free?
Friday, March 1, 2002

Is it my imagination, or is America now an armed camp? In the past week, I've driven to BWI Airport (MD), past Three Mile Island, south of Harrisburg (PA), and driven by several National Guard Armorys in the York, Lancaster, Adams Counties (PA) area; all are bristling with armed military troops, intimidating military vehicles and awesome F-16s patrolling the skies hourly, overhead. And I'm seeing more and more American Flags and decals every day. Yes, I'm scared concerned for My Country; I want to wholesale massacre the enemy, before anything else happens. Sure, I'm carrying my Glock 32/ .357 SIG (Galco Leather Belt Holster), instead of the Colt Trooper MkIII .357 Magnum (Bianchi Shoulder Holster), but that's only because I've had a CCW-Penna for 12 years, the Colt since July '74, and the Glock semi-auto is more easily concealable and has double the capacity of the Colt revolver, at 3/4 the knockdown. But I digress. The local, state and federal buildings and properties are all so fortified, they're intimidating to many first-timers. The regulars — employees, lawyers, lobbyists, contract workers, service industries - are non-plussed; it's just a part of doing business. I fall somewhere on the lower end of that "food chain". I was surprised at the array of armor and firepower. The unknown quantity is the human unit on the trigger. And I'm hoping that human unit is functioning well okay at this time. Now, some diaperhead terrorist wants to blow-up The Liberty Bell. Time to root them out, execute the terrorists, deport all illegals, seal the borders and cleanse America of the extremist Islamic stain.

Around The Garden Center.
Things are getting downright hectic at The Office; jeeeez, it's barely March, February was dry and warm, reservoirs and wells are dry all over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions, people are calling for landscaping and garden construction, and for the first time ever, since opening in '91, we're landscaping in The Winter. I'm dumbfounded; February was predicted to be blizzard-like, temps way below normal. Didn't happen. It's been much, much too warm and dry and the results will not be good in the coming Summer months.
Jeff & Denise came over for dinner on Saturday late afternoon; we'd decided to make fresh pasta with my new Imperia Pasta Facile machine, a roller and cutter with several cool attachments. I got things started with mixing the flour, eggs and olive oil, let it rest for 30mins, then turned the rolling duties over to Jeff & Denise, while I prepared a cream blush sauce with sauteed onions, garlic, wild mushrooms, anchiove paste and white truffle oil. We made 8 batches from the 1lb of dough; 4 each of angel hair (capellini d'angelo) and tagliatelli. I also made some bruschetta appetizers, also drizzled with white truffle oil. We had several great Shiraz and Merlot wines over the evening and the dinner was a huge success: the best pasta I've ever had.
Needless to say, I slept-in on Sunday morning, before going food shopping and down to the Garden Center Complex to feed Pickle, do some paperwork and admire the new greenhouse double doors. I've had a master carpenter in for the past 2 weeks re-fitting the 4 retail and production greenhouses with double, 3/4 length Lexan-panelled cedar doors. The 11 year old, 7ft wide single doors on barn hinges, were in bad shape and sorely needed replacing. The Main Display Greenhouse just had it's side entrance doors replaced with full-length Lexan, steel doors several weeks previously. Ready for another 25 years.
The Dog Days of February March are still with us: daytime temps in the 50-60°:F range, nightly temps in the 30s. No significant moisture in sight to alleviate the seemingly-unending perturbing interminable ongoing drought. Whatever. Hell Heck, I've got six wells running full-time, and will now have to drill them wider and deeper every 2-3yrs. It's bad all over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.
I hate calling companies and getting a "multi-layered, phone menu" — especially when it tells me to "listen carefully, since our menu options have changed" — but this one's different: the Enron Phone Menu is funny and worth listening to. Bwwwwwaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa! LOL!
No, I don't play video games, of any kind; I'm not a "gamer". Never have as a kid, and don't enjoy them now, either. I've always thought and believed that "games" were the ally of a problematic mind in a child/adult. They're the first things I erase from any and all 'puters I've bought/had built/tinkered with myself. But here's two I do heartily-recommend: bin Laden Liquors (choose #1 or #2; #3 sucks) and Sock Osama. Hillarious and fun, both. But I digress.
I'm sure you've heard me rant about the federal gummint's intrusive nature; the "pressure-treated timber" issue is just another in a long line of lib-dem-socialist-communist takeovers. From creosote to CCAs is a huge step backwards. FYI. Bend over and grab your ankles, Fellow Citizens. This is not progress; not by any stretch of anyone's imagination.

The Massacre of September 11th.
I've watched the evolution of this superb cyber-documentary, and can recommend it to anyone who is angry mad enraged f*cking freaking pissed.
I mourn the 12 US Servicemen who died in the chopper crash, as well as Dan Pearl. I'd rather use nuclear weapons on the Muslim filth, and obliterate Mecca and incinerate Medina, for openers; then on to Bagdhad, Damascus, Tripoli and nuke the rest of the pork-sucking Islamic deviants. Now that W has dropped the ridiculous no nuke pledge, it's time to dust off some potent weapons and use them. Let's make it: Hiroshima x 3, for openers, and increase a Factor x 10, each step.
Anyone who doesn't think we have a terrorist problem right here in the US; read this. Then arm yourselves and stay alert. There are dozens of terrorist cells already here, operating within the US borders. Thanks to the criminal Clintoon scumbags and an INS policy of neglect, we're at great risk of another attack.
Here's an intelligent discourse worth reading, about why Islam doesn't mean peace at all, and why it's a garbage religion cult of backward, wacko, deviant, pervert, lowlife, subhuman Muslim fanatics.
This is a joke: sending 1,600 National Guard to cover 4,000 miles of Mexican and Canadian border.
I'm soooooo tired of the cowardly French Frogs, Blustering Bullshit Brits and the Grunting Germans whining about the US "going it alone"; except for the Brits, the other two shitheads offer nothing but a slowdown in military operations. Why don't they realize that, if they can't run with the big dogs, they should go lay down with the puppies on the porch. Quietly. Yes, they're truly that ignorant and vain. Too much contact with the criminal Clintoons and lib-dem-socialists, I guess.
And the US Govt's cover-up of the '95 OKC bombing — planned and executed with Mideast Islamic garbage and Muslim filth terrorist assistance to McVeigh and Nichols — continues. No, I don't have a clue as to why.
Well, here you have it: the definitive raghead poll. A majority of people interviewed in nine Muslim countries had unfavorable opinions of the United States and President Bush. And you know what? I don't give a flying f*ck rat's ass; I just want as many of the lowlife subhuman filth dead as possible! But...but...but, Islam is a religion of peace, isn't it? No it isn't; it's a murderous cult of deviant fanatics.
Viktor Bout, the homo commie, lowlife boy-buggerer, socialist coward, arms trader for al Quaeda? whack him; track the punk down like a rabid raccoon and whack it. C'mon CIA and InterPol; give ME the assignment. I'll sub it out to the BEST HIRED whackERS, and alleviate the World of this lowlife piece of Soviet dogshit. End of problem.
What every Westerner should know about the garbage cult called Islam, and why Muslims are subhuman filth.
Islam is peace and love, isn't it? Nah, don't f*cking freaking think so. Ummm, NYC next again?; nah, I think the Left Coast is next with a "dirty nuke" scenario. Move, Becky! Move, move, move!!! Bad feng shui isn't pleasant. Gaaaaawd, I hope they nuke the Left Coast and roast it, after Becky's left, of course. Move, Becky! Move, move, move!!!
Oooooooooooooo, the subhuman murderous towelhead Muslim shitfilth Islamic pork-suckers at Gitmo are instituting a hunger strike? Who the f*ck hell heck cares? Feed the Moslem garbage pork; lotsa pork fat and grease, tenderly mized with pig feces. Execute them all in military tribunals; if you're retiscent, US Military, call me. I'll do it quickly and for free. I can whack all of them in less than 2hrs. Sure, my Glock Model 32/ .357 SIG will get "warm", but I'll enjoy the living shit heck out of it. And the world will be a better place without all the boy-buggering, male-mutilating, women-chattelizing and mutilating, homo-loving Islamic girly-men, cowardly Muslim shitfilth. What matter not, is what made any of them angry; what matters, is that the USA strikes back and obliterates-incinerates-exterminates every one of the lowlife subhumans. Turn portions of the arab desert into 4ft deep, glass.
This Hiroshima Parallel #1 and Hiroshima Parallel #2 are readily valid and applicable, and will help you understand why nuclear weapons are the solution to the murderous, deviant, degenerate Islamic terrorist-nation, Muslim problem.
I love it when anyone, ANYONE whackS MUSLIMS, lowlife garbage, pork-sucking, Allah-buggering, Muslim homos. Hindus? Sure, go ahead, and I'll support you. whack as many as you can, each time.
Oh gee whiz: the f*cking freaking Koreans are upset at lib-dem idiot Jay Leno's remarks? Hey slopes, get a life and save millions of your people from forced communist starvation; Jay Leno's an idiot, ignore him.

At the request of President Bush, the Senate passed S. 778, the Section 245(i) extension bill by unanimous consent on Thursday night. Section 245(i) permits illegal aliens who have established an employment or familial relationship while in the U.S. illegally to adjust their status with the INS after payment of a $1,000 fee. It also allows illegal aliens to avoid the State Department background checks for other immigrants coming from overseas. If this is true, I'll be voting for a Third Party in '04, and certainly not the GOP.
The GOP'd better get a handle on this shit: lawsuits against the food industry are going to fly soon, just as they did against the gun and tobacco industries. Too many idiots who won't take responsibility for their own actions, and way, way too many lawyers willing to sue. As Shakespeare once said: First, whack all the lawyers.
While W courts everyone from Muslim clerics and NAACP activists to illegal aliens and homo activists, he refuses to defend the very people who voted for him — Conservatives. If W doesn't start going to the mat for his judicial nominees, Conservatives are going to show him the door. Now Pickering is getting borked by the lib-dem scum-filth.
Former President (X41) George HW Bush — No, not W! — told a newspaper he is sorry he maligned this area, by describing American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh as "some misguided Marin County hot-tubber." He wasn't even close. It'll be several years into The War on Terrorism until we can assess the costs-to-date. Then, maybe we can sit down to a Guiness, fish and chips.
Bravo, bravo, bravo! Get the damned subhuman illegal immigrant filth outta here! Seal the damned borders!

Subhuman Garbage.
First, this in Georgia; now this in The People's Republik of Kalifornicate. Eeeewwwwwwwwww! What's next?
Sure wish I'd have been there when 4 illegal aliens crashed a party in Seattle and "beat up some white guys". They'd be dead illegal aliens now; my Glock Model 32/ .357sig would have seen to that patriotic and pleasant chore.
This is sick: two homos raising triplets, any children, actually. It's how perverted our once-proud society has become when we as a Nation, allow fudge-packing deviants homos and rump-raiding lesbian-dykes to corrupt children with their demented version and vision of the world.
A federal judge's order that the city separate inmates' beds by 6 feet could cost the city more than $10 million in capital improvements. Wow, the meddling by and stupidity of liberal judges — especially this Manhattan federal Judge Harold Baer — is amazing.
Well, did you learn anything new during this year's Black History Month Minute? What a pathetically bad joke that whole thing is.
The Hell's Angels and The Pagans? Gaaawd, it's hard to believe this biker shit is still going on. Will those misfits ever grow up?
A new government report that found the number of Americans living with HIV is rising by about 25,000 a year, but one in two don’t know they are infected with the deadly virus, are not in care, or both, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. Again, good riddance, hope you all die quickly, homo-junkie subhuman filth.
Shucks, I'm glad the DC Recovery is happening; that means drug sales, prostitution, murder, rape, illegitimacy, stupidity, racial pref's, set-asides, minority "pc" programs, dumb white people doing stupid things to allay their unfounded fears.
Well, well, well, here be a fat, stupid, sweaty, smelly, ignorant nigress bitch beating up on a hispanic school teacher, over the disciplining of her criminal-to-be, shit for brains child. Amazing it's not called a "hate crime", and the nigress isn't jailed. Boston, Taxachusettes? Where else?

Lowlife, Lib-democRAT Scumbags.
Proving once again what the entire Nation knows — that Carter is a cretin — the shit-for-brains Jimmayh "Peanut Brain" Carter is calling Ws "axis of evil" statement, "overly simplistic and counterproductive". We still haven't repaired all the damage the Carter moron moron did to this country in 4 awful years.
Well, well, well, the alcoholic, fat, stupid murderer Teddy "The Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy, white trash scumbag, turned 70 this week and no one gave a flying rat's ass. Having the lowlife Kennedy around this long amazes me; his liver is certainly toast from all the drugs and booze he's done over the past 40 years, and the political damage he and other subhuman lib-dems have done to America is incalculable. A birthday toast: here's hoping you don't make it another year, fatso Teddy scumbag. Don't remember Chappaquiddick and his USS Oldsmobile? Here's another account of Kennedy's manslaughter.
Good riddance, Gourdine scumbag. Now, maybe they'll — the People's Republik of Maryland — will get some work done without your obstructionist ass, moron. We're glad you're dead, scumbag.
Now, in our time of National Crisis, helpfully comes the disgraced, laughable, ex-president Jimmy "Peanut Dick Boy" Carter to pronounce that the current president — this would be the president who actually has the job at the moment as opposed to the president who set a record for incompetence that will stand until the seas run dry, when he did have the job, and has been tediously nattering away at his infinitely superior successors, ever since — has erred.
Worms like Sen. Robert "KKK Wizard" Byrd, D-W.Va and Senate Majority Leader Tom "Puffy The Dwarf" Daschle, D- S.D., are traitors and seditionists, for criticizing America in this time of war.

Desperately Needing Execution.
The UK is overrun with crime; a 39% increase in violent street crime in '01 alone, since all guns have been "confiscated" and citizens are unarmed. Europe is falling fast, and the only solution is to re-arm the citizens, who can fight back. Unrest is upcoming. Marshal Law isn't far behind. The Killing starts soon, afterward.
Here's why all murderers should be executed upon conviction and sentencing: so they don't escape and whack again. John William Roland III should already be dead instead of being a fugitive.
The United States faces possible exclusion from the Council of Europe, where it enjoys observer status, over its continued use of the death penalty? So freaking what? Our problem is that we don't use it enough. 3,700 subhumans on death row is way too many; death row should be emptied out as the syringes and electric chairs work double-overtime. Screw Europe and it commie dummies, socialist scum and green filth.
Rubber bullets were fired as about 50 riot police struggled to control a rampaging crowd in central Salt Lake City, venue of the Winter Olympics. Why are they using rubber bullets; real bullets would quickly put an end to it. All rioters and looters should be shot on sight. Period. End of problem. And get rid of the alcohol for the punks.
Another black, ex-basketball player behaving badly: "reckless manslaughter". Jayson Williams is a Darwin Award winner, for sure. He deserves life in prison at least; I'd opt for death by injection. And the world is rid of one more lowlife scumbag.
It could be easily argued that anyone who murders, is mentally ill. But why is Georgia hell-bent on not executing this subhuman piece of shit garbage? Dunno, but it ruined my week.
No question that this boy-raping and boy-murdering cannibal, Nathaniel Bar-Jonah, should die. I volunteer!
And this little-girl-murdering neighbor, David Westerfield, needs execution, as well.

Virtual Typewriter Museum.
Since the advent of the personal computer, typewriters — especially manual machines — have become almost extinct. These original word processors may be gone, but this site proves they're not forgotten. Between the 1860s and 1920s, engineers perfected the manual typewriter, and models like the Underwood 5 became the popular standard. Unusual models like a 1910 pocket typewriter didn't catch on, but they foreshadowed today's handheld devices. The typewriter has even touched erotica, as the French nudes of '20s and '30s secretaries display. You may never look at the humble typewriter the same way again.

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