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Friday, March 22, 2002

Sensing that this Mid-Atlantic Region is further along in the Spring season than we should "normally" be, I've requested that the two Landscape Crews to report full-time, next week; seems everybody wants to get started early, and weather is permitting. In my 12 years at this location in south central Pennsylvania, I've not experienced a "Winter" such as this: January, February and March temps in the 50-60-70°F range. No real plant dormancy. Stress situation underway; expect heavy berrying, unless drought persists, then expect fruit abort because of drought and abnormal high temps. We'll witness a return of insect and disease infestation, since many non cold-whacked spores and eggs remain viable. The scenario of infestation and destruction will be widespread and devastating. Drip Irrigation components have been ordered, stocked and spec'd into every landscape estimate; a huge number are already in place in past years installations. The hardware may be meticulously-installed, but will the customer have the will to use it? I hate sounding like Dr Doom, but the magnitude of The Drought From Hell is scary. I foresee water rationing by mid-Summer, statewide and perhaps throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region and into the Northeast, by Fall, if significant rains don't come. The key here is significant rain, not merely wetting the ground which is good but refilling the reservoirs, lakes, ponds and rivers. There hasn't been a storm system like Hurricane Floyd in September '99 to deliver 7-10" of desperately-needed water to run-off into the bodies of water from which our water companies draw. In a few months, we'll know the final body count.

Around The Garden Center.
A reporter for The York Daily Record called last Thursday afternoon, while I had clients in my office and was working on their landscape estimate, and wanted to talk about The Drought From Hell, and its many future ramifications. I philosophized on plants and drought, painted a grim picture if we don't get Springs Rains, and recommended drip irrigation. They used some of it.
BTW, Top O' The Morning to Ya! Happy St Paddy's Day to ya! Mom's Corned Beef, Cabbage & Potatoes are the best. Mmmmmmmm!
We'll be starting our Spring-Summer-Fall Hours of Operation on Monday, March 25th, due to public demand and, of course, the unusually-warm weather. The 12th Open House is on Saturday, April 6th, one week after Easter. So my sleep-in on Sundays is soon over and the grueling 15-18hr days, 7 days a week, begins once again. I have to be at work Monday through Friday, for the landscape crews and meetings with customers, and on Saturdays and Sundays for the huge volume of retail customers. No other way around it. Without Lynn, Jessi and Ashley on staff this season, my Thursdays off won't happen.
Rain, rain, rain, mixed snow and sleet, rain, rain, rain, glorious rain, rain, rain, rain! It started Sunday afternoon as snow, when I was down at the Garden Center Complex feeding Pickle and doing some paperwork, and continued through Wednesday. We got just over 2". No complaints. Sure helps a lot little.
Saluting the "entrepreneurial spirit" of small business and its positive impact on the U.S. economy, President Bush said Monday he would ask Congress to give them a break on taxes and health care. Shucks, W, sounds good to me, and thanks.
Hmmmmm, I've never eaten wild boar, and don't really care to, but if any should come my way, my Glock 32/.357sig will speak to that problem. I think I'll stick to filet mignon, anyway. And yes, I've had a CCW Permit for 12 years here in Penna.
I've always wanted to see the Earth's curvature before I die, just to "put things into perspective", but $100,000 is more than I wanted to spend for the 3 minute, 62 mile ride. That'd be hard to justify, even to myself, a dedicated hedonist. I can buy a lot of much-needed equipment for my business, for that amount.
Heck, we have cherries blooming right now; DC's peak is several weeks away? They're usually 3-4 weeks ahead of us, but with the warm weather, all bets are off.
Five more tractor trailer loads of nursery stock have arrived this week, and my crews are busy tagging each piece, and either setting it up in the Retail Display Areas, or heeling-in the large B&B (balled & burlapped) trees in the many field rows.
The Production Greenhouses 1-2-3-4 are almost empty of nursery stock; GHs 5-6 are yet to be emptied. It's all very, very tender growth, placed outside in the Retail Display Area in hopes that it'd all "harden-off", and tonite I'm hearing dire consequences of snow/bitter cold moving through after midnight. If it happens, I won't know the consequences until next Monday or so. The leaves should begin to turn black, as a preliminary result. Ummm, film at 11.

This is bullshit, lib-dem slimeballs. Pickering's a decent man and judge. You're now under attack from us Conservatives.
The 2nd Amendment Right begs a cogent and sentient answer, here. Can you provide it?
Yeah, WE at The White House have an attitude problem: we're (semi-)honest and hate your f*cking freaking lib-dem- socialist guts. Hmmmmm, actually, all pols are criminals; so whack'em all. Didn't Shakespeare want to "whack all the lawyers"? Yes, works for me.

Lib-democRAT Lowlifes.
Lawmakers from both parties blistered the Bush administration on Thursday for "a severe attitude problem" in its dealings with Congress, citing a public campaign against their pet projects and Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge's refusal to testify on Capitol Hill.
At least 39 United Way affiliates around the country have stopped direct community funding of the Boy Scouts to protest the Scouts' ban on homosexual leaders. Good; no real loss, Scouts. I donate directly to them and bypass the socialist scumbags at The United Way, lovers of the deviant homo filth.
Oh gaaaawd; the dumb as rocks in a box Tipper "The Mentally-Ill Psycho" GoreBore is "considering" a run for US Senate? Lots of laughs; my side hurts. The stupid bitch couldn't find her own teats with both hands, so she's in perfect company with Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, NY's senator.
As much as I hate despise loathe liberals and democRATs, I support US Sen Robert Byrd's (D-WVa) effort to whack the illegal immigration bill, Section 245(i). It is sheer lunacy.
CFR has passed, like a kidney stone.
Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, NY's senator, a liar? I'm shocked, shocked! Tell me it ain't so.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Everytime I hear and re-hear this Moving Testimonial to The Massacre of September 11th, I re-fill with anger and hate, and well-up with tears. Mom & Dad had Pearl Harbor (12.7.41); we had VietNam and 9-11. What's next? Who knows? Lock & load, my friend; be safe. Get a Glock and AR-13-15.
"Islamic principles are an integral part of international human rights standards", U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary "The Moron Bitch" Robinson said. Wow, this Robinson bitch is also dumb as rocks in a box. Islamic principles? Like murder, boy-buggering, women-mutilation, beheading, mass murder, stoning, religious repression, etc. Sure, bitch. You're a moron. Take your meds.
al Queerdo moving money around the world in anticipation of more attacks? Why can't we trace them and track them and whack them by the thousands?
whack Yow-sir Arrid-fart, and wipe the Muslim garbage, PA and Fatah boy-buggerers from the face of the Earth. Huge mistake USA: you should be "privately condoning" the elimination of tens-of-thousands of the Muslim shit-filth-trash. f*ck Screw the lib-dem apologists.
C'mon Hindus, you can do better than Killing just two lowlife Muslim filth; there's millions and millions to be whacked. Now get to it.
Think I'm being too hard on Muslims and Islamics? Major Barf Alert! Then read what the Saudi religious police did to 14 schoolgirls. I defy anyone to tell me these are not lowlife subhumans. They are below animals; Muslim and Islamics are filth. whack them all before they whack us and destroy American Society.
YES! Execute this lowlife Islamic subhuman Muslim sandidiot Allah shitfilth terrorist.
"More than 1,300 extremists with alleged links to Osama bin Laden's network have been rounded-up. While the arrests, made in some 70 countries, continue." George Tenet, the myopic, Clintoon-appointee dickhead of the CIA, who can't find his own ass with both hands, pathetically phrophecies. LOL!
This Moussaoui Muslim Allah shitfilth sandidiot Islamic terrorist should have been tried by a military court and executed, not tried in a US Court of Law. Another stupid move, Dept of InJustice.
I don't give a flying rat's ass if "Cheney's trip was a failure", whack Sodomy Insane, re-order Iraq, and whack as many of the 1.2 million wacko Muslim Allah-pork-sucking shitfilth, Islamic scumbag extremists as we can. Use nuclear weapons, if possible. Fuse the ground into glass.
What's wrong with the INS? Besides not doing their job? Everything! Dismantle the Clintoon-corrupted agency and re-build it from the ground up. Get rid of the Clintoon scumbag, INS Commissioner James Ziglar; he's a crook
C'mon Israel, tell the US to piss-off, forego the $2-8 billion we give you, protect yourself and begin Killing the subhuman Pali-terrorists by the dozens hundreds thousands hundreds of thousands millions. I hate to say this, but here goes: There will never be peace in the Middle East, until one element is totally dominant. Facts are facts, and history is history.

Lowlife Garbage.
The Catholic Church's sex abuse problem is homosexuality, not pedophilia; and has been for hundreds of years. The church is riddled with homo filth preying upon young boys. Back in the 12th century, the church had a problem with married priests: when they died, their families were still living on church property and it was morally difficult to evict them. So a dubious policy was put in place, of "celibate men" being ordained as priests, who, after death, wouldn't inhabit church property. The left-wing liberal media of today, is covering for their kindred homos, blaming pedophilia for the molestations, when homosexuality is the root cause of the evil in the Catholic Church. Ummm, no, I'm not Catholic.
Jeeeez, another cretinous-moron rapper dmx with too much money and an ugly bitch (look at the article's pic), behaving badly. Crack pipes and 9mm pistols, and all he'll get is probation? The idiot lowlife should be locked up for 5-10.
The fat, drug-addled, alcoholic, talentless white trash sweathog, Liza Minelli, is going for her fourth marriage, to another moron. Two losers who richly deserve each other's misery. Hopefully, the airliner will be ... nah, I won't wish that.
Hmmm, another lowlife idiot cretinous-moron behaving badly; this time it's a murderous hate crime against a white man. A woman accused of hitting a homeless man with her car, driving home with him lodged in pleas as he bled to death in her garage. Chante J. Mallard, 25, waited two days for the man to die, ignoring his pleas for help, and then dumped his body in a park with the help of friends. The idiot bitch was smoking crack and doing ecstasy. Can't we deport this subhuman idiot filth back to the African jungles, where it belongs?
Gangs of little idiot hoodlums in the projects invading peoples' homes, groping women and stealing food? Shoot the scumbags dead, homeowners; I surely would. No jury in the world would convict you for self-defense.
Why are the White Farmers in Zimbabwe Rhodesia staying there, when they're being murdered by the subhuman idiot garbage? I called them "stupid" for doing that once before, and got spammed by hundreds of readers who said it was their right after settling the country for the past 300 years. Allowing oneself to be hunted down by savages and murdered is stupid. Leave and take your family and start over somewhere safe, like in the US. Look at the sad picture of the dead farmer, with his faithful dog curled up next to the body. Pitiful. Where are his weapons and all the dead idiot scum he should have whacked? Now that's stupidity. The racist bigot Mugabe idiot needs to be whacked and soon.
Actor Lowlife, scumbag, hopelessly-drug-addicted Robert Downey Jr won praise from the judge when he returned to court Tuesday to hear a probation report on his progress in a drug rehabilitation program. This punk should be in prison with 450lb lifer named "Bubbles", not in "treatment".
The Orange County, Kalifornicate, chapter of the American Red Cross has canceled the planned performance of a music group at an upcoming event honoring the organization's volunteers who helped at the World Trade Center after the September 11th attacks Massacre because the group planned to sing songs that mention "prayer" and "God". That's one more reason why I won't and don't support the United Way, Red Cross etc. And no, Red Cross apology not accepted.
"VIP" star Pamela Anderson has hepatitis C, she confirmed Wednesday. Huh? I'm real surprised that the ugky-as-sin, two-dollar, slut-whorebag doesn't have AIDS; she's f*cked humped every lowlife scumbag west of NYC.

Execution Clearly Called For.
I disagree: the murderous bitch Andrea Yates should have gotten the death penalty for Killing murdering her 5 children. And her wacko husband, Russell, should have gotten life in prison with a 450lb lifer named "Bubbles", for allowing it to happen; instead, he blames other people for his lack of responsibility. No pity, no compassion, no lib-dem bed-wetters to hold her bony hand and tell her that what she did was okay, for some bogus medical reason.
If I could ever meet up with this cannibalistic subhuman Albert Fentress filth a former Poughkeepsie teacher who whacked an 18-year-old neighbor, after torturing, molesting and raping him; then he ate the young victim's genitals I'd personally take delight in Killing him for the good of society. No jury in the world would convict me. Yet the f*cked-up perverted NY state law allows people like Fentress to sue in court for their eventual freedom and requires officials to prove that he's a continuing danger to the public. A bullet in his deviant, degenerate head would end the problem, promptly. And I'd be oh-sooooooooo happy to do it.
This is why pedophiles should be executed: 100% recividism. Execute all child molesters and pedophiles. No rehab! Scott Turner Newcomb, too. I and Mr Glock 32/.357sig, volunteer!
Why was this even an issue? A convicted whacker whose left leg was amputated last year in prison is to be executed Thursday without his last wish an artificial limb that would enable him to walk. This is ludricrous; execute the subhuman piece of shit without any more delays. The victims are still dead and the lib-dem morons in The People's Republik of Kalifornicate are whining about a murderer's last wish?

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