(♫•♫ the red, red robin goes bob, bob, bobbin' along... ♫•♫)

harbinger of spring?

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

why do so many people think that the red-breasted American Robin (Turdus migratorius), one of North America's premier "singing birds", are "harbingers of Spring"? Actually, they're not. Robins (Family: Turdidae) are a large family of birds; the American Robin is the one we're most familiar with. All Robins are similar in that they belong to the "Animalia" Kingdom, "Chordata" Phylum, "Aves" Class, and the "Passeriformes" Order, as does half the entire bird population in the world. After that, starting with Family, the differences begin. Most American Robins — one of the true insect and berry-feeders, nay seed feeders — spend the Winter months in their own indigenous areas, however, and simply go deeper into the forests for Winter, hibernate and come back to the visible-to-Humans woodland fringes, in the Spring-Summer-Fall months. I usually see them in mid to late-March, swarming hollies, aronias, pyracantha, viburnums et al, after the rock-hard berries have undergone a freezing-thawing process, have softened-up and are now eminently-edible, for them. It is a sight to behold. Although I feed the tens-of-thousands of pairs of birds, nesting on my 20ac Nursery, from November through April, I've always measured Spring's true proximinity, by the American Robins' appearance. But since doing some research, mere months ago, I've changed my opinion. Robins are not migratory birds, in the true sense of the term. But they are a welcome sight, after a hard, cold Winter. That opinion of mine, hasn't changed.

Around The Garden Center™.
By 3pm, last Thursday, the 60°:F temps dropped into the upper-30s, and it got downright *cold*. By 9pm, it was raining hard, and I heard thunder, saw sleet, and once again, it felt like 'Winter had returned'. The respite during last week's 3 days of 60°F temps, was palpable, and everyone was complaining about the coming 'change', as if it was July, and suddenly we had a snowstorm in the offing. I simply reminded everyone that it was still Winter, and that Spring wasn't scheduled to arrive until later, next week! What's the matter with so many idiots in t-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes, no socks and no jackets? It's early-March! I see those idiots doing that, every year. Anyone and everyone who 'dresses like that', deserves a whopping case of frostbite, IMO. Lesson "taught", but will it be "learned"? I rather doubt it. (((sigh)))
A major snowstorm? You mean The Farmer's Almanac, as of 3/15/07 (that March-April page is almost gone...), was correct, but slightly-off, a week or so? But, I've saved that page for you to peruse, BTW. The *Winter Storm Warning* has now morphed from 1-4", to 4-6", now into 6-12", if sleet/freezing rain doesn't mix-into the wet, heavy snow. If ice/freezing rain mix-in, we've got a real mess on our hands. I've got everything "set" at the GC&N Complex, in case I don't get down there, and I probably won't, if the snowfall is wet, ice-laden and heavy. I'm staying home. I can go in on Monday, do the plowing and shovelling. No pressing need to go in and do it, on Friday or over the weekend; as Pickle isn't there, anymore. If he was, I'd be there in a heartbeat, for him, as I've done so many times, in the previous 15yrs.
The "Winter Storm Warning" started out as sleet/freezing rain, around 6am, when I got up to feed the cats. By 11:30am, it was snowing so hard, I could hardly see out of the condo's skylights and windows, and it was sticking to roads and grassy surfaces, bigtime. So, I went out for a brief drive, got some milk and bread, and returned by 12noon. I fired-up the gas fireplace (converted from wood-burning 10 years ago), curled-up on the couch with the two condo cats, put on some Vivaldi CDs, and slept for a few hours. We had 1-2" per hour, coming down at a fast rate, and by that measure, we'd have over 1-ft by 6pm. By 7pm, we had 6-7" on the ground, and it was still snowing hard. East coast airports had cancelled hundreds of flights, but then again, I don't fly anymore, so I don't five a flying rat's rearend. Hundreds of crashes in York County, as reported by 911? By 9:15pm, the snow was coming down every bit as hard as it was at 2pm. We had 10", with 3' drifts, by then. By 10:30pm, the snow had ended. Final, "unofficial" tally: 11½". Ended; well not quite. By 6:30pm on Saturday, we had snow squalls moving through the York (PA) area, and got another ½" of snow.
Mom made Corned Beef, Potatoes & Cabbage, and Dad invited me over for St Patty's Day (Saturday) for lunch/dinner, but I couldn't join them, due to sharp back pain from slipping and falling on 2" ice, while trying to retrieve mail at the GC&N mailbox, that morning. I spent part of the day with a heating pad and several pain pills, on the couch. I went to sleep early. My "recipe" for St Patty's Day Fun: drink 6 Guinness Extra Stout, and piss on a leprechaun.
I met Brad, my "snow-shovelling-fanatic" employee, at the GC&N Complex, on Monday at 9:00am, and we got the place plowed, dug-out and cleaned-up: front steps, greenhouses, landscape offices, pathways, truck building etc. No damage; everything was intact. I had a 1:45pm ear-nose-throat (York ENT) doctor appointment, so I left while everyone was working, and came back around 2:45pm, to close the place down around 3:30, while waiting for a customer to show up, who wanted to buy a gift certificate.
I had the York County salesman for Finch's John Deere dealership, in Hanover (PA), in on Monday to review several J-D and Bobcat machines, but specifically a John Deere 317 SkidLoader, which I'm going to purchase. I'll keep my old, 1990 J-D 675B (not my unit; pic just for illustration) which has 9,000+ hours on it, w/ backhoe, 2 buckets and lifting forks, for light-duty loading mulch and soil, here at the GC&N Complex, and we'll use the new model for heady-duty lscp and loading/unloading work. It's amazing that the old 675B is still going, without any major work, so far. I wish I'd bought two of them, back in 1990. If they can even find one of the 317s, somewhere in the Eastern US, without the $3,000 closed-cab, heated or A/C options, we'll be very lucky. Otherwise it'll be 5-7 weeks to get one built and shipped to us. Until then, we'll make-do with the venerable 1990 675B. I'm looking at another $26,000+ capital expenditure, in any case.
A rain system passed through the York area, on late Monday afternoon, with freezing rain/sleet and just 25 miles to the north, around Harrisburg. Temps are still in the mid-40s. Thankfully, we didn't get any of that mess. My Lscp Crews are now back in weekdays, bringing tens-of-thousands of containerized plants and trees, out of Winter storage, from the 6 massive quonset hut greenhouses (30' x 100'), and beginning to prune, fertilize and set them into place. Although we're working on a layer of 4-8" of ice and snow, the work has to get done; we've been delayed by lousy weather for far too long, and the 17th Open House is only a few weeks away, plus 8-10 tractor-trailer loads of many thousands more pieces of nursery stock, are scheduled to begin arriving next week, and we've got to be ready for that deluge, or we're *screwed*. The trucks will stack-up in the 1,000ft driveway, and the loads of stock will have to be tagged and put into place very, very quickly, as to their final placement and display. Last year, we'd already been at work, since late-February, were ready for the truckloads of new plant material, and the deliveries were spaced-out over a 3-4 week period. This year, we're operating at a handicap, since Winter is very, very late in leaving the area, and the delivery "window" is greatly narrowed to under 2 weeks. I'm still not convinced that Winter is gone, as "April can be full of surprises", and we can get hit by snow/ice/cold easily, once again.
Wednesday was "The First day of Spring", according to the calendar. And at 67°F, it fooled everyone. There must be 10,000 daffodills, tulips and assorted unusual Spring Bulbs coming-up, all through the 1ac Display Gardens, around the Main Building and Greenhouse. The buds will open in a week or so, and it will be quite a display.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Chinese food unhealthy? I love Dim Sum, and I got a take-out order of 18 steamed pork dumplings, 12 pieces of shrimp toast, 4 egg rolls, 1qt fried rice & vegetables, and 1qt egg-drop soup. That will last me all week, into the weekend. (But you know I'll be hungry an hour later. Heh.)
Go DJIA! My IRA and other investments are loving the 159pt rise! Wooooo-hoooooo!
The 10-day forecast from www.weather.com, promises upper-50s/lower-60s, with frequent showers/rain/t-storms. Sounds good to me, as I have 8-11 (depends upon how they're loaded) tractor-trailer loads of fresh, new nursery stock, perennials, ornamental grasses etc, coming-in here, and we have to unload, grade, tag and set in-place, tens-of-thousands of pieces of plant materials. We can handle warmer weather and rain, as opposed to colder temps/snow-ice. Piece-of-cake, as they say. It was 74°F when I left work, Thursday at 4:15pm, and sure "felt like Spring". But I'm willing to bet that April will be an unpredictable month, as usual, and that frost or "onion snow", and some occasional colder temps are still in the offing, before Spring truly arrives and sets-in, for good.
Like the "funky chicken" better, instead of the snowflakes? 211 214 217 223 emails about it, so far. Amazing.

The Global Warming™ Lie™.
Al Gore is a delusional, mentally-ill liar. His bullshit "movie", actually a badly-produced, 6th grade-level, PowerPoint slideshow "An Inconvenient Truth", is a blatant attempt to politicize a natural, cyclical fact of our life on earth. The socialist-communist forces, having moved into the so-called 'environment movement' with their neo-Marxist views, due to the failure of socialism and communism in the 70s, 80s amd 90s, are overtly-against any capitalistic-driven progress, R&D, capitalism, economic growth, industrial growth and are doing everything to twist the facts, and adopt extreme positions against the USA. The UK's Margaret Thatcher is complicit in this conspiracy, having helped fund the commie-socialist wacko filth, with hundreds of billions of pounds. This redistribution of wealth, from the industrially-advanced nations, to the third-world countries, is evident in the UN's recent IPCC Report, which was total and complete bullshit, since it disregarded all previous climate science. CO®2 has become the 'bogey-man', and is being used to legitimize the wacko-eco position against cars, industry and the US.
This BBC Channel 4 Documentary, "The Great Global Warming Swindle", lays waste to AlGoreBore's lies and rips-open the socialist-communist-fueled lies about Man's ability to influence climate change. Here's everything you need to know about "The Great Global Warming Swindle".
***Mankind is nothing***, as compared to the ***Sun's history***, over the millenia, in changing the earth's climate. The oceans provide 90% of the CO®2, often in a 100-200 year recorded lag. The powerful *bias* in the scientific community and media, will pay great attention to anything out of the ordinary computer models, but will ignore anything which substantiates the "status quo". Catastrophe — "if it bleeds, it leads" — will get the headlines, while "status quo" gets zip.
The media is as corrupt, criminal and complicit is this 'global warming bullshit', as are the commie-socialist-fueled wackos who push this garbage on the world, everyday. Climate scare stories — such as malaris-laden mosquitos swarming northward into warmed areas where climate has changed — abound. But mosquitos actually thrive in cooler regions; Russia's epidemic near the North Pole is but one instance, where millions were affected and hundreds-of-thousands, died. Scientists who point these things out, are castigated, physically-threatened and isolated from future project funding.
This 'global warming fraud' is now a trillion dollar business, and has spawned cottage industries worth billions. It has become an industry unto itself. This is a political activist movement, and is no longer about the environment, but rather about ***MONEY, MONEY, MONEY***, and nothing else. The 'environmental movement' is anti-human and anti-Western Civilization progress, and especially anti-USA.
The BBC Channel 4 Documentary, "The Great Global Warming Swindle", will be either pulled by the cowards at Google or YouTube (now owned by Google-scum) or hacked and destroyed, in a matter of days/weeks, so you'd better watch it ASAP. I'm trying to find a way to safely-download and save it. Before the enviro-wacko-scumbag-filth get their commie-socialist hands on it, and kill it. WATCH IT NOW! It won't be available for much longer.
And now, thousands of wack-job, idiot 'scientists' are considering 'geo-engineering', in case "Earth's citizens don't cut back fast enough on greenhouse gas emissions and the worst of the climate predictions appear not too far away." Are you f*cking kidding me? There is nothing that Mankind can do to influence the earth's natural cycles. NOTHING! Mankind is a "fart in the wind"; nothing more.
"The United States must adopt a carbon emission control policy," John Deutch, head of the Central Intelligence Agency in 1995-96, said in a report to the Trilateral Commission, a grouping of business and opinion leaders socialist/hard-left-Marxist communist filth and scum from Europe, the United States and Asia. Deutch, a worthless, inept, incompetent, useless, lowlife scumbag, who couldn't find his own ass with both hands in a well-lit room, is now a "weather expert"? Go back to the stool in the corner of the classroom, Deutch, and sit where you belong, dumbass.
AlGoreBore's a fat, laughable asswipe, lying coward scumbag, who's afraid to debate anyone on the issues. Speaks volumes, doesn't it? This BBC Channel 4 Documentary, "The Great Global Warming Swindle", lays waste to AlGoreBore's lies and easily rips-open the socialist-communist-fueled lies about Man's ability to influence climate change.
Traditional incandescent light bulbs are soon-to-be banned by law? Are you kidding me? The lying dirtbag AlGoreBore refuses to take an "energy pledge", to reduce his so-called "carbon footprint", and he refused? Are you kidding me?

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
"Iran President Ahmadinejad Plans Trip To New York City/UN next week". Requests visas for more than 25 'security agents'... Iranians want to fly in private plane and leave a large group in the plane at JFK airport who will not pass through US customs..." F*ck that shit! Locate, isolate, and kill them all! IMO. The muslim-islamiic-arab Hitler needs to DIE! IMO. Get the treasonous, seditious, corrupt, criminal UN out of the US, and get the US out of the UN! IMO. If I were "in charge", that subhuman, murderous piece-of-camel-shit-filth, would already be dead. Instead, the cowards, liars, traitors and seditionists, are in charge, on both sides of the aisle.
The sterile, impotent, lowlife, subhuman, piece-of-dogshit, dirtbag, puke-meister faggot, Prince Frederic von Anhalt has sued Fox and Bill O'Reilly after the talk show host called him a fraud for claiming he could be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby. No way; the turd's dick dried-up and fell-off, years ago. He's a lowlife, impotent diortbag! Von Anhalt, who is married to Zsa Zsa Gabor, and who straps-on a Snap-On® "toolbelt", to have "mechanical sex" with the illiterate, Gabor-piggy-skank, filed the defamation suit seeking at least $10 million in damages Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Bite me, you nazi-fascist-commie, homo-sodomite-faggot punk!
As I agreed 101%, last week, with US Army Gen Peter Pace, that gays' homo-sodomite-faggot "acts are immoral", I also agree 101%, this week, with US Sen Sam Brownback (CONSERVATIVE-KS), that gays' homo-sodomite-faggot "acts are immoral". But, contrary to the gutless, spineless, balless politicians, who need the faggot-vote to get re-elected — I'm not running for any office, now or ever — I believe that homos-sodomites-faggots are worse than immoral; they're subhuman, lowlife filth. What should be 'done with them'? I don't presume to proffer a solution to them, but if they commit pedophilia etc, they should be executed, as should all child molesters/rapists/murderers.
Reason #1 why I carry a Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, daily. What do you carry? Mace? Good luck, pal. Better "heavy-up" on some real hardware, if you value your and your family's lives, IMO.
Scientists who questioned mankind's impact on climate change, have received death threats and claim to have been shunned by the scientific community. Huh? The mentally-ill, lying eco-scumbag filth can't handle the truth, so they're now threatening skeptics, with death? C'mon assholes: make a trheat to me, and try to act on it! I dare any and all of you subhuman garbage to try it, just one freaking time. It'll be the last thing you ever do on this earth. Promise!
After watching this video, do you think dwarf (5'2"), turd-boy Johnnie "The Faggot" Edwards, is "Feeling Pretty"? LOL! He's a lowlife, piece-of-dogshit, IMO. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when America really needs him?
"American imams"? Not freaking hardly. They're subhuman muslim-islamic-arab filth/shit/trash/junk and garbage, IMO. They should have their fraudulent, bullshit lawsuit, against US Airways, thrown out of court, be themselves tried, convicted and sentenced to 25yrs-to-life, each, or deported to some turd-world hellhole, in the ME, where such camel-shit, boy-humping muslim faggots belong. Personally, I think a .45cal in each of their murderous heads, would be very appropriate.
Toyota Prius vs Jeep Hummer? The Prius is dangerous, wasteful, and a 'total environmental lie', from beginning to end, IMO. This article lays it out nicely, telling the raw truth about each, and why Prius is a fraud, junk and crap. Toyota is corporate, anti-American dogshit for even producing such a dangerous vehicle, and should be fined billions and billions of dollars, IMO. Personally, I'd like to see them completely-bankrupted. My thoughts of a next vehicle purchase, a $75,000 Toyota Land Cruiser, just got put in the garbage can, permanently.
No, Mr Bush & Co: America does not want or need these thousands of unsafe, junk spic trucks, aka "La Entrada", running all over US highways, now or ever, dammit! Get your spic filth out of America, Bush, you traitor. Instead of upholding your Oath of Office, you're opening America up to criminal, illegal spic invasion, disease and terrorists infiltrating through the US-mexican border, resulting in more deaths of innocent Americans in one year, than all of the US Military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined in 5 years. Astounding, but true.
President Bush, standing in front of a banner that read "Rebuilding Our Republican Majority" and flanked by two giant puzzle pieces, last night pledged to House Republicans that the GOP will retake both congressional chambers and "hold the White House in 2008." Attending the first National Republican Congressional Committee dinner in Washington since the party lost control of the House and the Senate in November, the president fed hundreds of Republican lawmakers red meat, lambasted Democrats for trying to "micromanage" the war in Iraq and vowed to continue to appoint conservative judges. Really, Mr Bush? It will never happne; never. The GOP is finished and dead. Way too many RINOs and liberals in that cowardly, spineless party, to suit me. I re-registered as an *Independent Conservative*, almost 2 years ago, and haven't looked back, since.
"Bong Hits 4 Jesus"? What an absurdly, idiotic waste of the SCOTUS' time and US Taxpayers' Monies. Students should have no f*cking rights, of any kind, until they are out of school and earning a living! IMO. Students should leave their 'free speech rights", at home! Case solved. Get back to studying, punks! You've got a long way to get into "the real world", kiddies. Until you do, you're not eligible for what we, who've more than paid our dues, have. STUDY!
America needs to begin *immediate drug testing* of all politicians, regardless of whom they are. Every, stinking, lowlife scumbag, criminal, corrupt one of them, dammit! We drug-test all $8.75/hr school bus drivers, don't we? We test subway train engineers/drivers, don't we? We test airline pilots, don't we? We test tractor-trailer truck drivers (CDL), don't we? We test scores of other categories of owner/operators of equipment and machines, don't we? I'd bet $10,000 that if we'd test all politicians, 95% of those lowlife, scumbag, criminals would be found to be on anti-depressant/sedative/painkiller meds, which impair their critical thinking and reasoning, and make them ineffectual and very dangerous to hold the very jobs they now have. Any takers on that bet? Thought not.
An "American Beslan", is coming soon to a town or city, near you and your children. I told you about this, and scores of other murderous muslim-islamiic-arab scenarios, back in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and now, in early-2007. Buy guns, buy ammo, stock-up on food and water, and get ready for when TSHTF. The corrupt, criminal "535" are more concerned with the Plame whore vs innocent, railroaded Scooter Libby, instead of the safety of America's Children. And scores of other unimportant, bullshit things which only benefit them, financially. If your or my children are slaughtered by muslim-islamist-arabs, they don't have a real problem with that. Got it, yet?

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
For the past 9 of 11 years of writing this Journal, I've said and maintained that Al Sharpton is a racist, bigot, liar, criminal, is corrupt, is complicit in murder, and should have been tried/executed many years ago. He's slowly proving those statements of mine, to be true. Go, fat Al, go!
Go away, Mr Gingrich; just go away. You're stinkingly-soiled, badly-tainted and not worthy of any consideration, for anything whatsoever, by American Voters, IMO. Newt: you are a bag of steaming dogshit.
As usual, the dumbassed, criminal/corrupt/lib-dem trash, lawmaker/pols in "The-Shithole-Called-Philly" — leading in the "Murder Capital of America" category — have their heads up their own and others' asses, and don't know how to solve the problems of: 1)gun homicides in Philadelphia, and 2)assaults on Philadelphia teachers. It's pretty simple, really. Although 95% of the criminals are Niggas®, and not blacks, don't put them in prison for 25-50 years, no parole until after 35 years. Kill them. Blacks make-up 13% of the US population, but commit 70%+ of the violent crimes. Kill the criminals, regardless of their color. Kill them all. Whites, blacks, mexicans, whomever they are. The dead don't commit crimes. Problem #1 solved. Assault a school teacher? Kill the criminal, too. Axion #1: The dead don't commit crimes. I could fix that shithole city in 6 months. It'd be less populated, much cleaner and much safer, if I were in charge. I'd try/convict/sentence and execute the criminal, corrupt mayor Street, and his cadre of subhuman Niggas®, for starters, IMO. Philly wouldn't be a violent, corrupt shithole, anymore. With all the subhuman filth/trash/garbage/shit/junk gone, crime wouldn't return, or I'd kill anyone who tries to bring 'it' back. The "Law of The West, 1800s-style", would rule and reign. And I'm the sheriff, judge, jury and exectioner. F*ck with my town, and you die, criminals! No exceptions.
Hey, Rudy Giuliani: your Judy Giuliani bitch is a $2-skank, slut filth, you cross-dressing homo-sodomite-faggot, piece-of-shit. Any questions, liberal asshole?
No, London is a cesspool, shithole, turd-word city, well-deservant of being nuked and vaporized, IMO. The turd-world subhuman filth — mostly muslim-islamic-arab trash and garbage — cry-out for the city to be wiped from the face of the earth, and rebuilt, sans their filthy presence, IMO. The "red", commie-muslim-lover mayor needs killing, in a public square, IMO. Waste the cesspool, and start over.
Bullshit; absolute f*cking bullshit! Another cowardly, corrupt Nigga® grand jury has indicted three of five New York City police officers involved in the shooting death of a groom hours before his wedding, one officer's attorney and their union president said Friday. A person with "knowledge of the case", said the other two officers were not charged.
Trudie Styler, aka Mrs Gordon Sumner, an ugly, dirty, nasty, arrogant, elitist, mentally-ill, lying, little-minded bitch-skank of the lowest order, 'wife' of untalented, washed-up, has-been, shithead 'Sting', aka Gordon Sumner, and self-styled 'eco-warrior', recently took a helicopter to travel 80 miles from Wiltshire to Devon, a journey that would have taken less than two hours by train. The Styler pig is hated and despised by everyone who comes into contact with the lowlife bitch.
The Black Panther Party for Self-defense, of the 60s and 70s were "peaceful", and tried to fight institutional racism with grass-roots action and coalition-building, not violence, said Black Panther Party co-founder Bobby Seale, a murderous lowlife piece of subhuman, sambo Nigga® shit? Both Seale and Huey Newton should have been killed back in the 60s. They murdered numerous innocents, of all colors, and were/are still criminals who needed/still need killing, IMO.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
I';ve said it for years, and I'll say it again and again and again: all child molesters/rapists/murderers NEED KILLING. Simple prison and/or so-called 'rehab' doesn't work. They will 'offend' again, and again, once back in society and on the streets. All child molesters, regardless of offense, need killing. I volunteer, at no expense to my Fellow US Taxpayers, to travel to each site of execution, killing the subhuman pervert/degenerate/deviant, for the simple cost of a Corbon 165gr HP bullet. About 21¢, bought in-quantity. As I said: no charge to US Taxpayers. I'll kill them all for free. Dead perverts/deviants/subhuman filth don't commit another crime against children — zero recividism — and that's what society needs.
Conspicuously-missing for the past 1-2 weeks, this 'section' needed resurrection, IMO. There are so many, lowlife, subhuman, dirtbag filth, who need idetifying and headshooting, immediately after a due-trial, it's scary. Personally, I'd rather execute an innocent man, than let 10 guilty subhuman filth go back into society, and molest/rape/rob/murder, again. F*ck you liberal-progressive-dirtbag-subhuman garbage: how many childrens'/elderlys' lives are worth your bullshit screed of "rehabilitation"? None opf that garbage/trash/shit/scum/dirt/crap'junk can be 're-habbed', IMO. They all need to DIE, IMO! When they're all DEAD, then society's safe from them. I have no f*cking problem, pulling the .45cal trigger on any of them, 99% guilty; 1% perhaps, not. F*ck it: kill them all. Let God sort it out.
Joseph Brill, 53, was arrested Wednesday evening in northeast Albuquerque on suspicion of his 28th DWI. He fell over when he got out of his vehicle and failed a field sobriety test. IMO, Brill should be executed, as a subhuman piece-of-shit and public nuisance. headshoot the garbage/trash/shit/scumbag and end society's problem with that dirtbag. Brill needs killing, IMO.
A subhuman, piece-of-shit who sexually assaulted a University of Virginia student in 1984 and apologized to her two decades later as part of the Alcoholics Anonymous program was sentenced to 18 months in prison Thursday. William Beebe, 42, pleaded guilty in November to one count of aggravated sexual battery for his attack on Liz Seccuro. Beebe needs killing, not prison, unless he gets raped and beaten daily, and killed by inmates. Then, he gets what's truly needed.
Great minds think like, eh Ted? Sorry; never cared much for your music, but I do like your philosophy on this subject.
If your child's school bus driver, is named Osama, Muhammad, Achmed or Mahmoud, I'd stongly-suggest killing them, beafore any of the subhuman garbage, muslim-islamic-arab terrorist filth, can hijack/kidnap the bus full of innocents, and murder them, or use them in a hostage situation, IMO. They're going to try to kidnap and murder your and your neighbors' kids, ala Beslan. Is that what you want? I told you about this, 5+ years ago, dammit! "Parents and children have nothing to fear." Really, US Goobermint? Bull-freaking-shit! We have everything to fear. Find the muslim-islamic-arab terrorists, and kill them all!

Putting stuff on your cat is so five minutes ago. These days, it's all about cats and Wii. Yep, Nintendo's latest gaming console has feline fans too, and they're happy to pose for the cameras. Eric and Emily first noticed their kitty's fondness for the Wii, and a web site soon came purring into existence. Photos poured in from around the world. Wii wizard Gandalf wields his wand judiciously, while El Chango gnaws on the Nintendo treat. Louis plays a good Wii game, and Tindra seems to be stockpiling consoles. WiiKitty junkies can download wallpaper for their desktops and learn how to make MiKitties for their games. Living with a WiiKitty of your own? Send in a photo. Just remember, no kitties or Wiis should be harmed in the making of your entry.

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