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Friday, March 24, 2000

it makes me want to scream. The stinking Clintonista filth have gotten away with more crimes, this time with the help of the criminals in the US Congress and the grossly incompetent OIC (Office of the Independent Counsel) Bobby-Billy-Bob Ray, after the moron Kenny-Billy-Bubba Starr. The subhuman idiots must be "related". Both Hitlery Clintonista and Billy Bob Clintonista got another pass on their crimes. Of course, if any "ordinary citizens" such as you or I who pay taxes to support this criminal government, had done what they've done for the past eight years, we'd already be convicted and serving time. America is supposed to be a Nation of Laws, but when the Law is selectively and not evenly applied, it becomes a joke. A bad joke. The Nation's morals and values are in the toilet, as a result of the Clintonistas' perverted efforts. And people wonder why I'm cynical and jaded about the political process and the liberal-biased media scum, who refuse to do their job?

Around The Garden Center.
What a difference a day makes. All last week, temps were in the 60s & 70s; then last Thursday saw a huge cold and thunderstorm front blow through, dropping temps into the 20s & 30s. I guess all the idiots who'd been wearing t-shirts and shorts had to re-think that wardrobe. Happens every year. When the cold front came barrelling through, we all suffered. All of a sudden, it wasn't "Spring"; it was Winter again. Though, just 90 miles to the south, the Cherry Blossom Festival is getting underway, a bit early due to the warm weather we had a few weeks ago.
Saturday was a fairly busy day with lots of customers coming through and more landscape jobs being booked. Looks like we're already into August with work, with the one LSCP Crew that I have now. I spent a lot of time outdoors in the cold and my earache returned after arriving home. It closed up completely and debilitated me so badly that I missed Jeff & Denise's wedding party. My equilibrium is almost non-existent and I have to rinse the ear with acetic acid (1.5% solution), then apply drops and lay down. I went to York ENT associates to get the medication "adjusted". It's a problem that I've had for the past 2-3 Winters; the rest of the year, it's fine. We'll see if the new meds work.
The Census 2000 Form arrived this week: I got the "short form" of 15 questions, unlike others who've gotten the so-called "long form" of 75 questions. Sure, I'll fill it out and send it in; there's a $100 fine for not doing so. Imagine that.
More nursery stock is arriving daily from all around the country. It really looks good this year and our customers will be as pleased as I am. Lynn & Family returned from five days in Orlando, FL, and she's back to getting signs, labels and tags made up for the plant material. We're weeks behind now, due to hardware and software problems with the new $5,000 thermal transfer printer. I started the process of converting from our 10 year old GardenWare labelling system, back in January, and we're still not where we should be at this point in time.
Another huge, slow-moving stormfront moved through on Tuesday, bringing much-needed rains, but scuttling our landscape maintenance jobs for at least a day maybe two until things dry out a bit. We recorded almost 5" at the Garden Center. Retention ponds overflowed, roads and fields flooded all through the area. At least it wasn't snow or ice, as has been mostly the case in late March and early April.

March To-Do List.
Since this past Monday the 20th was officially The First Day of Spring, here's the short list of things which need to be done to get caught up on your upcoming gardening:
»Sow seeds of warm-season annuals indoors,
»Prune out winter damage,
»Feed cool-season lawns,
»Remove winter mulch, lightly cultivate soil if thawed,
»Sow seeds for cool-weather vegetables,
»Sow frost-tolerant perennials indoors,
»Divide and replant summer- and fall-blooming perennials,
»Plant bare-root and container roses,
»Prune roses (when temperatures remain above freezing).

Who gives a flying rat's ass about the McCain moron? Not I. He has truly f*cked up the GOP. He's a lowlife, liar, piece of shit. He's a lib-dem filth scumbag. He's no Conservative Republican. Never has been, never will be.
Oh gee: whiny, brick-and-mortar, sons of bitches, complaining about InterNet sales tax. Must be liberal morons. No self respecting Conservative would utter a word.
This filthy, slutty, ugly Madonna whore should have been sterilized years ago, before she could breed. Childbirth is something that pig shouldn't be allowed to do.
They got the whacker idiot; now execute the scumbag.
In the "I wished I'd been there to photograph that Dept", Hitlery Clintonista's goon squad of SS agents roughed up press and MYC hecklers exercising their First Amendment Rights of free speech. I'm surprised that no pictures or news footage appeared anywhere, not even on the Net. How this slimy, filthy criminal bitch can get away with this kind of illegal action is beyond me. C'mon Rudy, get rid of the Hitlery Clintonista trash, too and get back to a clean NYC. No pressure there, huh?
Good thing I stocked up on Twinkies & Ho-Ho's, neither of which I eat since the 60s; there's gonna be a "shortage" soon, thanks to the liberal-sucking, criminal Teamsters Union scumbags. Just like I stocked-up on creamed corn for The 2000 Changeover, not The Millenium!
The GOPs gonna get whacked again in November by the lib-dem scumbags. Dubya just doesn't have what it takes. We haven't had a candidate like Reagan, since Reagan.

Journal of Mundane Behavior.
Here's a new scholarly journal devoted to the "unmarked" aspects of everyday lives, the minutia and fleeting moments that we typically fail to notice. The inaugural issue includes studies of elevator interactions in Japan, male facial hair and shaving rituals, the social organization of space and place, and a manifesto on the uninteresting. The journal's editor refers to an inspiring 1906 title, "The Life Stories of Undistinguished Americans As Told By Themselves," and the cover image shows him in his backyard, cleaning up after his dog. Need I say more?

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