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the party of death
Friday, March 25, 2005

hy is it that the verminous liberals and death-o-kkkRATs would literally crawl through broken glass to save a seal pup, a beached whale, a snail darter (whatever the hell that is), a convicted murderer, some spotted owl, yet turn their backs on a helpless woman or the outright murder of 40-50 million unborn aborted babies, and advocate their deaths? Liberals would spend a small fortune on a convicted child rapist-murderer's endless appeals, but not a thin dime on helpless or defenseless people. No murderer would be killed this way. These are the real verminous death-o-kkkRATs and their Party of Death has now been unmasked, for all to see the lies and hypocrisy within it. I choose life, as opposed to the souless, vocal, shrill, ghoulish, liberal-death-o-kkkRAT filth, like Babs Boxer-Shorts, Barney "Rump-Raider" Frank, Wexler-The-Nazi-Weasel garbage, FatBoy Jerri Nadler, Baghdad-McDermott-Dirtbag, Klintoon-Traitor, and the subhuman, Hypenated-Subhuman-Deviant-Flori-duh-Wasserman-Schultz-Nazi-Slut, the obvious criminally insane, who chose death. Wake-up, America. These verminous, subhuman, liberal-demokkkRAT filth are socialists, communists, nazis, who hate America, America's military, you and me. Wake-up, America. Time to take them to the "proverbial woodshed", and duly charge-try-convict-sentence-execute them all. Yes, all of them. They are on the side of death. Wake-up, America. They — the liberal MSM™, the treasonous ACLU™, seditionist demokkkRAT teachers union (NEA™), The Fourth Estate™, and the NAALCP™, are The Enemy Within™ — and they deserve a prompt and quick demise. Wake-up, America. The uber-liberal MSM™, is The Enemy Within™. Wake-up, America, dammit!

Around The Garden Center©.
Spring arrived last weekend, temps moderated considerably and the spring rains have arrived. On Wednesday, we got hammered by thunderstorms and almost 3" of rain. 6 hrs north, they had over 2 ft of snow. Meanwhile, the task of getting the GC&N Complex ready for our 15th Open House, continues. 2-3 tractor trailer loads of nursery stock arrives each day, and has to be unloaded, tagged and put into place in the retail sales areas, and B&B (balled and burlapped) trees heeled-in the several acres of tree rows. Rain, snow or shine, the work goes on.
Gas is up another 4¢ per gallon, to $2.09/ gal for unleaded regular, 87 octane. Although the price of crude is dropping slightly, industry analysts predict much higher prices during the Summer "driving season", as refineries switch from production of "Winter gas" and home heating oil, to regional gas. First priority: build more refineries, after a 30 year moratorium. Uh oh, here comes another increase, from a refinery explosion.
The fuel surcharges for hauling nursery stock in from around the US, are really eating into my profit margins, and will soon force me to raise the prices significantly on all nursery stock and everything which is trucked into my nursery complex. Just the cost of operating my fleet of dump trucks and backhoe, is causing me to raise prices on landscape jobs. I raised perennial, daylily and ornamental grass prices last year. This year, I'm raising mulch prices. Each year, I also have increased labor costs, for my personnel. In 2006, everything goes up. No other choice; just part of the cost of doing business.
Think "Spring Bunny" and not the Easter Bunny? Not for me. I still say "Merry Christmas" and not Happy Holidays.
Want to really help our US Military? Become a Soldiers' Angel. I did.
Happy Easter.

No, Mr President: pls don't do it. We've got 10 million-plus illegal aliens here who need to be rounded-up and quickly deported.
$4.00/ gallon gas by mid-Summer? Stay tuned; film at 11.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Filth™.
The liberal-demokkkRAT scum at the NY Slimes are card-carrying members of The Party of Death™.
Lowlife, subhuman dirtbag US Sen Frank Lautenberg (ASSHOLE-NJ) introduced today a bill which would restore the federal ban on dangerous assault weapons. Not going anywhere, liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag.
Washington Post Managing Editor Philip Bennett, a traitorous hate-America lowlife, voiced his contention that the United States should not be the "leader of the world". Along with this abhorrent declaration, Bennett launched into various other statements, mostly displaying a distinctly anti-American sentiment.
US Senate Minority Leader Harry "I Hate America" Reid (ASSHOLE-NV), is a senile, old douchebag, who said he was shaken by the destruction of the country caused by by former leader Saddam Hussein's policies and by the US Military. Wake-up you dumbass old fart: you're in a frigging war zone, moron!
And of course, the lowlife, subhuman, filth-riddled, Botox®-addicted, plastic-faced, degenerate garbage bitch, left-wing anti-American fascist-commie-nazi, US Rep Nancy Pelosi (WHOREBAG-CA), weighs-in on America. Puke on the slut.

Lowlife, Subhuman Garbage™.
There's nothing more heinous than a child molester — Michael Jackson — except a child rapist-murderer — John Evander Couey — and they all need to be permanently removed from society's innocents. Kill them both.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Subhuman lowlife filth, John Evander Couey, made his first appearance in court Tuesday on charges of murdering 9-year-old Jessica Marie Lunsford, with the judge telling the 46-year-old his alleged crimes are "beyond words". If I could get to him, I'd kill him in a heartbeat. Couey needs killing, quickly, as do all sexual predators and child molestors. Death = Zero Recividism. Case closed.
Texas' highest appeals court stopped the scheduled execution Wednesday of a man about five hours before he could have been put to death in the 1989 slaying of a restaurant manager. Steven K. Staley, 42, won the reprieve after lawyers argued that instructions given to jurors at his 1991 trial were unclear when they were deciding whether he should get the death penalty. Kill him.

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