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Friday, March 26, 1999

it's really quite amazing what a little warm weather, bright sun and cabin fever will do to people. Makes them want to get out and play in the dirt. Two weekends ago, we had a blizzard. By Tuesday the snow had melted and it was almost Spring-like. Last weekend, dozens of people are venturing out and visiting us here at the Garden Center & Nursery. Several local and Maryland garden clubs have visited and asked me to speak at their meetings, or have asked that they be allowed to have one of their meetings at my Main Greenhouse in either Spring or Fall. I love it; that signals Spring is (almost, maybe, perhaps...) here! I trust my eyes more; buds swell and few trained eyes even catch it all. But we here in USDA Zone 6 must remember that last frost date is April 20th, despite what our eyes tell us here in York County. I see myriad species and hybrids acting in similar fashion, despite the pedigree differences. Go figure.

The Victory Garden.
As of April 17th, we're a sponsor of WITF's (Harrisburg, PA) Saturday 12noon show, The Victory Garden, one of my all-time favorites.
As the all-time, most popular show on PBS, The Victory Garden is being added to my media mix of heavy print advertising to reach an additional 155,000 viewers, gardening enthusiasts all.
WITF's film crews will be here at the complex on Wednesday, April 7th to begin filming the :30 and :10 commercial spots. The :30 will air prior to the show; the :10 will air as a closer.
More on the exact time slot as I find out.

Happens All The Time.
All this fuss about military choppers, planes and back bag operations is amusing; we have low-flying Blackhawk choppers, C-130s, C-5As and the A-10 "Warthogs" buzzing us all the time at the Garden Center. No biggie.
Just 30 miles north is the US Army Special Operations Group in Middletown, PA, and we're in their flight path when they head west or south.
When they fly over at anywhere from 100-200ft, everything on the ground really rattles and shakes. Everything. I usually run outside to see the impressive armada, wave and they'll tip their wings back in a clear response.
It's become commonplace over the nine years I've been at this site. Heck, they've done no damage and not fired upon us, so I don't have a problem with it.
I just wish I could hitch a ride, once.

Chi-Comm Spies.
Still in his deny and lie mode, the First Liar-Rapist stuck up for the murderous, filthy, stinking Chi-Comm scum, saying nothing was proven.
The evidence gathered by the FBI and CIA is pervasive, yet Clinton continues to lie to us.
The people close to the investigation have already said that security was compromised many hundreds of times by the the stinking Chinks, and that they stole wholesale amounts of weapons systems secrets.
Clinton continues to hide the truth and lie and deny, his favorite and best-developed mode. He's directed that stupid, lard-ass Richardson to beef up security in all the nuclear labs. What a joke.
The Chink filth have penetrated all the most secret nuclear labs, thanks to Clinton and his lackey morons.
And the lying, blundering Gore idiot has helped the Chi-Comm scum take what they want. Of course, the First Liar-Rapist defends Gore's stupidity by rationalizing the lies, as he and others have done with all his own lies over the past six years.
It's long past time to severely restrict technology to the stinking Chink scum.
And of course, the Chi-Comm filth deny it all. Of course, what else?
And the stinking, rat bastard Chink who handed over secrets to the slimy, spying Chi-Comms? Execute him.
The whore is a known liar, for sure.
The First Liar-Rapist's powers must be curbed and curtailed from further lying and deception of the General Populace.
Clinton is filth, garbage, shit.

Please Say It Ain't So.
There mere fact that the lying, criminal Hitlery bitch is even contemplating a run for NYs US Senate seat is unnerving.
The Nation was hoping to get rid of the First Bitch and First Liar-Rapist after the scum are run out of town in January 2001. They've committed so many crimes and made so many peoples lives miserable, both should be locked up on the anti-scum law principle.
New York State has enough problems with having that socialist-communist-fascist bitch representing them in the cowardly US Senate. The sleazy bitch wants to use the senate seat in a run for the presidency. There are so many skeletons in her closet that the press will have a field day with her crimes; she's a prime target.

And The Winner Is...
Oscars? Who gives a flying rat's ass about all those stinking liberal pieces of shit?

Huge Mistake.
Looks like it's time for Clinton to wag the dog again, to divert attention from his benefactors, the Chi-Comm spies. Notice how China hasn't said a word about the action? To allow the draft-dodging, self-confessed, lying, son-of-a-bitch rapist order American troops into harm's way is ludicrous. He shouldn't even be president. He's a piece of shit. Clinton was impeached; he should be in prison.
Getting involved even with NATO in another country's civil war is idiotic. Where was NATO when Cambodia had their civil war and the Killing fields? And a hundred other civil wars?
The internal problems in Yugoslavia, aka Serbia, are none of our damned business; it's their civil war. And air strikes, cruise missiles and heavy bombing won't do it either. Hundreds of thousands of ground troops are what's needed, but an invasion is even more absurd. There is no strategic American interest at risk here, no moral rationale for interfering in another country's affairs. Many US Military Chiefs counselled against it, but Clinton had to have another was. Once again, we're on the wrong side.
This is why we shouldn't be in Kosovo.
Russia has threatened action against NATO because Yugoslavia was one of their puppet states when Russia was the Former Soviet Union. Yeah, sure. Like the fat, stupid, old, alcoholic Boris Yeltsin could even carry through on any threat with Russia in such pitiable shape.
This will be no duck shoot.

Nice Going, Virginia!
No slack when it comes to executing subhuman, murdering filth, Virginia is planning on breaking and setting a new record for executions: 7 lowlifes in 7 weeks.
They've cut the appeals process from 10-15 years down to 2-4 years. Absolutely brilliant. Every state should follow that course. Allowing that subhuman filth to live more than one minute past conviction makes me see red, but Virginia is heading in the right direction.
f*ck the whining, bed wetting, liberal scumbags who want rights for murderers and ignore the victims and the families left behind to deal with the death and sorrow.
Capital punishment should also be extended to rapists, child molesters and traitors. Elect me president and I'll make sure that happens.

GrandPa Doug.
Journal regular and VWRC buddy, Doug Dampman's grandson Peter Douglas Dampman was born mid-afternoon, on Wednesday, March 24th, 1999. He's a healthy 7lb-11oz and the parents are Dave Jr and Arlene. Drop GrandPa Doug a note and ask him just how proud he is. I understand from hospital sources that Doug has a brand new Pentium III ready for the little guy, as soon as the dirty diaper issue is cleared up. Makes a real mess on the keyboard, don't you know.

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