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Friday, March 27, 1998

there was no indication that when I started my business, that word would get out as it has about the rare, unusual and hard-to-find products we propagate and market. With my marketing background, it was simple to create this position and carve out whatever niche I wanted. In the past few weeks, I've gotten just over 300 emails from people around the world asking for online sales of everything we carry, as a result of the website. After much considered thought, I have no intention of getting into the mailorder business either through the InterNet or snail mail and trying to become a Smith & Hawken or something of that order. I couldn't handle all those UPS or FedEx trucks and people around here all the time. Too many other problems, too. I'm very comfortable, doing what I'm doing, the way I'm doing it right now. Sure, the long hours put a real dent in my social life but since I'm divorced who cares? A guy's gotta do something for a living. It sure beats being a suit again.

Spring Arrives.
Well, maybe where you're at, but not here. We had better and warmer weather in January and February. It was very nice to awaken to the sight of everything painted white and frosty. We just didn't need this right now, though. Warmer weather was what the flowering plants needed until the flowering period was over and the new growth hardened-off. The damage is now done.
Snow showers arrived Saturday and Sunday, as I was out on the road visiting dozens of people who'd requested landscape design work and concurrent estimates. Since I drive a '94 Jeep V8 Grand Cherokee LTD, it was a no brainer. Also, no snow stuck to the streets, so even the 4x4 wannabes in two-wheel-drive units could get around.
This past week, my crews had removed thousands of leftover perennials and nursery stock from the storage greenhouses in preparation for new stuff to begin arriving next week and continue into May. 15-20 tractor trailers are scheduled to come through with either full or partial loads. So there was a lot of tender plants sitting outside, hardening-off. Hopefully, there won't be too much permanent damage. Plants are nothing, if not resilient.

New Office Box.
Last week, with the software situation changing almost by the day here at the Garden Center executive offices, I made the decision to move my Pentium 586 200Mhz/96RAM-4.3Gb machine (minus 20" monitor) to one of the front counter stations, so we can more easily run a new Win95 version of GardenWare, one of our two main pieces of horticultural software. We now have color picture capability on the signs, but will also have better overall reliability and control than when GardenWare ran under Windows v3.11111+. If you've been there, you know what I mean. The other main piece is RealWorld POS, a retail point-of-sale software that runs inventory, checkout and cash drawers on DOS.
Intel just announced a major price drop on their P333 chipsets. After a lot of research and evaluating other people's experiences when buying through the Net, I went for the Dell 586 Pentium Pro II 333 w/ an extra 128RAM and a SCSI 4Gb. I ordered it from their Website. Plus all the other things, like SCSI CD and DVD. I'll keep the 20" ViewSonic G800 Graphics Series monitor for a while. The 333-MHz chip is the first of the second-generation, Deschutes Pentium II processors from Intel. This generation will be made under the 0.25-micron process, which means that the circuits will be .25 microns thick. This will result in smaller, faster, and less expensive processors than those made under current "fatter" 0.35-micron process. So they say.
As soon as chipset prices drop on the P450 & P700 units, I'll grab one of those for the office, add a ViewSonic 24" G810 Graphics Series monitor and move the P333 with the 20" screen home. That's a lot of work, knowing that both new units will be surpassed inside of 18 months, perhaps less. Exciting but also frustrating.
The new 333 arrived Tuesday, and as of this morning, is about 70% completed. The Laplink program shitped out and I had to manually move everything by 100mgb Zip Disk. It was slow, so no real need for a seatbelt and helmet at the time.

More Missing Records.
It's just amazing what things people store in attics. Lots of useless and weird things in my attic. More billings records from Hitlery's previous law firm which have been missing for two years. Amazing. In her dead attorney's attic, no less. The conspiracy theorists will have some fun with this.

Too Bad.
For years, I've said that rapists and child molesters should be executed, but castration would be an acceptable alternative.
Oklahoma, the one state with the guts to address the issue, has unfortunately defeated the proposed bill. Too damn bad, because it would have worked. Wimpy, liberal lawmakers feared it would violate the Constitution. Well, what about the victim's Constitutional rights that were violated by the subhuman scum when the person was raped or molested?
It's long past time here in America that the rights of the victim become more important than the rights of the stinking criminals. Bring on the electric chair and lethal injection. Where do I sign up as a volunteer executioner. Along with 20-30 million others who are sick of criminals getting their so-called rights put above law-abiding citizens and the innocents of society.

Nice Job, Florida.
In what will, I hope, become more of an everyday occurrence, the State of Florida fried two subhuman criminal pieces-of-shit and will burn two more scumbags next week. All were long overdue. 20+ years overdue.
There are 3,700 - now minus those 4 pieces of dogshit lowlife, subhuman scumbags on death row, awaiting their just and due rewards. It's proven that rehabilitation advocated by the slimy, whiny, lowlife, ass-kissing liberals doesn't work. If all were executed tomorrow in a mass ceremony, it wouldn't be soon enough for me. Most have survived at an annual cost of $45,000-plus paid by you and me for 20+ years. Do the math.
Rapists and child molesters should be added to capital crimes offenses; terminate them all after 1 year, 1 appeal. Rape and child molestation are a hair-width below murder, in my book.
Texas has a different way and it probably works less-than-fine, but also imposes an astronomical cost burden to taxpaying citizens. There are many, thousands of families who don't make the same money as we spend on subhuman criminals to keep them alive. What's wrong with that picture? Execution is the kindest method of criminal (murder, rape, child molestation) control for all concerned.

Low and No Morals.
1,109 Americans think their morals are higher than Clinton's. Well duh. He's got the morals and ethics of a snake's belly; wow, it'd be tough to get any lower than that. I wonder how they sleep at night.

Deja Vu.
When President Nixon invoked executive privilege in the infamous Watergate debacle, he was overruled by The US Supreme Court and all the dirty tricks and coverups spilled out. The audio tapes were found and he resigned shortly thereafter. The constitutional test of executive privilege was dumped into the garbage.
Now that Slick Willie The Bubba Clinton has formally invoked that statute, the shit will either hit the fan in the courts, or stick en masse to the wall in his favor.
Clinton is such a degenerate, lowlife scumbag that he thinks he can delay the inevitable consequence of impeachment after special prosecutor Ken Starr turns over the evidence to the House Judiciary Committee. He might get a pass from the ultra-fickle (collectively speaking) American public, but probably not from The US Supreme Court.
But the process takes great amounts of time; if The US Supreme Court is finally involved, the appeals process could take months and even years until is winds its way through all the court jurisdictions. And this is exactly what Clinton is hoping for: being able to finish out his disgraced 8-year presidency before being indicted and convicted on a multitude of criminal charges.
It isn't the fact that Clinton's getting blown and laid that is the problematic question; the point is what kind of cover-up and perjury took place to hide all these scandals. Breaking the law and justice must be applied equally to him and well as the average citizen. Her has 30+ lawyers working to keep him out of prison. And a $5million legal bill so far.

All The President's Women.
Any woman who'd willingly have any form of sex Slick Willie The Bubba Clinton is truly a lowlife hose-monster, with no ethics, morals or self-respect.
It's becoming pretty obvious by now that Clinton has had a string of hose-monsters all through his pathetic political career, if one may use that term loosely. The bimbos he's had sex with should be sterilized so they can't breed anymore. There are too many people without morals or ethics slimy liberals and democrats come to mind immediately and we certainly don't need any of their subhuman progeny crawling around the Earth to help corrupt future generations.
Or maybe it should be Clinton. Is Lorena Bobbitt available?

Another Clinton Criminal.
The criminal secretary of agriculture, Bruce Babbitt has been a bad boy; now he gets his very own special prosecutor to look into his very own crimes, as Clinton has.
It's amazing how people in lofty places, entrusted to care for the public good, can do stupid, criminal acts and think they're going to get away with it. It's the mindless liberal mentality at work.
This now bring the number to 5 current and former administration cabinet members either under investigation or awaiting sentencing for various crimes. Gosh, Bill sure did brought some trustworthy people to government. Power and position went to their egos and revealed them for what they are.

Absolute Proof.
Further proof of a vast right wing-nut conspiracy. Now I can sleep better knowing it's proven once again. Here's their website.

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