Friday, March 29, 2002

If anyone had told me that I'd have to worry about illegal alien lowlife Muslim garbage, goat-humping, little boy-buggering, Islamic terrorist scumfilth wanting to destroy Our American Way Of Life, I'd have told them to buzz off. Pre-September 11th, it would have been laughable; now, it's a fact of life and something Israel has been dealing with daily, since its inception in 1948. BTW, there'll never be peace in the Middle East; only war until one side totally vanquishes the other. Israel will have to decimate the Arab subhuman-trash so completely that they can't do any more terrorist attacks. I'm slowly starting to look forward to dread the conflagration. It's gonna be huge and costly; far, far beyond all other wars of record. We'll surely want to defend Our Way of Life, against any insurgents, anywhere, with weapons at hand. My Glock 32/.357SIG and my Colt Trooper MKIII .357 Magnum will suffice for up close and personal, and there's an AR-15/.223cal-.556mm in my very near future, for the distance work. I relish the thought of wasting towelheads. You?

Around The Garden Center.
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Dammit, I knew it was going to happen: a stormfront came through Thursday evening, dropped 1/2" of snow, and temps down from the 50s and 60s all week, to a bone-chilling 5°F, winds of 30-40mph, and wind chill of -30°F by 6am! At least we didn't get any ice, this time. Thousands of tender plants were already out the greenhouses in the Retail Display Area, and by Saturday morning, the damage was evident. We'll be taking them back into the warm greenhouses, cutting many back and letting them recuperate and re-grow.
The rains we got last mid-week in York, Penna helped a little, but so much more is needed.
I'm heartened to see concealed carry permits surging, and crime dropping. I've had a CCW in Penna for 12 years; wouldn't go anywhere without my Glock Model 32/.357sig.
On Saturday evening, Jeff & Denise and I went down to Cockeysville, MD, to load-up on 8 cases of wine for Me & The Open House, and eat at Vito's Trattoria. Next door, they showed me Vito's Deli Sapori D'Italia (410.666.5666), an Italian specialty foods store. I was stunned: I hadn't seen anything of this quality, even in Europe when I travelled there in the 70s and 80s. I spent a small fortune on correctly-prepared artichokes, risoto, arboreo rice, fresh pasta, unusual meats, whole illegal alienes, several polentas, cookies and bisuits and stocked my 'fridge and pantry up. I'll be going back very soon. And the meal, BTW, we had was superb. The "leftovers" are feeding me as we speak.
My sister, Becky, arrived Saturday from San Francisco to help us get ready for the 12th Open House, on Saturday, April 6th. There's a shitload lot to do. The over-Wintered, unheated Greenhouses 2-6, have to be emptied-out of dormant nursery stock, now waking-up, and displayed for the thousands of retail customers who visit and purchase each week. Tens-of-thousands of pieces of plant material of all stripes of rarity, comes through and is either sold or stored. It's worth the wait.
Another storm passed through Tuesday evening and dropped about 1" of rain, along with some of the loudest thunder and closest lightening strikes I've seen in years. All moisture is welcomed. Saints be praised (in my best Irish accent).
Thursday started off like any other day, but by 9am, it turned into a Win98 horror show...

Win98 Goes South.
I've been a contented user of Win98 for years, since dumping Win95s idiosyncracies for that "more stable" Win98 OS; my superfast home and office units use it, as do the two front counter units. Since I have a cable modem on the home unit, I also run ZoneAlarm on it and the office machine dial-up, for great firewall protection. The cable modem protection is a more pressing issue than dial-up. I installed v2.6 upgrade on the home unit Wednesday evening, had a small zonealarm.exe file problem, and Norton SystemWorks2000 repaired it quickly.
I carried the ZoneAlarm v2.6 upgrade to work on a Zip disk, and began to install it around 8am: corrupted file notices were popping-up all over the screen, Win98 warned me that it was undergoing a vitrual hemorrhage and didn't want to cooperate anymore. So I called Jeff, who'd done numerous installs, upgrades and fixes for me, left a message on his office answering machine, and continued to beg Win98 to be nice. Meanwhile, I copied off tens-of-thousands of data files onto Zip disks, just in case. Jeff arrived around 3pm, ready for an "unknown, but easy" remedy.
My dial-up networking was wiped out; no matter what Jeff tried, he couldn't revive it. Many of the MS apps I use — Office 2000, Works, Excel, Publisher — plus my html editor HomeSite, PhotoShop, Illustrator, PaintShopPro, JPEG Optimizer and more still sorta worked, but we decided to selectively re-load Win98 dial-up networking feature from the Win98 Second Edition CD. Simple enough? Didn't work, worth diddly-squat.
At 5pm, we decided to reformat and re-load, since I had all most of the apps and data on either CD or Zips. I think we tried that 3-4-5x+, but kept getting a corrupted registry or a hung-up machine. We even had time to shoot my a Glock Model 32/.357SIG, 5 clips each, at my private — I'd be glad to have you over for a session, just ask — pistol range at the Garden Center, while the reformatting/installation was going on.
Finally, by 7:30pm, I'd we'd had enough and we left the Garden Center Complex, and headed for Sam's Club, Wal-Mart and Circuit City to procure Win XP, Word, Excel and Norton SystemWorks 2002, which would get me back up and running. My Office97 CD is scratched and won't install, and the Office 2000 I'd had on the unit was loaned to me by Lynn's husband, Bob, from his personal collection.
It was now 8:40pm, I had 4 packages of software and was ready for some "quality time" with my two condo cats and crippled-but-working home machine (another story) and cable modem. Jeff said he'd be down around 9:30am Friday, to help get the office machine running, and I'd spend Easter Weekend re-loading apps and inserting data files. Oh boy, am I having fun or what?.
After getting home, feeding the cats, making an adult beverage, and sitting down in front of the super-fast home unit, I downloaded 228 emails and began to catch-up on the news of the day. Sure, I listen to Rush daily, but so much more happens than he covers, and when supplemented by Web access, it's a full days menu. When Web news is omitted, it's a meager diet. I'd had a full day wo/ The Web. Wow.
Suffice it to say that I'm now a firm believer that all software degrades over time and becomes a liability, unless upgrades to drivers, BIOS and OS are faithfully actioned. I'm studiously copying all files from my home unit for re-installing under WIN XP in the very near future. More on what happens over the next 1-3 days. The adventure continues.

The GOP's Downward Spiral.
Another government loser: The US Postal Service, a bottomless shithole we pour billions into each year and they can't even break even. More and more yearly stamp price increases to compensate for stupidity and incompetence; now, a 3cent increase to 37cents. Privatize this horror show and get rid of all the useless postal workers.
Campaign Finance Reform is a sham and unconstitutional? You betcha. Veto it, W.
We'll certainly miss The Iron Lady, Maegaret Thatcher, from the world scene. She had more brains, guts and brass than the entire GOP, combined. They're wimps, punks, pukes and cowards.
They've got a major problem here, with the so-called Section 245i Amnesty Bill. If it's passed and signed into US Law, I'll vote Third Party in '04; I won't vote Republican or democRAT, regardless.
Is W Conservative, of any kind? This article lays it out for you to decide. I have.
Is W waffling on campaign promises? Read it and decide for yourself.
In two short weeks, gas prices have spiked sharply upward, from $1.26.9/gal (89 octane) to $1.38.9/gal (89 octane). More, in some parts of the Nation. We could be mitigating this somewhat, 5-10%, if W&Co had the cajones to publicly make the case to The American People for drilling in the ANWR (Artic Nat'l Wildlife Refuge) in Alaska, and increase Florida and California off-shore drilling. But they're all gutless lowlifes when it comes to using the poltical capital they have accrued against the democRATs. Both sad and pitiful.
The ugly amnesty for illegal Mexican immigrants, Section 245(i) — a measure to allow more than 200,000 illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. while regularizing their status, rather than requiring them to return home to apply for U.S. entry from there — keeps rearing its serpentine head. And the Nation's security is at grave risk from it.

Lowlife Lib-democRATs.
This article details nicely the treason and seditionism the lib-dems exhibit as our Nation fights a war; left-wing wacko scumbags, all.
This article in The Harvard Crimson is amazing, in that it even appeared in such a once-proud, now lib-dem school. It exposes Clintoon's culpability in not fighting terrorists and shows what a coward is was and still is, among other massive failings.
Why isn't this Marion Barry lowlife scumbag idiot crackhead, jungle-bunny scumbag in prison, for "residue"? Why did the DC "Cops", who can't remember which cannon Vince Foster was found under, do anything by the book, correctly? Why are they all idiot black incompetents, headed by a mayor who is a idiot black incompetent? Pathetic, and incompetent, but true. Affirmative action at work, obviously, in The Murder Capitol USA. If he'd been White, he'd be in prison. Racism? Yes, it's all over the filthy, crim-riddled DC environs.
Here's why the crime won't be investigated: it involves a lib-democRAT subhuman? Natch.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never forget The Massacre of September 11th. I demand revenge, not "justice"; it's mere shit, in a perverted system of intrenched, lib-dem garbage judiciary trash. Empty promises and lesser actions. 'Nam proved that for us.
Aw gee whiz, Muslim filth/ Islamic groups say that they are outraged that federal agents were sent to search their homes and business looking for evidence of terrorist activity. Too f*cking freaking bad, raghead scumbags: it was your Islamic lowlife garbage who murdered 3,000 innocents on 9-11. You're suspect, and I'd bet some large cash that you're sending your evil little spawn to the Muslim hate schools. Any takers?
The FBI raided several Muslim/Islamic shitfilth murderous terrosist front-organizations, Wednesday morning, in Virginia, Georgia, and Washington D.C.; crooked and illegal finances were the key. Good, and f*ck screw the rag, MuslimOnLine.
Coming from the ultra-left-wing-liberal-wacko Harvard Crimson, this article is amazing. It accurately takes Clintoon to task for his contribution to The Massacre of September 11th.
"Islam is a religion of peace ™". Or is it? This is what our politically correct politicians keep telling us. But what is politically correct is not necessarily correct. The truth is that Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of hate, of terror, of death and of war.
whack Yassir Arafat, aka Yow-sir Arid-fart, the pork-sucking, lowlife subhuman, Mulslim shitfilth, Islamic boy-buggerer, women-mutilating, deviant camel-humper. whack, whack, whack the porker boy homo.
Oh my, The Univ of Colorado is what they appear: Turd-world, subhuman Islamic murdering terrorists, destined for death and 72 goats.
Sure, Judge Pickering got creamed. W left him hanging out to dry. End of problem.
NYC is still finding remains of the 3,000 victims massacred on 9-11 at WTC. I don't want justice, I want revenge upon all extremist Muslim and Islamic shitfilth scumbags, especially the Arafat lowlife; whack him, Israel.
Is Islam a religion of peace? Hmmmm, don't think so and this site confirms it.
Stop your whining, Muslim towelhead filth; it's going to get a whole lot worse for you deviants. And just wait until after the next terrorist attack here; we'll be hunting you down and Killing you wholesale all over America. The barrel on my Glock Model 32/.357sig will glow white-hot and the corpses of your degenerate cult will be piled high, and covered with pigshit.
As I've said before in several John's Journals: I don't advocate any crimes against good quality, Muslim-Americans. But why they've been so silent since 9-11 is beyond me. The subhuman Muslim extremist filth are over the top in screaming about GitMo "detainees" rights. f*ck Screw them.
Think you're safer flying now than before 9-11? You aren't: screeners at 32 U.S. airports failed to detect hundreds of knives, guns or simulated explosives in tests by government investigators in the months after Sept. 11th.
The ALF (Animal Liberation Front) and ELF (Earth Liberation Front) eco-terrorists should also be hunted down and whacked, just like the alQueerda Islamic shithead Muslim towelhead goat hump filth.
Hussein Ibish is a subhuman homo, lowlife Muslim shitfilth scumbag, moronic lib-dem, Islamic turd-licker, towelhead apologist scum. Pheeeeeeewwwwwww!

Racists and Bigots.
White professors in several states are suing traditionally black state colleges and universities, saying they’re being denied advancement because of their color. Bwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!
Any further doubt that President Vicente Fox of Mexico is a Marxist-socialist-communist? Any with doubt are surely brain-dead. This "buddy of GW Bush's" is an moron scumbag, commie-socialist illegal alien lowlife. Period. And W's falling for it. Pity. I'm voting Third Party in '04; he's a one-termer, like his blind-sided daddy (whom I liked, pre-cave-in).
Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh, I would so love to meet 10 idiot subhuman punks in a black-on-white hate crime situation like this; instantaneous dead idiot filth. My Glock Model 32/.357sig would assure that.
How the lowlife Non-rev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum keeps blackmailing people and corporations, cheating the IRS and committing crimes and doesn't get caught, is beyond me. If you or I had done what he's done, we'd be in prison long ago.
Ahhhh, reparations for descendants of slaves. You ready to pay up, Whitey? What's next? Reparations for Aztec slaves? Just more idiots — not blacks — with their hands out, looking for a gift from America. What pathetic subhuman garbage.
Another stupid, ill-informed, loudmouth idiot belches his ignorance: a study that suggests black motorists were more likely to speed than whites is another attempt to vindicate state troopers who practice racial profiling, the head of the state's NAALCP chapter said Wednesday. The Irrev William Rutherford said he had not read the study but didn't believe its findings. Say no more; this porch-monkey scumbag is beyond a simple "simian moron". End of comment.

Scumbags and assorted Garbage.
This is bullshit: researchers have identified a pattern in the molestation crisis afflicting the Roman Catholic Church: most of the victims are older boys. Noting this trend, some high-ranking Catholics have concluded that many abusive clergy are gay, and some church members have suggested purging the priesthood of homosexuals. But abuse experts say that's a simplistic approach that will not end the threat to children. Fact is, it is homos who are the problem and a massive purge should be done to restore faith in the RC Church. It is not a simple pedophile problem. It's all about homos, queers, homos, rump-raiders, fudge-packers; not pedophiles. The left-wing, homosexual-dominated wacko lib-dem cabal in the LameStream Media, don't want to promote the Truth. S-P-I-N.
This is why all politicians suck: A $100 million Capitol renovation means Washington state senators will temporarily lose their private dining room and French chefs, and have to eat the same food served to the public. Read it and listen to them whine.
Traitorous, homo Lindh? Tali-ass-licker-Johnnie Walker? Yeah, sure thing. Execute the punk.
Crime is rampant in the UK, especially in London, where they've disarmed all the citizens and the criminals have all the guns? Sure, and this talentless lib-dem hag found out up close and personal.
A very cogent argument for Killing any criminal before they get into the US Criminal Justice System, which is full of lib-dem lawyer slime and judges, and who'll release him to hurt innocents again.
Gloria Steinem, the lesbian bull-dyke alcoholic scumbag who has led the femi-nazi-nag movement for decades, lashed out this weekend at the Catholic Church and blamed the pedophile scandal on its male-dominated hierarchy — a structure she also blamed for creating Adolf Hitler. So what, bitch? It's not white males, it's the deviant homo rump-raiders and fudge-packer homos; wake-up you moron slut.
Two untalented idiot scumbags, given the worthless trash Oscars due to white trash, lib-dem Hollyweird guilt, won. What a f*cking freaking joke. Halle Berry, the alcoholic, drug-addled two-bit whore, and Denzel Washington, the fisting homo, rump-raider imbecile, were given a pass on talent, as the lowlifes in LA-LA land handed them awards neither deserved. Glad I didn't watch any of it. BTW, Washingmachine Toast, neither is an African American; both are talentless Americans.
This Michael Woronieck degenerate, deviant, lowlife, homo scumbag needs to be "removed from the Face of The Earth". Gladly, and (vitually) done. Score: 113,000pts minus deductions.

Adieu, Mon Gents.
Wow, if only death row inmates died this fast: Dudley Moore and Uncle Miltie on Wednesday, and Billy Wilder on Thursday, we'd be rid of the 3,700 subhuman filth in less than a decade. Gosh, we'll miss them lib-dems. NOT!

Execute This Filth.
Crushing 5 kittens to death in a trash compactor? One year in prison? Perfect, especially when the deviants and perverts rape him nightly. Personally, I'd like to put 5 rounds through his sick head.
Here's why all rapists should be executed, too.
And the dirty little white trash punk, John Walker Lindh, should get a bullet in the empty head.
A Connecticut "man" — Carl Corbett — convicted last month of chaining his 3-year-old daughter to a bucket of dog food after she ate a slice of bread without his permission is now accused of raping his 7-year-old stepdaughter. Any doubt this piece of shit shouldn't be executed; no wait, put him in prison with the hardcore general prison population. He'll sure as hell wish he were dead after the first night's gang rape.

Museum of Hoaxes.
In 1938, Orson Welles broadcast "The War of the Worlds," an event that sent the U.S. into a state of panic. Although it's arguably the most famous hoax in history, other lesser-known ruses have been perpetrated against the public. This Museum of Hoaxes catalogs many of those frauds and pranks, such as the witch trial and unwed mother hoaxes pulled by Benjamin Franklin. You can learn about millennia-old hoaxes, like Pope Joan, more recent ones, like the 2001 Sony Pictures' fake movie reviewer, or view the Hoax Picture Gallery that offers images of the WTC "tourist guy" (I got nailed on this one) and the Jackalope. Take the Gullibility Test to see if you're likely to be fooled by the next Internet hoax. The other site which details hoaxes, and which I use frequently, is, to debunk scams and myths. Bookmark them both.

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