where do we go,
when we leave here?

March 2, 2001


f course, it's all mere speculation. No one really knows what happens to our souls when we depart this existence. If I said I even had a remote clue, I'd be lying. Those who do, are. Only the dearly departed really know, and they're not talking. They're waiting for us to arrive to where they are. (I did have an "out of the body experience" when I was shot and almost whacked, on July 14, 1974; ask me about it sometime, when we've had 8-10 drinks together.) As I get older, I think more and more about what lies on "the other side". For both humans and animals: is it the same place? Thousands of questions; most, probably better not thought about or asked, just yet. There are many relatives and friends I'd like to see again, as well as many past pets. All of whom bring a tear to my eye when I dwell on their past association with me. Perhaps it's best not to dwell on the subject, for there is no true resolution whilst we're here in this plane of existence; it all comes sooner or later. Time to move on to thinking about something else.

Around The Garden Center.
Last Thursday's snowstorm did a lot of damage to both people and property. We were unscathed here, thankfully. It was a fast-moving "snow event" and caused lots of problems throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern Regions. It started about 12noon and was over by 9pm, but the damage persisted well into Friday. The Web-Net was slow as hell all day Thursday, as millions of people logged on to www.weather.com and www.intellicast.com to find out what was happening with the Mini-Blizzard, which arrived with a vengence in the early afternoon. Final tally: York (PA) 2-3", where I live; 14 miles south in Winterstown (PA) 4-5", where my Garden Center & Nursery is located. Needless to say, I spent most of last Friday plowing and shovelling the place out.
I found these same things and more in my 20 acre Garden Center & Nursery's deep (355ft) well water, over 11 years ago when I had a yearly analysis done. We drink bottled water, but use the now-chlorinated well water to irrigate plants. Nitrates and e-coliform bacteria abound in the groundwaters throughout Pennsylvania from years of farming with chemicals and, beginning 15 years ago, using liquid pig shit in place of chemicals. Potentially scary stuff for those not aware of the dangers.
Saturday was a very busy day, with many people stopping by to discuss landscape work, get on "The List" for Spring and get some design assistance. Sunday was a foggy, rainy day and, although we're closed on Sundays for the Winter, I went down to the complex, fed Pickles, did some paperwork and worked on some projects for the coming week's 2001 York Flower Show. One of my 3-man crews had been in earlier in the week digging specimen conifers from the Display Gardens to use in our exhibit at The Show, March 1-4, at the York Fairgrounds.
Sunday evening, my good friends Dave & JoAnn stopped by for vino and bruschetta; then we went east across the Susquehanna River to Loreto's Italian Restaurant, in Columbia (PA), for some great homemade food and more vino. They're long-time friends, whom we did some spectacular landscape work for just after Dave's medical practice brought him to York from California. I got to see the inside of their new home they just moved and the food and drink at Loreto's was wonderful, plus I had lots of "leftovers" for the next few days.
Okay, okay, so I'm a tad behind the curve; I've been busy getting ready for Spring. I just found Rich Galen's Website a few days ago. I'm getting up to speed.
Gas prices have dropped to $1.39.9 (89 oct) in the last two weeks, but heating oil, natural gas and LPG have all risen in the mid-state since just January. Winter's a long way from over, but at least the daily temps are moderating from the bitter 5°F and 10°F we had back in December.
Not only is stroking your houseplant bad for it's well-being, that's also one reason large fans draw air across plants in greenhouses: the vibrations stimulate root growth and aids in overall plant health; the other reason is to cool the plant in hot weather. Actually touching a plant can cause a defensive chemical reaction which may result in harm to the plant itself. Interesting.
I spent yesterday at the 9th York Flower Show, from 11am to 5pm and have the same basic schedule through Sunday. It's a grinding schedule, but in previous 3 years without relief from Alan, my Landscape Foreman, or Ken, my Retail Salesman, I couldn't do the entire show. I did do the entire show for the first 7 years, but I'm getting "older" now and need some sleep. We'll still probably write $250-300k in business during the 4 days, so it's worth it.
Do armed citizens deter crime? This pitiable schmuck doesn't think so; I do. Give me a potential criminal who knows I'm armed, and he'll do something else rather than face certain death.

Sure Frank, go, go, go! Pay up your life insurance; you're gonna get lashed to a board, bud.
Yep, W hit all the right assons Tuesday night in his Big Address to the US Congress of Cretinous Scumbags. None of them understood the message, though; there's not enough "pork" in there for each of those felons. Now he's out selling it to the public; most of whom don't give a shit either.

Criminal Lib-DemocRAT shitfilth.
Like the stinking filthy lowlife criminal grifter she it, disgraced current-senator Hitlery Rotten Clintoon blames someone else for her illegal activities. This time, it's her ugly fatso half-breed brother, Huge Rotten, a scumbag who sucked up to disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy The Liar Clintoon, and who received $400,000 for getting parsons and communtations for two criminals. But hey, that's what slimy lawyers do. Why'd he return the cash? If he did. Hell, if it's not Bubba or Hitlery, it's their f*cked up relatives Huge Rotten or Dimwit Clintoon committing more felonies. Typical lib-dem shitfilth criminal scum.
I'm just enjoying the shit outta this; aren't you, Fellow-ette Conservatives? Seems we've all waited until BJCs "White House "Body Armor" came off. And it's worth it.
And this too. The Hitlery Rotten Clintoon and her brother, Huge Rotten, need to be brought down-to-Earth, if not imprisoned for their crimes; hers, manifold. Reason: no US Taxpayer-paid protection and spin.
Immediately, Hitlery Rotten Clintoon blames her brother for feeding at the trough, and goes into the victim mode with "no recollection" of any such events, as she's done so many times in the past 8 years, and her poll numbers are starting to tank. Maybe the morons, cretins and idiots in New York state will realize what they've done. Maybe not. Who the f*ck cares? She's their f*cked-up problem.
Most noticeably, lowlife scumbag racist bigot misery-profiteering pigf*cking filth like Irrev Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum are AWOL on this latest Clintoon crime. The NY Post's take on it's funny, and to the point.
Bubba Jeffy Clintoon's ambulance-chasing lawyer scumbag has always been a criminal Davey "The Bent-Presidential Dicklicker" Kendall so what's changed? The US Gov't is suppoenaing him and his 15 sets of books? Stall, deny, lie.
This sums it all up. So this critique also does.
Wow: life once existed on Mars in microbial form, much like the lib-democRAT moron filth we here on Earth.
Oh gee whiz: the draft-dodging, liar, rapist, cokehead, scumbag piece of shit disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon is gonna let his AIDS (aides) speak to the Grand Jury about his criminal activities? Really? Do you think they'll "sanitize" their versions? Of f*cking course, they will. No Truth here: lies, obfuscation, evasion and more lies. Don't f*cking waste the time, GJ; except the perjury and obstruction indictments will be worth it, just "for the record". They're liars and worse.

Scum, Slime & shit.
I applaud this: homos and other subhuman trash "dropping their guard" and having unprotected sex and contracting syphillis and AIDS. What better method to rid the Earth of this subhuman filth than to let them pleasure themselves and other scum to death? Bravo, morons! Die, die, die. You f*cking know better. You deserve what you get.
Drunken, drug-addicted, lazy, welfare lowlife Injun redskin filthscum raise their stinking heads again. This time, they stick-up for a murderous convicted of intentionally drowning his two young sons piece of shitscum, who richly deserves death. Time to die, Tonto moron.
This punishment should be standard for dyke dogs and homo filth. Bye, scumshitfilth.
Reparations? Nah, don't think so, scumbags. Go ahead, talk about it all you want, nothing's ever gonna happen. My suggestion: get 2-3 jobs if you want to live well, like the rest of America has done. No free rides here, scumbags.
I went ballistic when I read this story about kittens squeezed inside glass jars. Here's the actual site. The site purported to be a commercial venture, that of developing "Rectilinear Kittens" by stuffing live young kittens in a rectangular glass jar, sealing their rectums with Super Glue (to prevent them from defecating inside the jar), feeding them through a tube in the jar, and ultimately to attach little handles to the finished creation so the proud owners of the Bonsai Kittens could carry them around. I wanted to whack the lowlife subhuman filth who would do such a thing to an innocent animal; any animal. If I could have traced them down, I would have sought them out and executed them. No jury in the world would ever convict me. More information is here.
Uh oh, Simpson Safety Products in Mooresville, has a PR problem. NASCAR creaks and groans. I've said it for years. Follow it and watch how the political heads bury the Truth. Somebody f*cked-up, bigtime.
Marc Rich, the lowlife scumbag criminal moron fugitive, ought to be tracked down and executed. He's filth and garbage.
The "victims" are at it again: reparations for generations of pitiful laziness, stupidity and loyalty to the democRATic party, who've enslaved them with welfare, affirmative action and set-asides. They'll never outgrow that victim mantra until they cross over to the Conservative way of thinking and self-empowerment.
Finally! A Conservative with cajonnes to refute and demolish the subhuman scumbag lowlife dogshit Jack-scum and Sharp-scum and NAALCP-Mfume-filth lies. Finally a start: I'm tired of "carrying their water"; So's Rush, but he's making millions doing it, so don't pity him. Did you read the NAALCPs "reply" to the GOP Press Release?, from democRATic Scumbag, Julian Bond? f*cking liberal pathetic uncle tommy joke to the democRATs. True shit. (Not Black Americans, as opposed to African-Americans.) Read it and laugh that the self-annointed leadershit is that f*cking stupid! JFC, what a joke those lib-dem-scumbags are.
Huh? Foot & Mouth Disease? Mad Cow Disease? Anglo-Greaseball-Francoshithead-Dutchoidiots? We, in America, DON'T have your f*cking stupid ag problems. We take care of it before it happens. You've been around 3,000+ years before us; can't you stupid moron cretins figure it out? Hmmmm, apparently not.
Good riddance, scumbag moron; you deserved to die for that stupidity.
The racist bigot misery-profiteering lowlife piece of subhuman hypo critic shitfilth criminal Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum's going down the dumper! Goddam, he richly deserves it. Did I mention scumbag? Nay, Black.
If it's not "Mad Cow Disease" (BSE), it's "Hoof & Mouth Disease" over there in Europe. How can those idiot nations be so stupid as to feed any ground-up animal parts to other animals as feed? Serves 'em right for being so f*cking stupid. No sympathy from this side of the pond, EU morons.
The newly merged media-entertainment giant AOL Time Warner accounts for nearly one third of the time spent on the Web by US Internet users? Huh? Not me; I wouldn't be caught dead on anything to do with AOL-shit and TimeWarner-trash. You?
Soooo, the world's population is projected to boom by another three billion in the next half-century, with Africa and Asia dwarfing Europe, a UN study says. That makes my long-running case for allowing AIDS to run unchecked in both continents; too bad it doesn't work faster.
Punks, scum and filth rioting during the Mardi Gras Festival in Philly? If I was the police chief, every f*cking one would have had his or her head split with a baton from my cops, and be festering in a deep, dark jail for weeks. I wouldn't put up with that shit from anyone. The City should impound the arrested scumbags' possessions to pay for the damage.
I've said for years that all towelhead filth should be rounded-up, confined and executed. Worldwide. By the billions. They're all garbage and shitfilth islamic muslim trash, worthy of death. Now, the FBIs got some Iranian pork-sucker terrorists who truly deserve death. Burn 'em, Feds.

The National Enquirer.
For a belittled tabloid "rag", they've done some pretty important reporting, where the other liberal media have utterly failed, for the past 8 years. Even The Washington Post, the filthy Clintoon criminals' most apologetic pathetic rag, gives them credit. Bravo.

Execute The Filth.
Bella Rosenberg, daughter of the traitorous and executed Rosenbergs, says former President Clinton needed no financial or familial coaxing to free her daughter, a communist terrorist, from prison. As part of his 11th-hour pardon-palooza, Clinton commuted former Weather Underground member Susan Rosenberg's 58-year weapons-possession sentence (gee whiz, there's a surprise) after she served (and sucked the tiny, twisted clintoon cock) for just 16 years. Aw gee whiz, bitch slut.

If America had the balls to execute traitors, none of this spy shit would be happening. W should immediately issue and Executive Order declaring treason a capital offense, immediately punishable by death. The gutless and impotent US Congress certainly should have done that 100 years ago.

Centennial Exhibition Digital Collection.
Philadelphia's Free Library commemorates the 1876 Centennial, a gala 100th birthday party for the United States that was hosted by the City of Brotherly Love. We started at the timeline for historical background: "It was the Gilded Age in America, the year of the stolen election, a year of political corruption, of Boss Tweed, the Whiskey Ring and the Molly Maguires." The elegant interactive map guided us on a photo tour of exhibition halls, outlying buildings, fountains, sculptures, and street scenes. This extraordinary collection of historic images, primary sources (such as Frank Thomas' diary), and a paper model of Memorial Hall is a brilliant display of digitized history.


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