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duct tape rules!

Friday, March 30th, 2007

if WD-40® makes things go, and Duct Tape makes things stop, where is America now that traitors and seditionists have hamstrung our US Military, and legislatively-prepared them for defeat, like Vietnam in the 70s? With the criminal, corrupt US Congress, and much of America's governemnt full of subversives, seditionists, traitors and assorted lowlife scumbag filth, what do we do now, as a Soverign Nation? Where do we go from here? Time to rip-off the Duct Tape, breakout the WD-40, and kick some traitorous, liberal-demokkkRAT ass! Find them, isolate them, and shoot them. Problem solved, IMO.

Around The Garden Center™.
It was a rainy, cold Friday and most of my LSCP Crews/GC&N Staff stayed and worked, and got soaked-to-the-skin. hey all left around 2pm. I bailed at 3. My LSCP Foreman went home early on Friday, with flu-like symptoms. It looks like this and next weekend, will be my last two weekends-off, as we'll be going onto "Spring-Summer-Fall Hours, all too soon.
Last Friday, I stopped-into my favorite food-shopping place, Saubel's Sure Fine Market, in Stewartstown (PA), and picked-up 4 bags of wild bird food, and 2lbs of BBQ Ribs & BBQ Sauce, which were awesome (no; not the birdseed). I ate most of the ribs for Friday's lunch, and finished them at Saturday's lunch, at my condo. OMG, they were good! On the way home, I reminisced about the diminishing number of Boy Scout Pancake & Sausage breakfasts, local Church spaghetti dinners, local Church chicken pot-pie dinners, local Fire Station BBQs, local Church corned beef and cabbage dinners, local Girl Scout turkey dinners, local Community chicken BBQs, and why so many of them have disappeared, over the years. The local community eateries have 'complained' that the fund-raising events are taking-away from their food business, which is total BS, and that the local health inspectors can't inspect all of the impromptu fund-raisers. More steaming BS.
Saturday was also cold and rainy — but no snow! — and I slept-in until noon, did some food shopping, cleaned my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, reloaded/swapped-out some 8-round mags, and did some projects around the condo.
I went over to see Mom and Dad, on Sunday, and then went down to the C&N Complex to pick-up Saturday's mail, and do some paperwork for the upcoming week. Mom goes in to York Hospital this Thursday, to get her right knee replaced; her left knee was done 5 years ago. She's 84 and I wish she'd have had it done a few years ago, as it's going to be a tough recovery/rehab for her, at that age. I say a prayer everyday for Her, and Dad. Becky arrives from SF, on Friday, and I'll pick her up at Harrisburg Int'l Airport, in the late afternoon, and will drive her to Mom & Dad's Home, where she'll be for the next 3 weeks, mostly taking care of Mom, helping her do what needs to get done, getting her to daily rehab, and probably get to the Open House, on the 14th. If she doesn't, no big deal, as Mom's the only and most important priority, right now. Everything else is unimportant, IMO.
If you're coming to Our 17th Open House, on Saturday, April 14th, from 10am-5pm, be sure to bring an umbrella, as I'd surely-bet that we'll have a cold and/or rainy day for it, as evidenced over the past 17yrs Open Houses' Events, 90% of which were "inclement". But those 10%, which were dry, warm and sunny, were very memorable. I have 15 umbrellas, BTW, for loan, but you'd better bring one along, just-in-case they're all in-use.
IMO, the "most underrated activity on earth, is sleeping/napping". Watch wild animals: they hunt, eat and sleep. The older I get, the more I appreciate rest and sleep. Anytime I can catch-up upon a few hours of sleep, I do, and it is well-worthwhile.
Sunday was a beautiful day; warm, 56-58°F and sunny. I had the condo's heat turned-off, windows open and aired-the-place-out, after months of being closed-up. The two condo cats spent the day on the windowsills, and enjoyed the fresh air and warmth. I did some long, put-off projects — cleaning-out/reorganizing the garage, and the basement — and putting-away Winter parkas/jackets etc, in favor of Spring garb. Okay, okay, I don't think Winter is "quite finished with us just yet", as we've not had the "traditional onion snow" — or have we? — or freak frosts. My "Winter garb" is just an arm's-length away, in the front hall closet, should I need it.
On Monday, I bought a $28,500 John Deere 317 SkidLoader, with a 6ft bucket w/ rock teeth and pallet forks, 300-lb weight-kit, quick-tac® set-up, and numerous other discounted ($5,500) options, and we took delivery of it on Thursday. It wasn't in time to unload the 125+ large trees from Mtn Creek Nursery (TN) and other wholesale-grower nurserys on Wednesday, but we'll kick-ass the rest of this week, and next, when we have full-use of the machine.
Tuesday was even nicer: 78°F and downright balmy! The Great Plains still had snow and ice, going on. We had expected 1-2 tractor trailer loads of nursery stock to arrive, but they had various mechanical problems, and were delayed. Instead, 3 trucks showed-up at the GC&N Complex on Wednesday (67°F!), stacked-up in the driveway all day long, while we unloaded them. It was a logistical mess, but we handled it with professionalism, as usual. The weary truck drivers appreciated it.
Temps were in the low-30s, as I drove to work on Thursday morning, as opposed to Tuesday and Wednesday, when temps were in the upper-50s. The Midwest is getting hammered with blizzards and tornadoes, and I fully expect more Winter to visit us before Spring really arrives, calendar date notwithstanding.
Gas prices at the pump, have risen 37¢/gal, in just three weeks. Unleaded Regular is now at $2.63/gal; Unleaded Plus is at $2.73/gal, and Unleaded Premium is now at $2.93/gal. Diesel is around $2.95/gal, and the truckers who are bringing loads of nursery stock from the Left Coast, are complaining bigtime, as usual. Heh.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Yes, Iraq had huge amounts of WMDs, and they were all trucked into Syria and Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, just prior to the start of the Iraq War, in March, 2003. American has INTELSAT pics of the 1,000 tractor-trailer convoys, under direct supervision of the Russian Special Forces, snaking their way out of Baghdad, into Syria and Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, to move the Russian/France/German WMDs into hiding. The Russian Spetnaz SS did this, in collusion with the cowardly, hate-America French and German scum, to avoid public, world-wide exposure that they were supplying WMDs to Sodomy Insane, for many years. Another article here, about Spetsnaz moving the WMDs. Surprised?
Accomodating muslims' beliefs in the workplace? Not in my workplace! You come to America, you assimilate to my culture, turd-world assholes! I will never bend-over and grab my ankles, for any of you subhuman filth!

Winter on Mars.
It could be any stretch of dry land under a cloudless sky. The soil looks just as gritty and reddish brown, the rocks just as chunky and carelessly strewn, the far-off hills just as smoothly formed as any arid place known to humans. But this is not Earth. It is Mars. And the pale sky and sandy, coarse ground is truly and utterly alien. Over the course of five months last year, NASA's Spirit Rover captured shot after shot of this area, which the space group dubbed the "Low Ridge." More than 1,400 of the images were then pieced together to form this remarkable — and interactive — panorama of the Martian vista. Hosted by a German site of 360-degree views, Winter on Mars allows you to scroll endlessly across this part of the Red Planet's surface and then, if you want, swoop upwards into its thin, blank atmosphere. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

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