change of seasons
Friday, March 31, 2000

it's beginning to look and sound a lot like Spring around here. All kinds of birds, ducks and geese are migrating north and nesting on my 20 acres. Lots of trees are now beginning to bloom. Hundreds of rabbits and squirrels are foraging for food, and getting whacked on the hi-ways. I still feed the birds daily just outside the Main Retail Building; that's why they stay here year 'round. Although it's early, I've even seen a couple of asserflies — called white cabbage leafroller — inside the greenhouses. Temps are staying in the 60s and low 70s. Hopefully, we won't be getting anymore Winter-like weather, but one never knows for sure. We've had snow in May before (1987 in NJ, as I remember).

Around The Garden Center.
The last of the tractor trailer loads of nursery stock is finally arriving. We've been working feverishly to get them unloaded, priced and tagged and displayed. The Landscape Crew worked on two maintenance jobs last week; then alternated with a couple of days of working at the Garden Center, getting more large B&B trees installed on the drip irrigation display rows.
The John Deere 675B SkidLoader "temporarily expired" last Friday, after 10 years on the job. Last Friday, it backfired — diesel machines don't usually backfire — loudly and seized up. After a thorough examination, we found that the battery had exploded. Apparently, the battery box vent had become clogged with dirt and pressure built up to the critical point. Fortunately, no one was hurt when it happened, we cleaned the mess up, replaced the battery, and we're back in business.
Gas and diesel prices are still climbing. Up from my last fill-up at $1.63 to $1.67, I'm now spending $36.50 to fill up a 22.5 gallon tank on my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD. Almost makes me wish I had my '88 6cyl Grand Cherokee LTD back. Nah, I like the V8 power.
My sister, Becky, arrived early this morning from San Francisco to help us get ready for the 10th Anniversary Open House. She's here for four weeks, and there's plenty to do in the greenhouses. Oh, and Happy 49th Birthday, Becky; her's was on March 28th.
The Spring Java Applet is up at and looking as good as ever. I'm working on a major revision of gdnctr v3 and hope to have it up on the server before Entrepreneur Magazine does it's story on me in the May issue.

Tidbits and Outrages.
The convicted liar and obstructor of justice, Billy Bubba Clinton, is concerned about his legacy; so much so that he's spent hundreds of millions of dollars on 61 frivolous trips to 47 unimportant countries, over seven years. All that wasted taxpayer money, while our armed forces families are turning more and more to welfare, public assistance and food stamps, just to make ends meet. The buffoonish, Clintonista arrogance is deafening.
Hell, he just spent $51 million on a 6 nation trip to Asia, giving $1 billion to that shithole, India.
Maybe some of the arrogant scum at The White House will be indicted and convicted in this Email-Gate . Remember, Al Capone was never caught for all the murders he ordered; the Feds got him on an income tax evasion charge. I'll take "getting" the Clintonista-GoreBore-scum-sucking filth, lowlife, criminal degenerates anyway we can, at this point in time. Remember the buried LaBella memo, the improper contacts between the White House and the Resolution Trust Company, the almost 1,000 improperly obtained FBI files on the Administration’s opponents, the firing of Billy Dale, the releasing of Linda Tripp’s personnel file, the haircut, Vince Foster’s discovered suicide note, blown-up aspirin factories, cattle futures, no controlling authority, firing all the U.S. district attorneys, the talking points, money raised from the Chinese army, coke dealers posing for pictures in the White House, illegal phone calls, Monica’s security clearance, the "protective function privilege," lying about church burnings, lying under oath, lying about Paula Jones, lying, lying, lying, lying. Some legacy, Clinton.
This Email-Gate cover-up is gonna be worse than Watergate. Bet on it. Hopefully, the criminally-involved White House lawyers will also be indicted, convicted and disbarred.
Flash! A federal judge ruled today that the bottom-feeder, redneck President Clintonista "committed a criminal violation of the Privacy Act" by releasing private letters to cast doubt on the credibility of a woman who accused him of making a sexual advance in the White House. Ummmm, nothing new here; he's been committing crimes for at least the past eight years.
I'm loving this "course correction".
I don't know about you, but I've had the shits of that 6 year old Cuban kid. Send the kid back!
These hacker scum punks need to go to prison for a long time. Perhaps their new inmate "boyfriends" will persuade them not to tamper with other peoples' computers, websites and servers.
Another example of the government interferring in our lives: the US Supreme Court banned nude dancing. What a waste of their time and our freedoms.
Anyone who sodomizes, rapes and murders an eight year old girl needs to die, and quickly. Fry the scumbag! Nice going, Tennessee.
This sums up the Clintonista filth nicely. It's all you or I need to know until the two of them leave Washington and we can get back to restoring the Nation's morals and values.

Out of the Frying Pan.
What if a dozen urban hipsters with a taste for quick and delicious cuisine decided to whip up a web site? They'd probably create this chic and easy online food guide that's bursting with great recipes and kitchen tips. Did I mention the panache? There's plenty at Greg's Top 5 (a list of five great wines for first dates), Cook Bookworm (fast cookbook reviews for the budget chef), and Cooking with The Rock Stars. This month, bassist Laura Ballance of Superchunk shares her recipe for roasted vegetables and sausage. Rock on!

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