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Friday, March 5, 1999

Oooooooo, where is that odious smell coming from? Judging from the way the political wind is blowing, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I should think. It's vile, like Slick Willie The Bubba, the Rapist-In-Chief who resides there. Next to murder or torture, I can't imagine anything more evil than being raped by another person. The list of Clinton's victims is lengthy and tortuous to read about. Usually, when a charge of this type is made against Clinton, The White House's lying machine goes into high gear: it's either Right Wing Nuts or trailer park sluts out to get him. This time, it's silence; the stench of festering, fetid, rotting silence tells a story of guilt, and speaks volumes more about Clinton. The Femi-Nazis are still hiding, cowering at the thought of offending the stinking, criminal Clintonites and losing his so-called support, instead of doing what's right. That also speaks volumes. Bubba thinks everything is back to normal now; he should have been driven out of office and into prison for all of his myriad crimes.

Spring Is (Not) Here.
The DC Cherry Blossom Festival is NOT the beginning of Spring. It may appear so on the calendar, but April 27th is the last frost date here in Zone 6.
Too many gardeners north of that USDA Hardiness Zone 7 make that mistake, and are sorely disappointed when late Winter weather trashes their newly-planted gardens. That frost or ice-induced setback can wreak havoc later in the year, as a recovering plant struggles to regain lost ground.
In fact, we're having a mini-blizzard today, Thursday. No, not quite as bad as The Blizzard of '96, but it's snowing and blowing and drifting ferociously outside right now. Lots of accidents and stuck cars screwing up the roads on the way into work this morning. The weather idiots said perhaps an inch; we're well past that now with 5-6" and there's no sign of any let up. Christ, All the shit-for-brains drivers with two wheel drive should stay off of the roads. Only 4x4's should be allowed out in this weather.

Beyond Outrageous.
I went apoplectic when I read this shit: a cop-whacker awarded $660,000 because he was locked up in solitary for 5 years. Let me repeat that: a cop-whacker awarded $660,000 because he was locked up in solitary for 5 years. Huh? And some shit-for-brains, lowlife, liberal judge let it happen.
Our criminal justice system is supposed to be one of the finest in the world. Well, after OJ and hundreds of events like this, it's painfully obvious that it isn't, and needs major surgery to put it right.
Murderers have no f*cking rights at all. None. Once they - and all criminals for that matter - are convicted, they forfeit everything, especially their rights as citizens. Rapists, child molesters, traitors and especially murderers should receive the death penalty for their crimes, and be executed within 24 hours. They're all subhuman pieces of shit and deserve no mercy for their heinous deeds.
Dozens of bed wetting, whining liberal do-gooders have written to me lighten up on my death penalty views. f*ck 'em. If the tables were turned and a criminal had a severe impact on them, they'd be howling for justice and the death penalty.
The subhuman cretinous-moron piece-of-garbage, who'll get the $660,000 is laughing all the way to the bank: he's eligible for parole in 2013 and by then, that tidy little sum will have accrued another $23,000 in interest. Thanks to an idiot jury, liberal judge, shyster lawyers and a broken justice system, we taxpayers are making his life comfortable. Hopefully, he'll be whacked in prison or get AIDS and die after he gets out.
We should treat US prisoners as the Russians do theirs. End of problem.
And this piece of shit needs execution, not supervised day trips from the mental hospital.

1st Amendment?
Howard Stern and Don Imus - two self-styled shock jocks from the mid-80s - are strangely silent on this incident.
I don't see anything wrong with what Greaseman said; if you've ever listened (by accident) to rap-shit, then you'd know the why's and wherefore's of his remark.
This guy's firing is f*cking bullshit: it stinks. Cowards own and run the radio station. The FTC ought to pull its license.

But, It's True.
Hey, shit-for-brains Gov Whitman of NJ: it's f*cking true! Wake up, you ignorant bimbo. Minorities do commit more crimes and are more likely to be involved in drug dealing. That's why there's more of 'em in jail and prison. Duh.
What planet are you living on to think that drug dealing is a white boys business? It's mostly blacks and hispanics driving that poison up I-95 from Florida. Are you that f*cking naive? Or stupid? Or just bowing to all those ignorant cretinous-morons in your polluted, shithole state? What's the ratio of minorities in prison? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that simple math out.
Wake up, skirt. Take a dose of reality with your morning Frosted Flakes and bring that top cop back; he's the only one with and brains and honesty.

The US Gov't Is Truly f*cked.
Huh? No surprise here. The US Gov'ts Department of (In)Justice (DOJ) is once again out of control and looking to score PR points with the media and general public.
The hi-tech industry has largely fueled the US' economic boom since '95, and now the DOJ and FTC want to persecute and prosecute the industry's leaders for being successful: Microsoft and Intel. Our government's intellectual dwarfs have reasoned that an ultra-successful American company is liable for harassment and prosecution for simply being The Leader In The Industry. They have the foresight, morals and ethics of a maggot.
It's a problem of stinking liberal filth, in far too powerful positions, causing untold harm.

The GOP Is Dead.
Compromise with lying, filthy lib-Dems? Just to get things done? The GOP sucks rancid pondwater. What a mess. Bring Newt back, at all costs.
Clearly, Denny Hastert (wimpy, new House Majority Speaker replacing Newt Gingrich) and Trent Lott (spineless scumbag Majority Leader in The US Senate), have made no great difference in the way the Nation's business is done.
Like a rudderless garbage barge cast adrift in a polluted river, the GOP has no direction, goal or ideals left. Pity the poor Republican men and women who are now seasick and out of barf bags. I'm about to change parties; I don't like the smell in the GOP anymore.

Why are tourists even going to that filthy shithole, Africa? It's a festering, fetid cesspool of humanity ravaged by famine and disease. What's there for tourists to see? Nothing.
Ah ha; they go to get kidnapped and whacked. What other possible reason could there be?

Of Course They Do.
All stinking lib-Dems and corrupted Republicans want the Independent Counsel Statute to expire; they're deathly afraid of being investigated by someone with carte blanche to get it done.
With a do-nothing, corrupt and politically-compromised Dept of (In)Justice that protects the criminal, rapist president and other so-called administration officials, the Independent Counsel is a serious threat.
The lying, compromised Reno bitch has now reversed her position after a 1992 enthusiastic endorsement of it. Upon instructions from her impeached boss, she's received her new marching orders: destroy the statute so it can't be used against Clinton again.

Welcome Back, Arizona.
Getting rid of another subhuman piece-of-shit murderer, the wonderful and courageous governor of the state of Arizona, Jane Hull, told the rest of the world to f*ck off and mind their own damned business. Then she okayed the execution of a heinous murderer, just as she'd done with his dogshit, murdering brother last week.
Oh be still, my beating heart.
Hey, f*ck you Germany! Stupid, shit-for-brains krauts. What the f*ck else does society do with murderers? whack 'em all. That should also apply to rapists, child molesters and traitors. They are stinking, subhuman filth and need to be terminated with extreme prejudice. Post haste.

Ah Ha!
Here's why I left the NJ-NYC area after 17 years of commuting from Princeton, NJ, to The Big Apple aka NYC everyday. Heh, heh.

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