meager spring color

Friday, March 8, 2002

Eight or nine months ago, I wasn't all that worried about the lack of rainfall and ground moisture; I was confident the Fall rains and Winter snows would replenish the reservoirs, wells and groundwater in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Heck, it's happened before in '92-93 and '98, so I had no reason to think that Nature would not rebound, and all would be well, once again. Now, I'm pretty sure my confidence in the natural workings of the weather, were and are, misplaced. Just this past week, a drought emergency has been declared and is in effect for much 24 counties under drought emergency, 7 in a drought warning, and 31 counties are under a drought watch in Pennsylvania, and a handful of other states in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions. Can water rationing be far behind? In a few months, we'll know for sure. Meanwhile, everything's more off-color, bland and lifeless than usual, due to the lack of moisture over the Fall and Winter. Without adequate water, vibrant colors fade and new growth shrivels, buds and berries abort. Perhaps it's just Nature's Way of weeding out the marginal and weak: natural pruning? In a few months, we'll know the body count, as statistical and historical fact. Brrrrrrrrr.

Around The Garden Center.
We wrapped up the 10th Annual York Mid-Atlantic Garden and Flower Show at The York Fairgrounds, with another 1st Place, Overall Best Exhibit in the Producer's Category; I think that's our 7th win, out of 10 shows, so far. We've got a wall full of awards and ribbons. Yawn.
Hmmmm, DC's "Cherry Blossom Festival" is March 23 - April 8, but maximum blooms are predicted for April 1-5; unless they're doing supplemental watering down there, it'll be a very meager show unless we get some serious Spring rains. We're usually 2-3 weeks behind, and the same dire pictures looms up here in Pennsylvania.
We got about 2/10ths of an inch of rain last Saturday night/Sunday morning, as a huge thunderstorm (typical March weather?) system passed through, and it was refreshing to see puddles in the streets on my way down to the Garden Center Complex, to feed Pickle, do some paperwork and check the greenhouses. No, we didn't have 23 deaths as a result of the storm. From this article, it appears that drought is affecting 1/3 of the US and the worst is yet to come. Okay, tell us something we already don't know. We can't buy moisture here in the Mid-Atlantic Region, can we?
Looks like the weather idiots are still trying to blame this drought on El Nino, once again, because they simply don't understand what's going on.
Looking for a good O/S Time app checker? Try and set it once, and forget it.
It's been another weird week here in mid-state Pennsylvania, with temps in the upper-60s and low-70s. Tree buds are swelling and opening on the native Maples, Redbuds and Serviceberries, and a dozen other hybrid cultivars. Dangerously low levels of moisture and high levels of warmth, have combined to promulgate insect infestations who merely went dormant for the "Winter", rather than be whacked-off by the cold. Many plant diseases were also not wiped out by the freezing cold, and will return with a vengence this Summer. Grim predictions.
I added another $20,000 stake-body dump truck to my fleet of 3, this week. It's a '98 Chevy 3500HD 6.5L diesel, 12ft bed and stake dump body, 71k miles, and should be a welcome addition for the landscape crews. Yes Hey, it's always something. BFD.

GOP Poo-Bahs.
I though the GOP was above selling access: for $1,000 you can get a private, personal briefing on homeland security from the House intelligence committee chairman and a spot in the "Speaker's Circle". Is that so? Why, that's nothing more than selling The Lincoln Bedroom, as the criminal Clintoons did. Call me naive stupid, I guess.
President Bush imposed tariffs of roughly 30 percent on steel imports in a bid to aid the ailing U.S. steel industry. The move, while short of the 40 percent tariffs sought by the industry, was certain to draw opposition from America's allies. Dumb, really dumb, W. We've been down this road before, and it doesn't work.
Joan Rivers a Conservative? Whooda thunk it? I need to lie down for a while.
I'm beginning to think W&Co are just as bad as democRATs, by throwing billions more dollars at a failed education system. Instead of more money down a rathole, abolish the NEA and Dept of Education, and start over with a clean slate. More money isn't going to get rid of all those liberal and socialist scum who've infested the public school system; a thorough housecleaning and re-stocking, will, for starters.

Lib-Dem Morons.
To say that Tommie The Commie Dwarf Puffy Dass-hole is a traitor, homo and lowlife scumbag, is to repeat the obvious. Criticizing W's handling of the War On Terrorism for political gain is treasonous. When are the people of South Dakota going to turn this (D)moron out at the polls? Hey W: just tell Dmoron to f*ck buzz off. He's irrelevant, as are all lib-dem scum.
US Sen lib-dem scumbag John Kerry (D-MA) is a worthless piece of shit. He's a traitor, homo, coward and seditionist, criticizing the US and Bush Administration, also for partisan political gains. He doesn't deserve any air time.
Finally, a breath of sanity in a PC-f*ckedscrewed-up Nation: a federal judge struck down the US Army's "equal opportunity" promotion process, saying that it unfarily gives preference to women and minorities over white male officers. Well, glory hallelujah! A federal judge with common sense and brains. Obviously, not a lowlife lib-dem Clintoon appointee.
Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, the shit-for-brainless Scumator from NY, claims s/he (we're not sure) wasn't informed of the (fake) nuclear threat, last October. And the ugly, criminal bitch is spitting mad. So f*cking freaking what? She's a two-dollar, low class, brainless dyke.
Yes, I adamantly agree: get rid of Parker and all the traitorous, lib-dem lowlife scum, holdovers from the Clintoon administration scum. Get rid of the lib-dem trash.
Evidence to prosecute the subhuman BJ Clintoon? And the US Gummint cut him a deal? Without our knowledge and consent? Okay, in November, I'm voting Third Party, and not GOP-RINO (Republican In Name Only). I've had it; a sea change is happening. That 8yr episode, and CFR (Constitution-f*cking Resolution) Campaign Finance Reform are the last straws.
Leave the Nation, Alec Baldwin moron scumbag deviant traitor, weirdo lib-dem scumbag.
Buh, bye, Gary!
Brit idiot liberal moronic socialist NWO scumbags, no less!!! Giving their Country away to the criminals by confiscating The Citizens' firearms and The Coppers guns. Crime is rampant. Sorry, I feel no pity or sympathy or pity; only outrage that the innocent are dying faster and faster.
There is no, No, NO NO correlation between a Navy SEAL Hero and Dan Pearl. None.
Another two-dollar lowlife, lib-dem, dyke whore-slut spouts her rectal mouth off at W&Co, as if The Massacre of September 11th was part of his political scheme. Sandra Bernhard, an ugly piece of unfunny dogshit, is a hagged-out lesbian alcoholic with a 3yr old mutant kid. Question: what scumbag would lower himself to be the "sperm donor"? Yuuuuuuk, what a tortuous thought.

In The Event Of My Death.
Last Friday afternoon, at the York Mid-Atlantic Flower & Garden Show, a large (300-350lbs) olive-complected man with a cane, approached me about building several brick patios and walks at his home, north of York (PA). He gave his name as Felix Mendez, residing at 3800 N. Susquehanna Trail, Manchester, PA, 717-266-5610. I noticed two gold chains around his neck, each with a flat gold plate; one bearing Arabic writing, the other had several mideast flag emblems on it. And a red flag immediately popped-up in my mind. I told him I'd contact him after the show was over and set up an appointment for a visit and estimate.
On Sunday, after finishing some chores at the Garden Center, I drove my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8 up the Old Susquehanna Trail and located his residence. I parked about 75yds north of the residence, on the opposite side of the road, and watched with my binoculars. The requisite American Flag was flying of the south side of the dwelling, and several cars sat in the front yard with "For Sale" signs. Several more vehicles were parked around the house. I soon noticed two men leaving, loading boxes into a vehicle, and then returning to the house. This was repeated several times, through my partially-obstructed view past some evergreens.
My position was not a location conducive to surveillance; too open and exposed. I had to drive up the road, and turn around and pass the house once more, southbound. Activity had ceased for now, so I headed home. I told a couple of friends about it, and they agreed it was a shaky scenario, at best; possible even a trap, considering all I've written about the Muslim-Islamist filth in the past 6 months. Even with my Glock 32/ .357SIG, plenty of 10+1 clips, and Cor-Bon® 125gr hollowpoints, I might be in over my head. So I've opted not to follow-up the landscape lead.
If I was being set-up for a revenge hit, for what I've written about my outrage over The Massacre of September 11th and my hatred of Muslim and Islamic extremist wackos, they'd failed this time. Why don't I just stop writing such things, retract what I've written and apologize to them in John's Journal, you ask? Because it's my First Amendment Right to say what I think and mean; this is America and I fully intend to exercise that Right, regardless of their presence. They may whack me, but I'll take a pile of the scumbags along to Hell. Shucks, no virgins for any of us.
I plan to re-visit that house several times each week and, if I see anything unusual going on, report them as Muslim terrorists immediately to the FBI in Harrisburg. I want to see them all in prison or executed, if they're who I think they are: a sleeper cell, covering action in an upcoming attack on Three Mile Island. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

The Massacre Of September 11th.
As I've said before in several John's Journals: I don't advocate any crimes against good quality, Muslim-Americans. But why they've been so silent since 9-11 is beyond me. The subhuman Muslim extremist filth are over the top in screaming about GitMo "detainees" rights. f*ck Screw them.
I said this bit about NYC being Ground Zero back in '99, but my inclination was nuclear, not fuel-laden jumbo jets. This Paki scientist-traitor confirms it. And the liberal weakly,, sort-of reports it.
A handful of experts have been quietly investigating the origins of the Koran, offering radically new theories about the text's meaning and the rise of Islam. Christoph Luxenberg, a scholar of ancient Semitic languages in Germany, argues that the Koran has been misread and mistranslated for centuries. So freaking what? It's a subhuman, boy-buggering, female-hating-desecrating, lowlife Muslim pedophilic, murderous, non-religion, cult of deviants, perverts, lib-dem apologist wackos and Islamic pork-suckers, who need to be completely eradicated from the Earth. Screw the PC morons; seal the borders, round all of them up, either intern them in camps, execute the terrorists and/or deport the other Muslim filth.
Bravo! Bravo! Go Hindus; whack as many Muslim shitfilth as you can. We'll get the next 1.2 billion, or so.
Islam means peace? Nah, I don't think so. It's a defective civilization of miscreants, and a filthy cult of murderous deviants who openly call for the death of W, Sharon and many other people. I don't remember eitehr Christianity or Judaism doing that, recently, say within the past 1,000 years.
A hunger strike at Gitmo? You mean the lowlife, subhuman murderous boy-buggerers, won't eat? Fine, let the towelhead subhuman Muslim shitfilth starve. Who the f*ck hell heck cares? Feed them with IVs? No f*cking freaking way! Let the Islamic garbage die.
I'm afraid this is what it's going to take, to finally get the US off its ass and into the self-preservation mode: nuke attack(s) on the US. A 10Kt nuclear weapon already here? The terrorists are already here and ready. Muslims and Islamists, as well as liberals and lib-dems, will be rooted-out from their homes, beaten and tortured in the streets, shot, burned to death and piled high in pyres, ignited with kerosene. The skies will glow red all night, and I and other Patriotic Americans will be out all day and night protecting the Homeland, with Tom Ridge & Co.
Okay, another American Soldier is dead: but I want tens dozens hundreds, thousands, , tens-of-thousands, hundreds-of-thousands, millions, billions of lowlife Muslim shitfilth Islamic boy-buggering, women-mutilating, terrorist, sandidiot garbage scumbags, to die.
Here's an interesting take on how bin Laden the-homo-goatf*ckerhumper got away. My apologies to all goats.
Sleeper cells? You betcha, they're all over the place. All the more reason to round up all the diaperhead lowlife subhuman Muslim shitfilth Islamic boy-buggering scumbags, and either intern, deport or execute them.
A few top Defense officials think Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh was an Iraqi agent. Okay, okay, I'm putting on my tinfoil suit and helmet. Go ahead: flame away!
Survey finds American distrust of Muslim world? How about outright hatred and a death wish to all of those subhumans?
There's something ominous about all these Israelis spying on us; 'course, I think they've been doing it for the past 50 years, right after we taught them, and trusted them. Oh well, we won't be doing that again, anytime soon.
The cowardly Muslim shitfilth Al Qaeda's 'Al Harakatul Islamiah', or Islamic garbage known as the Abu Sayyaf group have kidnapped more civilians, just as they did when they kidnapped and murdered WSJ reporter, Dan Pearl. These lowlife Islamic punk scumbags need to die, and I sure hope they'll come to the US and visit me. Won't take long goatf*ckershumpers to whack all of you.

Lowlifes and Scumbags.
I'm shocked! Just shocked! Jesse Jack-scum's a fake and a fraud? The thinking, sentient world's known that for many, many years; he's also a criminal and a liar. He should be in prison with both of the Clintoons.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, more black athletes idiots behaving badly. Well, at least no one was whacked this time.
The United States can stop the AIDS epidemic. Sure, we could, but why would we want to? Let as many of the deviant homo homos and junkies die as we possibly can. I disagree that we should spend a penny on R&D or treatments for the degenerate fudge-packing, rump-raiding subhumans. I just wish it wouldn't take 9-10yrs for the garbage to die; within 72hrs would be nice.
Israel says it will step up military operations against the Palestinians, following a series of militant attacks that have left more than 20 Israelis dead. Step up? They should have nuked the lowlife Muslim shitfilth Islamic garbage, boy-buggering Allah and all. whack all Muslim scumbags!
And, certainly time to whack all the lowlife subhuman filth in Rhodesia, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and a few dozen other ghettos in Africa. Actually, best to nuke the entire continent, and let the natural selection take over once again, eliminating subhumans, and re-populating the land with homo sapiens, instead of stupidus idiotus. Good riddance. Time to move up the food chain, idiots. whack the Mugabe garbage!
How can Israel get tough with an enemy who asks for death? Simple: whack all the subhuman Muslim shitfilth! What's the matter, aren't you listening to me, pols? For the past 5 months, I've advocated Killing all the murderous lowlife subhuman Muslim towelhead boy-buggering islamic scumbag terrorists. Seal the borders, round-up and either intern, deport or execute the Islamic extremist wackos.
A conservative student group at the University of California at Berkeley has become a target of death threats after the group printed a story criticizing a Hispanic campus group's call for revolutionary liberation from white people. Hey illegal alien scum: call me, meet me and die, Pedro filth. You want to f*ck mess with me here in the USA? How do you feel about being DEAD, Burrito Bitches? Think I'm a kidding racist? Read this, Fellow/ette Conservative. Hardly; my Glock Model 32/.357SIG would make very, very, very short work of that greasy lowlife subhuman filth.
Gee whiz, homo by-product disease gonorrhea is "levelling off"? What the f*ck hell heck does that mean? homo filth are living longer? Too darned bad. They should be dying by the millions; and good riddance, from the Real World of Normalcy.
McDonald's Corp. is close to settling lawsuits filed by several vegetarians last year who accused the burger chain of deliberately concealing the use of beef extract in its French fries. A confidential draft of the proposed settlement offer calls for McDonald's to pay $10 million to charities that support vegetarianism, issue a public apology and form an advisory board to counsel the company on vegetarian dietary issues. Another $2.4 million would go to plaintiffs' attorneys. Un-freaking-believeable. These towelhead idiots and their lowlife ambulance-chasing lawyer scumbags don't deserve a dime. Don't eat at a burger barn if you don't eat meat, morons.
Abner Louima? Don't shove a broomhandle up his tookas, Coppers; head-shoot the lowlife filth, with a Glock 32. End of subhuman immigrant problem. Bang-zoom!

Needing Execution.
Prisons were on the verge of crisis last night as the number of inmates in England and Wales reached almost 70,000 close to the official "safe" maximum. Governors struggling to cope with the explosion called for magistrates to be stripped of their powers to jail defendants. Gee Brits, either build more prisons or execute more murderers. Pretty simple conclusion, to me.
This Ray Brent Marsh, 28, lowlife needs to be executed for his abject disregard of human corpses in Georgia. And execute his parents, too. End of problem.
I've said it a half-a-dozen times since it happened: both Yates' parents should be executed for 5 capital counts of murder in the first degree. He planned it; she implemented it.

Northern Lights.
Fire in the sky. Aurora Borealis. Northern Lights. You don't need to travel to the Arctic Circle to see this fascinating display of colored lights in the night sky scan the skies with the help of this comprehensive site. View the gorgeous picture of the month, download video of the lights, listen to the auroral hiss, and learn what causes the Northern Lights. There are even travel tips for northern Norway, "the mild land of the," in case you want to see them live.

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