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Friday, March 9, 2001

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There's always another POV (point of view) on any subject discussed, and that's healthy; diversity is good. But when the POV is decidedly a socialist-communist lowlife liberal's, it's decidedly unhealthy. Objectivity is dismissed out-of-hand, rationality is bypassed intentionally and blatant emotionality is embraced in an irrational manner. Their twisted, perverted screed is "whatever works" to get them there; the end justifies the means. Clintoonism is an example of the depths to which liberals, and an entire party, will sink; defining deviancy down is the mantra and method of doing what they need done. Similarly, frying slugs and grubs in an quality iron swhacket with Extra Virgin Olive Oil still yields "fried maggots"; most certainly not a gourmet dinner. You can coat such critters in a surface-tempting batter, but the initial taste belies the ingredient. Ditto for subhuman liberal filth, of all stripes and colors. Liberal subhuman scum make every effort to ratchet up the rhetoric, stoke the stridency, fuel the fear, fool the fearful, dupe the downtrodden, pester the penniless, insult the ignorant, agitate the aged, rile the races, sever the sexes, con the clueless, deceive the disadvantaged, unsettle the unschooled, unnerve the unsophisticated, sucker the somnolent — sorry, I couldn't resist — snooker the snoozers, manipulate the malleable, mislead the masses, nettle the naοve, hector the humble, oppress the oblivious, hoodwink the have-nots, punish the producers and exploit the elite. Their socialist beliefs and communist tendencies can be masked but not eradicated; they must be eliminated from politics alltogether, for the good of this Nation. Personally, I favor hunting them down like the degenerates they are, executing each on the spot, and letting the maggots feast upon their rotting carcasses; but alas, internment camps — too bad we don't have Gulags — are probably a better way to accomplish their complete removal from society. To the hunt, then!

Around The Garden Center.
Between working our award-winning — Best Of Show, 1st Place — display at the 9th York Flower Show from Thursday through Sunday, and meeting with landscape customers on Saturday at their residences, it was a busy and tiring weekend. I'm a little out of practice, since it's the slow Winter months, but Spring is rapidly approaching and the calls and in-store traffic are noticeably picking-up in tempo.
Well, the anticipated big storm, didn't do much here in the MidAtlantic area, except drop 3-4" of sleet and ice over everything. Still, people panicked and bought-out the stores. Nothing was moving until mid-morning, though. The Northeast got pounded. Glad I don't live in NJ and work in NYC anymore.
A fully-loaded tractor trailer (80,000lbs) showed up at 11am, in the middle of the snowstorm, and needed to be unloaded ASAP; the driver had other obligations and needed to get to his next delivery point. The load was 4 wholesale nursery's worth of trees and shrubs. On the way up the sloped drive, he jacknifed the trailer and slid off onto the grass and mud. We brought in a very large articulated farm tractor with heavy cables to pull him loose and up the 2,500ft driveway to the "unloading area". That took 3hrs. Hundreds of large plants had to be physically wrestled from the truck's hold onto the lifting forks and wooden palets, and then down to the holding area, and inventoried against the bill of lading. What a icy, snowy and muddy mess it was getting all that stuff off the truck in the heavy snow, even though I used my John Deere 675B SkidLoader to do the majority of heavy lifting. Alan, Dave and Brad filled-in. Not fun even under ideal (Spring or Summer or Fall) circumstances.
There's a wedding going on here Saturday; since Thursday, the bride and groom and their families and friends have been setting up in the Main Retail Greenhouse. We routinely let civic groups and garden clubs use the massive facility for their meetings, provide them with a 20-30 minute demonstration and take them on tours of the 20acre nursery. This is the first wedding. Good luck, kids!

Say What?
As a smoker, I'm concerned with my health. Oh, wait. No, I'm not. I smoke 2 packs a day; I'm definitely not concerned.
But everyone else is! There seems to be a nationwide, concerted effort to get me to stop smoking, mostly in the form of public service messages and ads for programs that will help me quit. Of course, none of them make me want to quit smoking in the slightest, and here's a few reasons why:
Giant flying cigarettes? There's a commercial for some sort pill that will stop my cravings for nicotine. The ad features enormous, zeppelin-sized cigarettes floating in slow motion through the air and crashing into each other. It's kind of like that "don't drink and drive" ad where they had glasses of beer smashing into each other, signifying a violent accident. But, while I get the message, I am simply mesmerized by those giant, graceful ciggys... slowly floating through the air... colliding... it's beautiful... must smoke now. That should be the number one rule in these ads. Never show cigarettes.
Neck holes? NO! ... no matter what. There's an ad where a woman tells you how horrible smoking is, right before she smokes through a hole in her neck. Ewwww. This, I have to admit, is horrifying and revolting, and definitely shows a downside to smoking. Still... it shows someone smoking a cigarette. Granted, it's being smoked through a tracheotomy hole. But still. Makes me reach for my pack every single time.
Cute kids? There's that one ad that shows a heartbreakingly cute little girl whispering to her mommy "please don't smoke." Even I'm affected by this one; that tiny tot is darn cute. Too cute, perhaps, which is really the problem. See, this isn't a real child suffering from smoke-related side effects, but a tiny actress. You know next month she'll be hawking Pepsi or Doritos or starring in Curly Sue Two: Quest for Fire, and the fame at such a young age will drive her to drinking and drugs and horrible movies of the week, and soon she'll wind up showing her breasts to David Letterman and hanging out with Fiona Apple and dating Marilyn Manson and, eventually, smoking. At least, that's how I justify it so I can continue to smoke with a clear conscience.
People looking like schmucks? Okay, smoking may not make us look as cool as it once did. In fact, it makes us look really stupid! (Note: that was just for all the kids who might be reading. For you adults: smoking makes us look really cool.) So, giving up smoking makes us less cool, but we have our limits. I'm talking about the commercial for the Nicotrol inhaler.
This is, essentially, a white plastic thing that one can suck on. This device delivers some chemical into one's lungs, which somehow stops one from wanting to smoke. Whatever. The technical aspects of the device are to be ignored, because the guy on the commercial looks like the biggest moron in the history of creation. He is sitting in a convertible, taking drags... off a plastic tube. He looks like an absolute idiot. I'd rather be seen in an iron lung than sucking on that thing. The only way he could look more like a dope was if the plastic tube made the fweeeeee-FWEEEEEEE noise of a novelty whistle, which is what it really looks like.
The "Insider". First of all, The Insider is a great film with some remarkable performances. Russell Crowe really becomes the character he plays, Jeffery Wigand, the corporate whistle-blower, by putting on a lot of weight, adopting Wigand's mannerisms, speech patterns, body language, and so on. It's quite remarkable. Christopher Plummer is Mike Wallace. He simply is. Just a brilliant performance. And Al Pacino is incredible as Al Pacino. Sure, he plays the role of Lowell Bergman, the 60 Minutes producer, but he didn't bother with any of the rigmarole of trying to slip into character or anything. Still, it's about the only movie Pacino has been bearable in over the past decade.
As an anti-smoking device, it works on a few levels. First of all, it makes you hate Big Tobacco more than you probably already do. Also, they don't show a single cigarette being smoked, or even just sitting on a table.
Where it fails is in the running time. It's a fairly long movie, and by the end, I was clambering for a cigarette. Mistake! If they'd given the movie a running time of about fifteen minutes, every smoker would be thinking "Hey! I just sat through a movie about cigarettes without needing to smoke a cigarette! I can kick these cancer sticks! Of course, this thought would be gone a mere fifteen minutes later in a few puffs of chemical-soaked tobacco, but for a moment, anyway, it would have delivered a convert.
The answer? So what does make me want to quit smoking? The cough. Every so often, I'll be standing outside a building having a cigarette, usually out in the pouring rain, or perhaps near an busy intersection, where I can absorb some automobile fumes as well as my tobacco, and someone will come out to smoke. A real smoker. A two-pack-a-dayer. A lifer. And they'll light up, take a drag, and cough.
It's that horrible, rattling, phlegmy cough that does it. The cough that sounds like their lungs are filled with ball-bearings and about a gallon of vanilla pudding. If anything were ever going to make me actively want to quit smoking, that would be it. But as I tell my Dr's: coughing is the only exercise I get, these days. The Net-Web takes everything else.
So, I figure I'll start up a "" business. If you've tried everything else, and nothing works, get in touch with me. For a small fee, I or some other annoying personality will call your house every day and have someone cough that horrible cough into the phone. I'll call you at work. I'll leave you messages if you're not in. Long, coughy messages. I'll hire coughers to sit behind you at movies and weddings and faker-criminal Anthony Robbins seminars. I'll call it the Lung Distance Plan, and charge $3.99 (gauging for inflation) a minute! And they'll pay with AMEX Gold and Platinum Cards. And thank you for it.
I could buy a lotta smokes for that.

GOP Foibles.
I agree. Cheney should say and we should know more about his true health. I think he's not real healthy and hopefully, he won't die in office.
As much as I hate to admit it, Novak's correct: the US Senate is democRATic, not GOP.

Lib-Dem Filth.
Anyone doubt that disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon and his criminal bitch partner disgraced current-senator Hitlery Rotten Clintoon are both psychos? Read this and learn.
I used to detest, hate and despise liberal subhuman filth; nowadays, it's democRATs and for a good reason: they're stupid blind idiots who follow marching orders, unable to rationally think for themselves, kinda like the German public did under Hitler, and on and on and on through History. Mindless Human shit marching to the Socialist Party's Tune is scary and must be eradicated, as with any vermin.
Why bring lowlife lying shitfilth scum like Podesta, Nolan, Lindsey, the Rich whore or the filthy scuzbag Dozoretz slut to the US Congress? Infiltrating the already-pollued-by-morons chambers is a sin; they need to be cleansed, unless "Wild Danny Burton" is just wanting to get it all on the Official Record. If so, smart move. If not, dumb move, once again.
Think I'm being too hard on liberals and democRATs? Well, here's one of the blacks' BIG problems, triggered by liberals and democRATs who run "Education, Inc." in America; does the NEA ring any bells? Not exactly rocket science to figure that tie-in out. The lib-dem teachers, unions and organized crime have kept blacks "down" for generations, so that they can "minister" to them and get their undying support for the democRATic-socialist-communist party.
shit for brains disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon said this: "That's why I went to Harlem, because I think I am the first black president," Clinton responded, referring to plans for his new office in New York. He's not black, he's bottom feeding criminal lowlife white trash.
Anyone doubt that Bubba Jeffy Clintoon was and is a psycho shithead, not fit to be president?
I directly blame the lowlife, bottom feeding, immoral, godless Clintoonistas-GoreBores for all recent school shootings; none happened anywhere until 8 years ago, when the filthy stinking lib-dem Clintoonista-GoreBore garbage ruined this Nation's moral fabric. This horrific act is now a part of America's Societal Fabric. The school shooting in San Diego last Monday is another "credit" to the disgraced ex-president criminal's resume of defined-down deviancy. Two days later, another school shooting in Pennsylvania. Here's a few which he and disgraced ex-first lady Hitlery Rotten Clintoon are directly to blame, on "their watch". This will continue for years, thanks to the Clintoon slimeballs, regardless of who's in The White House.
I've noticed a marked decline in America's resiliency and toughness, neatly coinciding with Bubba & Hitlery's disgraced criminal presidency. A simple snowstorm, albeit less-than-average, kicked the East Coast's ass last Sunday and Monday, and into Tuesday. It was a nothing. Yet everyone — schools, government, corporations, airlines etc — took the day off, rather than struggle against Nature, improve their individual and collective characters, and get through it and move on to the next challenge. Not like when I was a kid in Illinois blizzards, or in Des Moines Blizzards or in NJ-NYC Blizzards or in PA-Blizzards. They all bailed and ran. Times and character sure have changed. If you're here reading this, you know what I mean.
f*cked-up lib-dem college students are calling this ad about slavery reparations, racist. What a bunch of lowlife scumbags; not much has changed since the 60s and 70s, when the liberal filth who run the educational establishments began the ruination of America's social fabric and culture with their perverted agenda of socialism. It continues today.
House Minority Leader Richard "Dicksucker homo" Gephardt said Wednesday that debate on ergonomics regulations signaled the end of congressional bipartisanship. Oh really? f*ck that moron scumbag. The GOP will kick his ass.

Garbage, shit & Filth.
Destroying 3,000 year old statues of another religion's existence is why the pork-sucking muslim shitfilth and idiot islam garbage, and the turd-licking Taliban scumbags, in particular, should be exterminated worldwide. It's a false religion, fraught with lies and contradictions and anomalies of truth. They're akin to Nazis, who tried to erase all traces of the Jews in the 30s and 40s. Simply turning the World's back on them isn't enough; they need to be eradicated like the tumor they are.
Here's an example of the towelhead filth scumbags' so-called religious festivals: Hajj. Hundreds, thousands, DEAD1 Gee, what a fun time. How many "Christian Rock Festivals" — er no, I don't go there; I went to Woodstock in '69 — do you hear about with fatalities? Or "Billy Graham Revivals" — albeit 30-40 years ago — with casualties? None. Yet those lowlife subhuman islam muslim shitfilth wacko shit idiots loose lives all over the f*cking place.
The femi-nazi filth from NOW (Nat'l ass'n of Women), more commonly called NAGS (Nat'l ass'n of Gals) is fighting the Choose Life license plates in Florida. Those lesbian-dyke slut scum kept their smelly gaping holes shut about disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy The shithead Clintoon's sexual activities with a slut intern, but they rail against the sane choice of "life" v "murder".
The LAPD did the right thing: they beat an out of control drug-addled lowlife piece of shit. What they didn't do was to whack him, which they should have done. Rodney "I can snort More PCP Than You Can" King was that out of control drug-addled lowlife piece of shit, and he richly deserved to die for attacking the cops. f*ck the ghetto scum who rioted; the cops should have machine-gunned that filth, too. Law and order prevails over a scumbag on PCP anyday. Didn't "shock" me; pissed me off that the cops didn't give him what he deserved.
The lowlife slimeball criminal piece of shit Marc Rich is still doing millions and billions of business in the US? Why hasn't the government seized all assets and holdings? What's the f*ck wrong with Mary Jo Molasses, the so-called US Attorney who's overseeing the case? Can't anyone get things done correctly? Apparently not.

Execute This Filth.
How someone can murder an 8 year old boy and his mother and only get 20 years, is beyond my comprehension. He richly deserves death. Hopefully in prison, he'll get just that.
Looks like it takes terrorism to change the empty minds of bleeding heart, hand wringing, bed wetting lib-dem scumbags to accept the death penalty as punishment. They'll get their chance as terrorism will rise significantly in the coming years.
This is bullshit: halting executions of murderers because the electric chair is "cruel and unusual punishment" or the murderer is "retarded". f*ck that shit. S/he knew enough to torture and whack. S/he should understand that s/he is about to also die. What about the cruel and unusual death the victim went through at the hands of those subhuman pieces of shitfilth? Where's the parity? Where's the Justice? f*ck the criminals: execute them regardless. I'd prefer a lengthy execution for all of them. Akin to what they did to their victims. Get rid of the stinking liberal judges and let the executions proceed! (I like this website, My kinda place.)
Hog-tied and castrated before he was tried of raping a cousin of BJ Clintoon? Sounds good to me; rapists should also receive the death penalty. This scumbag got off easy.
Thousands of ex-cons are allowed to roam New York City's streets after committing parole violations, many of them ending up back behind bars only after going on violent new crime sprees? This is why all violent criminals should be executed.

NASA's Visible Earth.
NASA redefines the phrase "global perspective" with hundreds of high-resolution snapshots taken from orbiting satellites. This "searchable directory of images, visualizations, and animations" is filled with beautiful and sobering images: oil spills in the Galapagos, smoggy haze over Eastern China, dust over the Red Sea, sea ice in Antarctica. Don't miss the Earth's city lights at night, which has been making the screen background rounds. I suggest you start at the browse page.

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