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it's the islam, stupid

friday, may 3rd, 2013

"two weeks ago today, two brothers are alleged to have set off a bomb at the finish line of the Boston Marathon that left three dead including an eight-year-old boy and injured 282. At least 14 lost limbs. Our president implored us not to "jump to conclusions" and thus end up stereotyping his favorite faith.

In the interim, a friend sent me a link to the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists website. (In case you're curious, here it is.) With one exception (a convert named Adam), all had names like Ibrahim, Abdul, Omar, Jamal, Abdullah, Ramadan, Hasan, Mohammed and Muhammad. Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

As the political establishment, mainstream media, academia and our moralizer-in-chief have pointed out repeatedly in the past fortnight, there's absolutely no connection between Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (AKA, the Boys from Chechnya, via Dagestan) and the Religion of Peace.

"The Boston Bombers Were Muslim: So?" ran a headline in The Atlantic. Over at MSNBC, Chris "if I only had a brain" Matthews told us motivation was irrelevant: "Where was their inspiration? Where did they get the guidance? Why is that important? - I mean, what difference does it make why they did it, if they did it?"

In 1945, six million Jews were dead murdered in death camps and by mobile killing squads. Why did Hitler, Himmler, Eichmann and the S.S. do it? What was their motivation? (Could it have had something to do with Nazi race-theory, set forth in the fascist bible?) Why is that important? I mean, what difference does it make why they did it, if they did it? "The Architects of the Holocaust Were Nazis: So?"

A front-page story in The New York Times, by book critic Michiko Kakutani, offered "Holden Caulfield-like adolescent alienation" as an explanation. "Catcher In The Jihad?" A week after the atrocity, Politico's John Gerstein claimed "The Boston Marathon bombing suspects' geopolitical leanings are still a mystery?" Salon's Andrew O'Hehir maintained, "We still have no idea what role their religion and national background may or may not have played in motivating the crime."

Now, let's see: Who blows people up to advance their "geopolitical leanings"? Who regularly kills in the name of their deity? Franciscan friars? Hasidic rabbis? The Munchkins? (Follow the Islamic Green Road!)

According to a story in the Daily Free Press, at my alma mater, "In light of news that the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings were from predominantly Islamic Chechnya (which is like saying that Vatican City is predominantly Catholic), students and professors at Boston University said U.S. citizens should not create harmful generalizations about the Muslim community and violence."

Warning: The following are harmful generalizations based on the overwhelming weight of evidence.

Anyone with half a brain which immediately eliminates anyone who works at The New York Times, The Atlantic, MSNBC, Salon or Politico knows exactly what motivated the Chechen Holden Caulfields the same lethal ideology masquerading as a religion that drove the 9/11, Ft. Hood, Little Rock, Benghazi and the Beltway killers.

After his 2012 trip to Dagestan, the Russian Federal Security Service warned the FBI that Tamerlan had become "a follower of radical Islam." Back in what used to be the USSR, Ma Tsarnaev herself is on a terrorism watch list. She's convinced her sons were framed by the FBI. ("Why'd ya shoot my boy? He was a good boy!")

On his YouTube Channel, Dzhokhar had three play lists, labeled "Islam," "Terrorists" (a bit of redundancy there) and "Timur Mucuraev." The latter is a popular Chechen Jihadist singer, who croons such toe-tapping tunes as "12,000 Mujahedeen," "The Warriors of Jihad" "Hey, Shahid" (Muslim martyr/murderer) and "Islamic Reconquest." Murcuraev's geopolitical leanings remain a mystery.

Also on YouTube, Brother Tamerlan was an aficionado of Feiz Mohammad, the Australian imam who preaches that women rape victims had it coming and calls for the decapitation of Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders for hurting the feelings of the Religion of Peace.

Both brothers prayed at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center and Jihad Super-Store a mosque run by the Muslim Brotherhood. A former high school classmate of Dzhokhar informed CNN that the alienated and angst-ridden youth once told him, "When justified, terrorism isn't necessarily a bad thing." In 2011, Tamerlan texted dear old mom that he was willing to die for Islam. A neighbor recalled that he told him the Bible was nothing but warmed over Koran and the United States was the oppressor of Muslims and all Third World peoples.

From a hospital bed, Dzhokhar explained to investigators that he was driven to detonate a bomb packed with ball bearings and nails next to an 8-year-old, to "defend Islam" and protest U.S. actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. We might have learned more from Dzhokhar, had not the Obama administration sent in a federal judge to Mirandize him in furtherance of the president's pledge to combat negative stereotypes of Islam.

Terrorism is one of the most perplexing mysteries in the universe. We're told that since 9/11, there have been 20,730 attacks by followers of radical Islam. In March alone, there were 189 jihad attacks in 21 countries, resulting in 988 deaths. In Egypt, under the Muslim Brotherhood Obama helped put in power, mobs are merrily murdering Coptic Christians and attacking their churches.

The Koran enjoins the faithful to "Slay the idolators wherever you find them" and "When you encounter unbelievers, strike off their heads until you have made a great slaughter of them." It must be speaking figuratively.

An Egyptian cleric (see if you can guess his geopolitical leanings) recently declared: "Trust me, very soon we will see the flag 'There is no god but Allah' flying over the White House. They are already holding (Muslim) prayers in the White House." In his 2009 Cairo speech, the resident of that historic edifice revealed that, as president, it was his solemn duty to fight against "negative stereotypes of Islam." I'm surprised he can find the time to do anything else.

Everywhere, questions abound about geopolitical leanings. Last week, Canadian police nabbed a Tunisian-born student and an accomplice on suspicion that they were planning to bomb VIA Rail, Canada's national railroad system, in Toronto. Ma Tsarnaev probably thinks the lads are being railroaded by the FBI.

In the United Kingdom, Richard Dart (a 30-year-old convert to Islam) is on trial for plotting to assassinate the heads of British intelligence. Also on trial are his accomplices 22-year-old Imran Mahood and Jahangir Alom, 26, a former "community support officer" with London's Metropolitan Police. He was supporting the community, wasn't he?

Meanwhile, 25,000 British Pakistanis and their sympathizers marched in Birmingham demanding criminalization of speech that offends Muslims (anything too candid). Imagine these headlines: "Southern Baptists March to Ban Sacrilegious Speech," or "Hindus Demand Action Against Those Who Slander Shiva." To paraphrase Yogi Berra Only in Islam.

And in France, on April 23, an Iranian immigrant tried to slash the throats of a rabbi and his son using a box-cutter. See if you can guess what the assailant was shouting at the time of the attack: 1. "Jesus saves!" 2. "Hail Mary, full of grace" 3. "Shema Yisrael" 4. "Hare, hare Krishna" 5. "No taxation without representation!" 6. "I am the Walrus, coo coo ca-choo" or 7. "Allah-u-Akbar!" What who told you? A Washington Post story, I kid you not, says French authorities are unsure of the motive.

After the Ft. Hood murders, Obama said he was at a loss for an explanation. ("We can not fully know what leads a man to do such a thing.") Like the Boys from Chechnya, Major Nidal Hasan attended a radical mosque and believed the war on terrorism (an expression Obama refuses to use) is actually a war on Islam. Like the rabbi's attacker, he shouted, "Allah is great," while gunning down his fellow soldiers. Motives anyone?

Islam about which harmful generalizations must never be made is the fastest growing religion in America, thanks in part to Obama's policy of pushing asylum for Muslim "refugees." In the decade after 9/11, the nation's Muslim population doubled.

According to a story in USA Today, the same period saw a 42% rise in U.S. mosques now numbering 2,300. The Obama Justice Department regularly intervenes in behalf of mosque construction that encounters local opposition.

In 2010, America's most prominent Islamophile endorsed the Ground Zero Mosque, proclaiming: "This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable" except when it comes to forcing the Catholic Church to pay for contraception and abortion services. But the Religion of Peace deserves special consideration. Is not our national motto, "In Allah We Trust"?

Don't ask what goes on in these temples of tolerance and brotherhood. The answers might lead to negative stereotyping.

In 2008, my friends at the Center for Security Studies started their Mapping Sharia Project, which has ex-intelligence officers fluent in Arabic or Urdu monitoring U.S. mosques.

Of the hundred or so surveyed so far, 75 are considered dangerous in other words, three out of four. This judgment is based on sermons about: the inferiority of women (and the need to regularly beat them for disobedience), non-Muslims (especially Jews) being inferior, jihad as a Muslim's duty, suicide bombers as martyrs worthy of the highest praise, and the United States will one day be part of the Islamic caliphate. They also discovered that the bookstores which were part of said mosques and cultural centers sold DVDs, CDs and books extolling jihad (not the spiritual struggle variety) and martyrdom.

Did Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (Mini-Barack, generally the jerkiest of knee-jerks) jump to conclusions when he withdrew an invitation for Imam Suhaib Webb of the Boston mosque to speak at an interfaith service for the Marathon bombing victims?

Americans for Peace and Tolerance noted that, besides its connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, the house of worship frequented by the Boys from Chechnya had other notorious leaders and members, including those convicted or suspected of: plotting terrorism as al-Qaeda's top fundraiser in America (for which Abdurahman Alamoudi, the mosque's founder, is serving 23 years in federal prison), planning a chemical attack in New York (83 years in prison), planning to use automatic weapons to attack a shopping mall in suburban Boston (17 years in the slammer) and issuing a fatwa for killing U.S. soldiers.

Not to worry, Patrick who attended a 2009 ceremony for the opening of the Boston Islamic Society, along with Mayor Tom Menino will soon recover from his fit of sanity.

In the meantime, the religion-whose-name-must-not-be-spoken in connection with terrorism, goes rolling along.

Remember: Don't jump to conclusions. Motivation is irrelevant. (Why does it matter why they did what they did, if they did it?) Geopolitical leanings are in doubt and harmful generalizations as well as negative stereotyping must be avoided. Wherever did you get that smart suit, Imam Savile Row, right?

P.S.: The proverbial elephant in the room is kneeling on a prayer rug."

© By Don Feder, 04/29/2013, GrassTopsUSA Exclusive Commentary.

A Day In The Life

I got home from the Auction around 2:30pm on Friday, tired, somewhat depressed but relieved at what'd happened. I can't/won't go into details here, just yet, until newly-revised proposals/contracts are delivered, signed and vetted by the end of the week, so it's a moot point right now. My corporate/personal attorney, the realtor and auctioneer are working with the two buyers – instead of one that we'd hoped would step forward – so there are some legal, financial and procedural/appraisal steps ahead, before I can formally announce anything. Hopefully.

I took some aspirin, laid-down on the LR couch to rest, and mentally-reviewed what had happened: there's no money out there, and the damned banks still aren't lending TARP or Stimulus monies. Maybe Farm Credit can help; we've enlisted their help for one of the prospective buyers. I had no appetite, listened to the Mark Levin Show until 9pm, and part of

the Savage Nation (WMAL-DC), until around 10, and called it a day. Tomorrow will hopefully be better after some sleep.

I slept-in until 6:45am on Saturday, got-up still tired and exasperated at yesterday's Auction results, turned-up the heat, made Fresh-Squeezed OJ w/ lots of pulp, French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee (from whole, freshly-ground Starbuck's® Dark French Roast Fresh Ground Beans) with my Chemex® Drip System, and had Poached Eggs w/ Fresh Hollandaise, for breakfast. I scanned the news and weather sites, as usual, dealt with a new GUI download/install from Norton/Symantec, gathered-up a load of shirts needing laundering/starching, and headed to the cleaners in Kingston Square Ctr, and drove over to Dad's to visit.

I forced his HP laptop to do the new version Norton GUI (Graphical User Interface) download/install, reloaded the Free MalwareBytes app and let it run a full system scan, as I'd done with my Condo's super-fast HP 6000 Pro (Win-7 Pro) Computer, earlier. I left to drop-off some tablecloths for Dad, at the same cleaners I'd just been to, and went home to do some painting in the basement workshop. I had to take breaks when the fumes got bad, and let them dissipate, and then go back for 2nd & 3rd coats on some metal support poles, with Rust-Oleum® Flat Black spray paint, after tarping and masking-off my desk-workbench. I made a Roast Beef Sandwich w/ Cheese & Chips and Chicken Noodle Soup, for lunch, while listening to the "Dave Ramsey Show", a "Best of Rush Show" and some missed "Chris Plante

Show Podcasts", until 5pm. It was 68°F by then, and I went out for a 2hr walk, around the neighborhood. I put together a short food shopping list, for tomorrow morning's early morning trip to Weis Market, in East York, watched some Fox News programs, and went-up to bed at 10pm.

On the morning's trip, I saw that gas prices at the pump, had stayed unchanged since Friday (4/19): Unleaded Regular (87 oct) is still at $3.23/gal, Unleaded Premium (89oct) is at $3.33/gal, Premium (93 oct) is at $3.53/gal, with Diesel Fuel/Kerosene dropping to $3.75/gal, at most stations, in the York (PA) area.

I got-up at 5:30am on Sunday, made coffee, had some Del Monte® Red Grapefruit Sections, and Ham and Egg Crepe Squares for breakfast. After checking the weather and news sites, I re-checked my food shopping list, let the Back-Up/Restore schedule occur at 7am, and left for Weis Market, in East York. I was thru in 15 mins, went home and unpacked, checked the computer, ran a complete Tune-Up, and drove over to Dad's to visit. We called Becky at 10:30am, in SF, to chat, and I left to go home and finish-up repainting my workbench area, and setting it up with tools, and actually get a cleaning job done on one of my Kimber 1911 .45cal ACPs. By then, it was time for a Mushroom Cheddar Burger and Duck Fat Fried French Fries for lunch, and a walk, before the Nor'easter t-storms arrived. I got the Kimber project done in under an hour, and left the Jeep out for the night.

I took my Henry "Big Boy" .357 Magnum Lever-Action Rifle downstairs to my workbench, after printing-out the Technical Big Boy.PDF Manual, and disassembled it, cleaned, oiled and reassembled it (62 parts). Took about 2 hrs. By 8pm, I tuned

into Gun Talk Radio's delayed/live stream until 11, and I made it until 10pm, before shutting-down and heading upstairs.

On the rainy Monday morning, I slept-in until 6:30, made OJ, coffee and Breakfast. After checking the news and weather websites, I began the usual Monday laundry routine, bed linen change, and other various Condo chores. Sucks to be me. I had a Pesto, Prosciutto Ham & And Cheese Sandwich for lunch, and was relaxing, when Dad called with a computer glitch, and I had to run over to his house to fix it. Piece of cake. I was back thru York "rush hour" traffic by 5pm, and my personal/corporate attorney and his two fine sons stopped by to have me sign multiple copies of the sales contracts for the 6ac & 14ac properties, and get a tour of my gunsafe, basement armory/preps and workshop. They were impressed. I got back to the final hour of the Mark Levin Show, and stayed-up until 11pm to listen to the first 2hrs podcast replay on his website. After that, I called it a day.

Tuesday morning at 5am was also cool and rainy, and after making coffee, OJ and Ham, Home Fries & Eggs for breakfast, I got an email from my atty, telling me that the lady had backed-out of the 14ac improved property purchase, but that the 6ac unimproved farmland sale could go ahead. That ruined my day/week/month, but was entirely unexpected. Temps finally hit 64°F and it turned-out to be a decent day. My problems with the GC&N's sale and subdivision continue to get worse by the hour. Basically, I'm screwed

if I try to subdivide and sell-off the totally separate 6ac and 14ac parcels, since the moronic, idiot North Hopewell Twp Nazis have illegally "joined" the two distinct properties into one, and it'll cost me a small-to-medium fortune to get engineering subdivision plans drawn-up, costly surveys done, legal fees, endless hearings, appeals, realtor/auctioneer's fees, closings etc. So I'm just going to let it sit as is, for now. No matter what you think, you never really own anything; the gov't has final and complete 'say" over it, and you don't. Government at all levels is corrupt, criminal and diseased. I was so angry, my eyes were spitting blood by 3pm.

I'd missed the day's Talk Radio Shows, since I'd been on the phone and reviewing many file and documents at my DR/Office Table, all-day, so I listened to the Chris Plante Show Podcast on (WMAL-DC), until 5:45pm, and the live stream of the Mark Levin Show from 6-9pm, mostly to take my mind off of the GC&N Sale crappola. My cellphone went to 1-bar, and I had to put it on-charge. I stayed-up to watch Fox News "Hannity" until 10, and headed upstairs to bed.

I was up at 6:30am on Wednesday, 41°F and clear, destined to be a sunny day in the 70s. I made OJ, coffee and had some Quaker® Instant Original Oatmeal for breakfast. After scanning the usual news and weather sites, I gathered-up all the files and documents I'd need to meet with Dad, late-tomorrow morning, after my 9:15am DR's app't, and go over what to do with the GC&N Complex, at this point in time. I'm inclined to do nothing, considering

the monumental effort and costs of splitting-off the illegally-annexed (by the assholes at North Hopewell Twp Nazis) 6ac lot; I'll find out what Dad wants to do. He got his John Deere riding mower back from the dealer, today; it wasn't a spark plug problem – just as I suspected last week – but the entire ECS (Emission Control System) had failed and had to be replaced. Plus, it needed a Spring tune-up. So he was going to mow the lawn today, since it's way overdue for a haircut. I made a BLT Fried Egg-&-Cheese Sandwich for lunch, while listening to Rush and doing paperwork, until the live stream of the Mark Levin Show from 6-9pm, with sub-host, Howie Carr, from WRKO Boston, came on. He's excellent. I closed-down at 9:30pm.

A weird dream woke me at 4:30am on Thursday – DC was nuked by islamist muslim terrorists and SHTF – so I got up to shake-it-off, and try to get back to sleep, but no good; I was up for the day. I turned-up the heat, made OJ, coffee and Quaker® Instant Original Oatmeal, and checked the news and weather sites. Meanwhile, the Midwest & Plains were getting heavy snow and brutal cold, at this point in Spring. I had a 9:15am DR's app't in southern York Cty, plus errands to run, and meet with Dad later, so I got ready for those things, and wet-mopped the kitchen floor after I went upstairs to grab a quick shower.

I contacted my attorney and put the entire land sale ***on hold***, for now, until I uncover a few anomalies of why the Amish/Mennonites/Dunkards and Evangelicals didn't come to the Auction. It's

going to stay as a 20ac property, and not be divided-up.

Today, May 2nd, is the one year date of Mom's Passing, at 6:50pm. Her Memorial Page. RIP, Mom.

I re-wet-mopped the kitchen floor, Started the dishwasher, packed the Jeep, and left at 8:15 for my 9:15 Dr's app't, not knowing what kind of road construction/traffic problems I'd run into on the 26-mile drive down to Shrewsbury. After the Dr's app't, I picked-up some overdue Rxs at Rite Aid, drove back home to pick-up 6 Chicken Cordon Bleu I'd made from scratch, for Dad, and drove over to visit with him. He'd gotten the entire property mowed yesterday, with his newly-repaired John Deere mower, and it looked much better. I dropped-off the CCBs, and drove to Mt Rose Cemetary to visit Mom, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmothers; we have a lot of Family buried/interred there. I stopped for a burger & fries on the way home, and listened to Rush until 3pm, took out the garbage, caught the morning's missed Chris Plante Show Podcast on (WMAL-DC), until 5:30pm, and then the live stream of the Mark Levin Show from 6-9pm, with sub-host, Tom Marr, WCBM Baltimore, until 9, when I headed upstairs to bed.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and so far, nothing's on the calendar, except trying to put-on another Open House/Auction/Sale together for the Amish/Mennonites/Dunkards and Evangelicals, if I have to. Plus, run some usual errands and other minor stuff. The calendar will fill-up quickly; count on it.

You Own It, demokkkRATs!

ongratulations to the asswipe demokkkRATs, irrelevant "Free Shit!" minorities and stupid young people on the Truly-Shitty Economy you've created and inherited. You now own it 100%, and you can't blame Bush, anymore. Bathhouse Barry ∅bummer did it all by himself. You voted for it, dumbassed idiots. Time to suffer with the rest of us, as your actions have dire consequences for the entire country. Nice going, low-information voter morons.

The next terrorist attack, you own it.

Can't get a job after graduation, you own it.

Sky-rocketing energy prices due to ∅bummer's corrupt EPA shutting down the energy producing states, you own it.

A nuclear Iran, you own it.

Bowing to Russia, you own it.

Another severe recession, you own it.

A volatile border with Mexico, you own it.

Trouble getting good health care, you own it.

Higher health insurance costs and health care costs, you own it.

∅bummer voter

No budget, you own it.

Our allies mistrust us, you own it.

Another trillion-plus of debt, you own it.

More Benghazi Massacre situations, you own it.

No one willing to join the military, you own it.

Trouble getting a loan to buy a home, you own it.

More dependency on food stamps, you own it.

Trouble finding good employment, you own it.

Several part time jobs instead of one good job, you own it.

A One-World Government, you own it.

The UN governing the United States, instead of us governing ourselves, you own it.

A Senate that will not bring any legislation to the table, even if it is "Dead On Arrival", you own it.

China controlling our world trade, trampling all over us, you own it.

Loss of our freedoms as we have known them in the past, you own it.

A dictatorship, instead of a democracy that follows the Constitution, you own it.

Less take home pay and higher living costs, you own it.

Driving a car that looks like a child's toy, you own it.

Unending islamic shitfilth wars in the Middle East and Africa, you own it.

More government corruption and lies, you own it.

More toleration of extreme, fanatical and subhuman islamo-nazi fascist filth, you own it.

Terrorist attacks called "workplace violence incidents", you own it.

Your "revenge" instead of love of country, you own it.

President George W Bush is out of it now, and there is not another good man for you to villify and lie about.

Shit-for-brains, ∅bummer-asshole is a liar, traitor, racist, muslim, coward, bathhouse fag and doper, can't take responsibility for the damage he's inflicted upon America. It's 100% his fault. Prove me wrong, anyone!

In a way, I am relieved that another good man will not be blamed when it becomes impossible to clean-up this mess that YOU voted for. Yes, moronic ∅bummer-asshole idiots: YOU!

Your TSHTF Survival

Are you truly ready for when, not if, TSHTF (The Shit Hits The Fan). And a lot of my "Journal" Readers have emailed and called me to discuss what preparations they should take for that "coming awful event". Believe me, "it" IS coming. Based upon what's happening around the world and here in the US, I have a terrible, terrible *gut feeling* that TSWHTF (The Shit Will Hit The Fan), sometime in late-2012 or in early-2013. Don't ask why; I just do.

First, Israel is preparing for war, after being attacked for years on many fronts, and not fighting back as she should have. This war will truly have "Biblical implications" around the world. The Middle East is rapidly-collapsing under the subhuman, murderous muslim/islamic riots (muslim Brotherhood) and rule ("arab Spring"), with world crude oil prices projected to hit $200+/bbl, or even higher into the $300-$400 range,

Europe is on the verge of insolvency and collapse, no thanks in great part to Germany, teetering-and-tottering Asia and South America will quickly-follow, then comes the downfall of Canada, and The USA won't be far behind, in late 2012 and into 2013. Watch this video; be sure you're sitting-down, and don't have any food or liquid in your mouth upon which to choke.

Just Google "survival" and see what comes-up. Damned-near everything you ever wanted to know how to prepare for this for-sure-coming "hellish holocaust", some of it in easy-to-download *.PDF format. Tens-of-thousands of websites are devoted to the topic of "survival". Do the same with "You Tube", and watch the thousands of videos. This is *NOT The Phony Y2K Crappola*; this is for real. I said numerous times that Y2K was a waste of time and money to prepare for, and that came true. I'm reading that "survival stores" are reporting a huge upswing in sales and preparations, and for good reason.

I'm also one of the very, very few who "predicted a 9-11 type event", 2 years and 8 months before it happened. Read down that "Journal" entry to the "Scary Stuff" section, and it was done by the subhuman, murderous muslim/islamic shit/filth/trash, NOT the US Gov't as some morons and idiots (Alex Jones & Co), have and still It's interesting you mention when an old paradigm dies and a new one takes its place. There are people who are still connected to the old one and can't conceive of life without that old paradigm. I think you saw that in the Great Depression. A lot of people never recovered from it because once that hit it was the end of their lives. claim. Need I say more about those certifiable and murderous, subhuman muslim/islamist wackos who are determined to kill all of us Proud Infidels?

Am I an "conspiracy alarmist" or one of those "crazed survivalists", sequestered in a Montana, Idaho, Utah or Wyoming compound or bunker? Not hardly; I'm simply in mid-State Pennsylvania, an Eagle Scout, Class of 1963, Order Of The Arrow/ Vigil Honor, and our BSA Motto was then, and still is now, "Be Prepared". Need I say any more?

Forget all of the "buy gold and silver" bullshit commercials; buy "brass and lead" for your guns. They're a far, far superior investment, IMO. Ammo is truly a "fungible" item; gold & silver aren't at all. They may be "intrinsic", but they're utterly-useless in a collapsing/collapsed society or world. Do the requisite research, as I've done. 'Nuff said on that subject.

BTW, how are you stocked-up for incandescent light bulbs? Within 4 weeks, manufacturing and using 100w incandescent will become "a crime", thanks to stupid-assed, liberal moron chimp, shit-for-brains, George W Bush & Co, in 2007. You'll be forced, under penalty-of-law, to use the very expensive,

dangerous and short-lived CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs). Better stock-up NOW on 60w, 75w and 100w incandescents, where and when you can find them, before they become unavailable and illegal!

This government's ***CRIMINALLY NUTS***, in trying to regulate our use of anything and everything! It's fascism, socialism, Leninism and communism, dammit, and it won't stand! Where is that in The US Constitution? The US Government isn't empowered to force us to do or buy anything, and has overstepped its legal authority in The ENUMERATED Commerce Clause. The Commerce Clause is quite specifically an enumerated power listed in the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3). The Contemporary Commerce Clause debate, When "decided by the SCOTUS in the Summer of 2012", will cause CWIII, if upheld. Stockpile NOW, because TSHTF before/during/after the November General Election!

Gold is NOT the way to go; lead and brass (aka ammo) ARE. Mark my words!

TSHTF this or next year, and members of the corrupt, criminal US Congress are helping racist, commie, lowlife scumbag Barry "Fuck America!" Obama (SAMBO-IL), by either collaborating with him or cowering before him, on his You are going to see, in metro areas, the absolute worst in humanity, as the people that are most dependent upon a collectivist system, whether they're these Occupy Well Street people, or people who are loaded up with debt, they are totally unprepared for an economic reality where their paradigm does not function. As a result they're going to go through the absolute most disgusting inhumanity that I think any American has ever seen as they go through this anger phase – and it's going to result in riots, and starvation and bloodshed. It has to happen. You don't have people's life savings disappear and people become desperate, and not have that happen. coming "Race War" plan.

We are *at war with Iran*; no doubt about it. Get used to it. And shit-for-brains, racist, commie, lowlife scumbag Barry "F•ck America!" Obama (TRAITOR-IL) has politely "asked" for our formerly Top Secret RQ-170 Sentinel Drone "to be returned". What a dumbf•ck Obama is! He should be charged, tried and imprisoned for *treason*, IMO.

I've been saying, for the past 2-3 years, that no one should buy any gold or silver; it's worthless crap if TSHTF (The Shit Hits The Fan). Instead, buy guns and ammo; they're a far, far better investment, IMO. Any questions?

Uh-oh, it's beginning to happen in Europe. Better get ready for it to come over here, soon, as The Fed f•cks America, once again. Time to abolish The Fed and its corrupt, criminal influence on America's economy!

Here's a very useful List of Barter Items, for when TSHTF. Get and stockpile those and more, if you know what's good for you and your family! Think I'm kidding? Better read this and think VERY carefully about it.

With the FBI already considering many US Citizens as "sovereign citizen extremists", are you ready for "Rex 84" & The FEMA Camps? A new bill has been introduced in the US House of Representatives called the National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645. This bill if passed into law will direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish

national emergency centers otherwise known as FEMA Camp Facilities on military installations. Some more detail on "Rex 84", right here, written by, very disappointingly, USMC Lt Col Oliver North.

"Economic chaos" ahead? You betcha. Are you and your family ready for it? It IS coming, at out current rate of out-of-control government spending.

Before TSHTF, here are 20 Lessons From The Streets of Cairo. Worth reading, if you plan to survive.

And before TSHTF, here are Innumerable Lessons From The Collapse of Bosnia, in 1992. Also worth reading, if you plan to survive.

Do you live near a "terrorism hot-spot"? Check the map. Here's DHS' recently-issued "White Paper (*.PDF)" on it, from 1970-2008, published by the University of Maryland.

Do you know what an "EMP Attack" is? Now you do. *When* it happens, not *if*, we're all f•cked, unless we're prepared to live in the early-1800s. That's why I write this stuff.

Are you ready for Obama's (TRAITOR-IL) "October Surprise"?

What about access to land and fresh water? Right here's an article to address those concerns.

Are you worried and prepared for the coming paradigm shift? How's your preparation work coming along?

The end of the dollar is coming; are you prepared for it? Here's a guide to a few canned foods.

Looks like a "race war" is coming, thanks to the hate-filled nigga race-pimps Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakan and New Black Pampers®, and time is growing shorter and shorter before TSHTF.

Don't let the possibility of DHS watching your every move deter you in preparing for TSHTF; do it regardless. Your and your Family's safety & survival always comes first. Beware of what your neighbors will do if you're prepared and they're not.

State and local resistance to the detention provisions contained in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) continues to grow, rapidly-emerging as a nationwide movement against the illegal and unconstitutional Federal Jack-Booted-Thugs' powers.

America is already being turned into a giant prison camp, and 90% of Americans either go along with it or don't see it happening. I do.

When prepping, always plan your survival purchases first on paper; buy them afterward.

Here's another good preparedness/precious metals website, 321 Gold. No, I don't believe in gold & silver, for what's coming. I believe in *lead & brass*/*food & water* for that situation; the other stuff comes much, much later.

Here's a new "warning" about a solar-based EMP event. If it happens, TSHTF.

If Iran attacks America's infrastructure, we've got major problems. Are you prepped and ready for it, when it happens?

Are you on a tight budget, in a apartment of small house? Try these link resources.

What happens to a non-Prepper? Read it at your own edification.

Good, solid Prepping information and related links? Right here.

Canned, excellent quality meats for long-term storage and use? Right here.

Shhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone about your "prepping" activities. Keep it quiet, and read this.

Here are the 5 Warning Signs that America is in decline.

What if you're a "Beginning Prepper"?

Ever wonder what "the new normal" might look like? Read it, in chapters. Prepped yet?

What are the 5 symptoms of SHTF happening?

The US is headed for a "fiscal cliff"? Gosh, all of the articles posted at the link in this section, have been saying that for many months. And the "geniuses" in DC are just figuring that out? Well, slap me silly!

Did you know that when the trucks stop, it's over?

Here's Part 1: Preparing For Disaster. And here's Part 2: Preparing For Disaster. Have you ever thought about what happens to Security During A Breakdown?

Here's "The A-to-Z List" of what you'll need to survive. It's daunting, but you may already have much of it, in-house and not realize it.

There's a new Preparedness Manual, available in *.pdf form, right here. Get it, please.

In case you missed it, here's the "Granddaddy" of Preparedness Manuals.

And here's yet another (condensed) Preparedness List, to compare against the previous two lists, just so you don't miss anything important.

Here are "120 powerful pieces of advice for preppers", to read and take-to-heart.

After Hurricane Sandy, is there any doubt in your mind that you ought to be "prepping" for disasters, before everything is stripped from the stores' shelves? Does this look familiar to you?

If you were in an area heavily-affected by Sandy, you might have seen some looters running rampant. IMO, they should be shot on sight, not arrested. KILL ALL OF THE LOOTERS!

What happens in the first 12 hours, after the US Dollar fails?

Watch The Day the World Ended [Part 1 of 2].

Watch The Day the World Ended [Part 2 of 2].

Is your city a gang-infested hellhole, yet? It will be, all too soon.

Here are an easy 25 DIY Weekend Preparedness Projects, for anyone wanting to be a little more prepared at the end of the day.

How much food storage do you have?

What will the streets of America look and be like, in the coming months and near future? In a word: ugly.

Good article, which answers many questions you mught have about "prepping": "Time To Plan For The Worst Rather Than Hope For The Best".

Another good article: "7 Surprising Reasons Why Americans Aren't Prepared for What's Coming".

Even left-wing liberal PBS "Frontline" did a series on the coming "Apocalypse".

Can you guess How Many Times Has the World Ended, so far?

Obama: "Entrepreneurs Don't Build Businesses"

"Last week, President Barack Obama delivered some telling remarks to a fire station full of people in Roanoke, Virginia. I'll save you the trouble of reading the (long and uninspired) speech and provide you with the most interesting part:

     "If you've got a business – you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." – President Barack Obama, July 13th, 2012.

It would be easy to respond with something along the lines of, "Somebody else made that happen? Who? Who magically imagined the product or service, started the business, built it up, and created the jobs? Who was it? The tooth fairy?" And to some extent, President Obama's statement is so ridiculous as to merit that sort of quick, flippant response.

(Here's the video of that loony remark.)

However, he's not entirely wrong. This reminds me of an argument that Massachusetts Senate Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren would probably make. If he's talking about a mid-sized or large business, where an entrepreneur has hired additional employees, then at that point the business's success isn't purely that of its founder.

Employees add value to a business through work and ideas. That's why you hire employees, after all. Steve Jobs didn't invent every last detail of the phones, computers, and tablets to come out of Apple over the last decade. There were engineers working on those products who developed them. So, employees help entrepreneurs to build their business. "Somebody else" did indeed play a part in making that happen.

But what makes the president's remarks so inane is the totality of what he's saying. He's not saying that entrepreneurs and employees work together to build a business. It's not a collaborative effort. It's all thanks to the employees. Usually, I can understand the way the president's mind works on most issues by examining it through a pragmatic, liberal, or progressive framework. This one baffles me.

As I explained, I can see that he has some of a point, but he's still just obviously wrong on the broader point. Sure, the employees help to build the business, but the business itself wouldn't exist without the entrepreneur. So, to say to entrepreneurs and to business owners, " didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen," is just wrong. It's silly. They did build that by setting the foundation for the business.

Entrepreneurs are almost always the hardest workers in their business. They work a simply insane number of hours to get their idea off the ground. If they succeed (and they face a tremendous risk if they don't), then they'll start to grow and to hire employees to help. Honestly, if I were an entrepreneur and I read those remarks by the president, I would be furious. It's a tremendous insult to the true job-creators in America, entrepreneurs.

In the context of a long, somewhat rambling campaign speech that touched on every issue under the sun, it may seem as though I'm over-exaggerating the importance of a minor thing he said. But President Obama isn't a stupid man, or even one who makes off-the-cuff remarks he doesn't really mean. He's a very smart man, and he meant what he said.

When the most important issues for most Americans are economic growth and job creation, I believe it's essential to know exactly where both candidates stand on the importance of entrepreneurs. Yesterday, we learned that President Obama believes that entrepreneurs don't build businesses. Ultimately, they're irrelevant. Take that for what you will." ©Principles and Policy, July 14, 2012

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