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tucker was right: it’s about evil

friday, may 5th, 2023

If you never watched the brilliant German movie, Downfall, do so.  It stars the late Bruno Ganz, whose portrayal of Adolf Hitler during his last days in his Berlin bunker was powerfully chilling.  Hitler was a psychopath, whose unshakable certitude and will were central to driving National Socialism’s capture of the German people.  Both were also central to the numbing devastation that Hitler’s hubris brought to Germans in the end.      

[FULL TITLE: "Tucker Carlson is Right: It’s about Evil."]

Seeing the movie again, and having had read various accounts of Hitler’s and the Nazi’s rise and fall, I’m left with two key takeaways: at core, National Socialism was a cult, and it was terribly evil.  No revelation the last point.  But it was a cult, characterized by pseudo-religious sensibilities -- fanatically so.  Its dogma (Aryan superiority, among other tenets), trappings, hierarchy of priests, and capstone deity, Hitler, made it an uber cult.

We are in the grip of an evil force —- and it will not let go, ever.

Prior to being fired by Fox News, Tucker Carlson spoke to a Heritage Foundation audience.  Carlson’s remarks were seminal.  He identified the clash between traditional America and the Left as rising to an entirely new and ominous level.    

We’ve moved beyond mere politics and policy differences, Carlson claimed.  The conflict is with a Left that has increasingly embraced evil. That’s hard to accept.  Most Americans don’t want to regard other Americans as evil.  But the evidence is abundant and growing. 

Maybe Carlson’s bold assertion was a reason why the Murdochs canned him?  The Murdochs are quintessential players.  Their interests aren’t served when their network’s marquee personality infers that a civilizational clash is underway. 

The Cultural & Information Dominance of the evil Left, has never been greater.

Per the Daily Wire, April 22:

Tucker Carlson delivered a speech on Friday contending that the American political debate has moved beyond a contest between rival policy positions and is now driven by [left-wing] factions with fundamentally “evil” objectives.

The veteran television host and journalist, whose Fox News show attracts millions of viewers every evening, remarked at an event for the Heritage Foundation that fellow conservatives must swiftly adjust their approaches to the national conversation since some political forces desire to tear down the nation rather than engage in legitimate political dialogue. [Italics added] 

Conservatives, as Carlson suggests, really have no choice.  American civilization hangs in the balance. 

It's all an act; it's all just a bad TV show.

If conservatives fail to acknowledge this evil, they’ll surrender unearned advantages to the Left and its allies, who’ll continue to claim good moral intent while upending the nation. 

The Left -- which has captured the Democrat party, portions of the establishment, corporate media, corporate America, and a wide range of institutions -- is destructive because it is thoroughly Marxist.  Marx proclaimed the need to destroy traditional civilization as a prerequisite for utopia.  Marxism has always been a cult.  The American Left exhibits all the traits of being a cult driven to ruin and domination.

Let’s make a quick qualifier, lest critics charge labeling the Left and its allies as evil paints too broadly. 

Not everyone on the Left and among its allies are evil.  Some are cynics angling for personal gain.  Many others are useful idiots. 

Posted April 25 at Twitter by Xi Van Fleet, a survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution and a “defender of liberty:”

Mao was a master of collecting & mobilizing useful idiots to help him to gain power.  [snip]

American useful idiots have no idea that the same fate awaits them [exile and reeducation] after their usefulness is over.  They don’t know bc they were never taught the history of communism.       

The American Left has no Mao to lead it… no living deity, though it does have priests -- in academia, media, the arts, nonprofits, corporations, and government.  It does have Marx’s and Mao’s ghosts.  Mao’s Little Red Book is the New Testament compliment to Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

Today’s Marxism encompasses more than politics and economics.  It’s cultural in scope.  It has no relationship to the old liberalism of mid-20th Century America.  Old liberalism -- the JFK brand -- and conservativism once shared similar values. 

Socialism is just a "reat stop", on the road to communism.

Liberals and conservatives once attended the same churches; their kids went to the same schools.  All were patriots, extolling American virtues.  They opposed tyranny.  They had different ideas about the role of government but shared the same ends: make America better, more prosperous, preserve rights and liberties.  RFK Jr. echoed some of that old liberalism in his presidential campaign kickoff remarks, speaking against what he regards as the new tyranny: the merger of state and corporate power.     

Kennedy is right, in part, but is too limited in scope. 

Today’s Left despises the shared values that once gave liberals and conservatives common ground.  The Left is a cult instigating a movement to destroy traditional mores and culture, and then impose a radically new, perverse morality and order on Americans.  It is fanatical, uncompromising, and bloodless as it pursues power and domination. 

Carlson sums up why conservatives need to change their thinking.  Per Daily Wire:         

“We write our papers and they write their papers, and may the best papers win. I don’t think that’s what we’re watching now at all. I don’t think we’re watching a debate on how to get to the best outcome. I think that’s completely wrong,” Carlson said. “There is no way to assess, say, the transgenderist movement with that mindset. Policy papers don’t account for it at all. If you have people who are saying, ‘I have an idea, let’s castrate the next generation, let’s sexually mutilate children,’ I’m sorry, that’s not a political debate. That has nothing to do with politics.”

Indeed, sexually mutilating children to “change their gender” is well beyond politics.  It’s deranged, for starters, and abusive and demeaning of a child’s personhood.  As Carlson pointed out, proclaiming killing babies in the womb a “positive good” is morally grotesque.  Sexually indoctrinating children -- from kindergarten forward -- is a lurid act of mental and emotional molestation.

Razing the working and middle classes by choking off conventional energy production; attacking law and order; imposing reverse racist policies as retributions against nonblacks for the false charge of ongoing “systemic racism;” forcing woke in schools and businesses; dictating where citizens should live; even dictating what cars -- if any -- Americans drive; and what constitutes diets make the argument all the more persuasive that the Left is a cult with no stop built in. 

There’s a cold war underway that’s unlimited in scope, initiated by a pernicious, destructive leftist cult, a war whereby society is to be consumed, spit out, and remade.  Failure isn’t an option.  Fanatics aren’t interested in splitting differences.  They want nothing to do with peaceful coexistence.  There’s no “national divorce” in the offing.  They’re predatory, sanctimonious, and very willing to blow up everything rather than concede.  They’re true believers, whose souls are entirely consumed.   

A leftist cult on the scale we’re discussing rarely self-immolates without destroying the innocent, too.  As with Germany’s Nazi cult, if this evil American cult isn’t vanquished first, it will rule ruinously.  And if its hold on power falters, it means to leave nothing behind. 

Carlson, again, from the Daily Wire:

Carlson noted that Americans should turn to heaven for hope as the nation’s foundations collapse. “Maybe we should all just take 10 minutes per day to say a prayer about it,” he concluded.

That prayer needs to be a call for strength, resolve, and acceptance of realities, and the courage to fight to defeat the malicious forces loose among us.  Our rights, our freedom, our very lives are at stake.

© 4.27.2023 by J. Robert Smith, "American Thinker".

[JS: First and foremost, Tucker wasn't fired; his show was canceled. He's still under contract to FNC, and gedtting paid over $10m, until the end of 2024. He's been silenced and neutered for the coming election. Tucker's show was doomed from 2018. It was just a matter of time.

A Day In The Life.

Up at 8a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee, held-off on breakfast, took a 500mg Tylenol® Extra Strength for various pains, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the leftover errands list. It was already 51° and rainy, and forecast to hit a "blistering" 55° with more rain over the next 3 days.

I scanned the news, weather and had lots of Kona Coffee. With just some lower back pain -- from a bad fall down 13 steps last Summer -- I took a 50mg Tramadol and a 300mg Gabapentin, and felt better within 30mins. It was a dreary Spring day, but we and the flora, sure can use the rain. Around 10a, the USPS delivered a carton of assorted coffees I ordered: 2 Hawaiian Kona, 2 Italian Dark, 3 French Dark, and I'm also expecting 2 cases of the Bai® Super Sweet Soccorro Iced Tea. The rain continued. My neighbor had a USPS delivery, that I had to sign for, and store in my garage until he picks them up, later today. Glad to help a friend and neighbor.

Sherry wasn't feeling well, and we rescheduled today's walk to next week. This cold, damp, rainy, 85% humidity weather, is bad for sinuses, joints and overall feeling. I had a small list of errands that I didn't get done yesterday, so I'll go out after lunch, and finish them up. Plus, I have other package deliveries coming from Amazon, so I'll tend to those, too. And I'll probably grab an afternoon nap,as well.

The FORMULA 1 AZERBAIJAN GRAND PRIX is on Sunday, at 07:00 (7a), so I'm planning for that race. Be there! ESPN at 7a.

Rite Aid Pharmacy called several times about some waiting Rxs, so I drove over to my usual nearby store, and got the Rxs, Scott® TP and a 6-pack of Scott® Paper Towels, for the basement 'prepper' stockpile. My basement 'overfloweth'! The Bai® Iced Tea cases arrived from Amazon®, and I had those quickly unboxed and stored in their cases, against the wall in the garage. After an Olive Loaf Sub and 'Deviled Egg Potato Salad' for lunch, I laid down for a 2hr snooze, and around 4p, made a quick trip to the PA State Wines & Spirits Store, to get 6 bottles of BUTTER Chardonnay Wine, for the next few days.

Nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no one to do it with.

I watched the news on OAN, switched-over to "Gold Rush" until 11p, and bagged it for the night.

Sleeping-in until 9:30a on Saturday, it was another dreary, drizzly morning, 50° and looking like another rainy, cool day. "April showers bring May flowers"... we're running out of April, and sure could have used the rain earlier this month, but we'll take what we get, and be thankful for it. I took a 50mg Tramadol for lower back pain -- hips doing fine -- and held-off on breakfast until it kicked-in. I re-listened to the "CP Show" Podcast from Friday, as I'd missed much of it. I scanned the news and weather sites.

Same ol' crap from site to site: subhuman transvestites and beer. Notice I don't use "transgender", since you can't change your gender. You're either a male or a female. XX or XY chromosomes. Can't change that fact from God. Screw the 98 "genders" that FarceButt (Facebook) lists, or the articles that claim you can "feel like a woman, and therefore, be a woman". Bullshit. You are what and who you are, from birth. The mentally-ill, delusional leftists who promulgate this crap are in positions of corporate and political power, and can get away with it. Doesn't mean I have to listen or agree. They belong to the Church of Satan. Okay, enough. I could write a LONG, eye-opening article about it all, and maybe I will, soon.

High for the day was 59°; cold, but at least the rain had moved east of the York area, but more t-storms and heavy rain coming tonite and tomorrow. Swell. I had a massive dinner of Spaghetti & Meatballs, and watched TV until 11, set my alarm for 6a, and called it quits for the day. The F1 GP starts at 7a.

I got up to the 6a alarm and a hellish rainstorm, on Sunday morning, 55°; and it was just getting light outside. I fired-up the furnace, and made a carafe of the new Italian Dark Roast Coffee, one of several new ones from my last shipment of Kona Hawaiian. I turned-on F1-TV to watch some of the pre-race crap -- three jabber-jabber Brits just taking-up time with their worthless opinions -- but soon that ended, the race began and it was a good one. I watched on F1-TV, after I dropped Fox Nation and Fox News from my ROKU streaming channel line-ups. F•ck Fox!

The heavy rain continued and continued and continued. Street storm sewers could barely handle the flow. I had breakfast, and watched the Saudi Arabian F1 Grand Prix replay on F1-TV, while starting a load of laundry. There were *** FLOOD WARNING *** notices posted on all weather-related and news sites for York, and a boatload of other counties in South Central PA. IMO, if you're dumb enough to live in a designated 'flood plain', you >deserve what's coming shouldn't be there.

I read with great interest, that the US Gov't already has, and many states are rushing to establish Bias Registries, on hundreds of subjects. So based on past information, comments, deeds, and soon enough -- our very thoughts -- on all of us. Are you ready for that? It's coming, thanks to Leftists and Fascists.

Laundry done, I had a large lunch, worked on paperwork until 3p, when an IndyCar Race at Barber Road Course in Alabama came on, and I watched until 6, when it concluded. Also a good race. After that, I called Sherry, watched TV news, scanned the news websites, and got into season 12 of "Gold Rush" until 11p. Dr's app't tomorrow and several errands afterwards. Lights out.

I woke-up at 5a on Monday, and couldn't get back to sleep. Truly, it was ZERO DARK THIRTY. 46° and partly cloudy. I upped the heat, made Italian Dark Roast Coffee, tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, scanned the news and weather. The Republic garbage and recycle trucks came thru around 7:30a, but I was almost thru my first carafe of coffee by then. Blue skies, a pause in the rain -- until tomorrow -- and "excellent air quality".The rain started. At least we didn't get any of the tornadoes just to the south of us, as VA and MD did. Heh.

I made a second carafe of Italian Dark Roast Coffee, and listened to the "Chris Plante Show" until 12, and then got ready to leave at 12:20P, for the 1p Dr's app't, and some errands afterwards. The rain continued. I had some chores to do before I left, and mail to p/u at the CHCA community mailbox, and I left at 12:15p. I spent 40mins with Dr Mark, had a good check-up with my PCP (Primary Care Provider) of 33yrs, left in a massive t-storm, and got my other errands done and was home by 3p. After some lunch, I relaxed after doing some chores, and listened to the morning's "CP Show", half of which I missed due to condo chores. The heavy rain continued.

I caught a 2hr nap, woke-up to hard rain, closed-up the condo and skipped dinner. I was tired from getting-up way to early Sunday (F1 Race) and today, so I unplugged at 10:30p. It was still raining. Busy day tomorrow.

Up at 5:25a without the alarm's help, I fired-up the heat, made coffee and had a couple smokes in the garage, and it was. ZERO DARK THIRTY. 43° and the garage was cold, and still light rain, so I turned-on thew oscillating heater. JoAnne, my cleaning lady, arrived at 8:30, and Dave and Chris, from River Rock Landscaping, arrived at 8:45. Needless to say, it got crowded quickly, and I missed all of the first hour of the "CP Show". It was rainy and cold, and I had to come in and warm-up, and have coffee, frequently. It was organized chaos here, for 3+ hours, inside and outside.

If you thought the corrupt, criminal, leftist lowlife dirtbag Bidet&Co cabal had it in for our gas stoves, wait until you see their plan for our air conditioners. First, the corrupt US demonKKKrat-eco-wacko-leftist-controlled Gov't is banning gas stoves, forcing electric on us, and now they're banning AC Units' refrigerant materials, costing each unit hundreds ($300-$700) more to recharge and service. Nice, huh? SPJNK.

Speaking the truth in this country nowadays, will get you into trouble.

By 11:15a Dave & Chris had finished the gardens and left, and by 11:30 JoAnne was done cleaning and left, and it was quiet, once again. I settled back in to finish listening to the last ½hr of the "CP Show" on WMAL-FM/DC. I got my food shopping list done, for Weis Market, for tomorrow morning, before walking with Sherry at 1p. I had some errands to run, so I left around 12:30p, to get them done. The stock markets took a massive dump by 12noon.

"In an April 10th document published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) called IMF Approach to Central Bank Digital Currency Capacity Development, the masters reveal their plans to subjugate humanity further. In this document, there is a section included about the development of a living CBDC Handbook for monetary authorities to follow. CBDCs are going to be the strongest invisible chains humans will willingly tie around their own necks. The slave system we live under now will be nothing like the slave system with a CBDC in charge. The Federal Reserve already has a stranglehold on the economy, however, cash makes it possible to do a transaction that the ruling class is unaware of. That level of privacy won't exist with CBDCs, especially considering their goal is to make sure people are compliant slaves with no escape." Read it for yourself, because it coming quickly, as I've been saying for the past 2+ years. When the ATMs and Banks disappear, you'll know why...

I drove to a nearby Rutter's Convenience Store, got their great brand of Half & Half for my special coffees, then to Rite Aid Pharmacy, to get 3 Rxs. One of the brands -- Entresto®, which pretty much keeps me alive, with 5 other Rxs -- had increased from $149.55 co-pay to $413.31 co-pay (retail is $889.25). Yikes! I was stunned, but along with the other two Rxs, my bill was over $675 and some change. Wowzer.

After a very large, late lunch, I tired-out quickly, and had a nice 2hr snooze on the LR couch, waking back-up to the day that sure looked like another t-storm. No rain, but temps dropped as the sun went down; it felt like an early April day, not May. I have the CHCA Handyman coming by tomorrow, to take a look at my outside front faucet, which is leaking down into the window well. I've left the drip irrigation system disconnected until after he's checked it out. I skipped dinner and watched the news, and switched back over to History streaming for fascinating and mind-blowing Season 4 of "The Secret of SkinWalker Ranch", until 11p. Lights out.

It's past time we stopped the mentally-ill Left from governing the USA. Remember "Normal"!

Awake at 6:15a on Wednesday, I'd planned to sleep-in until 8 or so, but too many things were rushing around in my head. 43° and light rain (natch), and I scanned the news and weather sites. ***FLOOD WARNING*** notices were posted on all weather-related and news websites. The lawn mowing teams showed-up at 8a, and gave me a headache from all the noise. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" until 9a; then switched over to the "Chris Plante Show" until 9:30, and left for Weis Market to get some food shopping done, before the CHCA handyman/plumber comes over at 11. Yes, I'm having minor hip pain again, on the new 10mg Crestor® (Rosuvastatin) statin drug. I'll see how long I can walk today, when I meet Sherry to do some laps at the gigantic York Galleria Mall, at 1p.

I left at 12:50p to meet Sherry, with my hips beginning to hurt from the statin within the first ¼ mile; we'll see how far I get when we start walking in earnest, and it started right away. It wasn't the 'screaming pain' in my hips, but it did hurt. I did the best I could, after being pain free for 9 days. I'm switching to every other day for the 10mg pill. We walked about ¾ of a mile. Not nearly up to my pre-statin standards of 32-5 miles, when I had my horticultural business. I had to sit and rest, frequently. After an hour, I'd had enough and we came back to my condo, I rested and we talked until 4. Sherry left, I hit the couch and slept until 7:30, made a nicely-marbled Ribeye Steak, and a salad for dinner. Dog crap for TV shows tonite, so I did paperwork and filing until 10:30p, and called it a day.

Awake at 5:30a, I went back to sleep until 8:30 on Thursday, fired-up the furnace, made coffee and had a couple smokes in the warming garage. 44° outside and we've set cold records for the past 2 days, breaking May 1962's previous marks. I tuned into the "CP Show", from 9-12, had a light lunch, and left for Restorative Bodyworks, in South York. Great massage, and I was tired when I started driving home at 2p. I stopped at FIVE GUYS to p/u a Grilled Cheese, 2 Dbl-Cheeseburgers w/ Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Lettuce and Mayo, a Small Fries, most of which I ate on the balance of the ride home. BEST FRENCH FRIES EVER! I had the Grilled Cheese and remaining Fries for lunch, and fell asleep on the LR couch from 3 until 6:30.

I garaged the Jeep for the night, and as temps were dropping, fired-up the furnace and watched the news, Jesse Watters, and switched-over to some early "Gold Rush" season, looking for a few unseen episodes. It was another "NBC" (Nothing But Crap) night on TV. I skipped the Crestor statin for tonight, and unplugged at 11p.

Tomorrow starts a new week, here in the "Journal" and I have the Annual Geisinger Health Wellness Check-Up here at my condo, with an RN from Geisingewr subsidiary Matrix Health, and a half-day Jeep Service; otherwise it's a clear week. And the coming weeks are even lighter on medical app'ts, as most Spring app'ts were in March and April. That'll increase towards the Fall. C'est LaVie.

Why The Left Fears Tucker Carlson.

As you likely have heard by now, Carlson left the Fox News Channel on Monday. There is of course wild speculation as to why Fox’s biggest star left the network.

The reaction has been a mix of shock and, in some circles, celebration.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was thrilled with the Fox move and posted a video saying that deplatforming “works.”

Ocasio-Cortez, a self-professed socialist, is apparently on the side of our current institutions smashing dissenters. Isn’t that interesting?

My biggest takeaway from Carlson’s exit from Fox News is that it represents a final break between “mainstream” corporate news and dissenting voices—whether on the Right or Left. I’d argue that even if you don’t like Carlson’s views, this is a worrisome moment for the United States.

Carlson was unique in that he gave airtime to stories almost nobody else wanted to touch. He extensively covered the Twitter files—revealing the disturbing ties between and among Big Tech, Big Business, and Big Government. He analyzed footage from Jan. 6, 2021, showing that what actually took place that day wasn’t in line with the narrative promoted by most legacy media outlets. He questioned the official narrative about Watergate and the role of intelligence agencies in American history.

Tucker Carlson was one of the rare dissenting voices on the war in Ukraine. Whether you agree with him or not on what the wisest U.S. policy is regarding support for Ukraine, isn’t it important that we keep an open mind about how best to serve American interests? After all, America faces immense challenges of its own, internally and externally.

We shouldn’t blindly trust our leaders and institutions to always do the right thing. Certainly not now, when they are so fully ideologically compromised. That should be particularly clear following the social unrest of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Afghanistan exit debacle, among other events in the past few years.

“Trust the science” was weaponized to mean “Do what you are told, or else.” Powerful people in powerful positions made bad, imperious calls with little consequence for them. Obvious failures have been glossed over without a reckoning for why they happened.

We left tens of billions of dollars in valuable military equipment behind in Afghanistan, where the Taliban quickly took over the country. Why did the Taliban seem to have a better handle on the situation than our military leaders?

“They couldn’t even secure a single runway,” Carlson said of our government’s actions in the days before the Afghanistan pullout. “And that’s the main lesson of the fall of Kabul. We are led by buffoons. They have no idea what they’re doing. We know that now. They’re imposters.”

Of course, no one in a high-level position lost their job or took full accountability for the disaster. Carlson supported the Afghanistan withdrawal, but rightly questioned why it was carried out so shambolically and with little subsequent accountability.

Apparently, the administration and most of the media are just going to let that slide. We should take that lesson and apply that to other important decisions for our country.

Writing a blank check for Ukraine aid is imprudent, whether we want more involvement in the conflict or less.

On Ukraine and countless other issues, Carlson has been willing to question the dominant narratives and even those of many people on his own side of the political aisle. Because of that, he made countless enemies on the Left and Right alike, especially those with power in the establishment.

The rise of Communist China is a unique threat to the country, as Carlson has discussed on his now-defunct show. How is the United States going to handle that threat with our other commitments? U.S. resources are vast, but not limitless. Assuming that we are still a self-governing people, we need to think clearly and seriously about our priorities.

Again, Carlson wasn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, and while doing that, he rose to become Fox’s biggest star. For that, he was called reckless. His detractors said he was only telling those in his audience what they wanted to hear.

There’s been little reflection as to why his anti-establishment message has resonated with so many people. It’s as though we are supposed to pretend that something hasn’t fundamentally changed about our country and way of life in the past few years.

If Tucker Carlson now decides to go independent, he will join the ranks of the outsiders on Substack and independent platforms who now have a much, much larger audience than traditional cable shows and legacy newspapers. He will almost certainly succeed in whatever his next project is and the anti-institutional forces will likely get stronger. But we’ve still lost something with his departure from Fox.

It means the establishment media environment will become an even more stultified echo chamber, where dissenting voices are ignored, silenced, deplatformed, and siloed.

That’s “good” for the establishment, for the time being. But getting rid of Carlson and anyone else like him from legacy platforms won’t make the reason for his popularity go away.

Remarkable changes are happening in our society, where the official, “approved” message from the media has been proved in many cases to be spectacularly wrong. As people seek answers elsewhere, we risk a large-scale societal snap, when there is a shock to the system and the truth is revealed. The truth will prevail, but at a much greater cost.

The great French observer of American life, Alexis de Tocqueville, remarked that widespread freedom of speech and oppositional journalism made Americans less susceptible to revolution. We were a people used to hearing debate and ideas that contradicted our own, a people with a healthy amount of skepticism, but not cynicism.

How long can institutions lose trust as independent voices take their place? Will those institutions swoop down and crush the independents, maybe even with the help of the government? It seems that’s already happening.

This isn’t a sustainable model for a free society. If our current path continues, we will either fall into tyranny, or there will be some kind of revolution. We should hope we at least begin to solve our problems before getting to either of those points.

So, my sense is that Fox News will probably be fine, even if diminished. Carlson will be better than fine, with perhaps a bigger audience than ever. It’s the country that we should worry about.

© 4.28.2023 by Jarret Stepman, ""19FortyFive.com"."


Tucker Carlson To 19FortyFive: I’m Still Employed By Fox.

“I’m still employed by Fox,” Carlson said in a text message to 19FortyFive. Carlson, however, did not go into detail why he believes his show was cancelled.

Until a week ago, Carlson had the most-watched show on cable news.

“I’m still employed by Fox,” Carlson said in a text message to 19FortyFive.

Carlson, however, did not go into detail why he believes his show was cancelled.

Vanity Fair published a rumor that his show got axed because Fox owner Rupert Murdoch was uncomfortable with the religiosity of his address at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary gala.

Tucker Carlson told 19FortyFive that would be hard to prove.

This confirms the ideas championed by former Fox star Megyn Kelly, who was Carlson’s predecessor in the 8 p.m. timeslot. Kelly stated on her Sirius XM show that Fox CEO Suzanne Scott contacted him Monday morning and told him he would not be allowed to do any more shows.

“He was kicked out of his company email, and now he has to negotiate an exit,” Kelly said. “Some reporting to me suggested that it’s going to be an amicable parting … completely catching Tucker off-guard.

Kelly continued: “Tucker’s not fired. That’s my information, that he still needs to negotiate the exit and that right now he’s not free to launch a podcast or a digital show or to negotiate with other employers at all because he’s still under contract. They pulled his show off the air. They also fired his executive producer Justin Wells.”

She also noted that Fox would not tell him why his show was cancelled.

“To me that’s so disheartening. He’s been at the company for years. He had been in the prime time for seven years and saw Fox News through one of its most difficult times in its history,” Kelly said.

Tucker Carlson and The Rumors

The lack of disclosure about the reason for the cancellation of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has touched off a firestorm of speculation in the media.

The Wall Street Journal, owned by Fox’s parent company Newscorp, speculated that Carlson’s internal emails unearthed due to the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit sealed his fate. Fox was forced to pay $787,500,000 in the lawsuit settlement.

Court documents show that Carlson had Mike Lindell on his program on Jan. 26, 2021, without any pushback. Carlson stated privately in a Nov. 9, 2020, email that he knew that Lindell’s claim of wide spread voter fraud was false. “….[F]alse claims of fraud can every bit as destructive as the fraud itself,” Carlson wrote. He also stated that privately in a Nov. 16, 2020 email that Trump surrogate Sidney Powell was lying about voter fraud claims.

Scott attempted to appease Lindell, whose MyPillow at the time was a major advertiser after Lindell attacked rival Newsmax, by sending him a handwritten note. She also approved having Lindell on Carlson’s program.

Carlson was livid that Fox executives refused to protect him from the blowback from the Dominion suit because he had not been a driving force in the false coverage.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Carlson developed a reputation with Fox executives of being unmanageable and that he ran roughshod over those whose opinions he disagreed with. He allegedly also was viewed as having viewed himself as untouchable.

When it came to the all-important bottom line with big advertisers, Tucker Carlson proved unpopular with them despite being wildly popular with his audience.

He also was listed as a defendant in a suit brought by Abby Grossman, a former booker on his program. The suit alleged he created a toxic work environment due to comments she claims he made that were derogatory to women.

Scott and Fox Corp Executive Chair Lachlan Murdoch made the decision to pull Carlson’s show, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Carlson remains locked in his contract at least through the November 2024 general election. He had been in negotiations on extending it until 2029.

It is likely that Carlson has clause in his contract that will keep the true cause of the cancellation of his show under wraps.

Fox rivals Newsmax, One America News, and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze each have expressed an interest in hiring Tucker Carlson once he becomes available.

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Joe Biden Confirms He's Going to Destroy the Economy Over the Debt Ceiling.

On Monday, a brief glimmer of hope emerged that Joe Biden might set his arrogance and senility aside to do what’s right for the nation. As RedState reported, the president invited House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to the White House in a move that seemed like a path back toward sanity.

Unfortunately, that hope has been dashed. Biden is apparently planning to tell McCarthy what he’s already told him. Namely, that he won’t negotiate any deal to raise the debt ceiling (Yahoo News).

President Joe Biden will not negotiate over the debt ceiling during his meeting with four top congressional leaders on May 9, but he will discuss starting “a separate budget process” to talk about spending priorities, the White House said on Tuesday.

Biden on Monday summoned the four Senate and House of Representatives leaders — two fellow Democrats and two Republicans — to the White House next week, after the U.S. Treasury warned the government could run short of cash to pay its bills as soon as June 1.

“He is not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. But the president “is willing to have a separate conversation about their spending, what they want to do with the budget.”

What an absolute cluster this has turned into. Why did Biden call a meeting if he plans to just reiterate his stubborn, economically suicidal position? And to be clear, that’s what this is. House Republicans have already passed a debt ceiling increase that includes a one percent spending increase on top of 2022 (i.e. already sky-high) spending levels. It also requires the government to take back unspent COVID-19 aid money, which seems like common sense three years on, and it cancels Biden’s student loan ploy, which has already been halted by the courts anyway.

In other words, Biden could offer a few concessions to McCarthy, solidify a bi-partisan deal, and basically lose nothing as far as his agenda goes. There is no risk here for the White House. Yet, the president refuses to even negotiate while the financial futures of millions of Americans hang in the balance. It’s an inexplicable decision given the tenuous nature of the economy, which has seen growth slow to a trickle as interest rates have risen.

On second thought, I take that back. It’s not actually inexplicable because I think the explanation is pretty simple when you think about it. Biden knows he’s already run the economy off a cliff. It’s just a matter of time before the remains slam into the ground and burst into flames. With that in mind, what better way to obfuscate from the damage he’s done than to force a debt default? Then he can blame the massive economic downturn that was going to happen anyway on Republicans.

That makes a heck of a lot more sense, doesn’t it?

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Biden to Double Cost of Electricity.

How many Americans can afford to pay twice as much for their utilities?

Americans can’t afford to buy food, so Biden decided that they also shouldn’t be able to heat their homes during the winter. After an “environmental” measure that would prevent a majority of the country from being able to afford new cars, Biden is now going after their power bills.

The latest EPA proposal would mandate ‘carbon capture’ at power plants. A study by MIT showed that carbon capture raises the cost of electricity from 30% to 50% depending on the type of plant. Another study by Australia’s Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis however showed that prices could actually climb as high as 95% to 175%.

Imagine your power bills doubling? That will be the final blow for millions of Americans.

Biden’s corrupt inflationary spending broke the economy and sent prices soaring. State environmental regulations in California, New York and other leftist areas increased the cost of electricity. Last year, 1 in 6 homes had fallen behind on their utility bills. A survey found that a third of households were cutting back on food and medicine to be able to heat their homes.

With more than 20 million households struggling, Biden decided to deliver the killing blow.

His administration’s illegal carbon capture mandates would hike electricity costs 30% to 175% and utilities will be forced to pass the cost of this expensive ‘green’ tech to their customers just as they are already being crushed under the burden of expensive and unreliable solar and wind systems. How many Americans can afford to pay twice as much for their utilities?

Not only would Americans pay more for the privilege of ‘carbon capture’ power, but the power plants would produce less power. Louisiana’s Cleco utility warned that its carbon capture experiment would cut power production by 30%. Pay more, get less: that’s carbon capture.

But that’s also all ‘green energy’.

Like most ‘green’ technologies, carbon capture is a scam. That’s not just a conservative position. Even the most fervent environmentalists, including Greenpeace, which calls it the “Great Carbon Capture Scam”, and the Sierra Club, have said it doesn’t work.

A Stanford study found that carbon capture actually increases air pollution.

A UC Berkeley study found that carbon capture would double water use which would be environmentally catastrophic in Southern California and other water-poor areas.

If carbon capture is unpopular with both conservatives and environmentalists, why is Biden so determined to impoverish Americans using a plan that both sides agree is a bad idea?

While carbon capture is a hypothetical technology that, like most green tech, doesn’t work, it does fulfill its primary purpose of making it too expensive for consumers to use power. Carbon capture technology doesn’t actually change anything about the environment, but it makes conventional gas and coal plants too expensive to operate.

And that is the whole point.

After being shut down by the Supreme Court which struck down the EPA’s power grab of regulating ‘carbon emissions’ , which is not a pollutant, the new move is meant to force power plants out of business so that they can be replaced with even more expensive and unreliable wind and solar. As expensive and inefficient as carbon capture is, wind and solar are monumentally more expensive and inefficient. A carbon capture mandate for power plants might hike power bills by 30% to 175%, but would in the long run be far more expensive than that when those plants are shut down and everyone is forced to depend on wind and solar.

While carbon capture is unpopular with environmentalists, some top Democrat donors have heavily invested in it including Bill Gates and George Soros. Carbon capture startups scored $882 million in capital last year so there’s a lot of Democrat donor money riding on it.

Millions of Americans will get poorer and freeze in the winter so Biden’s donors can get richer.

In the UK, which has even more fanatical environmental regulations than America, 50,000 people die every year because of “fuel poverty”. In December 2022, an estimated 1,000 people died because they couldn’t afford to heat their homes. Most of them were senior citizens.

This is the nightmare that Biden and his advisers want to bring to America.

France suffered its deadliest summer in a decade with thousands of deaths last year because of a lack of air conditioning. (The Biden administration has also been working to make air conditioners too expensive for working class Americans to afford.)

The EPA has tracked a growing increase in heat and cold-related deaths in America while falsely blaming them on its invented bogeyman of ‘climate change’ rather than environmental regulations that have made it too expensive for people to heat and cool their homes.

With a third of Americans struggling to pay their power bills, how many will die if Biden succeeds in illegally forcing carbon capture through and doubling power bills? With a population that is five times that of the UK and areas even colder, we could see as many as 250,000 deaths.

That is an outcome which environmentalists, who want a drastic reduction in the human population to ‘save the planet’, have enabled in the UK and which they are implementing here.

The Biden administration has destroyed our standard of living, is taking away our cars, our gas stoves and now wants us to freeze in the winter and suffer heat stroke in the summer. This brutal purge will enrich his donors and eliminate many of the elderly more likely to vote GOP.

The only thing carbon capture really ‘captures’ are our lives.

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