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the neo-nazi left

friday, may 10th, 2024

TThis spring, thousands of keffiyeh-wearing youth are marching in America’s streets, occupying its college campuses, and proclaiming their allegiance to Hamas, a terrorist organization which has already made its mark as one of the bloodiest, most inhuman and inhumane political armies on record. The chants calling for the killing of Jews and attacks on American ships make it clear that murder is their heartfelt aim.

Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out.

Who are these people? The most that anyone seems ready to say about them is that they are “protesters.” But it’s not as though they are protesting a right that has been taken away from them. They’re not “protesters” or “activists”, they’re supporters of a genocidal terrorist movement. They are a Neo-Nazi Left.

How could college faculty and students call for the murder of millions of Jews because they are Jews? The Sixties radicals who helped shape modern universities and the entire culture of the Left had once planned to kill millions of Americans after they seized control over the United States.

We know this from the testimony of Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the leadership of Weatherman, the first homegrown terrorist organization in America, which distinguished itself by setting bombs in the Capitol and the Pentagon, and killing cops. Grathwohld described sitting in a room with top leaders of the leftist group and asking them what would happen to the rest of the country when they took over.

“They estimated they would have to eliminate 25 million people,” Grathwohl recalled.

“I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees, from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people and they were dead serious.”

Of the men and women in that room, Bill Ayers became a professor of education and was the editor of ‘Teaching for Social Justice’. When he accepted a tenured position at the University of Illinois he developed close personal and political ties to Obama. Despite being in the ‘genocide’ room, Ayers responded to the campaign against Hamas by describing it as a “preannounced genocide by Israel being executed against the Palestinian people in Gaza.”

Ayers’ wife, Bernardine Dohrn, became a law professor at Northwestern, Jeff Jones, became a reporter and a political consultant, Mark Rudd became a professor, and both Rudd and Jones have worked on rebuilding the SDS.

After Oct 7, the National Students for a Democratic Society celebrated the Hamas murders, rapes and kidnappings. Florida State University’s SDS chapter called it, “a brave assault.”

How would the SDS view a similar assault on America? We already know.

The Weatherman plan for conquering America depended on a coordinated mass invasion of Marxist and Communist nations along with domestic terrorism and riots.

The Neo-Nazi Left doesn’t just want to see Hamas invade Israel and kill millions of Jews, its genocidal leaders want to see it and other Islamic terror groups invade America and kill millions of people. That’s why the Left is fighting to keep the border open so that every enemy force from drug cartels to terrorists can come across, set up shop here and take down the country.

That is the truth that must be told.

We make a fundamental mistake in not calling the Left what it is and exposing the true horror of its plans for all of us. And when we fail to do that, then we’re surprised at what comes next.

Why do we call it the Neo-Nazi Left? Because its goal is to impose a socialist state through the mass murder of millions of people, particularly but not exclusively Jews. Much as in Nazi Germany, those people include political dissenters and anyone else they see as standing in their way. What Stalin and Hitler failed to accomplish, they hope to achieve through many of the same methods.

What is happening at Columbia University, Yale and many other schools is not an aberration, like the Weathermen plans to kill 25 million Americans, it’s the truest expression of an ugly extremist movement that has learned nothing from its worst crimes in the twentieth century.

And we ignore their tactics and threats at our peril.

The ugliness is not an aberration. The Neo-Nazi Left glories in the worst of the Hamas atrocities the way that the Weathermen once grooved on the Manson murders.

“Dig It. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!” future Northwestern University law professor Bernardine Dohrn gloated at the notorious Flint war council.

Trying to shame the modern SDS and other leftist Hamas supporters with a recital of Jihadist atrocities, the families burned alive in safe rooms, murdered babies, raped women and beheaded immigrants fundamentally misunderstand the Neo-Nazi Left’s love affair with evil.

The Neo-Nazi Left has always thrived on atrocities. When it sees what Hamas did in Israel, it imagines doing the same things in American suburbs. And in fact debated whether it should kill white babies because after all “whiteness is the problem.” Make no mistake, the Neo-Nazi zealots who tear down hostage posters of babies and children would tear apart the actual kids if only they could.

The mission of the Neo-Nazi Left is to bring every one of those horrors home to America.

And after a century of bombings, subversion and indoctrination, its leaders believe that they are closer than ever to their ultimate goal. Backed by billion dollar foundations like the Soros network and the Ford Foundation, the Neo-Nazi Left has vast amounts of wealth and cultural influence. Its activists dominate college campuses, the entertainment industry and are developing a stranglehold on corporations. All that is standing in their way are the patriots who recognize them for what they are.

Most Americans, including conservatives, have been blinded to what the Neo-Nazi Left is. They believe that the Left agrees with them on basic principles and everything else is “just politics.” Killing babies because they’re Jewish or white isn’t just politics. It’s genocide.

The Hamas campus riots are a wake-up call about what the Neo-Nazi Left truly is.

That has been the message of the David Horowitz Center from its very beginning. We sounded a warning that there was no way to coexist with a movement driven by hate and bent on extermination.

And that is still our message today.

The Neo-Nazi Left cannot be negotiated with. There is no living alongside it. Either Americans defeat the Neo-Nazi Left or the Neo-Nazi Left defeats America.

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A Day In The Life.

Up at 8a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, took two 50mg Tramadol and a 300mg Gabapentin for various pains, fired-up the Win-7 Pentium HP desktop to let 32 million lines of code load, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the day's errand list.

It was a sunny, cool 57° -- 75° forecast for today -- clear skies outside, so I made some wonderful, light roast AAA Kenya Coffee, scanned the news and weather sites, and tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show LIVE" (CS Show) from 6-9a, and the "Chris Plante Show LIVE" (CP Show) 9-12noon, and finally to the Rob Carson Show LIVE (RC Show) 12-3p. The usual morning routine. The new bag of Kenya AAA Light Roast was somewhat lighter than I usually drink, but was very good.

In today's truly f•cked-up society, it seems that men make the best women.

Sherry's Pic

H/T Sherry!

In case the above pic isn't 'working' in here -- first time in 26+ years that I can't get a pic working -- here's that funny pic. (H/T Sherry!).

After an Egg Salad Sandwich on toast and Super Sweet (sugar free) Tea, I planted the recently-arrived Yellow Helleborus, grabbed an hour nap on the LR couch, as the multiple storm fronts approached from the southwest and south. I watched the evening news, Discovery's "Gold Rush: White Water", Discovery's "America's Backyard Gold" and NEWSMAX' "Chris Plante Right Squad" until 12:30a, and bagged it for the night.

Up at 9a on Saturday -- nice to sleep late -- a cloudy, rainy, mild 53°, I upped the heat, made Kenya AA Coffee, had a smoke in the garage and checked the news headlines and a few articles. I went thru a pile of email, worked on the week's "Journal" xHTML-5 and CSS tags with some new articles from around the Net, and just lounged around. As I do every morning when I'm sitting in the garage, having a Marlboro, I open the big door to get some fresh air, and it was "nippier" than usual, due to the rain's humidity, probably.

After BBQ for lunch, I did a little gardening before the rain, a little clean-up in the garage, and checked the F-1 Grand Prix of Miami times for tomorrow's race. After an early dinner, I watched History's "Greatest Mysteries", "The UnXplained" and found a movie on SyFy, called "Battle: Los Angeles", which was almost 3hrs, had very good special effects, and characters I remembered from some other good sci-fi movies. Heh. I missed the beginning, but it was on until 1a, and I unplugged.

Up at 9a on Sunday, to a rainy, 52° morning. I made coffee, had a smoke in the now-open garage to get some fresh air, and checked the news headlines. And it got me thinking.

Remember the ten thousand stories about Kristi Noem shooting her dog, years ago, on her S. Dakota farm? Now, there's all this BS crap college 'social justice for Gaza' protests and mini-riots, with 24/7 headlines. Think about the absence of the Immigration Crisis articles, and the absence of any Economy In The Dumper articles...

The "Free Palestine" crap is all fake, manufactured, bought-and-paid-for, phony baloney, astroturf, NOT 'organic' movements. It's been sponsored by Biden's corrupt, leftist regime and instigated by their hired outside left-wing agitators, whipped-up by the corrupt DNC-Corporate Media partners. IT'S ALL FAKE! PHONY CRAP! Shut-up about the social justice crap. It's done its intended job: take the tanking economy and immigration crisis disasters off the news, during the election cycle' front pages, hasn't it? And it looks awfully "January 6th Insurrection", to me. This'll go on thru November's GE (General Election). Count on it.

I lounged around for what was left of the morning, and finally at 11:45a went upstairs to get ready for the day, and start 1 of 2 loads of laundry. Meh. I also had an errand to do at Rite Aid, but may wait until the return trip from down south, after my usual trip to points south, and Dallastown. Nah. I finally had "breakfast" around 2p, started the laundry, and drove over to nearby Rite Aid Pharmacy. Back by 3:30p, Sherry stopped by around 5p, for a short while, on her way back home from Daughter Holly's shop in Hallam. I was watching the F-1 Miami Grand Prix -- Trump was there -- but would much rather spend time with Sherry.

We had a nice visit, some hugs and kisses, and she left for home. I had a BLT, watched the evening news, and because Sunday is an NBC (Nothing But Crap) night for TV, channel-hopped until 10;30p, and bagged it for the night.

Up at 5:30a on Monday, to a ***DENSE FOG ADVISORY***, 60°, and a heavily-overcast morning. I made Kenya AA Coffee, upped the heat, and tuned into the "CS Show LIVE". I had Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bread Toast for breakfast, and lots more coffee, while listening to the "CP Show LIVE", and getting some things ready for the afternoon's trip south. I left at `12:15p.

For once, traffic was not too bad, and I made good time from Dallastown back north to the pharmacy in East York, which is calling almost every day, now, as many of my 26 Rxs are renewing. PITA (Pain In The Ass). After getting home around 1:30, I unloaded, had lunch, and took a 2hr+ snooze on the LR couch. After a Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup for a light dinner, I watched the evening news, and spent the evening with Motor Trend's "Chasing Classic Cars" series from many years ago, and crashed at 11:30p.

Awake at 5a, I rolled over for another hour, and finally got up at 5:30, ZERO-DARK-THIRTY, 62°, Summer-like morning with birds aplenty outside. And another ***DENSE FOG WARNING*** was posted on the weather sites, again. I scanned the news sites' headlines, while savoring the Kenya AA Coffee, tuned into the "CS Show LIVE" and relaxed with the news stories. I opened the garage door to get some fresh air in, and had a couple smokes. It truly felt like a 62° Summer morning. By 7:30a, the sun was getting brighter and burning-off the fog. Damn, more tornado damage in Oklahoma, overnight. Just damn.

I skipped lunch, tuned into the "RC Show LIVE", until Sherry arrived at 1p. Just before she arrived, my trusty ol' (1996) HP Deskjet D1660 printer's output was turning to crap, so I troubleshot the problem, began to change ink cartridges, and found that all my basement storage, spare black/tri-color ink cartridges from 2023 and 2020(!), had dried-up and were now worthless. That process wasted an hour, and had my BP 'elevated'. Crap. We had a nice time together, and my BP re-normalized. And as usual, time went much too quickly, until she left after 5. I had some dinner, watched History's "Curse of Oak Island" series until 11:30, and bagged it for the day.

Up at 8a on Wednesday, to a heavily-overcast, Summer-like 70°, forecast to be an oppressive 90°, I left the AC at 72°, made coffee and tuned into the "CP Show LIVE" at 9, and scanned the news headlines. The nice thing about modern day, Talk Radio, is that one can leave the room, and come back in, 10-15mins later, and seemingly not miss a thing, with the brief topics being discussed. Hells bells, the cops no more than get the lowlife, subhuman, hate-America, leftists, commies, liberals, socialists, progressives, Marxists, fascists, anarchists etc, cleared out of universities and colleges, than they're back, like a bad case of diarrhea. As I said just 2-3 weeks ago, BREAK SOME HEADS, AND PUT THEM INTO THE ERs all around the country. KILL THEM, if possible.

I did a final load of weekend laundry, stopped listening to the "RC Show LIVE", and watched two videos: "The End Times: In the Words of Jesus Christ" (1hr) and "The Meaning of Yahweh and Hallelujah" (12:57mins); a nice break from the radio stuff. By 3p, temps had reached a slightly humid (25%) and 86°, and still climbing. I had a huge bowl of pasta & meatballs for lunch, and began crashing from the morning's caffeine, so that a LR couch 2hr nap was in my immediate future.

Sherry's Pic

H/T Sherry!

In case that link also doesn't show a pic (((sigh))), click here to get it. Damn2.

I woke after an hour's snooze, spent some time on the back patio, also snoozing, and came in for the 6p FNC news. I had a large salad for dinner, watched Discovery's "Expedition X" and "Ghost Adventures: House Calls" until 12midnight, and unplugged.

Up at 7:15a on Thursday, to an already 64°, overcast, morning w/ light showers. 64°? Damn; just too warm for this early in the season. I made coffee, had a smoke in the too warm garage, fired-up the Ol' HP Desktop and tuned into the "CS Show LIVE" until 9, and switched-over to the "CP Show LIVE". I checked the past 3 days' errands list, and had 2 past due stops to get done today. After lunch, I left at 1p. Done and back by 2:30, my HP Printer's new ink cartridges had arrived via Amazon, I installed the Black and Tri-Color units, and did some test pages. Nice. I had paperwork to finish-up, and a few small condo chores to get done before the weekend.

I skipped dinner, watched the evening news, and settled-in with Motor Trend's "Iron Resurrection" -- one of my long-time favorites -- until 11p. Lights out.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and I see another mostly-clear week ahead. MEMO TO SELF: Get some maintenance service scheduled on the Jeep done, soon.

Batshit Crazy Broads vs The Rest of Us.

This post has been a long time developing. Back during the #MeToo pogroms, and the pink pussy hats, and the screeching on Capitol Hill, and the Stalin-esque career-killing accusations and the disappeared men, I wanted badly to write something titled “Why Are Women so Angry?”—for watching #MeToo had been like watching the spread of a contagion, a mind virus, to use Elon Musk’s term, and a contagion that was spliting society further into two camps. Is that how the next civil war will break down? It's plausible...

This particular iteration of the same general idea—and taking it one step further with the notion that there could be a civil war and that’s how the divisions could break down—was given words for me by Bill Whittle, when I heard him speak at an American Freedom Alliance conference titled “The War on Men” where I was also a speaker.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t paying much attention to Whittle, even though he is hugely smart and entertaining. My turn was coming up. I was very nervous, so I was frantically going over my notes, when one line made me sit up straight in my chair. “The next civil war will be between bat shit crazy women and everyone else,” he said.

I’ve since learned that “bat shit crazy women” is a thing. There are memes, YouTube confessions and tee shirts (modeled by women) flaunting the status.

I guess his idea, in the context of a humorous talk, hit a nerve because it is my impression that women are far outpacing men in the really overtly crazy department. That doesn’t mean men aren’t having all sorts of breakdowns too, but these days they do it quietly with the slow suicide of drug addiction and withdrawal into NEET.

There is certainly a growing political divide between men and women. Women are more likely to be left-wing and in so far as left wing is crazy….

Miranda Devine of the New York Post commented on the political split in her column this very morning, for instance, while noticing that the recent rapturous embrace of the University of North Carolina frat boys who saved Old Glory from the Jihadis during pro-Hamas demonstrations on their campus (So far half a million dollars have been raised on GoFundMe to throw them a raver) is part of a growing societal disgust with censorious Karens, and a “manifestation of the growing political divide between men and women that has been evident in opinion polls for some time.”

“There is a 10-point gap on most issues between men and women,” she writes. “Young unmarried women, in particular, skew very left, while young men are becoming markedly more conservative…These toxic femmes gobbled up the unjust privileges of affirmative action and the punitive fakery that the #MeToo movement became and then found they were more miserable than ever.”

But instead of, say, admitting a mistake and reversing course, the new swaggering macha code demands that they “double down,” she writes, “offloading blame onto the patriarchy or toxic masculinity or whatever excuse they can find to avoid looking in the mirror.”

Now, rampaging leftism will certainly get you to crazy pretty fast, but it’s this quality of crazy even among women who aren’t overtly political: The quality is there in the blowsy thirty-something woman in the unflattering bike shorts and crop top doing an illegal climb to the top of a fragile Mayan pyramid in the Mexican jungle, where she does a bawdy dance (Instagram, don’t you know.) It’s the much older women having affairs with teenaged boys and then filming themselves (Trigger Warning! This is an actual YouTube genre) making out with much younger men, even boys. It’s the flagrancy, the exhibitionism, the unhingedness we saw so often during the Gaza Encampments among the women who often seemed to be leading the crusades and who, so often, just seemed to be using “Gaza genocide” as an excuse to get hysterical.

The New York Times reports that the NYPD “showed that most of the more than 100 people arrested in the sweep of Hamilton Hall and other parts of campus on Tuesday evening were in their late 20s, white and female. The average age was 27; more than half were women.”

There are actually good reasons (not excuses, reasons) why Bat Shit Crazy contagion should be at peak right about now:

We’re still living in a world Feminism 2.0 shaped for us.

Feminism 2.0 was unleashed upon the world sometime in the mid-seventies. That means most women grew up in a landscape shaped for them, without their permission, by feminism’s second wave, which got a disproportionate amount of attention and therefore had a disproportionate influence on the culture.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of one good thing the feminism of the Friedans, the Steinems, and the Robin Morgans accomplished. We’d gotten the vote and property rights. There was nowhere for these bossy, entitled, generally privileged control freaks to go but into the workplace, the church, the classroom, the home and the bedroom.

The Second Wave bestowed the idea that “the personal is political,” which brought political theory about oppressors and victims into every area of life, including the most nuanced and crucial areas of marriage and sex. This has been a disaster for marriage, for child-bearing, for heterosexual bonding.

Self-awareness was also chased out of the arena. As far as I can tell, one’s not supposed to look within, to examine one’s motives, to be self-critical, to consider the ways in which one’s behavior might have contributed to one’s situation.

Of course one of the sisters’ first acts was to exile Freud from civilized society. He’s the king of looking within first to understand one’s fate.

Now there’s always something external to blame. To think of ways to improve is to cooperate with the forces of patriarchy. Someone is trying to body shame you or install a Glass Ceiling. If you feel uncomfortable in a profession (I see this often with women and law), it’s not that you might be tempermentally unsuited for that profession, you’re just picking up sexist dog whistles trying to turn you back.

“Rationality is itself a masculinized concept,” explains one feminist. “Anger is one of those highly gendered emotions and, as an emotion categorized as male, has long been denied to women. That’s exactly what makes it one of the most powerful resources women have to combat our oppression — it is the fuel for our liberation.”

You Go Girl!

Add moral relativism and the waning influence of the church and synagogue which delienate what goodness and evil look like, and post-Second Wave generations of young women were left without brakes, without guidelines, without boundaries. Everything is permitted—except violence to the climate, I suppose. Men get some introduction to a moral code and the notion of trying to do better on sports teams and often on their less-forgiving, more embodied jobs, where success and error are much clearer.

Meanwhile having thoroughly chased men away from marriage and fathering, childless women over the age of, say, thirty, are prone to suffer…certain biologically-based longings. This discontent, this sense of emptiness of the childless, hits especially hard in middle-age which explains the Bat Shit Crazy Syndrome on Steroids for Women of a Certain Age, as seen recently in the E. J. Carrol v. Donald Trump matter which I wrote about in January.

The Sexual Revolution still casts a shadow.

Second Wave Feminism absolutely detested hard-wired biologically based sex differences for some reason (was it the narcissistic insult that something had been preordained, decided for you? That’s certainly behind the trans-craze and its notion of “genders assigned at birth.”)

Flailing against the reality of biologically based sex differences, they then did tremendous damage by teaching young women that female and male sexual response are identical. They mocked girls’ impulses toward modesty, timidity, and any need for delay. Gifted with this deluge of biological/psychological misinformation, those generations of women then lived with totally unnecssary self-doubt and misery.

Men and women are radically different. This is what makes for the specially potent attraction but also what makes communication and successful pairing very difficult.

Paradoxically, in other words, the Sexual Revolution left behind at least two (are we at three now?) generations of women who have experienced long bouts of sexual loneliness. Teenaged girls grew up knowing nothing about normal female sexual response and felt shame when they did not feel compelled to act like their male cohorts, when they found, for instance, hook up culture so deeply unsatisfying.

Ask the experts (if you can’t just ask your grandmother) solid female arousal depends on time. It’s actually hard-wired. An investment of time is a sign that a man might invest time when it’s needed most, during the years of pregnancy and child-raising. So women get turned on by someone who has gone to the trouble of trying to seduce them, but the elements of seduction, which starts with glances, casual, but usually complimentary, comments, and casual touches, have been driven out of the public sphere by sexual harassment regulations. In the modern workplace, at a college, even glances can be dangerous.

So, women under the age of about 80 actually have good reason to be angry, but they’re misdirecting their anger—at men instead of the feminists who have been shaping public policy since the mid-seventies. The Sexual Revolution was a terrible deal for women, and eventually for men too.

Unmonitored testosterone use.

I don’t know how widespread this phenomenon actually is but I know that it’s out there. Abigail Shrier might have a reputable number because of her research on gender “transitioning,” but just spend a short time spent on Reddit where young women compare notes on how to procure prescriptions from Dr. Feel Goods, and you will get an eyeful of the self-dosing craze. Too much testosterone, of course, makes you crazy, like foaming at the mouth, very aggressive crazy.

Is all of this a recipe for civil war? Probably not.

People who throw around the notion of an incipient civil war seem to forget that wars still depend on a huge supply of young men, fit and motivated enough for that “bitter arithmetic” and, what with very real testosterone deficits among men these days, we barely have enough sufficiently aggressive men to fill our regular army.

So we may not see civil war (at least along these lines) any time soon, but we can expect lots more Bat Shit Crazy before a new CINC can help restore sanity.

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Biden plans to import the Death to America voting block.

Biden has said and done a lot of colossally stupid things. We now have one more for the pile, and it’s a biggie.

He plans to import Palestinians from Gaza. This is stupid beyond belief. Now for some background.

Back in 2005 Israel departed from Gaza

On September 12, 2005, Israel completed its unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip, as the last IDF soldiers left the coastal area after 38 years of Israeli presence.

The disengagement plan was put forward by then prime minister Ariel Sharon to “lead to a better security, political, economic and demographic situation,” according to the text of the plan. Sharon hoped that the plan would reduce friction with the growing Palestinian population in the Strip.

Over 9,000 Israeli citizens living in 25 settlements were evicted from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria in the West Bank as part of the plan, with Israel withdrawing all of its forces from Gaza and redeploying along new deployment lines.

In 2006 elections were held in Gaza and Hamas won a plurality of the vote and now fully controls Gaza. It has not held another election after that. Since then, Hamas has instigated four wars against Israel. Billions of dollars for relief have poured into Gaza since 2006. Hamas has loads of cash but spends its money on weapons and war while poverty reigns among its people.

The unemployment rate in Gaza is 47% and more than 80% of its population lives in poverty, according to the United Nations. Hamas, however, has funded an armed force of thousands equipped with rockets and drones and built a vast web of tunnels under Gaza. Estimates of its annual military budget range from $100 million to $350 million, according to Israeli and Palestinian sources.

As the U.S. House and Senate will be asking in separate hearings Wednesday and Thursday, where does all that cash come from?

Since coming to power in the Gaza Strip 17 years ago, Hamas has filled its coffers with hundreds of millions in international aid, overt and covert injections of cash from Iran and other ideological partners, as well as cryptocurrency, taxes, extortion and smuggling, according to current and former U.S. officials and regional experts.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas attacked Israel.

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — A grisly montage of video and photographs of Hamas’s massacre of hundreds of civilians across southern Israel last week highlights the savagery of the attack and the ease with which the militant group appeared to operate inside Israel.

The footage that the Israeli military showed foreign correspondents Monday included a photo of a burnt baby. It showed gunmen shooting the dead bodies of civilians in cars, militants in the process of beheading a body with a hoe, burnt corpses thrown in a dumpster.

The briefing with reporters came as Israel cut off vital supplies to the Gaza Strip and pounded the territory with airstrikes. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers massed outside the territory ready to invade in response to the Hamas assault in which more than 1,400 people were killed.

Palestinians overwhelmingly support the attacks on Israel. Seventy percent of Palestinians believe that Hamas was correct to slaughter Israelis and support has only grown since the attacks.

Basically, Palestinians are Hamas. They cheered as the bodies of Israelis were paraded through the streets.

This is what Biden wants to bring here. They hate America. Other Middle Eastern countries want nothing to do with them.

What could possibly go wrong?

BTW, this is all about Michigan.

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Can The Current Universities Be Saved?

Elite higher education in America—long unquestioned as globally preeminent—is facing a perfect storm. Fewer applicants, higher costs, impoverished students, collapsing standards, and increasingly politicized and mediocre faculty reflect a collapse of the university system.

The country is waking up to the reality that a bachelor’s degree no longer equates with graduates being broadly educated and analytical. Just as often, they are stereotyped as pampered, largely ignorant, and gratuitously opinionated.

No wonder polls show a drastic loss of public respect for higher education and, specifically, a growing lack of confidence in the professoriate.

Each year, there are far fewer students entering college. Despite a U.S. population 40 million larger than 20 years ago, fertility rates have fallen in two decades by some 500,000 births per year.

Meanwhile, from 1980 to 2020, room, board, and tuition increased by 170 percent.

Skyrocketing costs cannot be explained by inflation alone, given that campuses have lightened faculty teaching loads while expanding administrative staff. At Stanford, there is nearly one staffer or administrative position for every student on campus.

At the same time, to vie for a shrinking number of students, colleges began offering costly in loco parentis counseling, Club Med-style dorms and accommodations, and extracurricular activities.

As applicants grew scarcer and expenses went up, universities began offering “full-service” student-aid packages, heavily reliant on government-subsidized student loans. The collective indebtedness of over 40 million student borrowers is nearing $2 trillion.

Worse still, an entire new array of therapeutic majors and minors appeared in the social sciences. Most of these gender/race/environmental courses did not emphasize analytical, mathematical, or oral and written skills. Such course work did not impress employers.

Faculty hiring had become increasingly non-meritocratic based on diversity/equity/inclusion criteria. New faculty hires have sought to institutionalize self-serving DEI and recalibrate higher education to prepare a new generation for self-perpetuating radical ideologies.

At the more elite campuses, racial quotas vastly curtailed the number of Asian and white students. But that racialist social engineering project required dropping the SAT requirement and comparative ranking of high school grade point averages.

As less well-prepared students entered college, faculty either inflated grades (80 percent are A/A- now at Yale), watered down their course requirements, or added new soft-ball classes. To do otherwise while attempting to retain old standards earned targeted faculty charges of racism and worse.

Another way to square the circle of rising costs and fewer and poorer students was to attract foreign students. They pay the full costs of college, especially those on generous stipends from the Middle East and China. Nearly a million foreign nationals, the majority from illiberal regimes, are now here on full scholarships.

While here, many see their newfound freedoms as invitations to attack America. Once here, they too often romanticize the very autocratic governments and illiberal values of their homelands that they seemingly sought to escape by coming to America.

Most foreign students assume they are exempt from the consequences of violating campus rules or laws in general. After all, they pay the full cost of their education and thus partially subsidize those who do not.

Almost half of all those enrolled in college never graduate. Those who do, on average, require six years to do so.

All these realities explain why teenagers increasingly opt for trade schools, vocational education, and community colleges. They prefer to enter the work force largely debt-free and in demand as skilled, sought-after tradespeople.

Most feel that if the old general education curriculum has been destroyed at weaponized universities, then there is no great loss in skipping the traditional BA degree. A far better selection of demanding and well-taught classes can be found online at a lower cost.

The result is a disaster for both higher education and a wake-up call for the country at large.

Entire generations are now suffering from prolonged adolescence as they drag out college to consume their early and mid-twenties. The unfortunate result for the country is a radical delay in marriage, childbearing, and home ownership—all the time-honored catalysts for adulthood and the responsibilities that come with it.

Politicized faculty, infantilized students, and mediocre classes have combined to erode the prestige of college degrees, even at once elite colleges. A degree from Columbia no longer guarantees either maturity or preeminent knowledge but is just as likely a warning to employers of a noisy, poorly educated graduate more eager to complain to Human Resources than to enhance a company’s productivity.

Yet it may not be all that unfortunate that much of higher education is going the way of malls, movie theaters, and CDs. The country needs far more skilled physical labor and less prolonged adolescence and debt.

STEM courses, professional schools, and traditional campuses are better insulated from mediocrity and should survive. Otherwise, millions more starting adulthood at 18 debt-free and fewer encumbered, ignorant, and entitled at 25 is not a bad thing for the country.

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Servants of Christ First -- Conservatives Second.

There is a demonic massive power shift underway in Washington D.C. today, which has fully abandoned our Judeo/ Christian heritage and founding principles (1 Tim 4:1-3; 2 Tim. 3:1-5)! Many evangelical Christians are seeing this EXPONENTIAL shift and change in our country toward a demonic secular, socialist state – especially in the last ten years – which is, quite frankly, scaring them to death!

This concern is noteworthy and quite merited in light of the significant changes that are now happening, but many Evangelicals are IGNORANT of the Scriptural prophecies (predictions) describing these very events. They are stumbling over and wondering what Almighty God has been allowing to transpire here in the U.S.A. which is leading many to compromise and abandon the Word of God and Almighty God's precious promises for good intentions and unregenerate false prophets of optimism. This EXPONENTIAL and rapidly shifting social/ political environment combined with a lack of understanding of what Almighty God’s Word clearly teaches about the day we live in HAS MADE for great confusion.

The ETERNAL sovereignty of Almighty God will shipwreck a believer who does not understand nor seeks God's perfect will for one's life.

Many Evangelicals today are doubting and becoming offended by Almighty God’s providential management of the current status of the United States. The ETERNAL sovereignty of Almighty God will shipwreck a believer who does not understand nor seeks His perfect will for one's life. It has also unified political evangelicals with other apostate "Christian" conservative groups under the "Name" of Jesus Christ bringing together both group's relative beliefs of who Jesus Christ is. This apostasy and ecumenicalism is bringing to the forefront the reality that many DO NOT truly have a saving relationship to the Christ of Holy Scripture. There is absolutely nothing wrong in working with other apostate "Christian" conservatives for the here and now but when they UNIFY under the Name of Jesus in a relativistic way there can only be confusion and the horrific ETERNAL ramifications that will follow (Matt. 7:21-23, 2 Tim. 3:7, 2 Peter 3:16, Rev. 20:11-15, 22:15). In light of our day, the Holy Scripture explains quite clearly what the Last Days would be like, and Almighty God expects His dear children NOT to be ignorant and foolish but wise and understanding about our day in which we are living in (Matthew 24; 1, 1 Thess. 4:13-18, 2 Thess. 2:3, Timothy 4:1-3).

"This know also, that in the last days, perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth (2 Tim. 3:1-7)."

We as Evangelicals and Conservatives here in America should do all we possibly can to slow the EXPONENTIAL decaying process of this “dying corpse” of a once-great nation by being the salt of the earth and light of the world, as Christ taught (Matt. 5:13-14). However our faith and hope should NEVER rest in Washington D.C., or the Constitution, or even in practicing our Judeo/ Christian conservative ideology (Jer. 17:5-9). Our faith and hope need to be ANCHORED and ROOTED in Almighty God and His precious ETERNAL promises. The days of seeking to restore America to its former glory are well over. Wake up, my Beloved! Our nation - and the entire world - has been decimated from the ongoing transgressions against the spiritual and natural laws of Almighty God (Isaiah 24:5). We are at the point of no return, the bottom of the vortex-like it or not. This is a hard pill of reality for many Evangelicals and Conservatives to swallow, but it must!

These days in which we are living in are the catalyst leading to the soon-approaching Day of the Lord, the Battle of Armageddon, and Lord Jesus Christ's glorious second coming to earth to establish His 1000 Year Kingdom!

Praying (petitioning) for our nation (1 Timothy 2:1-4), having Tea Parties, calling our representatives and elected officials, being up to date on the issues, living out our Judeo/ Christian ideals, etc... is all fine and dandy, but DO NOT deceive yourselves into thinking that all of this effort and wishful thinking will re-establish a “Christian” conservative America or a “Christian” conservative utopia here on earth, with the gullible imagination that we will all live happily ever after. Again, my friend, we have passed the point of no return in this regard. The steak has been left out in the sun too long and is totally spoiled.

This delusional reasoning is the Satanic Kool-Aid of the day that is being peddled by “religious” conservatives (Rom. 10:2-4, 2 Cor. 11:13-15) who do not honor or know not Almighty God in Spirit and Truth (Matt. 7:21-23; John 4:24; Jude 1:3-4). Many Evangelicals at present are drinking this poison and passing the jug around. Many are departing the faith and sound doctrine and apostatizing into many subtle isms. (1 Tim. 4:1-3; 2 Peter 2:1). Warning, Be not deceived!

Sadly, many Evangelicals today are oblivious to this Biblical reality. These have submersed themselves into the current events of the day and the restoration of Washington and it has absolutely consumed all of their time and energy. They have constructed a wall of worry, ignorance and temporal foresight so high that they cannot see and comprehend the hour and day in which we are living in. These days in which we are living in are the catalyst leading to the soon-approaching Day of the Lord, the Battle of Armageddon, and Lord Jesus Christ's glorious second coming to earth to establish His 1000 Year Kingdom! (2 Thess. 2:2-3, Rev 16:13-16, 19:11-21).

My friend, there is a Big Bad Tribulation headed our way and nothing is going to stop that event from transpiring.

My friend, there is a Big Bad Tribulation headed our way and nothing is going to stop that event from transpiring. These have set their “tent pegs” deep in the world's reasoning and system, and their affections are on the things of temporal time. These have given a distant second status to their position in Christ and the Gospel proclamation to all the world (Matt. 28:19-20; Rom 1:16). They have lost their ETERNAL vision and focus, and the Heavenly calling given them by Almighty God, which is needed so drastically for today for our nation and world (1 Cor. 2:5; 2 Cor. 5:17-21; Eph. 1:3; Col. 3:1).

Our Hope and future expectations are not to be found in this passing world but only in Almighty God and His eternal promises (1 John 2:15-17).

Our Holy admonition from Almighty God is that we are to be Christ’s servants (slave) first, and conservative patriots second. This is the proper order for the child of God (John 1:12) today.
Remember my Evangelical Conservative friends, The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and a big bad tribulation (Matt 24) is at our doorstep called "The Day of the Lord". May the Lord Jesus Christ have first place in our lives and may His glorious Gospel message be proclaimed in these Last Days (1 Cor. 10:31, 2 Cor. 5:17-21).

To God be the glory!

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