Friday, May 11, 2001

If anyone ever asks me about the tens of thousands of bird mates, hundreds of duck pairs and dozens of geese couples regularly visiting and nesting upon my 20 acre Garden Center & Nursery property all year long, they'll get an earful. I feed them 100-200lbs of seed each month, all year long. That way, they stay on the property, nest, rear young, consume insects and other undesirables — wish I could include liberal democRATs in that medley — and cleanse the property for my customers and staff. Over the years, I've gone to extraordinary lengths to insure their feeding and survival. The Blizzard of '96 is but one example, where I fed dozens of pairs of nesting birds daily, who were trapped nesting in my 4 large greenhouses, while 48" of snow covered the ground. They'd have starved if I hadn't mixed fisherman's worms with bread, milk and birdseed and served it to them daily. (Yuk.) But they survived the ordeal and are still here. No, they don't alight on my finger upon my whistle; they're wild birds. But they "know" who made their survival possible that year, and they've fostered many offspring since then. I'm a Grandpa many times over. Yo-ho-ho.

Around The Garden Center.
Yeah sure, the Net and My Job I've made me fat by ignoring my health and exercise regimen, over the past 6 years. My fault, definitely. No one elses'. The 30lbs I need to loose, since my divorce (mercifully) back in '96, has stayed around and prospered nicely, nothankyouverymuch, to 60lbs. Prior to that episode, I was 175lbs (at 5'10"), seemingly forever.
Lately, I'm running into other so-called Boomers, dissatisfied with their career choices, who ask me: How hard was the work when you left NYC and started John Shelley's Garden Center & Nursery? Were you ready to sacrifice so much for your dream business? Was paying the price worth it? (Ummmm, I won't go into that area without quite a few Single Malt Scotches on my score card.) "Go ahead and do what you dream about; I was lucky in that I could afford to, and did.", I say everytime. It is worth the trials and tribulations. Trust me.
The record-setting, scorching heat has been sitting on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast for several days, and it's starting to feel like The Dog Days outside. The heat and humdidity were oppressive. To my way of thinking, this kind of heat is not a good omen of things to come: major league drought, perhaps? Worse?
Last weekend, we were swamped. Too few staffers and too many customers at the Garden Center. The oppressively hot weather had abated when a cool front moved through Friday evening, and that brought people out in greater numbers than I expected.
The controversy regarding York's (PA) current mayor during the '69 race riots has now been picked-up by the liberal national media; surprising in and of itself, since Charlie Robertson is a democRAT. Usually, they try to sweep the truth under the rug and obstruct such an investigation, as the NY Times and Washington Post did all through the awful terrible corrupt Clintoon years. The local papers have been at coverage hot and heavy, too.
Sunday after work, I grilled Shish-Kebabs and pan-seared New Potatoes and Bay Scallops in Cajun Sauce for lunch at the Garden Center during the week, for the Staff and I. Yum. Years ago, I wanted to do some family "events" for my staff and friends during the Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day Holidays, but we were always "working". I have my family's old ('54) original Weber Kettle charcoal at the Garden Center, so it's easy to whip up some steaks or burgers at a moment's notice.
On Tuesday, I took the Garden Center's 17ft box delivery truck and drove to a large wholesale greenhouse just north of Baltimore, to replenish our greenhouses' foliage plants after losing most everything to freezing cold last December, in an ice storm. I stopped for gas along I-83, just inside Maryland, and got a shock: plus 89 octane at an Exxon for $1.83.9/ gal and premium 92 octane at $1.98.9/ gal. I'll say it again: $3.00 per gallon gas isn't all that far away. Heck, I'm paying $1.75.9/ gal for 89 octane fuel now.
Time to get over it and move on.

Faux Pas, GOP Style.
Sure, W's made a few, but not nearly as many as the bumbling idiot Bubba Jeffy Clintoon & Co. They were pathetic and comical, to the point of treason. I suggest the yellowdog Chi-Com scumfilth are mistaken. Big time.
Conservation isn't the answer, W; building more refineries and reactors, is. Screw the Green scum. America is 25-30 years behind in infrastructure (supply capability). Thank the lowlife scumbag wackos at The Sierra Club et al for California's "dilemma and crisis". VP Dick Cheney is correct.
The US voted off the UN's Human Rights Commission? Good first step, W. So what. We should get outta the socialist-communist UN completely, throw the lowlife Third World scumfilth outta the US (NYC) and develop all the property the UN takes up now, worth trillions of dollars. This is ironically rich: slimehole, murderous states such as China, Sudan, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Togo, Syria, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Cuba are elected in "good standing" to the UN Human Rights Commission; the US is not. Any American with a functioning brain should be able to see that it's time to get out of the UN and kick the lowlife scumbags outta NYC. C'mon W, get the stinking UN outta here! The tyrants are now in charge.
All right, it really is time to kick the lowlife subhuman UN outta the US and dump the fascist-communist-socialist third world scumbags back into the f*cking gutter, where they came from and belong. I've been saying this for 15 years. In another embarrassing blow, the United States lost its seat on an international drug monitoring body the same day it was voted off the U.N. Human Rights Commission, U.N. and U.S. officials confirmed Monday. Peru, India, Brazil and Iran — four of the biggest illegal drug exporting countries — also won seats. Natch.
The UN is dogshit and they're trying to "punish" the US because: 1) we decided to pull out of the Kyoto agreement to reduce global warming and to move ahead with a new missile defense system, 2) we rejected the treaty to ban land mines, 3) the U.S. Senate’s 1999 refusal to ratify the nuclear test ban treaty and more recent coolness toward the creation of an international criminal court. I agree with all of the above. f*ck the UN. Get out and watch the lowlife filth organization collapse. Simply freezing dues won't work, guys and gals.
Then there's the incident of 2 missing pages from W's Budget, which delayed last week's important vote until this week, and gave the subhuman fudge-packing, rump-raiding filth Barney "The homo" Frank ammo to criticize the administration.

Lowlife, lib-democRAT Slimeballs.
Lessee, NJ Sen lowlife scumbag Bobby "Gimme Some Money" Torricelli is a crook. Ohio Rep Jimmy "Beam Me Up" Traficant is probably also a crook; yet he's one of the very few democRATs with a functioning brain and the guts to do the right thing. I hope he beats the corrupt DOJ charges.
Now the lib-dem slimefilth are censoring Bugs Bunny cartoons for "political correctness". That's how f*cked-up America has become.
Still think the GOP "stole the 2000 Election"? Read this about what the lib-dems did in Missouri.
Read about what the rump-raiding, fudge-packing lib-dem filth are doing to today's college students: "sensitivity training". Calling Whites "racists" and "evil". This is essentially Soviet psychiatry and the re-education camps of some Communist countries, such as Maoist China. There, re-education attempted to replace "bad" personal attitudes with ones that served the purpose of the state. This is the liberal filth's agenda for our children's future.

Amazing, Just Amazing.
Here's the story of the NYC Board of Education — so chocked full of lib-dem filth that they think an AIDS-riddled homo child molester teacher is normal — not doing the right thing and having a pedophile homo arrested and imprisoned, but rather keeping him on the job, sodomizing other 9 year olds and possibly infecting them too.
More proof that money can buy and pervert Justice in America. Like we didn't already know that, right?
No, Darryl Strawberry does need to go to prison for a long time, as does Robert Downey Jr. Both are cocaine-addicted trash and continued "coddling" by the f*cked-up US Legal System won't work. 15-20 in prison will.
Still afraid to classify this heinous robbery, rape and murder of 5 whites by 2 blacks as a "hate crime", the lowlife authorities in Wichita, Kansas, are cowards and are concealing the truth. Seems everyone there is terrified to say that black criminals can commit a hate crime against whites; the shit for brains lib-dem filth have brainwashed the country into thinking that only whites can commit such crimes. I have no such problem in saying it. Go ahead, ask me.
This is stinking race-baiting bigot bullshit: indicting the Cincinnati police officer for negligent homicide charges and a count of obstructing official business in the shooting of 19-year-old punk lowlife Timothy "I'm A Lowlife Criminal" Thomas on April 7th. Pure bullshit. I'll take the cop's word any day over a criminal's. Wouldn't you?
Some parents in Louisiana are fighting back against a state policy that allows school officials to paddle children who misbehave. Huh? Children misbehaving? Sure, they should get their sorry asses smacked, just as we did in school back in the 50s and 60s. The reason the kids misbehave is their screwed-up lib-dem moron parents don't discipline them at home. In fact, beat the shit out of the parents, too. You have my permission. And throw the ludicrous lawsuits out.
NYCs homo and dyke filth have gotten a school to ban Mother's Day and Father's Day. Rodeph Sholom school, affiliated with a Reform Jewish synagogue, educates kids from age 2 through sixth grade. Tuition runs around $15,000 a year for pre-kindergarten, and just under $20,000 for grade 6. Just pitiful are the lowlifes who run that school, bowing to subhuman homo filth scum. Read the story and wince.
Nathaniel Brazill, the 14-year-old charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of his teacher, should charged as an adult, which they've done, and executed. Apparently 55% of other Americans agree with me. Murder is murder, afterall.
If she'd been carrying a gun, as is her 2nd Amendment Right, this wouldn't have happened the way it did. I'm never without my Colt Trooper MKIII .357 Magnum or my Glock 9mm; had I seen it happen, he'd be a corpse. End of story.
Oh boy, here they go again: another scumbag lawsuit, this time against Xerox, one of the best companies who try to accommodate "victim mentality" blacks. They somehow think they're "entitled" to great jobs, large paychecks and preference, just because they're black, without having to work for it, as whites have done. Back to the jungle, folks.

The Death Penalty.
Needless to say, with 3,700+ pieces of subhuman filth awaiting their date in Hell, execution is grossly under-used as a tool to rid society of the dregs, garbage and trash which plague us everyday. Bed wetting, hand wringing, liberal idiots would fruitlessly argue otherwise that it is "cruel and inhumane". But hey: what about what was done to the dead victim? Color is not an issue; never has been with me. Convicted murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors of all stripes richly deserve death. Society deserves a break from such filth.

The Looney Tunes Character Gallery.
Re-acquaint yourself with the Forgotten Looney Tunes Characters who didn't quite make the cut. Here you'll meet Sniffles the Mouse, a friendly alcoholic rodent who chugs 250-proof cough syrup to cure his "code in da nose." Meet Mot the Martian Baby, a bright green toddler who manages to simultaneously appear loveable and horrifying. In the "Grandma We Don't Use Words Like That Anymore" department, you'll find Slowpoke Rodriguez, the catatonic cousin of Speedy Gonzalez, and an African character named Inki. The real find of the site, however, is Cecil the Turtle, the smart, self-effacing critter who was the only character to actually outwit Bugs Bunny. But where there's a hare, there has to be a tortoise, right?

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