the joke's on us
Friday, May 12, 2000

Yep, you betcha Bubba's laughing all the way to wherever he's going after he leaves the stained Office of President. Hopefully, to Hell or prison, where he belongs. He's gotten away with so many crimes and scams in eight dreadfully long years. But the evil legacy the son-of-a-bitch has left is damming. Oh, as a society, we'll recover allright, but it'll take years of vigilance and rebuilding the Nation's moral and ethical foundation from being torn asunder by the stinking Clintonista filth. shit-for-brains Billy Bob Clintonite is still joking about his crimes and refusing to take responsibility for lying, perjury, suborning perjury and obstruction of justice. They call it shape-shifting; common amongst minorities, who believe in that false religious shit. Anyone with a "functioning brain" gets past that threshhold quickly. "Morphing" is something well-balanced, normal people don't do. It's a by-product of mental instability: hence, liberal, democrat, scum, filth, liar, lowlife, Clintonistas. Where's Lee Harvery Oswald when the Nation really needs him?

Around The Garden Center.
Wow, was I ever wrong: Summer arrived with a vengeance and bypassed the gentle month of May and Spring altogether. Temps in the 90-96°F range arrived last weekend and stayed around, making the transition from Spring to Summer very short. The humdidity was also a major factor in my discomfort index. I'm going through 2-3 GC&N Staff shirts each day now as well as Staff baseball caps; luckily I remember how to use the washing machine in my condo on a daily basis.
Last weekend was very busy, setting dollar and people records once again. Hey, it's Spring, err Summer, and gardeners will be gardeners. The sale of large trees is amazing; once again the Big Trees or Fast Trees ad brings them in by the hundreds in both Spring and Fall.
Once again, be very careful when you see the local ads touting "free bio solid fertilizer"; it's toxic waste and can harm you, your family and pets, the water and the land. Don't use it in any form, despite the offer in local newspapers. The EPA and local governments are trying to circumvent federal and state laws about human waste disposal.
It didn't bother me at home or at the office; all machines had the latest Norton/ Symmantec Virus Def's, and weren't running MS Outlook 98 & 2000. I was purposely running Netscape 4.72. Hey, once in a while I get lucky. It was my turn. But we're in for far, far, much, much worse!
Unleaded 89 Octane gas has dropped to $1.36.99/gallon around the York area. Just three weeks ago, it was at $1.46.99/ gallon and climbing. Simply amazing what an OPEC production increase can do in such a short time. Diesel fuel is still around $1.72.99/ gallon, and since the weather here is in the 80s and low 90s, people aren't paying a small fortune anymore to heat their homes, but the commercial truckers hauling freight cross-country, still are.
In the "Continuing Saga of When I Recovered My Health", I'm getting all kinds of feedback and reports from medical personnel after lots of tests. The saga continues. And yes, I've always used lots of extra-virgin olive oil.
A huge storm system blew through on Wednesday afternoon, late, dropped 40-50mph winds, pea-sized hail and heavy rain on the Mid-Atlantic Region. Trees were shredded and leaves in tiny pieces piled up along the roads. Yep, it's not uncommon during Spring around here, but always a shocker. Thursday morning, temps were back into the mid-40s and more like a Spring morning. But what a wild temperature swing: 89° down to 47° in a matter of minutes.

Glad To Help; Give Me That M16.
Normal? No, this piece of shit is not normal. He/she/it needs to be castrated and re-educated in normalcy.
Crush videos? Hey, execute the filthy bitch and her friends for Killing small animals for pleasure and profit. I'd waste them in a heartbeat.
Someone needs to execute the scumbag who unleashed the Love Bug Virus on the world, and put him/ her in a deep, dark hole for the next 30 years. Didn't affect any my home/ office machines, but it certainly messed-up 60 million others, causing billions in damages.
Ummmm, Rudy's thin skin is showing when asked questions about his bimbo girlfriend. Tsk, tsk, Rudy. Now that she's in the public eye with him, anything's fair game. Get used to it, Rudy, and quit whining.
Someone bitch slap the ignorant slut whore Madonna; she's a piece of shit, terrorizing the hired help. Well, at least the pigf*cker isn't producing anymore of that awful, grating noise which once passed for music, or illegitimate bastard babies without manners. Madonna herself is one reason I'd support abortion.
That the air war in Kosovo was a sham is becoming well known. What isn't known is when the Serbs will reorganize and attack the province once again and re-start the Balkans War.
Hmmm, the US Gummint secretly handing over parts of Alaska to the Russians. Why does that not surprise me?
If it's true and not just a conspiracy theory, this is more than just a little unnerving.
Another f*cked-up, liberal judge has ruled that four jolts of electricity are "cruel and inhuman punishment" in the electric chair execution. Gee, judgey-wudgey, what about the cruel and inhuman act of murder that these subhuman filth inflicted upon their victims? So give the prisoner garbage one long f*cking jolt! End of problem.
Inhumanity? f*ck you, old illegal aliens.
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Taking down the Confederate Flag to appease some lowlife NAACP idiot scum is idiotic and wrong. Let the scumbags move to another state.
Stinking, filthy lowlife Serbs mobbing US Troops in Kosovo? Didn't they teach those soldiers in basic training that's what M16s are used for?

The Clintonista Scum.
It seems that the average life span of someone who witnesses against the Clinton slime has dropped precipitously to 44.8 years. The list of mysterious deaths associated with Bubba & Hitlery is striking in its breadth.
Hey, Bubba & Hitlery: I'm still alive at 50. You sons-and-daughters-of-lowlife-bitches haven't f*cked with me yet. You're cowards. I'm still waiting, moron Clintonista filth. Come and get me, cowards. What? No takers? Thought so. The truth wins out everytime.
Speaking of pieces of shit, the mentally-diseased and acutely paranoid Janet "Waco" El-Reno was given the Ellis Island Medal. For what, no one is really sure. Maybe her kidnapping of the 6 year old Cuban boy and destruction of the US Constitution's Fourth Amendment was the reason? Gosh, what a swell ceremony that must have been.
Not being a Catholic, I didn't know much about the recently-deceased Cardinal John O'Connor, but I've gained a lot of respect for him now since I found out he hated Clinton.
I sure do love it any time the liberal abortion lovers are shamed and embarrassed, as were the Clintonistas and GoreBores at Cardinal O'Connor's funeral last week. I'll bet the Cardinal is pleased, too.
A few of the so-called mainstream media are finally waking up and admitting that Clinton is slime, albeit eight years too late. But better late than never.
"It's only a lie if I say it is". Huh? That's shit-for-brains Bubba Jeffie Clintonista scumbag's interpretation of the truth, as he sees it. Isn't it amazing what an unadulterated moron this piece of shit really is. Still can't take responsibility for his heinous actions and behavior. He's redneck scum.
Good news for the GOP, bad news for the lib-dem scum filth. Makes me smile.
Makes me frown: the stench of polls; useless as teats on a bull. They don't mean diddly-squat, to me. But to Bubba & Hitlery Clintonite, it means everything. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
The lying criminals Bubba & Hitlery are at it again over Filegate: refusing to answer court-ordered questions, claiming spousal privilege. What a load of shit! Those two criminals have never told the truth in their pathetic lives.
Here's the chilling account of how Clinton sold out the US for campaign contributions from Loral Corp, the DNC's largest contributor, and compromised our national security and helped the Chi-Comm-Scum.
The Million Idiot, err Mom March against guns is being orchestrated by a stinking Clintonista bitch, with a socialist-communist left wing nut agenda: whack the Second Amendment. March organizer Donna Dees-Thomasas has failed to disclose that she is the sister-in-law of Susan Thomasas, Mrs. Clinton's chief political advisor and close friend. The thousands of stupid, mindless bitches don't even understand what they're doing, as pawns of the Clintonistas and that fat, f*cking lebso sweathog pig, Rosie O'Donnell. Hey, wake the f*ck up, bitches: take the f*cking guns away from the criminals, not law abiding citizens. You commie-socialst scum have your values and priorities severely misplaced.
shit for brains Clinton thinks his disgraceful and stained tenure I can't call it a "Presidency" in all candor has been good for his pathetic marriage arrangement. Who's the Bubba kidding? Well, at least he hasn't raped anyone since Arkansas, but he's diddled more than a few women. And Hitlery could give a flying rat's ass, as long as she goes along for the power ride. Can't you just smell the lies?

Bad Move, Rudy.
Prostate cancer or not, holding a news conference to announce a separation from his estranged wife of 16 years without telling her, was a dumb move. I thought NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani was smarter than that. Guess not; he's parading around town with some bimbo named Judy Nathan. Maybe his little head is doing the thinking for his big head? Maybe he's using the Bubba Jeffie Clintonite as a role model?
He's handed the Hitlery Clintonite bitch a lot of campaign ammo over the past few months, and, no doubt, she'll use it to her crooked socialist, communist advantage.

The AlGoreBore Idiot.
Speaking of liars and criminals, here's a brief recap of AlGoreBore's lies: He created the Internet. He and Tipper were the inspiration for 'Love Story.' He had no idea the Buddhist temple event was a fund raiser. He co-sponsored the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill. He 'walked through the elephant grass and was fired upon' in Vietnam. He 'always, always, always' supported Roe vs. Wade. He 'got a bunch of people indicted and sent to jail' when he was a reporter at the Nashville Tennesseean. His sister was 'the very first volunteer for the Peace Corps.' He 'found' Love Canal. He authored the Earned Income Tax Credit. He contributed to Hubert Humphrey's acceptance speech at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. His father, the late Sen. Albert Gore Sr., was a brave civil rights crusader. AlGoreBore wouldn't know the truth if he tripped over it; he's a stinking liar through and through.
AlGoreBore wants to spend an additional $16 billion to recruit and reward competent teachers. Ummmm, what do we have in place now? Cretins, morons, idiots, lib-dems, femi-nazis, cowards, perverts, garbage and filth? Ummmmm, yep. They're overpaid and underworked and undertrained now, as it is. The unions have destroyed American business, industry and moral resolve. The socialist, communist scum-filth are still very much in evidence.

Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure.
The itinerant ex-Python Palin follows Papa's footsteps through Michigan, Italy, Paris, Spain, Africa, and Key West in this nifty PBS companion site. Roll your mouse over the photos of Hemingway in his various incarnations to learn more: World War I ambulance driver, struggling writer in Paris, conquering hero in Africa. Palin knows his subject well, "I don't think Ernest Hemingway and I would ever have got along. I don't have the requisite amount of competitive energy. I don't really care about catching more fish or shooting more ducks or having more wives than anyone else." But they certainly share a taste for travel.

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