up or on the rocks?
Friday, May 14, 1999

I've never been one to miss a celebration of anything valid, but as a Nation, we've had a severe paucity of things to celebrate in the past six years. Degenerate, liberal scumbags have prevailed at almost every social and legal turn, pushing most Americans' Constitutional Rights further and further out of reach. We've impeached a lying, rapist, cowardly, ethicless, immoral president who wags the dog every chance he gets to divert public attention from his crimes. His co-president and wife, Hitlery, is a congenital liar and criminal in her own right. We have a lying vice president who tries to take credit for things other people have accomplished, and who is such a snooze his staff passes out illegal stimulants to the audiences just to keep them awake during his so-called appearances. We have a US Congress which is a collection of hypocritical, worthless, can't-hold-a-real-job scumbags who were afraid to do the right thing and convict the Clinton lowlife and remove his sorry ass from office. And now we're bombing a backward European country back further into the stone age, and pissing off most of the rest of the world by bombing their embassies and Killing their citizens. Our Nation's secret nuclear labs have been penetrated by the stinking Chinese spy network, going back many years we're told, but recently reaping a bonanza of secrets since the Clintonite filth have opened the doors even wider. The US Military has been eviscerated by the Clintonoids and can barely hold its own in a two-front war. Overall, things are a mess. Up or on the rocks? Sure; make mine a double. Uhhh, here's $100; keep 'em coming 'til I pass out backwards.

Busy, Busy, Busy.
Mother's Day Weekend saw over 600 people through on Saturday and Sunday. Traditionally, it's always a hectic weekend, when combined with the Spring gardening rush.
I was amazed at what people bought for gifts for their Mothers: anything flowering was the key. We were cleaned out by early Sunday afternoon.
In between scheduled landscape appointments at several people's homes, numerous people dropped by ad hoc to visit with me on upcoming landscape jobs scheduled for this season. Although unexpected and complicating in light of the hectic day with retail traffic, I spent the requisite time with them and accomodated their wishes.
My basil (aka pesto) garden is coming along fine. Last season, I made between 40-60lbs of pesto paste; this year, I'll try for 100lbs-plus. I'm already supplying it to three Italian restaurants in the York area and will spread the word to neighboring towns over the Summer and Fall. I'm working on jar label designs in MS-Publisher for several different container sizes.
On Mother's Day, I had my Mom and Dad over to my condo for a 4 course dinner: salad with a fresh vinagrette and mustard dressing; fresh asparagus w/ wild mushrooms in a asser sauce; 8oz-1.75in thick filet mignon broiled medium rare; angel hair pasta tossed in my homemade pesto paste with shitake mushrooms, fresh grated parmesan, fresh minced parsley. It was a real treat having them over for dinner; I just wish my sister, Becky could have been there, too. With the crazy schedule I keep, I'm usually over at their place for holiday dinners.
Not only was it Mother's Day Weekend, it was also Prom Weekend for numerous are high schools. Lynn, my General Manager, nearly exhausted her supply of tranquilizers getting her two daughters, also employees here, prepped and ready for the big night at The Valencia Ballroom in York via two limos.

Eagle Scout Project.
No, not for me. I got my Eagle Scout Rank back in '63 when I was 12 thanks to help from my Dad and still proudly carry my card.
As part of the debt I owe America and its society for having such a good experience as a kid, I often do community service work to help others along the path to good citizenship.
A local Boy Scout and his parents had asked me to assist them in designing, planning, budgeting and installing some new landscaping for the Stewartstown Community Center, located 5 miles south of my Garden Center.
The Eagle Scout Candidate did 99% of the work; I merely supervised and kept him on track to get through the multiple task requirements. I delivered loads of topsoil, many plants and premium mulch to their jobsite last Saturday morning; they're taking responsibility and doing the work.
Helping others always feels good.

Save The Innocents.
Although Florida retired Old Sparky, they built a new electric chair to continue their fine tradition of terminating with extreme prejudice, 238 pieces of subhuman shit. I'm still very partial to 2ft flames shooting out from the death mask. f*cking-A.
This murdering scumbag fugitive, hiding in France until recently, is still trying to escape justice after being convicted for a heinous, 28 year old murder.
The French are notoriously quirky, fascists and socialists and have a tremendously warped sense of Justice and Law. (This is the same so-called cultured society which reveres that idiot of ours, Jerry Lewis, as an icon of theirs. Imagine that.) They'll probably let the murdering fugitive off and allow him to remain a murderer in exile. Someone should hire a artiste to find and terminate with extreme prejudice the murderer.
What is this piece of murdering shit still doing alive? It should have been executed in '82 when it was convicted. Read about how many dozens of appeals this subhuman lowlife has received and still has to go. Obscene. His victim is still dead.
This two-bit, lowlife, ambulance-chasing, shithead attorney said of his murderous client,"It's not right to whack this man, who poses no danger to society if treated properly and who never would have been a danger to society had he received proper mental health treatment". Huh? I don't give a flying dead rats' ass if the murderer is retarded or whatever; he murdered, and he deserves to die for that crime. I don't care if he understands what f*cking day it is. Taxpayers now have to support the worthless piece of garbage for the rest of his unnatural life. At $40,000-60,000 per year. That's obscene. The lowlife, liberal filth and ACLU scum are sleeping together on this one.
This is absurd. The so-called judge should be relieved of all judicial responsibility, have all cases re-reviewed with the past five years and be disbarred for stupidity; she's unfit to rule on anything. The murdering Menendez scum should have been put to death for their crime of murdering their parents. And no f*cking murderer or other criminal should be allowed to get married when in prison; in fact, they all should be sterilized so they can't ever breed.
The stinking Clinton liberal filth are more concerned with criminals' rights than with honest Citizens' rights. Only liberal scum oppose what is right and correct for society and its innocent Citizens; they're more concerned why a murderer, rapist, child molester or traitor doesn't get unlimited appeals, a comfy prison cell with a color TV and conjugal rights on weekends.

Too Little, Way Too Late.
Finally, the spineless sons and daughters of bitches in the US Congress are starting to wake the hell up and investigate the stinking, spying Chink problem.
The lying, fat, stupid, lardass US Energy Secretary, Bill "Pass The Cheesecake" Richardson, confirmed a dozen other FBI, CIA et al reports that stinking Chinks stole nuclear secrets during Clinton's watch, as if anyone with a functioning brain ever doubted it.
Once again, Clinton lied when he said in March that nothing had been stolen during his tenure.
Apparently, Clinton still doesn't think most Americans have and use their brains. That would be true of anyone who has voted for him either once and especially, twice.

I've never heard a criminal or spy, for that matter, not insist/whine/complain that s/he's innocent of all charges.
So why is it any different when Wen Ho Lee declares himself a "secret agent for the US" and blames the US intelligence community for lax standards?
Either charge, try, convict and execute the slimeball, or deport him as an undesirable piece of shit.
Here's another example of why Chink filth can't be trusted with US secrets. Get the f*cking yellow dog scum out of those sensitive areas. Put them into either the laundry area or cafeteria operation, but get them out of places where security clearances and trust are required.
Okay, that's one way of hitting back. Next time, try a small thermonuclear device; say 1/4 kiloton? If you're gonna do it; do it right the first time.
f*ck the Chinks: waste the yellow dog filth.
Let me have an M60 Mini-Vulcan Gun w/ 100,000,000 rounds (7.62mm). I'd love to waste the protestors and violators of our Beijing US Embassy. The stinking Chink cop scum can't even find their own asss with both hands, let alone guarrantee protection for US Embassy personnel. The lame public reaction was government orchestrated.
Golly gee whiz, do you think this Chink scum is paranoid?

America's Ignorant Slut.
I can't believe this Nation even wastes its time or money on that fat, stupid, manic-depressive, pig f*cking, sperm sucking and dribbling sweathog, Monica Lewinsky.
Even the very unfunny, has-been show, Saturday Night Live had the slut on in a so-called parody sketch with Bubba. As fat and ugly as she is, at least she didn't have that helmet haircut as on her pathetic book cover. 'Nuff said about the pig bitch.
Speaking of stupid, ignorant morons, Teddy "The Redneck Idiot" Turner is afraid we'll have a nuclear war before he gets to see the year 2000 turn over. Sure, he's a billionaire, but he married the traitorous, lowlife bitch, Jane "The Hanoi Whore" Fonda scum. That speaks volumes about his impaired mental state. Why would the powers that be at the University of Georgia invite such a piece of shit to speak at commencement activities? Turner can't even spell u-n-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y. He's a liberal scumbag maggot.

The Truth Comes Out.
This guy's dirty. But Clinton and Gore are far worse. All Americans now know that, but too few cared enough to do the right thing when they had the chance.
Another piece of shit liberal takes undue credit for something he had little or nothing to do with. The Tech Industry almost single-handedly started, funded and fueled this economic boom on Reagan's coattails from the 80s.
Clinton lied again. The stinking Chinks bought The White House and all related scenarios. American secrets and technology was sold wholesale by the Clintonite filth. Gore has lied so many times it's tough to keep track.
I don't fault the ChiComm filth for trying to steal our secrets; I hate the Clintonite filth for putting a price on it and allowing them to do so. They're traitors to America.
One of the biggest traitors is the lowlife Janet Reno bitch, politically compromised and sexually challenged and readily willing to protect her boss, Bubba, from any inquiries into his criminal activities. Her half breed assistant, Eric Holder, is an Uncle Tom who does what his missah lady wants him to. She's let the Chinks spy and steal with impunity. She and Holder are national security risks and worse, traitors.
And then there's Ventura scum who should be digging latrine ditches for prisons. The Minnesota voter is a laughing stock, looking forward to a wrecked economy in four years.

Adbusters Spoof Ad Gallery.
A familiar-looking camel named Joe Chemo lies in a hospital bed with an IV in his arm. A rather muscular, naked-torsoed fellow reveals his true Obsession. A hangman's noose forms into the shape of a vodka bottle called Absolute Hangover. Ouch! Stop by this online gallery to view some of the "best-known (and lesser known) spoof ads" created by the folks at Adbusters Magazine, a publication of The Media Foundation.

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