sins of the fathers
Friday, May 17, 2002

t's not a pedophilia problem that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) in the US has; it's a deviant, degenerate homosexual problem that plagues the venerable institution. Liberals who blame celibacy for the RCC's "pedophilia scandals" are missing the real cause: seminaries actively encourage homosexuality, moral laxity, and theological dissent all in the name of post-Vatican II "renewal". The pathetic liberal media use "pedophile" and "sex abuse" instead of the correct term of homsexuality. They, in fact, despise all that the RCC stands for, and wish its demise to come slowly. Fact: over 95% of the molested children are boys; 100% of the priests are men. This has been going on for dozens hundreds thousands of years. Inept, old men as complicit church cardinals, ignored blatant evidence, and transferred the deviant homos around from church to parrish to congregation. While there are many good priests, homosexuals have so permeated the RCC, that rooting-out the queers and perverts, defrocking and prosecuting them would leave the church ranks decimated. But so what? Time to get it done and get the RCC back to a moral position. The vast majority of seminary students and teachers are queers and homos. The RCC is still in a defensive and unrepenitant mode, preferring to let the furor pass and make limited "concessions" to their accusers, while retreating to Rome to plan damage control. What's happening now in the RCC is what could have happened in the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) if they hadn't taken their case to the US Supreme Court for validation of their stance on morality against queer filth infiltrating the organization. Yes, I'm a proud Eagle Scout: Class of '63. No, I'm not a Catholic; rather, a former Methodist, whose United Methodist Church has been invaded and taken over nationally by liberal scum with a socialist agenda, and who no longer identifies with organized religion because of all the perverted politics involved. Perhaps in the next lifetime, if things change for the better in this one.

Around The Garden Center.
Don't think small businesses are taxed to death? Read this. We are. Time for major reform or a revolt.
Ummm, nope, we don't sell anything plant material which resembles this atrocity. Get out the chainsaw.
The old addage, "You can get a pizza delivered quicker than a cop from a 911 call", is unfortunately still true, at least in Chicago. This woman paid the bill with her life. Moral: keep a weapon in the house and know how to use it. My Glock 32/.357sig travels with me everywhere and my Colt Trooper MKIII .357 Magnum is my extra home gun. And yes, I have a CCW in Pennsylvania. Have had it for 12 years. Here's some interesting crime stats.
A massive and violent storm system moved in last Sunday evening and lasted through Tuesday morning, dumping over 3" of much-needed rain on the area as it headed into New England. I kept watching the system's track on, TV8's Super Doppler Radar and, a nice weather service I'd just recently found. I haven't seen rain come down that hard in several years. Flash flood watches were broadcast every 15mins for the Susquehanna Valley.
I know the storms and rain ruined the day for golfers, road pavers, lawn mowers, construction workers and others, but I look at the overall health of the plant material and moisture levels in the ground and reservoirs, and don't mind losing a day's work if the moisture levels of the MidAtlantic Region is improved. Okay, okay, end of soapbox rant.
The email virus problem continues on a daily basis, but Norton SystemWorks 2002 Pro smashes the virus every time, no fail. I guess I'll just wait it out, until the lowlife, lib-dem scumbags get tired of pressing the send key. No biggie to me.
Yes, I've noticed the decline in the honeybee population, as reliable pollenators, around here over the past 12 years: mites are the main cause.
Hmmmm, reason 344 why I don't take trains, and certainly don't fly anymore; I drive my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8 and arrive alive, every time.
On Wednesday, I drove to neaby Shrewsbury, PA, and once again visited my friends at The Freedom Armory, where I'd purchased my Glock Model 32/.357sig back in December '01. I was looking for a serious semi-automatic rifle this time; in the .308cal or less range. When I spotted the XM15 E2S Shorty A3 Carbine in a .223 (5.56mm) format, I knew that was the one. And when we fitted a military-spec Eotech holographic laser scope, I was really pleased. It came with a 10-round mag, but I was able to buy 4 x 30-round and 1 x 40-round mags. I also bought a case of 1,000 .223cal rounds, a cushioned Eagle carrying case (RC-4123) with 4 outside clip pockets. I'm ready: you?

Why are We/America covering up the Saudi-scum-filth terrorist support report? Their stinking oil? Probably.
Uh-oh, the idiot Dan Quayle is loose again, pontificating on something he knows zip about: reality. Quick, put him back in the cage and feed him so he shuts the hell up.
This article on the seven myths of Bush is a must-read. Go ahead, I'll wait.
Hoping to beef up border security, President Bush signed legislation Tuesday that he said will prevent terrorists, drugs and illegal immigrants from entering the country but does not restrict the flow of commerce and tourism. Really? Lessee, it's May 15 and a full 8 months after The Massacre of September 11th. We should have sealed the damned borders on September 12th, rounded-up and deported all Muslims, Arabs and anyone else even remotely suspected of terrorism involvement. It's just a wee bit late now, W. The INS is a freaking joke; nothing will be done. Just another cosmetic, placebo move.
Aw jeeeez, another imminent attack on TMI on July 4th? If the FBI and INS would round-up the Muslim scum and deport the filthy Arab subhuman lowlifes, there wouldn't be a need for "alerts". This shit is already getting tiring.
Leave it to the turd-sucking, lowlife lib-dem homos to denigrate W for what they knew at the same time, and did nothing about, prior to The Massacre of September 11th. Liberal and democRATs are liars, cowards, degenerates, deviants, subhuman trash and scumbags. I hold them 100% responsible for it.

Lib-democRAT Scumbags.
There is a new totalitarianism afoot in the West. Unlike the Stalinist form, it does not use police-state violence to command conformity. Its method is to redefine rightist positions as evil, the product of a hate-filled or diseased mind, then read the right out of the human race. Thus, anyone who argues that immigration has become so huge it threatens national cohesion or security is a "xenophobe." Oppose racial quotas, and you are a "racist." Defend the all-male military schools like VMI and the Citadel, and you are a "sexist." Oppose homosexual marriages, and you are a "homophobe" who hates and fears homosexuals. All that, courtesy of the perverted, demented, lowlife lib-democRAT filth.
Typical lib-democRAT loser, AlGoreBore running again in '04? Won't even be close this time.
shit-for-brains Little Tommy The Commie Dass-hole is leading the way as Senate DemocRATs are trying again to allow certain illegal immigrants to apply for residency without leaving the United States. I wonder what part of The Massacre of September 11th the traitorous, dwarf scumbag punk didn't understand?
Liberals talk through their morons asss, often confused for mouths. Here's some of the hilariously stupid things the morons idiots cretins say.
Old shit-for-brains, moronic do-nothing ex-president Jimmah Carter-farter is in Cuba for a "personal visit". I sure hope the brainless idiot doesn't come back. What a worthless turd he was and still is. And he's a traitorous scumbag, too.
Wow, what a shocker! The stinking Clintoons have stiffed their lawyers for millions in legal fees, part of which the US Taxpayers will end up eating in write-offs. I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you! Not.
Race discrimination, in reverse, is alive and un-well in America, specifically at the University of Michigan law school, where they can consider race as a factor in deciding what students to accept for admission, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday, upholding the school's affirmative-action policies. This'll go to the US Supreme Court for correction. 50 years of quotas, set-asides and blatant reverse discrimination on behalf of minorities is enough; time for them to stand on their own merits and talents as we do.
Want a good laugh? Read about Clintoon's "anti-terror accomplishments". Pathetic lowlife scum that he is, he actually believes that shit.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Sorry, I just can't stay away for very long. Lessee, where did I leave off weeks ago?
Never, never, never, never forget what the subhuman Muslim Islamic dogshit filth did to the US on 9-11. I want hundreds thousands hundreds-of-thousands millions of the murderous, lowlife, subhuman Muslim trash, dead.
One of the unanswered questions of The Massacre of September 11th is whether there was anything U.S. intelligence could have done to stop the attacks. New information suggests a key to the conspiracy could have been discovered before the attack — if it hadn’t been for what appears to be a "communication breakdown" (wasn't there a 60s song by that name?) between the FBI and French intelligence (French intelligence? Isn't that an oxymoron?).
The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its lowlife scumbag degenerate "leader", Ibrahim Hooper, are Muslim extremists and terrorist supporters. They should be deported immediately. They're traitorous garbage and subhuman trash, masquerading as US Citizens. Where the hell's the FBI on this case? Get the diaperhead filth outta here!
Get this filthy, subhuman Muslim shitfilth outta the US, FBI & Dept of InJustice, NOW! Better yet: whack him.
Give me 30secs in a room with this subhuman Muslim sandidiot Islamic dirtbag, and I'd whack him for his role in The Massacre of September 11th. Mr Glock would like to join in the carnage, but I'd rather slaughter the sandidiot s-l-o-w-l-y and very p-a-i-n-f-u-l-l-y.
Read this, and wonder why I want millions of dead Muslim shitfilth, millions of dead Islamics, and millions of dead Arab scumbags.
If I'd have had it in my power, on September 12th 2001, after knowing then what I know now, I would have launched innumerable nuclear-tipped ICBMs into every known pork-sucking, boy-buggering, women-mutilating Muslim country, and into every known criminal lowlife, subhuman reject Arab "refugee camp", incinerating 1.2billion subhuman Muslim murderers and turning the MidEast deserts into fused glass.
This is exactly why no terrorist should be tried in a US Court: The federal judge who must decide whether the sandidiot lowlife Zacarias Moussaoui can fire his attorneys and represent himself in his terrorism conspiracy trial could face a stark choice, legal analysts say: allow an alleged terrorist to use his defense as a political platform or find him mentally incompetent and cancel the trial. All should be tried in "military tribunals" and executed. End of problem.
Islamic terrorists are planning an attack against a US nuclear power plant to coincide with the July 4 celebrations, U.S. intelligence sources say. And if that's true, since I'm only about 15 miles south of TMI, I and my two condo cats will be heading another 14 miles further south to hole-up at the Garden Center Complex with Pickle. I'm hoping the US Army and State Police will know what to do to prevent it. If not, we'll take over and do what needs to be done to "correct the situation" with diaperhead Muslim shitfilth.
If suicide homicide bombers start blowing-up public places in the US, like they've done in Israel, I can tell you for a solid fact that I'll be among the millions of Americans going door to door, pulling the towelhead filth out of their homes and executing them on the front lawns, by the tens of thousands hundreds of thousands millions. The carnage will be overwhelming as Citizen Militias bypass the military and police and take security matters into our own hands. No bullshit. I posted it on's forum; read through all the posts, and pick-out the lib-dem site pests.
Why are ordinary simpletons, many with a vested interest, being given a chance at deciding "what replaces the WTC"? Office buildings, 10-20 stories taller, should replace the WTC, not freaking, idiotic massive memorial shit. The trick to preventing another Massacre of September 11th, is to track down and whack all Muslim-Islamic-Arab subhuman terrorist filth, worldwide.
25 Islamic extremists have illegally entered the U.S. since March as stowaways on cargo ships, federal officials told Fox News Monday. Really? Only 25? I think the number is in the thousands and they're ready for one hell of a July 4th "party". Time to get out the AR-15s and any gun you have and to start Killing Muslim-Islamic-Arab terrorist filth anywhere you can find them. After the next Massacre, no jury in America will convict anyone of murdering diaperhead sandidiot garbage.
Reid the sandidiot punk shoe bomber #2? That homo pig-sucking subhuman is still alive? I'm amazed; I'd have thought the prison population would have wasted him by now. Shucks, I'd sure love the opportunity to get him alone for 60secs and whack him. No jury in America would ever convict me. Shoe-bomber #1 took out UA 587 on 11-12-01, and they're still doctoring and sanitizing evidence, as they did on TWA 800 in '96.
Great pics of the day, of The Massacre of September 11th on The White House Website.

Lowlife Arab Trash.
Arabs boycotting US-made goods? So freaking what? The only thing we should be shipping to that Muslim-Arab filth is pigshit.
Yeah sure, the subhuman Muslim-Arab filth pissed, shit and defiled the Church of The Nativity — what do you think would have happened if Christians had occupied the garbage-holes of Mecca and Medina — and sullied the birthplace of Jesus? I shudder to think of such a scenario.
Any doubt in anyone's mind that the subhuman Palestinian Arab filth aren't lowlife garbage, and shouldn't be hunted down and whacked en masse? None in mine. Read this.
Why didn't Israel whack this subhuman Palestinian Arab garbage? I'd volunteer to head-shoot all 13 with my Glock 32/.357sig, in a heartbeat, and send them to HELL. whack those sandidiot scum!
Goooooooool-leee, sarge, no Christians are getting violent about the subhuman Muslim, lowlife Islamic, boy-buggering, women mutilating Arab sandidiot trash, violating The Curch of The Nativity. But, let one Christian (aka infidel) penetrate pork-sucking Mecca or pork-sucking Medina, and the left-wing wacko diaperhead men-mutilating, women-mutilators, would go suicidal homicidal. I'd truly enjoy launching ICBMs into both the sewer of Mecca and toilet of Medina; completely obliterating both into fused glass lumps.
Absolutely correct, Israeli Likud Party: no Palestinian state for the subhuman pig-sucking Arab garbage. Zero. Screw the US political pressure. Stand your ground.
Time to whack Sheikh shithead Ahmed Yassin, boy-buggering, women-mutilating hook-nosed punk "leader" of the cowardly Hamas homos. Go ahead, read the interview with this wacked-out goat-humping piece of illiterate dogshit; it's so convoluted and perverted, it's sad. The Arab moron lowlife really thinks his pathetic, subhuman people deserve a "homeland". What they all deserve is death, buried face down in a pit of pigshit. I truly hope the Israelis wipe the Palestinian filth from the face of the Earth.

Lowlifes & Scumbags.
A UNICEF-funded book being passed out at the United Nations Child Summit encourages children to engage in sexual activities with other minors and with homosexuals and animals. Any doubt in your mind that the US should dump the UN socialist-communist filth and throw the Turd Worlders out of the country? No doubt in my mind.
Want proof that the perverted cult of Scientology is a cult of deviant misfits? Right here.
17-year-old Marc Hall needs to die from a massivbe case of AIDS after taking his rump-raiding, fudge-packing "boyfriend", Jean-Paul Dumond, 21, to the prom. Sure hope it's soon and very, very, very painful at the end, Marcy boy shithead. Ummm, leave it top the morons in Ontario, Canada, to f*ck mess things up. I would have cancelled the event, rather than allow that subhuman deviant to attend.
US Congresswoman Barbara Lee is a dirty, lowlife, subhuman, socialist whorebitch. Plain and simple. No way in hell she can be called black; forget that African-American shit. She's a lowlife idiot slut.
One more reason why Canada's a f*ckedscrewed-up shithole: Time to waste rump-raiding, fudge-packing, blue-haired, homo filth, pre-prom. Hey homo-lover judgie: die from prostate cancer. Quickly. You too, Hall homo.
Rescuing Haitian migrants? Why are we wasting time with such lowlife garbage? Let 'em drown.
Oh gee whiz, another criminal idiot died while under the influence of PCP struggling fighting in custody. No surprise there.
The families of 11 Mexican immigrants who died illegally crossing into Arizona from Mexico have filed a $41 million claim against two federal agencies, saying the government's refusal to put water out in the desert contributed to the migrants' deaths. Huh? These were criminals who died in the commission of a crime. May all of them and their families and ambulance-chasing lawyer shitheads, die quickly and rot in HELL! We need serious tort reform in the USA, W! Wake the f*ck hell up and put this lawyer filth outta business.
Irrev Jesse "Shakedown" Jack-scum in the hospital? shit Damn Shucks, I was hoping it was fatal and the world would be rid of that lowlife criminal idiot scumbag. Drat.

Richly Deserving Execution.
Spies deserve death upon conviction, and this Hanssen traitor is no exception. But he gets "life in prison". Too bad; I'd head shoot him in a heartbeat.
A teacher molesting-raping 10 year old children? whack him. Next?
Prison escapee and cop whacker Michael Rodriguez was sentenced to death Thursday for Killing an Irving police officer during a robbery at a sporting goods store. Ummm, buh-bye illegal alien boy scum. Next?
A left-wing wacko political extremist, Lynda Lyon Block, convicted of murdering a policeman in 1993 was put to death in the electric chair Friday, becoming the first woman executed in Alabama in 45 years. Good riddance, lib-dem bitch. Next?
Another subhuman piece of shit bites the big one; nice job, Louisiana.
Personally, I think physical castration is too lenient a sentence for child molesters; death is what they deserve and should receive immediately after conviction.

Wrecked Exotics.
The common philosophy on car wrecks: your brain tells you to look away, but you can't keep yourself from stealing a glance. We're a culture of rubberneckers, and this site's photo albums of demolished cars provide us with an extremely guilty pleasure without the shame of gawking. As an added bonus, the cars featured bear the "exotic" label — there's everything from a mangled Lamborghini Diablo to a rusted heap of a Rolls Royce. If you're tired seeing beautiful and expensive cars buffed to an immaculate sheen, take a walk on the wrecked side and check out when happens when good cars go bad.

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