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Friday, May 19, 2000

with all the attention recently focused upon Rudy's prostate, I've had more than enough time to reflect upon my own medical matters, of late. After years of just being too busy to bother, I've submitted to a battery of tests: Complete Physical, EKG, Lung X-Rays, Spirometry (lung function), Blood Work-Up (PSA, Chloresterol levels, HDL v LDL etc), Digital, Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy, Blood Pressure beta-blockers, Weight Re-Management, and a stern warning to quit/reduce/curtail smoking. Yeah sure, I've tried the nicotine gum and the epidermal patches, but smoking a cigarette after errrr, anything, is wonderful. Chewing gum or slapping on a patch just isn't the same. I'm so stressed out from the "complete medical experience", that I probably won't be back to see my personal doctor for another 3-5 years, maybe more. They found pre-cancerous polyps. Burrrrp. My surgery is June 6th. I'm definitely not looking forward to it. I can think of better/other things I'd rather be doing.

Around The Garden Center.
The personnel crisis is reaching acute levels now: I only have 4 men on the landscape crew, 3 full-time and 1 part-time. At this point in time in past years, I would normally have 6-8 men working, split into 2 crews. Sure, I've hired people, but they don't show up for work or have some lame excuse why they can't take responsibility for their lives. I've lowered my standards and have taken chances on people whom I would normally never hire, and they've let us down. Figures. Midway through May and we're way, way behind on the landscape jobs schedule.
Last Saturday evening at around 7pm, just after closing, some hellacious thunderstorms raced through Pennsylvania and Maryland, leaving 2-3" inches of rain in a matter of minutes. Streets and streams flooded, hail peppered cars and buildings and then it was over. Temps dropped 45° and Sunday was pleasant, compared to the 90° we've endured for the past week. I spent Sunday working until 5pm and then had Mother's Day dinner with Mom & Dad at their home in York. Both Saturday and Sunday were very busy at the Garden Center; the Holiday made it even busier,as usual.
After almost two weeks of mid-90s temps, we've had frost at the Garden Center three nights in a row. Temps in the morning are in the high 30s/ low 40s, requiring a light jacket. Feels more like Spring, rather than oppressive 95-98° we've been suffering through.
Since the sun has been so hot, I've opted to put the 30% (screening) shadecloth on early this year; something normally done at the end of May. The 50' x 100' Main Greenhouse and 30' x 100' Propagation Greenhouse are now both covered, as the other five 30' x 100' Display Greenhouses. Makes a huge difference to the plants and the customers.
It's that time of year, once again: yard sales and garage sales springing-up everywhere. Whole villages and towns cooperating en masse and sponsoring a 1-2 day "Sale Festival". Personally, I don't go to those things to look at/ buy other peoples' junk, but they do attract tens of thousands of shoppers and cause major traffic headaches. I look forward to cessation of those "events" and a return to normalcy.
Since mine is a weather-driven industry, I spend a lot of time viewing weather maps, both short- and long-range, in the hopes of determining how the business will be affected. I also study the tried-and-true almanacs, National Weather Service forecasts et al. Needless to say, there's a lot of data to digest. Everything points to another drought in 2000. Not a good omen.

Lying Clintonista-AlGoreBore-ite Scum.
A few of the American people are finally waking up: shit-for-brains Bubba's approval rating has dropped to below 50%, for the first time since '95. Why has it taken America so long to realize what lowlife filth the entire Clinton administration is? Consider all the millions of morons, morons, idiots and cretins who voted for him in '92, and then re-elected the scumbags in '96.
Read about what a sick and twisted piece of shit Billy Jeff Clinton is. And why he's proud of being impeached: he saved the US Constitution! Imagine that. Thanks, Bill.
The lib-dem scum and Clinton in particular are very adroit at making race an issue when it wasn't, and playing the race card to their own benefit, at the disadvantage of whites and blacks. Only racist, bigot idiot filth like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton benefit from the tyranny of the Clintonoids.
And then we have the congenital liar, AlGoreBore. His lies are effortless and imaginative. He created the Internet. He and Tipper were the inspiration for Love Story. He had no idea the Buddhist temple event was a fund-raiser. He co-sponsored the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill. He "walked through the elephant grass and was fired upon" in Vietnam. He "always, always, always" supported Roe v. Wade. He "got a bunch of people indicted and sent to jail" when he was a reporter at the Nashville Tennessean. His sister was "the very first volunteer for the Peace Corps." He "found" Love Canal. He authored the Earned Income Tax Credit. He contributed to Hubert Humphrey's acceptance speech at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. His father, the late Sen. Albert Gore Sr., was a brave civil-rights "crusader". Clinton was a bad enough pathological liar; Gore is/ might be much worse. He's a sociopath and congenital liar. He's so deluded about himself that he's comical.
Though not convicted of committing a crime, the slimy, filthy Hitlery Clintonoid did commit a felony by creating a real estate document later used by her Whitewater partners' savings and loan to deceive federal regulators. The document helped enable a payment of $300,000 in real estate commissions to the father-in-law of Mrs. Clinton's law partner, Webster Hubbell, on a failed land development called Castle Grande. If you or I had done what the Clintonista bitch did, we'd still be in prison. She gets a pass. How f*cking equal is justice in the country?
The criminal bitch, Hitlery Clintonoid was feted by the Lib-Dem Party scum as its "official" candidate. Hey, there's a surprise.

Capitol Punishment.
The "innocent by reason of insanity" so-called murder defense is so full of shit; one must be nuts to whack in the first place. This piece of shit, serial whacker needs to die for his crimes of 9 multiple murders.
Here's another subhuman piece of shit who whacked four teenage girls and has received death sentences for each, yet the idiotic state of Connecticut hasn't executed anyone since '60. How f*cked up is that? So many murderers still living and so many victims dead.
I love it.
This piece of white trash racist bigot needs to go to Hell, in a hurry. Execute him.
Told ya this murdering illegal alien wasn't a nutcase. Apply the death penalty against his murderous, raping ass as soon as possible. He deserves to die.
That condemned, subhuman murdering filth on death row have websites and communicate via others with the outside world, is outrageous. They should get what's coming to them: death for their crimes against the innocent in society.
The shit for brains idiots in the New Hampshire State Congress voted to abolish capitol punishment, replacing it with life imprisonment. Fortunately, a cool-headed governor will veto that dumb idea.

Fraction-of-a-Million Myth March.
What a joke. A Clintonista-organized, political non-spectacle to lobby the American people for more gun control laws. Hell, there are 20,000 laws already "on the books" which aren't being enforced now; what makes those lib-dem scumbags think that more laws will be enforceable?
The waddling sweathog manatee-sized dyke, Rosie O'Donnell (aka Hosie O'Baghole), duct-taped to a high-caloric feedbag, was the featured Pig-In-Charge. What an moron she made of herself, like every time she opens that rotting lib-dem mouth.
It's a ploy to remove guns from law-abiding citizens, while criminals continue to use illegal firearms to whack and maim citizens all year long. The control effort ought to be to get guns away from the criminals and gangs. That's where the vast majority of children and young people are whacked and murdered. The number of Killings with registered and legally-owned guns is minuscule, but regrettable nonetheless.
Still, the Clintonista Scumbag-in-Chief continues to cajole the moms and blow moist, presidential air up their skirts in an effort to get his socialist and communist agenda passed. He's a lowlife, lying piece of shit, pandering to the lowest-of-the-lowlifes to get his bitch-non-wife, Hitlery, in to destroy New York State. And Rudy's inadvertently helping her effort.
The lying lib-dem shitscum continue to use the "12 children a day whacked by handguns", but they include gang and drug violence stats.
Then, there are the shit-for-brains, liberal as hell United Methodists I was raised as a Methodist but renounced that shit years ago calling for a ban on handguns. f*ck them to death. Get the guns away from the criminals, you idiots.
The world laughs as the idiot moms waddle to and fro, to their handler's tune.
That a city would use taxpayer's monies to fund bus trips to the pathetic event is both illegal and outrageous. An investigation is in order.

Leave The shithole Country.
What the f*ck are White people still doing in Rhodesia (aka Zimbabwe)? That's a subhuman filth hole, ripe w/ AIDS and well-deserved death. Love it. Too bad the World can't send all criminals and degenerates there for infection and final extermination.
The smartest thing the Whites could do is leave en masse and abandon the lands to the idiots and start over somewhere else; the stupid idiots will f*ck up the economy, as they've always done everywhere else through time.

Junk, shit, shit.
Taking the Web to a new low were this years so-called Webby Awards. Each year, it gets worse and worse, with idiots and morons doing the "presenting" and cretins "receiving" the shit awards for weirdness and ugly blights on the Web. Do yourself a favor: don't waste time on any of the "winners" unless you like trash.
Aw gee, no sympathy from me for these f*cking towelheads in Brunei (Middle East), having a tough time living on $300,000/ month.
Hmmmm, 40% of the US' marijuana production in Appalachia? Sounds like their sub-poverty level ($8000) incomes need re-adjustment by the IRS.
This is sad, government-caused and taxpayer-financed. Oh, joy!
This Friends $750,000 per episode shit is just one level below the ER demand of $1mm per episode, and getting it from the wimpy, cowardly TV studio scumbags. What a personnel pathos. Cowardly lib-dem-shit-filth!
Great, let them get AIDS and die. Helps reduce the filth on this planet.
This is worth reading and repeating; and no, I'm not a conspiracy nut. But it's unnerving anyway.
Blacks now want reparations for the slavery era of the 1700 and 1800s? Bullshit, and here's why. Couldn't have said it any better myself. Thanks, Fred.
No one in any government or state school position has any right or responsibility teaching 14 year olds about perverted and sick homosexual acts. But apparently some lowlifes in Massachusetts think they do.
The f*cked up "Limper Law" Americans With Disabilities Act rears its ugly head again. Unsavory, sheister lawyer filth have targeted small business and are making millions on frivolous lawsuits...

Sound Familiar?
The following is a letter recently found in the attic of a building in Arlington, Virginia, that once served as headquarters of the American Nazi Policy. The author, though unknown, is clearly a racist of the vilest sort. We may profit by understanding the mind of such a man.
This exactly mirrors and parallels what the Liberal Democrat Party has done to minorities especially blacks since the 60s, under Kennedy and Johnson, and continues today with a multitude of social programs called "welfare", pushed hard by the Clintonista-GoreBore scum. They have destroyed Black Americans by making them dependent upon The White Man's handouts and largesse. And still the vast majority of blacks continue to flock to the Lib-Dem Party scum for the handouts and condolence they receive for being largely incompetent and illiterate.
The following strategy should alarm anyone and everyone who reads it:

* * *

News From The KKK

* * *

From: George Rockwell,
Arlington, Virginia. May 6, 1955

To: James Braswell,
Grand Klagon, Knights of the Invisible Empire,
Ku Klux Klan

Dear Klagon Braswell,

In answer to your concern about preventing the rise of the Negro race after the disastrous Supreme Court decision of last year, I am somewhat more optimistic than you. I believe that, by judicious policy, we can, if not eliminate the problem of Negroes, at least control it indefinitely.

We cannot place hope in extermination or deportation of Negroes en masse, nor is there real hope of the reinstitution of slavery. The public mood will not now countenance such measures. We need rather a means of subjugating the Negro race while appearing to have other ends in mind. Fortunately, I believe that it can be done. Permit me to suggest a plan.

First, the thorough demoralization of Negroes is essential. They must first be made dependent on Whites, and then persuaded that they cannot achieve anything of worth on their own.

I believe this end may best be accomplished by instituting an all-encompassing system of public welfare. As you know, many Negroes now live in a state of poverty. We must argue in Congress that decency requires the provision of federal payments to allow Negroes to live at a fit standard. The economy is growing at such a rate that the country can carry the burden without undue difficulty. We should stress the benefits for the children, as this invariably evokes a favorable response.

Once welfare has been instituted, I believe that it will come to be accepted as normal by Whites, and then forgotten. After Negroes have been for several generations dependent on the largesse of Whites, they will, having had no experience of self-sufficiency, lose all initiative.

However, welfare alone will prove ineffective. The next step will be to destroy all social structure among Negroes. The most we could hope for--dare we dream? --would be to frame the welfare laws in such a way that married Negro women could not receive aid. The result, if luck held, would be a sharp rise in bastardy. The women would not be able to raise their offspring well, and these in turn would produce further young out of wedlock.

We must strive to make universal illegitimacy seem a natural condition. Crime and further demoralization will assuredly follow.

The third essential step will be to ensure that Negroes receive as little education as possible, though of course we cannot phrase our intentions this way. Fortunately Negroes now have little tradition of academic endeavor. It may be hoped, and even expected, that if we provide them with poor schools, they will, having no experience of true education, not demand better.

Next, we must at all costs ensure that Negroes not learn Standard English. A Negro who speaks intelligible and grammatical English is likely to be accepted socially by Whites. The consequences would be incalculable. We must encourage the notion that the degraded English now spoken by Negroes is in fact a real language, to be conserved and cherished.

A grave problem is that there will inevitably arise among Negroes men of intelligence and determination who will endeavor to elevate the station of their people. These men will be very dangerous. We can better thwart them, not by opposition, which would harden their determination, but by inviting them into White society, feting them, and making much of them in the public prints. Vanity and privilege will emasculate them, while making other Negroes believe that their race commands esteem among the better classes of Whites.

In order to accomplish all of this, we must have the support of much of the public, and of influential institutions, particularly the press. I believe it is possible. We must argue, as noted above, that welfare is the road of compassion, and appeal endlessly to warm feelings unaccompanied by thought. The elites of the White world crave a sense of helping the downtrodden. They do not, however, want to make difficult decisions.

Those who question any of our program must be ruthlessly portrayed as being hard-hearted, motivated by cupidity, and filled with loathing of our African population. If we can somehow associate our opponents with Nazis, we will succeed so much the better.

The withholding of education is crucial. We cannot of course argue that Negroes need or deserve poor schools. However, the privileged of the nation transparently believe that Negroes are inferior to the other races, but do not have the self-awareness to see that they believe it. They will fall easy prey to reasoning that avoids placing any expectations on Negroes other than those of continued helplessness. We must provide the privileged with excuses for doing this.

For example, we should argue that requiring Negro students learn grammar and mathematics constitutes a racially arrogant imposition of European culture. Because pampered Whites do not think Negroes able to succeed, they will, given any excuse at all, favor the lowering of standards in Negro schools. They will then censor any who point to failure and thus, by hiding it, ensure its perpetuation.

Finally we need to engender among the well-off and the press a visceral intolerance of any policies toward Negroes other than ours. Our current Senator from Wisconsin has shown how to do it. The attitude we need to inculcate among reporters, who fortunately are not very intelligent, is that if you don't agree with means to a high-sounding end, then you disagree with the high-sounding end. Intolerance fortified by righteousness is invincible.

You may find this an excessively optimistic program. No. If we can carry it off, I say to you that in the year 2000 Negroes will be concentrated in urban ghettoes, speak English barely comprehensible to Whites, live in shameless bastardy, and be so devoid of both schooling and self-respect as to be without hope of advancement. Trust me. All things are possible with enlightened social policy.

Yours in hope,

* * *

Word Perhect.
Word Perhect takes an irreverent look at word-processing software and how it has altered our experience of writing down things. Try it now at ch2, an online exhibit space curated jointly by Chisenhale Gallery and e-2. You'll need the Flash 4 browser plugin. Simulate the bygone days of writing on paper create hastily scrawled reminders, phone numbers, and maps drawn on cocktail napkins, or crumpled notes stuffed into pockets and run through the laundry. Created by artist Tomoko Takahashi and programmer Jon Pollard, the software offers an "idiosyncratic hand drawn interface leading to a set of functioning but strangely altered tools." Now, if only we could figure out how to synch it with my PDA...

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