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weirdos, losers, and mutations

friday, may 20th, 2022

Have you noticed the absolute freakshow quality of the people who want to keep us in chains? Perhaps it’s one thing to be repressed by people who are at least nominally badass, like Romans or Mongols. But these geebos who make up the Democrat Party’s loudmouth wing? The sexually hopeless toads outraged because other people who might someday know the loving touch of another human can’t whack their babies? No. Not only does their tyranny fail the freedom test, it fails the aesthetic test.

[FULL TITLE: "We Can’t Let Ourselves Be Oppressed by Weirdos, Losers, and Mutations"]

We simply cannot allow ourselves to be serfs toiling in the fields of a bunch of people who, in any just and sane society, would spend their lives living in fear of getting wedgies for being so bizarre.

Look, I’m not saying that our society should bring back bullying nerds. I am simply observing that when nerds were busy trying to avoid swirlies in the boys' room, they did not have the time to devote to getting their groomer allies access to Kindergarteners. If Melvins and Pointdexters living in fear is the price of little kids not getting chatted up by pedo-adjacent strange-os, I say that’s a bargain.

All leftists are insufferable, but this current crop is insufferable in many diverse ways. It’s not just the ones who defile or mutilate themselves to get their parents’ attention. It also includes ones that don’t tatt up, who appear normal until they open up their kale holes. Think Nina Jankowicz. On the surface, she looks like any other childless, middle-aged Chardonnay-guzzler who is pushing 40 but has failed thus far to earn the love of a man. But when she starts talking, yikes. And just look at the antics of that fascist disinformation girl. She sings show tunes. She’s into Harry Potter – non-threatening sensitive and magical boys are sooooo dreamy. She’s also eager to shove you into a train car headed to a gulag, and as it pulls away from the station she’ll be shouting at you ruffians to use your inside voices. The Left is coming for our Rights.

That’s right –- the mediocre girl who played the lead in your high school’s production of “Hello, Dolly!" –- which you skipped to go pound Buds with your pals like normal people – is the harbinger of tyranny.

Ugh, that’s so sad. Tyranny is intolerable even if you are facing a worthy foe. But tyranny by this kind of over-credentialed, shame-free dork? No way. Never.

And that’s true of the rest of the salty commie crew. Pierced beings with blue hair. Fat-positive behemoths in spandex. Daddy-issue goofs of all genders who can’t do a push up. If we are going to lose our country and our freedom, it can’t be to this gallery of goblins. At least with proper enemies – like, say, the Hessians – you could get some satisfaction shoving a bayonet into their guts. With these weebles, you fail to call them by their bespoke pronouns and they collapse into a sobbing heap. Where’s the challenge?

We simply cannot lose to these people. It’s undignified.

And it’s unnecessary. The only way they win is if we let them win. They can’t take a punch, and the whole caste of them –- which probably numbers a couple million across the country –- collectively probably has access to about as many guns as the average Trump voter. The only threat they pose is to fetuses, and pretty soon only in Moloch-friendly states like Cali and New York. They talk big about revolutions and insurrections, but they have neither the cold steel or the upper body strength to pull it off.

What are they going to do – pester us into submission? Yes, that’s actually their plan. They really think that if they call us “racist” enough, if they moan enough about patriarchy, if they bleat enough about how us saying what we think is “unsafe” we will simply give up. And they have a point – a lot of those from the Miracle Whip faction of the GOP have prioritized politeness over freedom and tried to treat this coterie of creeps with respect. Never attribute to malice, that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

But here’s the thing. These weirdos have not earned our respect. Instead, they leveraged our courtesy and tolerance, often amplified for the fact that we feel sorry for these failed humans, against us to neutralize our resistance. “Oh no, don’t point out how that show tunes girl is a ridiculous adolescent fetishizing children’s books and singing kiddie songs in her affected drama geek voice.” No, we’re supposed to pretend that she’s not a joke, and that we should take seriously her insights into how it’s dangerous to allow us the free speech rights God invested us with upon our creation.

But we’re done pretending. We’re done being nice. We tried being cool, live and letting live, and then we noticed the lack of reciprocity. It’s live and let submit, and that’s a bad deal. Hard pass.

You weirdos, losers, and mutations could have been cool. You could have done your own thing and ignored us like we ignored you. But no. No, you wanted more. You wanted to be the Big Non-binaries on Campus. Except you don’t get to, because you suck and we’re not going to be ruled over by theater dorks, infanticide fetishists, and bitter fringies.

We’re going to rule ourselves, and my advice is to keep the hell out of our faces lest you figuratively end up hanging by your Fruit-of-The-Looms from the flagpole.

© May 5th, 2022 by Kurt Schlichter, Townhall.com.

[H/T to Padré Tom, aka "lightman".]

[JS: This authoritarianism crap is what Orwell ("1984") warned us about for the 20th century, galloping as totalitarianism into the 21st century. These are the biggest, most pathological liars I've ever seen, in my 72yrs. More here about her sinister purpose. 0bummer Boy was a Marxist Socialist; Sanders is a Bolshievek Socialist; Nina Jankowicz -- is a Polish/Ukrainian disinfo agent who pushed the Russia! Russia! Russia! hoax along with the fake Steele Dossier, said the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinfo, etc. -- is a radical left-wing Disinformation Socialist, as thousands in our corrupt gov't are sold to us, by the Deep State Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Anarchist scumbags, like so many cans of peas. The demonKKKrat Party is creating boards, agencies and offices to rule over us, like a bad TV show. Jankowicz is as dirty as they come. What an angry, hateful, anti-American, miserable blob of vomit she is. She’s an anti-Constitution globalist. She’s pro-Zelenskyy and anti-Trump as well, and works for Ukranian intelligence. Whether it is by design or not, they couldn’t have picked a worse person. In a way it’s kinda brilliant. People are so preoccupied with how awful she is, that it’s taking away from how outrageous the very idea of having a “Ministry of Truth” really is. And it's going to be a rough ride. Where are the Republicants on all this crap? They have their bibs on at the NATO trough. What is happening to our nation is perfectly clear. Biden is a socialist lite not hard core. He is senile and mentally compromised and thus his advisors and wife and Obama in the background are running the nation. Obama is just a plain socialist. Biden’s advisors are radical socialist Marxists the only thing they lack is a Communist Party of America card. This administrations policy of thought control is right out of Orwell’s (a brilliant man) dystopian novel “1984”. It describes the mechanism and dehumanization of a totalitarian state and the fluidity of truth. Facts and history are no longer facts and history is written again every day as facts. Our nation is at the beginning stages of this. If they succeed our nation will become a great force for evil against humanity. Strap in yourselves —- we’re just getting started. Damn, skippy!]

[JS: The idiot resigned. But don't clap too long, as she'll re-surface somewhere else, later.]

A Day In The Life.

I slept-in until 10a on Friday, went thru my usual BSL routines, made coffee and breakfast, had a couple smokes in the cool garage and checked the leftover errands list. It was a cloudy, 66° morning, and I had a slight hangover. Last night at 11:50p, while watching the last part of "Gutfeld!", ALL POWER TO THIS ZIPCODE WENT OUT FOR ALMOST 3hrs. Total darkness, everywhere. Met Ed had a substation problem, or worse. My neighbor and his lady friend has a generator, lots of booze in 2 'fridges in his dbl-car garage, 3 very large TVs, YT music, and threw a party until 3a, and I was there with a boatload of friends, partying. My bad. I'm paying for it this morning, Friday the 13th. Whew.

I finally got all the digital clocks on appliances reset, and moved on, not finding any info about the outage on local online utility or news sites. Sister Becky called to check on my morning COVID self-test (negative), and I called Sherry to chat. I kept drinking coffee to help me wake-up. Uh oh, "Gas Lines, Here We Come".

Tired and mildly hungover, I had a 3hr snooze on the LR couch, woke-up at 6p, and made a Thin-Sliced London Broil, Slaw, Lettuce, Tomato & Swiss Cheese Sandwich on Rye, and watched some Discovery episodes of "Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue". It had been raining, but seemed to be taking a break for a while. Even with the4" of rain we had last week, and the mild temps, the ground's top 3-4" of soil was getting dry, so we could use some rain. I watched "Gold Rush" until 11p, then switched over to "Gutfeld!" until midnight, and quit for the day.

Life is something that happens, while you are making other plans.

Up at 7:30a on Saturday, a cloudy, humid and warm 67° start to the day. T-storms were forecast, but after checking AccuWeather's detailed maps, I couldn't find the reason for that forecast; nothing on the maps. After breakfast, I listened to some "Chris Plante Podcasts", since I had no errands for the day. I skipped lunch and just watched the IndyCar Indy 200 Grand Prix (road course race), and after it ended in the rain, heard about the Buffalo supermarket slaughter/murder. Damn. And other leftist/socialist/communist/marxist/anarchist/demoKKKrat/liberal, Deep State-induced shooting to get guns banned and White People labeled as "Domestic Terrorists", as they did with school board meeting parents.

High for the day was almost 80°. I had Chesapeake Crab Soup and a Tomato Sandwich for dinner, watched several episodes of "Fantom Works" and some Fox shows until 11p. 65° and very humid outside, sitting in the garage, having a final smoke. I bagged it after the news.

I slept-in until 9a on Sunday, groggy and tired, made coffee, did the BSL finger stick check, took a Tramadol for R/S hip pain and since no F1 Races were on until next Sunday, just lounged around until mid-morning. Becky stopped by to p/u 2 Covid-19 Self-Test Kits from my "Prepper Stockpile", in the basement. I put the 2 kits on the front porch teak bench, near my lawn chair, and she took it, and dropped-off a package for me. I continued having coffee and a few smokes in the garage, until I went up to shave and shower.

Meanwhile, this is mind-blowing -- three Wisconsin boys are facing sexual harassment charges from their middle school over accusations that they used incorrect gender pronouns on a fellow student. The kids' lawyer argues use of incorrect gender pronouns does not violate Title IX. This crap is only going to get worse, until we get Bidet&Co out of The White House. Un-frigging-believable!

I did a load of laundry, had Lasagna for lunch, and did some minor condo chores. By 4:40p, temps had risen to 82° and the air quality was rated "poor", with humidity around 80%. Yuk. Major storms were approaching the York area, by 4:45, so I moved the garbage to the curb, for morning p/u, and got the Jeep inside. Soon enough, warnings were posted all over the Net, for our area:

***Special Weather Statement***
Sunday, May 15, 4:49 PM EDT
Sunday, May 15, 5:15 PM EDT
Source: U.S. National Weather Service, State College, PA
At 449 PM EDT, Doppler radar was tracking a strong thunderstorm over New Cumberland, moving northeast at 20 mph.
HAZARD: Wind gusts up to 50 mph and pea size hail.
SOURCE: Radar indicated.
IMPACT: Gusty winds could knock down tree limbs and blow around unsecured objects. Minor hail damage to vegetation possible.
Locations impacted include: Harrisburg, Lower Allen, Hershey, Colonial Park, Progress, Camp Hill, Palmyra, New Cumberland, Linglestown, Enola, Steelton, Lemoyne, Hummelstown, Paxtonia, Rutherford, Skyline View, Lawnton, Campbelltown, Wormleysburg, York and Bressler-Enhaut-Oberlin.
If outdoors, consider seeking shelter inside a building.
This storm may intensify, so be certain to monitor local radio stations and available television stations for additional information and possible warnings from the National Weather Service.

The t-storm, for us in York, was a big nothingburger; a "1" on a scale of 1-10. It split when it hit Adams County, to our west, and half went below York County, and the other half went above. We got a quick rain, but nothing much more than wet hard surfaces. Tomorrow is forecast to be a "3-4" scale. Heh. I had dinner, watched TV until 11:30p, and called it Yankee Doodle for the day.

Up at 7:30a on Monday, it was a muggy, sunny 64° morning, and a harbinger of day/weeks/months to come. I did the usual routines, made Kona Coffee, had a couple of smokes in the garage, and tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" on Philly 990am 6-9a, via my computer. I put together a small food shopping list for Weis Market, had breakfast and listened to the "Chris Plante Show" from 9-12. I left for the market at 12:30p, got the few things I needed, drove south to the cleaners to p/u pressed shirts/jeans and was back home by 2p.

Aw, hell; here we go again:

***Severe Thunderstorm Watch***

Very tired, I fell asleep on the LR couch, around 3p, the t-storms hit and woke me up at 6. Heavy rain for 20-30mins, but not much more. I made a Grilled Lasagna Sandwich for dinner, watched the news and several shows on Fox, until 11p, when "Gutfeld!" came on. Tomorrow is Primary Day at the voting polls, and I'll be going mid-to-late morning. Lights out.

Up at 7:15a on Tuesday, Mid-Term Election Day of a sunny, 59°, I made Kona Coffee, skipped breakfast, minded the FR.com "PA Election Pages" for Cousin Tom, and left for the nearby DIY Car Wash, and the N. Sherman St Firehouse, to cast my Mid-Term Vote. I wasn't hungry, and will get some breakfast when I get back. The Polling Station was nearly empty, though the ladies told me that voting was heavy from 7-9:30a, and I voted the 2-sided ballot. Home by 11:45, I relaxed, had several small Croissants w/ Strawberry Preserves, and got back to the PA Pages on FR.com. It was a nice, dry 72°, so I opened-up the condo to get some fresh air.

I spent the afternoon relaxing and doing some small condo chores, until the 6 ladies of the CHCA Executive Board saw me in my Office-Sunroom, and asked me to go along on their "tour" of the 40 condo units, to view and assess plant material and front/back physical condition of doors, paint, siding etc. That blew 2+hrs; no problem; glad to help out. I had a Grilled Lasagna Sandwich and Tater Tots, for a late lunch at 3p, and went back to the computer and paper work, trying to finish-up the pile, for the week.

After dinner, I watched FNC's PA Election Coverage; looks like my 3 candidates -- Lou Barletta, Gov candidate, Carrie Lewis Delrosso, Lt Gov Candidate, and Kathy Barnette for US Senator -- all lost. Oh well. FNC pre-empted "Gutfeld!", to my dismay, and ran the election stuff all night. I unplugged just before midnight.

I slept-in until almost 8:30a on Wednesday, a nice 56° and sunny morning. After my usual morning shower, I had breakfast and listened to the "Chris Plante Show", while opening-up the condo for some fresh, cool air. The lawn care guys were here, so I had to close-down the condo, to avoid all the dust and pollen from their work. All too soon, the "CP Show" was over and the Bonehead-Bongino Farce came on, so I switched to the "Chris Stigall Show" podcast, from his 6-9a show. I had some Tangerines and a banana for lunch, after a big breakfast earlier. I did some light condo chores, and got ready to leave to meet Sherry at 2p, at nearby Springettsbury Park, to get a little exercise.

This is kind of funny (3mins).

We did for just over an hour rambling around, and went back to my place to rest and talk. Sherry left to get some errands done, but forgot her iPhone. I noticed it after 15-20mins, and jumped into the Jeep to catch-up with her, and we almost passed each other near the park. Her phone returned, she left. I headed back home, had some dinner, and as temps began dropping and the rain arrived, closed down the condo. Once again, TV sucked, so I watched a movie, "Ford v Ferrari" from Amazon Prime -- free, of course. The rain continued. I caught "Gutfeld" at 11, and bagged it for the night, at midnight. I started an 8hr fast for tomorrow morning's bloodwork at nearby Wellspan's Stony Brook Lab.

Up at 6a on Thursday, the rain finally stopped, and I got ready to go to the lab, for blood/urine samples. The took 4 vials of blood, I donated a whiz sample to the cause, and left. It was almost empty there, so I was in-and-out quickly. Nice. Back home, I had coffee, a smoke in the garage, and swept it out. No wind, so no debris from trees, this morning. Still overcast and very humid, as a new front edges closer to us from the Southeast. A heat wave's coming right behind it: today 82°, tomorrow 91°+, Saturday 95°+, Sunday 92°+ and Monday back down into the 70s. Way too early for those temps. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from Philly until 9a, then switched to the "Chris Plante Show" from DC, until 12noon.

Get ready for a Summer of Violence, from the crazy leftist-wing mobs, over the pending Roe v Wade SCOTUS decision. Multiple cities and towns will be rioted, looted, burned cops and other citizens murdered, all in the name of "Women's Health Rights". Heh, shoot the rioters, looters and others! KILL THEM! But the media-commies will blame it on the Right; just wait and see.

Remember this quote? "Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe..." Alone, that would be pretty damning, being their own words to describe exactly their end goal, but that is all just harmless rhetoric, right? Sure. Just rhetoric. But if you take a look at what they are actively RIGHT NOW trying to do, even in this time where gasoline prices are certain to destroy our economy based on actions by the Left that include Biden cancelling the Keystone Pipeline on his first day in office and last week, cancelling all sales of leases for oil and gas in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. Here is what Democrats are ACTIVELY pursing RIGHT NOW with catastrophe staring us in the face due to high energy costs: • Windfalls Profit Tax: $450 billion tax increase,
• Home Heating Tax: $8 billion tax increase,
• Energy Tax on Crude Oil: $13 billion tax increase,
• Repeal expensing of intangible drilling costs (IDCs): $10.5 billion tax increase,
• Modify foreign oil and gas extraction income and foreign oil related income rules: $84.8 billion tax increase,
• Repeal enhanced oil recovery credit: $7.8 billion tax increase,
• Repeal credit for oil and natural gas produced from marginal wells: $516 million tax increase,
• Repeal capital gains tax treatment for royalties: $455 million tax increase,
• Repeal exception to passive loss limitations provided to working interests in oil and natural gas properties (Biden’s budget proposal): $86 million tax increase,
• Repeal percentage depletion with respect to oil and natural gas wells: $9.2 billion tax increase,
• Increase geological and geophysical amortization period for independent producers: $2 billion tax increase,
• Repeal expensing of exploration and development costs: $911 million tax increase,
• Repeal percentage depletion for hard mineral fossil fuels: $1.3 billion tax increase,
• Repeal the exemption from the corporate income tax for fossil fuel publicly traded partnerships: $1 billion tax increase,
• Repeal the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund (OSTLF) excise tax exemption for crude oil derived from bitumen and kerogen-rich rock: $395 million tax increase,
• Reinstate Superfund excise taxes: $25 billion tax increase,
• Modify Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund financing: $513 million tax increase,

Does this seem like incompetence to anyone? Anyone? If you were trying to drive up the cost of energy, would you do ANYTHING differently than these items, all being pushed by demonKKKrats? If Democrats have their way -- and they will -- gas prices will surge even higher.

High for the day was a muggy 81°, with much worse to come over the next 2-3 days. I had lunch, Becky and her friend, Karen, from CA stopped by to visit and see my condo -- Karen's trying to flee CA and move out here. After they left at around 3p, tired from getting-up at 6a, I grabbed a 2hr nap on the LR couch. After dinner, I watched Fox News and got more and more angry as I saw new information on Bidet&Co's scandals on "Tucker" and "Hannity" (yeah, I did watch it, for once), so I switched over to "Mecum Auto Auctions" until 11p, and then over to "Gutfeld!" until midnight. Lights out.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and I have 3 days set aside for medical and related appointments; sucks to be me.

The Great Shortage of 2022, So Far.

That’s the big news story of the hour, day, week month and year. So far.

In the richest country in the world, new mothers are not able to find baby formula or are having to stand in line for hours to get it.

That problem is at the top – for now – of the growing pile of economic blunders and social miseries that Joe Biden and his failing policies have caused the American people.

Our Teleprompter-dependent president denies any responsibility for screwing up the country in any way, but every voter knows the grim list.

In just 15 months on the job – or pretending to be on the job – he and his collection of left-liberal “experts” have brought us 8 percent inflation, sky high gas prices and food shortages.

And don’t forget supply chain disruptions, 5 percent mortgage interest rates and soaring crime rates at home, plus an unnecessary and increasingly dangerous entanglement in a war between Russia and Ukraine.

On Thursday, the Biden administration finally acknowledged the baby formula shortage, blamed greedy formula makers and put forth the usual blather but of course took no responsibility for it.

When COVID was exported by China to the U.S., President Trump launched “Operation Warp Speed” to produce vaccines in record time without the usual lengthy FDA rules.

What we need for baby formula is something like “Operation Warp Feed,” as someone on TV quipped, but don’t look at anything like that from Biden.

Like all Democrats, he's following his party's traditional game plan:

First you destroy something that's working well in the private economy – like the energy industry – with a series of bad laws and policies that drive up prices or cause shortages.

And then you offer “free” government money to the victims and announce expensive new programs to fix the problems while pretending you didn’t cause them in the first place.

Biden either ignores the economic or social problems he's created from scratch or made much worse and blames them on someone else.

Oil prices through the roof? Putin did it, not Biden’s green energy policies or his sabotage of the energy sector.

Economy sinking toward recession? Republicans did it – though they’re not in control of Congress.

Inflation and $7 a gallon gas in L.A.? Trump did it – though he's been out of the Oval Office since January of 2021.

Lately, according to Biden and the Democrats, the soaring prices of oil, gas and wheat are Putin's or Russia’s fault.

It’s a strange twist.

It used to be during the Cold War that Soviet leaders blamed the USSR’s Third World standard of living on America and capitalism – not on socialism and a rigid command economy run by backward bureaucrats.

Remember how we used to laugh at the Soviets – or feel sorry for its citizens – because they had to wait seven years to get a “new” and crummy car?

Or how they couldn’t buy Levi's or Beatles records and had to line up each day to buy basics like bread and toilet paper?

Now the Biden government is turning the U.S. into the old Soviet Union.

Baby formula is just the latest important product that has been transformed from something a new mother could always buy anywhere into a nerve-wracking ordeal.

Overnight, the simple act of buying baby formula has become a national problem – like trying to get a new car.

My son ordered a Ford Expedition last November – and it’s still not built, thanks to the shortage of computer chips.

As Biden and his crew of lefties are turning the U.S. into the old USSR, there’s no one in the country who wakes up happier every morning than Jimmy Carter.

Compared to Biden’s dismal record, Old Jimmy looks like Winston Churchill and his legacy is looking better and better every day.

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