Islam is evii

a call to arms
Friday, May 21, 2004

The cataclysmic war that has begun when Islam attacked Christianity and Judaism, is now fully-joined. Islam and its fanatical, murderous subhuman practitioners must be tracked down, mercilessly whacked and buried face down in pools of liquid pigshit. This is a war of Barbarians, Murderers and Terrorists, aka Islam, The Religion of Peace™ vs Western Civilization. They started it, and we aim to finish it. Make no mistake about it — Islam's evil and perverted agenda — is no less than world domination, the Killing of all infidels; for the uninitiated, that's you and me. We will whack them all. The evil Koran's False Moon-God mandate is to establish a worldwide Caliphate, or Islamic World, ruled by torture, mutilation, boy-buggery, chattelling, slavery, death and total and complete domination over all other religions, specifically Christians and Jews. Anything less is totally unacceptable to all Islamics and all Muslims. The deviant, subhuman, mentally-ill pedophile Mo-ham-head, was a lying piece of pigshit, who turned a perverted cult of deviancy into an entire civilization, which worshipped a false moon god, and which dictated not only basic bathroom habits of its mindless adherents, but everything else in a person's so-called daily life. That demented civilization must now be destroyed, to the very last Muslim and Islamic alive, anywhere. Islam is a worldwide menace and a very real threat to world peace and stability. The Islamic Terrorist Notebooks provide a master blueprint for Killing infidels, worldwide. Wherever there is Islam, there is war. 23 of the 25 ongoing wars in the world today are Muslim-initiated. Radical and extremist Muslims are untermensch; subhumans who don't deserve either civil rights or basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of anything, except the finality of death. Screw the minuscule humiliation shit at Abu Ghraib prison; that's lowlife, insignificant bullshit, like the US Senate morons who make a big deal out of nothing.Putting women's underwear on some Iraqis head is far, far less horrid than cutting off an American's head. Muslims fanatics, and most moon-god-worshipping Islamics in general, who advocate and whack Christians by the millions, should be exterminated, for the overall good of the world's civilized society. No, I don't advocate the Killing of "innocent" or "moderate" Muslims; but since I've never met any who don't want to whack me for being an 'infidel', I consider that all of them fair game for Killing, if they want to f*ck with whack me. Bring it on, subhuman raghead dirtbag filth!

Around The Garden Center.
Seems like we skipped Spring and went right into the Dog Days of Summer: 86-90°F and in the mid-60s at night. Very high humdidity. Yuk. The humdidity and heat is oppressing for this early in the year. Last year at this time, we were dealing with heavy rains, mud and fickle weather, in one of the wettest years on record. No complaints.
The sciatica in my left side gets worse by the day, now that the prednisone steroids are over and other Rx pills are substituted. While I was taking 6 prednisone a day, for the first 3 days, I felt great and could function normally, but the regimen quickly called for withdrawl back 5-4-3-2 and 1, per day. to The agonizing pain vacillates between the left assock, left thigh, left knee and left shin, making it almost impossible, at time, to even walk. And since my business consists of walking a good part of the 20 acres, looking at nursery stock with customers, my business is suffering, as well. Fortunately, I have my Dad and weekend salesman, Ken, to help fill-in. Plus, many of my 18 employees are volunteering to come in on Saturdays and Sundays to help take up the slack, created by my crippling condition. God bless them all. I see my buddy, Dr Rick Green's East York Chiropractic Center in my very, very near future, if this "traditional" medicinal regimen doesn't work. I can't handle much more of the unrelenting pain, and need to get relief, pretty damned soon.
Even with and despite the sciatica pain, I've been out limping and visiting dozens of homes weekly, pruning winter damage from many trees, authorizing replacements where needed, and looking at new business requests. Gas prices are up to $2.15/gal in the York (PA) area; much higher to the south in The Peoples' Republic of Maryland. You should see all the Maryland cars filling-up on relatively "cheap gas" here in Pennsylvania. Amazing.
Cicadas? A load of media hype and bullshit, due to May 20th. YAWN. If you see 10-15, that'll be a lot, IMO.
Cicadas are overblown shit.

Wobbly GOPers.
The court martial of US Soldier begins this week, for "humiliation" of dirtbag Iraqi criminals, while mass murderer Sodomy Insane continues to languish in US prison. The GOPers are cowardly, spineless scum for letting it happen.
A precursor target during the RNC event in NYC? Reason #557 why I don't fly anymore.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Trash.
Redneck, hate-filled, KKK-asswipe Fritz Hollings (RACIST-SC) is a piece is shit. He deserves a massive heart attack or stroke, and I truly hope he gets one or both of them. Die scumbag, die.
NPR is lying pigshit.
Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (TRAITOR-NY) is a traitorous, lowlife subhuman liberal piece of lying filth.

Islam, The Cult of Murder™.
whack f*ck Screw all Muslim filth; they're lying subhuman scum. I don't trust any of them. They all need to be exterminated.

Lowlife, Subhuman Garbage.
No, I'm not talking about liberal-demokkkRATs here, but I easily could be.
It's long, long past time White farmers in South Africa started Killing rampaging subhuman idiot scumbag filth murderers. Shoot true and whack them by the millions, Afrikaners.

John F(ucking) Kerry.
Flip-flopping, lying liberal, traitorous ass-boy coward Kerry accused President Bush of breaking a campaign promise to pressure oil-producing nations to increase production in an effort to help control soaring gasoline prices. f*ck Screw off, lib-dem loser scumbag.
Kerry is a f*cking liberal-demokkkRAT liar. Period.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Another subhuman homo, child-molesting homo Catholic Priest who should be duly tried, convicted and executed. There are millions of them; all should be executed. Die, Father Albert Liberatore, you subhuman piece of shit.
It made me very, very happy that another lowlife subhuman piece of murderous shit was executed, in Texas. Sure made my week a happy one.

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