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emp commission warning

friday, may 25th, 2018

parts of the United States would be starved of electricity, water, food, internet service and transportation for a year or longer by the smallest electromagnetic pulse attack on the electric grid, according to a newly declassified report from a federal commission.

Actual Title: "EMP Commission warns ‘blackout’ of electricity, food, water to last ‘year or longer,’ huge death toll".)

The so-called EMP Commission report said that the threat is real, jeopardizes “modern civilization,” and would set back living conditions to those last seen in the 1800s.

And as a result of the chaos, millions would likely die, according to the report titled “Assessing the Threat from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP),” from the recently re-established Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.

“A long-term outage owing to EMP could disable most critical supply chains, leaving the U.S. population living in conditions similar to centuries past, prior to the advent of electric power,” said the July 2017 report provided Secrets.

“In the 1800s, the U.S. population was less than 60 million, and those people had many skills and assets necessary for survival without today's infrastructure. An extended blackout today could result in the death of a large fraction of the American people through the effects of societal collapse, disease, and starvation. While national planning and preparation for such events could help mitigate the damage, few such actions are currently underway or even being contemplated,” added the executive summary.

Three reports on the issue have been declassified by the Pentagon and seven more are awaiting clearance.

The warnings in the report somewhat echo those made a similar commission a decade ago. But this time the feared attacks aren’t just from a solar event but a potential atmospheric nuclear blast or cyber hit launched by North Korea, China or Russia.

What’s more, the report warns that despite President Trump’s focus on the issue and demand for action, federal agencies are fighting over the issue and the Defense Department, which is factoring in EMP protection into its plans, isn’t sharing critical information to help civilian agencies and private firms make similar protections.

Also declassified was a report from Peter Vincent Pry, who served on a prior EMP Commission and is executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, spelling out the human toll of an EMP attack on the electric grid. He also advises the current commission.

In “Life Without Electricity,” he said the results would be:

“President Trump’s withdrawal from the bogus Iran nuclear deal, and his determination to denuclearize North Korea, are all the more important because even a single nuclear weapon possessed by these rogue states would pose an existential threat to North America by EMP attack,” Pry told Secrets.

He also praised Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s focus on the issue in his role as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Reform Committee, but slammed “Obama-holdovers and Deep State bureaucrats” for ignoring the report.

The report warned that the type of conditions spelled out by Pry could last a long time due to the difficulties fixing the electric grid, which many have testified would be fairly cheap to harden against an attack.

“The United States – and modern civilization more generally – faces a present and continuing existential threat from naturally occurring and man-made electromagnetic pulse assault and related attacks on military and critical national infrastructures. A nationwide blackout of the electric power grid and grid-dependent critical infrastructures – communications, transportation, sanitation, food and water supply – could plausibly last a year or longer. Many of the systems designed to provide renewable, stand-alone power in case of an emergency, such as generators, uninterruptible power supplies, and renewable energy grid components, are also vulnerable to EMP attack,” said the 27-page report.

It called for a new wave of cooperation among government agencies to set protection standards, an EMP czar, and called for testing current systems against a simulated EMP attack.

“With the development of small nuclear arsenals and long-range missiles by new, radical U.S. adversaries, the threat of a nuclear EMP attack against the U.S. becomes one of the few ways that such a country could inflict devastating damage to the United States,” concluded the report. It added, “It is critical, therefore, that the U.S. national leadership address the EMP threat as a critical and existential issue, and give a high priority to assuring the leadership is engaged and the necessary steps are taken to protect the country from EMP.”

© May 09, 2018 by Paul Bedard, "Washington Examiner". Full title: "EMP Commission warns ‘blackout’ of electricity, food, water to last ‘year or longer,’ huge death toll".

A Day In The Life.

I got up at 7a on Friday morning, since Becky was coming to pick me up at 10:30a, so I'd had enough time for coffee, news and a light breakfast. We were going to Brown's Glass Co, to order a large piece of 3/8" clear glass to cover Dad's desk, so it wouldn't get marred when he used it. It's a "belated 94 y.o. B-Day" present.

The rescinded offer on Dad's house was a true bummer, but with all the offers he's had, another one will come thru. That woman's name is now "dogshit" in York, and few, if any, realtors will even talk to her from now on. Shame on her.

GOOD NEWS! Another offer came thru right away – there were 5 from the 7 showings – and for $6,000 over asking price, and firm contracts are signed.

It's been raining day and night, since last Friday, and the ground is way over-saturated. Trees are falling, many on to power lines, cars and houses. Streets and roads are flooded, but the worst is yet to come. Streams, creeks and rivers are at maximum capacity and it will get much worse over the next few days, until all this stops. Farmers can't plant corn or beans, because the ground is so wet, the seed won't germinate and will just rot. Tractors will just sink in the mud, and there's no point getting into that situation.

I had errands to get done, gas-up the Jeep and go to West York w/ Becky to get the glass ordered for Dad's desk, at Brown's Glass Co. I was shivering from the cold and rain; didn't dress for it. I no more than got back, and two other residents of these condos cornered me to ask a hundred questions about plants coming up. As cold and rainy as it's been, it's a little too early to tell on some of them; after some dry weather and heat, it'll be a cinch. I unloaded the Jeep, and laid down on the couch for a few hours. By the time I woke-up, it was 9:30p, nothing on TV or talk radio and I went upstairs to sleep.

I slept until 9:30a on Saturday morning, made coffee, had a muffin with sunny-side-up eggs, scanned the news and weather, as usual. I needed to go over to Dad's and change several financial accounts' addresses to his new residence, so I tried it on mine, was able to get in and could easily do it on his. Or so I thought. I changed Wells Fargo, but FOLIO Investments required a letter and some documents to Wealth Management Associates, which I wrote and mailed. Changing the Wells Fargo Personal Account Information was a breeze; FOLIO Wealth Management wasn't, and required some documents for me to get into it and change the phone number for their 21nd security level. I gave-up and left at 11:30a. My L/S ribs were hurting.

There's a NASCAR race on today at 6p; next weekend the F-1 (Monaco GP) race on at 9a, and the Indy 500 on at 12n, on Sunday 27th. I'd completely forgotten about the Memorial Day Race. Duh.

I watched the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series race, and after 50-60 laps, got bored. I much prefer road racing with open wheel race cars and the million-dollar prototype sports cars, such as IMSA. By 10p, I'd had enough of NASCAR, quit and went upstairs to get some sleep.

I had a rough night, and didn't get enough quality REM sleep. But up at 9:15a on Sunday, I was cranky until I made coffee, had a muffin, OJ, and took a Rx 20mg Oxycodone for my hurting ribs. With each passing day and week, the pain lessens and pretty soon I won't need any painkillers. I grabbed my daily shower, put in a load of laundry and went out to get a few things. T-storm cells were moving thru the area, and one was so violent that I could hardly see to drive due to the heavy rain. I pulled under Rt 30's bridge and waited it out.

Becky stopped by and we put together a ½-page list of things needing doing ASAP by me, and 2 other lists for the General Contractor (GC) and his designers, carpenters, painters, flooring installers, window treatment installers, plumbers, etc etc etc., so that we can get started with a few things now, and the bulk of it in Sept-Oct, and get it all done within that 2 month timeframe. Some things the contractor won't be involved in are being done by me independently, but the lists are daunting. Within an hour, I had a list of things I needed to get busy tomorrow, and start working on a very long list for the condo rehab project. I was GC for the million-dollar GC&N back in 1989-90-91, but couldn't/wouldn't do it again. It's a younger man's job, IMO.

After running over to Becky's & Dad's, and a half-dozen other places, I was tired by 10p, fading fast, and called it a day.

Up at 6a on Monday, I made coffee, a muffin, had a bowl of Chex cereal, and slept on the sofa for 3hrs. It was 55°F outside and compared to yesterday's 85°F, I was shivering. I used the afghan to keep warm. My ribs were hurting so I stayed inside; by 5p, it was 77°F but almost no humidity, so it was tolerable. I had the windows and screen doors opened to get some fresh air thru the place. I sat out on the front porch for an hour or so, talked to some neighbors and came back inside rather than sit in the blazing sun, especially with some of the medications I'm taking. I had a dr's app't to make for my feet; never been to a podiatrist before and it's maybe time to see one.

I watched "American Pickers" on CATV, which had dozens of old episodes I'd never seen before. Amazing, that I was so wrong in thinking that I'd seen them all. Those were some very well-produced and interesting shows. Becky called with the bad news that Dad had fallen in his sunroom/TV room, and was com,ing down with a cold. At 94, that can be dangerous, so she's calling Dr McKeague's office at 8a to get him an app't and some antibiotics, before it gets worse. She has a noon dr's app't, so I might have to take him to Apple Hill Medical Center, get his Rx filled and get him back home. Good thing Becky lives next door now, and can keep a close eye on his increasingly frail condition. At his age, a simple cold can quickly develop into pneumonia and become life-threatening.

By 11p, I had sharp pain in my L/S-back, and an Oxycodone didn't seem to help. I took some low dose baby aspirin, and bagged it for the night around 1a, taking the heating pad along with me upstairs to bed, knowing it was going to be a rough night. I rolled over and looked at the clock, and it was already 2:30a. Damn. I have the Andersen Renewal Windows rep coming tomorrow at 1:30p, and Becky will call me just after 8a, if she's able to secure a dr's app't for Dad, and I'll be doing his food shopping for the foreseeable future, since he's now low on a lot of items, and not really able to do his own shopping. I'm more than ready and happy to help him wherever and whenever he needs it.

My favorite chef of the 80s, – Mario Batali – is being investigated and probably will be charged with rape and a host of other offenses against women who work/worked for him at his restaurant empire. Sad; he could have bought a cadre of prostitutes with all his millions. I watched some of his old shows, anyway.

Up at 6a again, I made coffee, had OJ, cereal and laid down on the couch for a couple hours. Becky got a dr's app't for Dad at 10:45a, and will take him to Apple Hill Med Ctr. I had the Andersen Renewal Windows rep here at 1p, to give me an estimate for 5 new windows $15,000!), but I had some errands to do this morning. I listened to the Chris Plante Show from 9-12, scanned weather and news, and met with the guy at 1p. He wanted 90mins, but I cut the mtg back to 45mins, and drove over to Dad's to tidy-up his computer hardware and wires, on his magnificent desk.

Before the listing is taken down, here's what the place looks like, cleaned-out and staged for buyers.

A package of information and forms from Penn State/ Hershey Medical Center arrived today in the mail, and I spent two hours copying data from My Wellspan website and using it to filling-out forms, update medication lists, hospital; and dr's office visits. By 11p, I was too tired to see straight anymore, so I bagged it for the night. Lots to do tomorrow to help Dad.

Becky called and woke me at 8a, on Wednesday, or I'd have slept well-past 10 or 11a. She had emailed me documents, totalling 56 pages, pertaining to Dad's old house, needing printing. My AT&T wireless bill arrived in my morning's email, and Dad needed to be taken off the users' list; it was a commercial account carried over to my residence, so I called AT&T to get him removed, and ran into all kinds of problems. After an hour of getting nowhere with usernames, passwords, PINs etc, I hung-up, and drove over to the Galleria where there's an AT&T Retail Store, and finally, after 30mins Josh and I got it straightened out. Damn. And I had food shopping to do for Dad, while Becky helped him with his morning schedule routine. I took the groceries over, unloaded and Becky put them away.

As the weeks and months go by, I notice Dad getting more and more frail, at 94, so he needs more help from Becky and me. Truly, I don't think I'd want to live that long. At 68, I'm not in the good shape I was in 3yrs ago. I can almost "see my end" in 4-5yrs. I'd hoped to live to my mid-80s, but that's not going to happen.

Reviewing schedules for sub-contractors, I noticed I had 2 coming in at 8a and another at 9a, Thursday, and then I needed to drive to Apple Hill Medical Center Imaging Center, and p/u a disc they'd put 2 of my last CT-Scans on, for next Friday's trip to Penn State Hershey Medical Center, for the consult for the pending endoscopy, plus visit their anesthesia clinic. I had a chicken salad sandwich on toast, closed down around 10p, and hoped to sleep as well as I did last night.

Another terrible night, of tossing-and-turning, and very little sleep. I finally got-up at 4:44a, turned on the heat, made coffee and sunny-side-up eggs, sausage & toast for breakfast, and laid down on the LR couch. Couldn't sleep there, nor on the leather recliner. I had a couple of subcontractors scheduled to arrive around 8a, and Matt from Spartan Computers at 9a, so I poured another cup of coffee and tried to get the "brain fog" off. I also had to drive to Apple Hill MC to get that disc of my last 2 CT-Scans. By 9, neither of the 2 woodworking sub-contractors had arrived or called, but Matt from Spartan Computers was on time. Matt and I have some technical things to work thru, before I move my old G-Mail account to his corporate server, although I've already bought and installed MS-365 to replace my trusty, tried and true, 2007 MS-Office Suite, I don't like the way it takes over my desktop and computer. A lot'll depend on what my old ISP at ModernTymes will charge me for monthly email. More on that as it develops. I may have no choice in the matter.

I did some quick food shopping and a gas fill-up with bonus points, at Weis Market, 15 miles west of my usual Weis, and across from the Jeep dealer where I got my 2017 Grand Cherokee, looking for some things I couldn't get for him yesterday, and ran into Becky loading her groceries; she'd gotten the few items I couldn't find at the other Weis Market, which is 1/3 the size of this newer, larger store. Then it was home and off the roads by 1p, since traffic was already building for the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. When I had the Old GC&N, I and a couple of reliable employees, worked thru the weekend, since people would be coming in droves to get plants for yard landscape projects. Old friend, Ed from Essis & Sons, was on time, and he measured every room and hallway. Flooring and carpeting is going to be very expensive for this 2,800sqft condo. Rehabbing this place is going to be $30,000 – $36,000, once furniture, area rugs etc is figured into the equation. Damn.

I had some L/S rib pain, so I took my last Rx 20mg Oxycodone, and unless I can get refills on the 20mg Oxys and 2mg Ativan at my dr's next Wednesday, will have to resort to get "refills" from illicit sources, which I don't want to do. Pain management is a bitch, and it's not easy to control/ easy to lose control of it. The Rx 12.5mg Ambien still has 1 refill left, but I will get another Rx written, and keep it on file here at the condo, for 3 refills, for the next months. I watched the ""Barn Find Hunter" episodes for a while, caught-up on the news and weather, and called it a day/week around 10:30p.

Another "celebrity" exposed as a rapist/molester/groper etc: Morgan Freeman. How3 many does that make now? I need a calculator to keep track of them all. Makes me sick and ill to even think about them and their victims. Next week, I'll get into this hideous behavior in greater depth.

Some People Just Need ****ing.

Another school shooting, with 8-10 dead and over 15 injured at Santa Fe HS, in Texas. When are they going to stop mentally-ill, unhinged, insane wackos from getting firearms? FIREARMS ARE NOT DOING THE KILLING; IT'S THE HYSTERICAL NUTCASES DOING THE KILLING. I've had my rifles and pistols since 1990, and they're killed NO ONE! My 1958 ,22cal Mossberg 144LS rifle has shot or killed no one, either. Dammit.

Yes, muslims (spit) are the enemy, urgently needing either deportation or summary execution. There are already 3½ million of those subhuman creatures slithering around America, plotting the overthrow of America and the murder of millions of American Infidels, as soon as the muslim (spit) trash reach 10 million. They've done it to other countries and taken over the gov't, and will do it to us, if given the chance. Trump needs to implement a "deport/execute" policy immediately. Start with the filth from CAIR, and go on from there. Any demokkkRATs siding with muslims (spit) simply get executed.

LaWana Mayfield, a fat, stupid, ignorant, racist niggra sambo bitch, says "cops are terrorists", after she compared police officers to terrorists on social media. The sweathog needs to have a fatal "accident". Good riddance, sambette.

Dumbass, illiterate, lowlife sambo boy, racist scumbag, Al "Cadaver" Sharpton, say, "says royal wedding shows white supremacy is "on its last breath". What does that even mean, sambo boy? Where's James Earl Ray when the country really needs him?

Lowlife millennial 30 y.o. piece-of-shit, Michael Rotondo, refuses to move out of his parents' house, so he needs a bullet in the head, be stuffed in a 50gal drum, floated out to sea and sunk. There are people who do that kind of work, and could easily be contracted to make the filthy scumbag disappear. A judge has ordered him out, but he says "fuck you" to the court.

Monsanto's tried and true herbicide, Round-Up, causes cancer? DeWayne Johnson, 46, is loaded w/ tumors and is dying. I feel bad for him, but I've used it for 30+yrs, as have hundreds of other people in the hort-ag business, and none of them have contracted cancer. If true, Monsanto should be sued into oblivion; if not, RIP DeWayne. I really think he previously worked on asbestos brakes, was a heavy smoker, worked around some other carcinogenic material, or something else, but he'd be the first to be fatally affected by Round-Up, and go public about it.

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