ruts and routines

Friday, May 26, 2000

it's always something more, isn't it? One more thing to be done, one more detail to iron out, one more place to go, one more person to see, one more call to make, one more estimate to do, one more stop to make, one more diaper to change, one more lawn to mow, one more something. After a while, numbness sets in and a routine is established. When the routine turns into a rut, it's time for a change. I'm there now, needing a change. Lemme see: micro-changes or macro-changes? gradual or immediate? big-time or small-time? Ummm, can't say right now, but something's got to give. And it looks like it'll be me, this time. Once again.

Around The Garden Center.
It almost seems like Winter's back: temps have dropped into the 40s and 50s, it's raining everyday no complaint, we need the rain and we've had frost several nights in a row last week. But that didn't deter customers from shopping here all weekend long.
Gas prices have jumped up to $1.53.9/ gallon in the past 3-4 weeks from a low of $1.36.9/ gallon, despite the increase in production, demand is at an all-time high for Summer travel. My latest fill-up was 21.92gals for $33.75 for the '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8. (~17mpg avg)
I'm tired. I gotta take a few days off next week. The landscape schedule's set and everyone can carry on without me for a short while, so I'll be outta here the wo/ 29th for some well-deserved rest, shopping and short-range travel. Happy Memorial Day, BTW.
Do you think we, as Americans, are overtaxed? Americans for Tax Reform has released its "Cost of Government" report for 2000. Out of 366 days in 2000, the average American will work 167 days for the government: 59.1 days for state and local spending and regulations, 37.9 days for federal regulations, 29.3 days for Social Security and Medicare, 9.4 days for interest payments, and 31.3 days for all other federal programs. Yep, I do.
I'm afraid that the Mid-Atlantic Region will again be into its 4th year of drought; probably not as bad as these folks have it, but another drought, nonetheless. We're already 7" low on moisture since January. And 26" low from the past 3 years, combined. We've had daily rain since last Friday and everything is looking very green and lush. The past two Springs have started out this way, then lapsed into no rain mode until October, with temps in the 90s and 100s. Almost an exact carbon copy.

I've been expecting it for a while: Rudy Guiliani quitting the New York state Senate race to take care of his health. And he did last Friday.
Despite being a moderate Republican, Rick Lazio is someone I'd support in a heartbeat. Anything to keep that Hitlery Soddom&Gmorrah Clintonoid bitch out of any government position. She's a devil, a congenital liar and a criminal. She dwarfs Billy Bubba Jeff Clintonista, by a long-shot. And that's a real act to follow, Rick.
Brace yourself: the shit's about to hit the fan in Chi-Comm Land and the Clintonistas has secretly been helping with infusions of cash.
A multi-million fund-raiser and "tribute" to BJ Clintoon? For what? The "most ethical administration in American history" is so f*cking corrupt it boggles the mind. The Clintonista scumbag has used the past 4 years to hold a fund-raiser every 3 days, instead of resigning as he should have, or pretending to "do the people's business".

Clintonista Filth.
When the federal, state and local governments begin holding "tests" and "drills" on preparedness for terrorist attacks for chemical, biological or nuclear weapon strikes, without telling the American People what it's all about, we should all take serious notice. The intelligence services know something we don't and the Clintonites are intent on keeping us in the dark until it happens. And it will.
Anyone who believes the Hitlery Clintonite is a civilized, congenial, normal person, should read this about her profanity and clashes with law enforcement. She's a lowclass, psycho bitch whose past history is a lie.
Read about how the Clintonite morons have played right into Russia's plan for dominance. No, I'm not a conspiracy nut.
An Arkansas State Supreme Court committee found the Billy Jeff Clintonista scumbag filth GUILTY of perjury, GUILTY of suborning perjury. They found that President Clinton should be disbarred because of "serious misconduct" in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case. JFC, WE knew that years ago. But anyway, THANKS, JUDGE! for confirming what WE already knew. It's terribly hard to believe that the People of Arkansas were that stupid and readily elected the Clintoon moron as attorney general and governor. Ummmm, it's even harder to believe that the People of America were as brain-dead as they were in electing and re-electing the lowlife, liar, draft dodger, rapist, suborner of perjury, cokehead, lib-dem shithead, Clinton. He's white trash filth. But he still claims he saved the US Constitution. Gosh Bubba, thanks a pile, you scumbag.
Well, well, well, it's about f*cking time! The old-time major media are finally waking up and calling Clinton a liar, criminal and scumbag: read The Washington Post, The New York Post and The Boston Herald, who've covered for Clintoon since day one in '93. Where was all their so-called objective reporting for the past 8 years? But the shit-for-brains New York Times still covers for the Liar-In-Chief, as do the morons at CNN (Clintoon News Network).

Execute The Subhuman Filth.
Why is this scumbag idiot cop whacker, Mumia Abu-Jamal (aka Tyrone LeRoy Jackson) still alive and giving commencement addresses? He should have been executed years, many years ago. The cop's still dead and this idiot scumfilth has a bunch of worldwide psycho scum-f*ckmers claiming he's innocent. whack the scumbag slime.
Instead of wasting taxpayers' money and keeping these murderous scum alive for the rest of their dirty lives, the law should swiftly execute them and save the $60,000 per year per scumbag. Hopefully, another prisoner will whack them while in prison.
In a murderous display of 90s existentialism, four wackos smothered a 10 year old girl in a so-called re-birthing session. They should pay with their lives and this shit should be stopped by law.
Jeeeez, another multiple murderer sentenced to four consecutive life terms, instead of getting his just due: execution.
This murderous piece of subhuman shit illegal alien "Railway whacker" wants to die for the 8-9 murders he committed. Welllll, waste the scumbag without delay.
Here's an easy way to keep track of the subhuman shitfilth as they're justly executed.

It's a sad day when trash and scum like Madonna whore and Ritchie punk are elevated to star status, or anything above shit. Both are white trash scum.
It's just amazing how many pieces of shit there are worldwide who listen to shit music, nay noise, looking for a category. And they come in all colors. Especially pathetic are the white kids dressing like blacks with baggy pants and sweatshirts, carrying ghetto blasters or with 3 subwoofers in their clapped out car spewing that wretched noise through the neighborhood. I'd love to toss a concussion grenade into those cars and silence that shit noise permanently.
Africa? Who the f*ck cares? It's a filthy shithole and the US should stay out of there. Let the criminal Jesse Jackscum go over and get whacked. Between AIDS and war, it'll implode in the next 5 years, and good riddance. Think I'm too harsh? Nah: read this.
The decrepit, old dottering lowlife, liberal piece of shit, Larry King, and his really ugly wife have again proved that Viagara negates impotence: another kid. What a joke. King's old enough to be those kids' grandfather.

Warriors of the Net.
Created at Ericsson Medialab, a research unit of the Swedish telecommunications giant, Warriors of the Net is a short movie that uses exquisite computer animation, a rousing electronic soundtrack, and sophisticated streaming video to demonstrate and explain how the Internet works. In the whimsical tradition of the Brave Little Toaster, with the righteous enthusiasm of a propaganda film, and the attention to accuracy of an industrial training video, Warriors is an entertaining account of the trans-network journey of a perky data packet over the LAN, across the firewall, and out to the Net. "He came with a message, with a protocol all his own he's fast he's strong, he's TCP/IP and he's got your address." Just one word of caution this charming cartoon is a real bandwidth hog if you don't have a high-speed connection you may want to wait for a CD-ROM or kiosk version. Or tune in to the 55 second trailer. It's only 5 MB.

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