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Friday, May 30, 2004

i'm just so astounded at the number of spineless, yellow-livered, cowardly, liberal-demokkkRAT, appease-niks who hate America, Freedom and Liberty, on a daily basis. They detest Memorial Day and all related Holidays, which made this Nation great. They revelled in The Massacre of 9-11, blaming America for "getting what was coming to them". They have truly forgotten. The cowardly, cheese-eating surrender monkey French, and the backstabbing Germans, who both had secret mega-billion dollar oil and military hardware deals with Iraq and other terrorist-supporting nations, blocked every effort at the ineffectual and impotent UN for 14 years, and 17 resolutions. It also turns out that the crooked UN scum, Kofi Amnan and his corrupt bastard son-of-a-bitch, were in on the payola, as well. The UN and it's criminal minions have no freaking idea what Freedom and Liberty are. Liberalism is also destroying American from within and from without. It's a severe mental disease, inflicting its insidious brand of cowardice and hatred upon America by the untermensch (subhumans) who preach their particular brand of hatred. Many Americans gave much for Freedom and Liberty; the National Cemetery in DC is full of Patriots, who gave their all in defense of Liberty and Freedom. How some lowlife, dirtbag filth can forget that and spit on what True American Heroes have done, is actionable treason and worthy of summary execution. I just wish I could be there when something like that actually happens. No right-thinking jury in America would convict. Thank you to all who've served and especially those who gave their all for America. >>>Crisp Salute<<<.

Around The Garden Center.
Gas prices are now at $2.21/gal, and I can clearly see $3.00/gal by September, despite the '04 General Election. Raise the gasoline tax? Is shit-for-brains , nuts? In a word, yes.
Time to get a 19" Black SyncMaster 191T for my office machine, to match my home unit.
Dolly, my good buddy, stopped by on Saturday, while she and hubby Don were at the Carlisle Auto Show, and brought me a wonderful present: a beautifully-mounted montage of two of my favorite Michael Sagvagisms: Diversity Is Perversity™ and Liberalism Is A Mental Disease™, beautifully-matted and mounted for framing and hanging. I happily reciprocated with a Wells Nursery LLC® Pinus Mugho "Dolly's Choice©" and a "Pink Lace Cap Hydrangea", which I propagated two years ago.
Finally, someone in the "media" who reallyu understands that this whole Islamic v Western Civilization is a freaking regigious war, and not just some aberration about oil. Phil Lucas, the paper's Executive Editor, is to be highly commended. And pleqse Phil: carry a .45cal for your own protection, pal. I do.

GOPer Wimps.
Is America and the GOP covering up for the corrupt UN's Oil-For-Food-Program? I sure hope not, but it sure looks that way.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Scumbags.
The Pelosi Whore-Bag Slut hags on and on. May she die from a Botox overdose, please God!
After a late-evening shift answering directory-assistance calls, Elinda Belous answered the call of her union. Belous was one of nearly 100,000 unionized SBC Communications Inc, workers who began a four-day strike early Friday to protest the local-phone giant's latest contract offer.
AlGoreBore is certifiably mentally-ill; he's gone way, way over the line of treason and sedition of America. Arrest, duly try, convictand and execute that piece-of-subhuman-lib-dem shit.
Another reason why Jimmah Carter-Farter was our Nations's Worst president, ever.

Lowlife Subhuman Filth.
Helen Hunt is a two-bit bastard-bearing whorebag.

John F(ucking)Kerry.
Ten freaking reasons why John F(ucking) Kerry is wrong for Connecticut and America. Kerry is dogshit.
US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-Mass) announced yesterday that he will formally accept the liberal-demokkkRAT presidential nomination at his party's convention in Boston this summer, jettisoning the idea of delaying acceptance to try to narrow a perceived fundraising gap with President Bush. Who gives a rat's ass?
Ten reasons why John F(f*cking) Kerry is wrong for America and Connecticut.

Islam, The Cult of Deviancy & Death™.
The FBI is warning state and local partners to be on the alert for suicide bombers. C'mon, Muslim pigshit filth: bring it on. We want to whack you, by the millions, subhumans.
A leading member of the Iraqi Governing Council, Ahmed Chalabi, cut ties with the US-led coalition after a police and military raid on his house, as President George W. Bush sought to ease Republican fears over Iraq's future. Chalabi is a traitor, as is his assistant, a Intelligence chief Aras Karim Habib, both who deserve death.
Yes, I've been saying this for years: Iraq's WMD's are in Syria's Bekka Valley, dammit.
I readily equate the suhbuman Shinto Japs in WWII (Bataan Death March) with the subhuman Islamic Muslims in the current Islam v Western Civilization; both groups of subhumans should have been and should be executed without mercy. Neither were/are civilizations worth saving; both were/are truly subhuman pigshit.
The shit-for-brains, lowlife scumbag pigshit filth at Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), known terrorist supporters, have issued a pathetic denunciation of Berg's beheading as being "Un-Islamic". Were the thousands whacked murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan undeserving of a petition, too? Here, read the pigshit Muslim CAIR's so-called lying press release. These Islamics are not human beings; they're untermensch: pigs, cats, dogs etc. My apologies to the cats, dogs and swine.
whack this fat, smelly lowlife subhuman piece of Muslim pigshit, Abu Hamza al-Masri.
Find these subhuman Muslinm-Islamic pigshit terrorist garbage and whack them all.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Peace activist, hate-America-homo David Dellinger, one of the Chicago Seven arrested and tried for their part in the violent anti-war protests outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention, has died at 88. Good riddance, scumbag. At the Chicago Seven trial in 1969 and 1970, Dellinger and four co-defendants — Hayden, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman and Rennie Davis — were convicted of conspiracy to incite a riot at the 1968 convention. Those convictions were overturned by a federal appeals court, which cited errors by U.S. District Judge Julius Hoffman. All shouldmhave beenm been executed for treason;, I'd gladly pull the trigger, BTW

The True Meaning of Memorial Day.
"While many people look at Memorial Day as just the first "long weekend" of summer, David Merchant has created a very moving website to remind us of the original purpose of this day: honoring our brave war dead. Merchant believes that the solemn dignity of the day would be best preserved if the holiday were returned to May 30, the traditional day of observance, irrespective of what day of the week that would fall. The disruption in the normal flow of commerce, government and education is insignificant when compared to the ultimate disruption suffered by those who gave their lives for our freedom and by the families that they left behind. You can even find a piece by your distant cousin (moi)." - Pas†or Tom Shelley.
A backgrounder: I'm one of the founders of the York City Police Chaplain's Corps, having served there almost twenty one years. I'm the first, and, so far, the only chaplain in Pennsylvania to have earned Master certification from the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC). It became possible for me to buy a life membership in ICPC in 2001; the letter from their office confirming that membership was dated September 11; my life member number is #60. There were 28 NYCPD whacked on 9/11 and 32 Port Authority PD; add the two = SIXTY. September 11th is also my anniversary of Baptism. I can never and will never forget.
I, too, can and never will forget, cousin Tom. I don't want justice; my anger, hate and rage demands revenge. I want it big time.

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