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Friday, May 28, 1999

i must be that dumb for still not fully understanding why this Nation hasn't rejected the Clintonite filth and driven them from office. Sure, The US Senate is a collection of lowlife, spineless sons and daughters of bitches for not convicting after the US House of Representatives impeached the First Liar and Rapist. But for the American People to not care one whit just because the economy is so rosy, is unconscionable. Too many Americans just don't give a flying rat's ass since their pockets are full. If times weren't this prosperous, Slick Willie and his lowlife, liberal scumbags would be long gone. I chalk it up to stupidity, fickleness and just plain idiocy.

Spring Thing.
One of my new ads called, Trees vs Lawns, has again stirred up the pot.
Hundreds of people who've never been here before have come in as a result of that ad, which tells the truth about lawn service and tree service company screw-ups. Several local lawn and tree companies have called to complain about being my targets.
If these companies had been honest with their customers instead of just trying to make sales, they'd be in the cat bird's seat, and I wouldn't have to do their job of educating the public, for them.
For years, people have read and enjoyed and collected our ads. Thanks.

The Death Penalty.
Is underused? Overused?
Heck no; it's not used nearly enough on murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors. It should be applied to every case. The crimes would then stop abruptly if everyone of Death Row were executed. Trust me, it would. Only idiot, liberal filth quote flawed, failed studies on capitol punishment as if they were ever worth anything.
With 3,700+ pieces of subhuman shit on Death Row, costing The American Taxpayer that's you and I somewhere between $40,000 -60,000 per year, per scumbag, $16 billion plus could be saved by executing them, as US Law has prescribed for their heinous crimes. Isn't that why those subhuman pieces of shit are there? To be executed? What are we waiting for?
They need to die for their crimes against the innocents in society.
Hmmmm, another slow week in the execution business. Bummer. If I was in charge, I'd speed things up considerably.

No Gripe From Me.
Only criminals, lowlifes and minority filth decry what Rudy Guliani's done to clean up New York City and its immediate environs; responsible, law-abiding citizens welcome it.
When I worked there in the 70s and 80s, it was akin to a sewer. Human garbage everywhere. I carried my .357 Magnum in a shoulder holster under my 3-piece suit everyday. It was a rather rough place during the two shit-for-brains, lowlife, liberal-democrat mayors Koch and Dinkins. They let the scum and filth run rampant. Rudy's cleaned it up. So f*cking what if a few degenerates get wasted along the way? That's a small price to pay for NYC as it is now.
Atta boy, Rudy!

Deja Vu.
Who'da thunk it 30 years later? That the world would be seriously misled by three scumbag, misfit, liberal refugees from the 60s?
The collateral damage is becoming more evident and the balkanization of the Balkans continues. What should have been over very quickly, is now into its third month, with no end in sight.
The Cox Report is out. The Chinks are denying and lying and squirming. What else?
The Clinton scumbag allowed the stinking, yellow filth Chinks to freely pilfer and steal our nuclear secrets. He's a coward and a traitor. He should be tried, convicted and executed. Something new? Nah, the Chink scumhave been at it for a long time.
How could Chink spying go back decades and no one did anything about it? If that's true, there are some mole spies at top levels in this so-called government. There are also 3,000+ Chink-owned companies dealing with the US Government and the theft continues unabated. Time to cut their sorry, yellow asses off from the US Military Gravy Train and deport the lowlife scum.
Eventually, it'll all come out in public disclosure and The White House scumbag liberals will crank up the lie machine and spin the pathetic tales, excuses and reasons.
So, Congress is looking for solutions to Chink spies? Nuke the whole f*cking country! Turn it into a cinder. Viola: no more spying or problems from the stinking Chink scumbags.
Another scumbagette, the politically compromised and sexually dysfunctional Janet Reno bitch, has actively kept the FBI and other security agencies from doing their counterintelligence jobs. She's Clinton's defense attorney as well, keeping many investigations at bay to protect the lying, rapist Bubba. As a traitor, she also needs to be tried, convicted and executed.
Of course, the slimy Reno bitch is now blaming subordinates for her incompetence and stupidity. She's protected Clinton and Gore for seven years, thwarting dozens of legitimate investigations, including the '96 campaign finance corruption tied into this entire China scandal.
Read this: you'll be sick. I was and still am.

Good Riddance.
A bone-headed, moron moron dies in a dumb Fake Wrestling stunt. Who the hell cares? No loss.
Next to the lowlife Jerry Springer Show shit, Fake Wrestling and its idiot fans is something which should be banned outright. It's fake and a scam. It's boring and not even entertaining.
It's sure be nice if every Fake Wrestler would fall 70 feet and die. That would clean up that part of society. But how do we get rid of the even worse scumbags who pay to see that shit? Simple: put them all on a couple of dozen ocean liners, torpedo and sink the ships when they're in mid-ocean. Simple and elegant. End of society's problem.

Ostensibly a cooking resource for amateur chefs, Messy Gourmet offers an array of gadget profiles, kitchen trivia tidbits, stain removal tips, and unique recipes. This supposedly cheerful forum, intended for at-home cooks who "like to have FUN with their food," is in fact rife with prurient definitions of cookware utensils. For example, a whisk "has an axially elongated handle and a plurality of resilient wire to stir elements mounted in fixed position." A masher is a "kitchen utensil designed to crush a food (such as cooked potatoes) into a smooth, evenly textured mixture." Thus, it is banned forever!

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