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Friday, May 29, 1998

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it's always something, isn't it? Kids Killing other kids for no reason. Lowlife liberals committing treason and other crimes for the almighty dollar and re-election. Death and terror hopefully ending in a savaged region. Terror continues in churches here at home. Nuclear weapon tests conducted for no discernible reason. And retaliatory tests just to prove they're morons, too. Two elderly people win more money than an average of 10,000 American families earn in a year, combined. A dottering, old scumbag liberal traitor will soon disgrace cereal boxes. One piece of shit leaving politics; hopefully forever. More degenerates on parade again. And a useless, outdated and utterly boring quasi-sporting event drones on despite declining attendance and interest. Who gives a flying diddly squat, anyway? Time to take stock in oneself and, hopefully, persevere despite all the surrounding bullshit. Keeping a level head can be difficult.

Catching Up.
After a 2 week rain delay, the landscape crews are out in full force and knocking off the jobs as we try in vain to get close to schedule. Actually, I dumped the so-called schedule and initiated lists; going by numerical order in which the jobs were originally logged in. Since everyone seems to have a deadline for completion of their landscape job holiday weekend, company coming over, kid's graduation party etc etc etc I've explained the situation and tried to accommodate those whenever I can.
Most are patient and understanding, since our high quality work is unequalled anywhere. But some do get pissed off and threaten to leave for another contractor. A personal visit and a little handholding usually assuages that situation. having only two crews this year means that we'll work slower, yet do the same high quality work we're noted for.
With the investment of two new 35' x 100' quonset-type greenhouses, bringing the total production houses to six, and a new heavy-duty truck added to the fleet, experienced personnel is what's called for.
Everyone here is stressed out right now, scrambling to make things happen and keep nursery stock alive in the seemingly unending drought and heat. It's like a repeat of the '97 drought. We're now pumping 20,000gals of water per day from two wells, just to maintain the current moisture level. A new well is in the offing very soon, just to irrigate the large (3'-5' caliper) trees and field grown nursery stock. Soon.

More Plants.
I'm doing my part in my little corner of the world, but it probably won't be enough to counteract the CO2 aka greenhouse effect that the Earth is undergoing. At this rate, we'll all be wearing oxygen tanks and breathing apparatus by 2009.

Liberal Scum.
Always ready to sell their souls for a few bucks, the Clintonites again sold out to the subhuman Chi-Comm's for $300,000 and compromised national security. Through a flunky named Johnny Chung, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) sold our satellite technology and military encryption secrets to the stinking Chinese Communists. It's now documented.
The lying Clinton bastard has even brazenly gone so far as to welcome an investigation, which can be successfully stonewalled for years, as they've done with everything else. Other scummy Democrats, such as the moron bookends Waxman and Glenn, are aiding in the coverup. Of course, the treacherous Chi-Comm's are going to deny it at every opportunity. But they're all congenital liars anyway, deathly afraid of the truth. And the filthy, greedy piece of shit, criminal Schwartz from Loral denies it too. Jeeez, what rock did all these slimy, sleazy scumbags crawl out from under? Schwartz has bought and paid for Clinton since '92; he owns Bubba's sorry, lying ass. Well, f*cking duh, so do hundreds and thousands of other DNC big money contributors. The Lincoln Bedroom, aka Motel 1600 comes to mind right away.
The GOP is making pathetic squeaking noises again, like the wimpy mice they are. Calling for Bubba to not go to China next month is akin to wimpering or farting in the wind. The GOP has no balls, anymore. Gingrich and Lott are cowards; the rest of the GOP keeps shooting themselves in the foot. Dan Burton comes to mind right away.
Complicity in the coverup is our own stinking Dept of Justice (DOJ), who overrules FBI recommendations for an independent counsel at every turn, thereby acting as Clinton's defense attorney. They and the Reno bitch should be jailed and prosecuted for the criminals they are.
Then again, there may be less to all this than we realize. Maybe. Perhaps.
Slick Willie The Bubba is easily the most corrupt and criminally investigated president in our Nation's short history. He far surpasses Nixon. Some legacy, Clinton.
There are some eerie similarities between Nixon and Clinton, both liars and crooks. Judge for yourself.

English Spoken Here.
If you live in a country, you'd better learn the native language to coexist and prosper. The moronic liberal scumbags who thought up bi-lingual education years ago did a huge disservice to the people that failed program encompassed. Now, it's about to end.
Think about it: in an English-based society and world, why continue a non English language as a primary speaking tool? Doing so only limits those children to speaking and interacting with others who speak that language and not the majority of the public who conduct business. Without that crucial interaction amongst English speaking business, the Hispanic children are automatically limited and doomed to failure. Nice going, liberal morons. Create the problem and it, while building huge bureaucracies to administer the mess. No wonder liberals are among the most hated people worldwide. They f*ck up everything they touch.

Ridiculous Waste of Time.
In what has to be one of the most colossal wastes of time and money of the 20th century, the liberal cretins at the (IN)Justice Dept (DOJ), are pressing ahead with 20 moron states attorneys general in suing Microsoft for anti-trust violations. What a f*cking stupid waste of taxpayers money. Don't those DOJ morons have real criminals to chase, capture and prosecute? Apparently, the scumbag Joe Klein, who is in charge of anti-trust action there at DOJ, can't get a real job outside of liberal government and must make some noise before his salary review is scheduled. Stupid, bald-headed, moronic lowlife.
The 20 idiot attorneys general are merely in this for the press; hoping to garnish their collective (tarnished) reputations and further a political career. Pathetic scumbags that they are, they really need to pursue real criminals, too.
Reading further into the entire (IN)Justice Dept v Microsoft suit makes any rational person sick. There's littler merit there, except for a pile of shit liberal scumbags like Netscape, Sun, Oracle (the slimy, lowlife Ellison-of-a-bitch) and the two-dollar, liberal whore Nader, whining about being beaten in business by a real corporation.
I've always used Netscape's browser; since early '96 when it came with my first ISPs software. I still prefer their interface (GUI) over IE4, but now alternate using both browsers. Netscape still owns the market, so why are the morons whining? And what do the cowardly, f*ckups from Sun and Oracle have to do with this whole debacle? Very little. They're weasels and pathetic little scumbag players sitting on the safe sidelines cheering the blowhards at DOJ for wasting taxpayers money and merely delaying the inevitable. Ellison is a particularly slimy lowlife, running a second-rate, scam company which does nothing useful in the overall scheme of things. The judge is an moron, too; obviously a paid flunky of Netscape, based on his past leanings and rulings in preliminary hearings. If it goes to a jury trial, Microsoft will be found not guilty. These are merely bit players seeking fame and publicity without merit.
The horse is already out of the barn. Screw the DOJ shit-for-brains morons. They couldn't find their own asses with both hands.
What the jury should say to the tech whiners Netscape, Sun, Oracle et al is: If you can't run with the big dogs, then stay on the porch with the rest of the puppies, boys.
Here's a most interesting take on the subject, from a right-winger publication. Hmmm, why do I agree?

Detail Work.
Starr is no fool, despite what the liberal scumbags say about him. He and his team are meticulously dotting the i's and crossing the t's of the Lewinisky slut's travels and time inside the Oral Orifice at The White House. They've documented every move the three dollar whore made with Slick Willie The Bubba during their frequent blowjob sessions.
The whole crux of this investigation isn't the sex that's Bubba's and Hitlery's business; it's the perjury and suborning or perjury on Clinton's and his stooges part. Lying under oath to a federal grand jury and to the American public on several occasions.
The degenerate liberal slime want everyone to think the conservatives are after Clinton for the sex. They try to deflect the truth with accusations of sanctimony and perversion. They wheel the half-breed Jimmy-Bob Carville out of the home for idiots to appear on talk shows. All the president's stooges make the rounds spraying pisswater to disguise the smell coming from The White House.
Their strategy of delaying until after Clinton's out of office might work. The appeal process can take years, unless the Lewinsky harlot implicates him directly in a coverup. Not likely, unless she gets immunity, since she would also face prison for perjury. I'd like to see her rat on Clinton, then get charged with perjury and get the immunity. What she did with Clinton wasn't illegal, just very bad judgment. The lying was illegal.
Lewinsky's pathetic, ambulance chasing lawyer will get her a prison sentence without much more effort. He's an incompetent moron and should climb back under the slimy rock he crawled out from under months ago.

Escapes v Executions.
Florida has their Department of Corrections site on line, but why do they devote so much space to escapes, rather than executions? Seems to me that's the wrong scenario to highlight. It should be escapes-0, executions-LOTS!. Something's wrong when escapes outnumber executions. Time to get rid of any lowlife liberals lurking in the place. Heck, start the executions with them.

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