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Friday, May 4, 2001

know what this is?

If you want a plant which makes a huge display, year after year, with no muss or fuss, choose Narcissus, commonly called Daffodills. There isn't anything better in bulbdom. They give the most bang for the buck of any bulb anywhere. Sure, ask me. Tulips are nice the first year, but require too much care and maintenance. If you do want to go the tulip route, plant the unusual species varieties, sold in the Fall for Spring bloom. Daffs come back reliably, multiply faster than inner-city liberal democRATs, don't require any care or maintenance and give many years of unattended display. The really nice ones are the miniature Daffs, called Narcissus asturiensis, small enough to use in rock gardens and alpine trough plantings. But I digress. Planted alone, Daffs amount to a fleeting patch of color; planted in conjunction with Spring flowering trees and this is one of the finest Springs for flowering trees I've ever seen they can guide the eye from Earth to Sky and beyond. With virtually hundreds of colors to choose from, Daffs are the Spring massing bulb of choice.

Around The Garden Center.
Finally, the rains have stopped and terra firma is once again firm enough to get heavy equipment on to landscape job sites. Temps are back up into the 60s and 70s after a short stint in the uncomfortable mid-80s and then a plunge back into the 40s. Kinda sounds like the DOW, doesn't it? Nah, not that bad. The landscape crews are happy to be getting in 40-60 hour weeks now, as there's plenty of work to go around. So much for Spring.
Wednesday evening, I got hit with an "email porn bomb" on my home machine, ostensibly from the Chi-Coms at www.peopledaily.com, in response to some of the "nasty" postings I'd done on their message boards, related to their downing of our recon plane and taking hostage the 24 crew members. It wreaked havoc by opening hundreds of browser windows containing porn sites. It opened them faster than I could manually close them down. So I shut the home machine down and repaired the damage with Norton SystemWorks. Sunday morning, I got hit again on the home unit. I'm installing a firewall on my home unit's cable modem to protect against unwanted attacks in the future.
Friday evening, Jeff & Denise stopped by with some excellent vino and exotic cheese; we then decided to make Tagliatelli pasta with a tomato and basil sauce. We trashed the kitchen, knowing full well that my cleaning lady was coming to visit in the morning. We just left the mess lie where it was. Saturday evening, when I came home from work, presto: it was cleaned-up and the condo was tidy and clean, for another week. All the benefits of being married without the hassles.
Sunday evening, at about 7:20PM, I got a call from Security-Link Co, that an "interior intruder has been detected". I grabbed my .357 Magnum and drove the Jeep at a "semi-reasonable rate of speed" the 14.2 miles from my condo in East York to the Garden Center in Winterstown. Upon arriving, the PA State Police were waiting; we entered the Main Building with guns drawn and... it was a stray cat who gotten locked-in after I'd fed her. She'd apparently curled-up under the Front Counter or somewhere hidden from sight, and awoken later, moved around and set-off the motion detectors. I called the security company to report the "intruder" and that all was okay, the state police left with a wink and a smirk, and so did I, after putting the cat out for the night. A footnote: my sec'ys (Lynn) husband, Bob, has adopted "Cali" and taken her to his townhouse near Philly to live. She's now safe from harm and has a fine home.
Gas prices have crept up to $1.73.9/ gal (89 oct) at many stations here in the York (PA) area. Predictions are for $3.00/gal gas by mid-Summer. I guess America deserves it; afterall, we've let the lowlife wacko "Greens" prevent us from building any new refineries for the past 20-30 years, and as a result, refining capacity is 30-40% lower than current demand.
I took Thursday off, did some (Summer) clothes and (gourmet) food shopping set new dollar records for both and really didn't enjoy the 90°F heat all day. Over the last 15 years, my dislike of Summer's heat and humdidity and Winter's bitter cold and ice, has increased; while my like of Spring and Fall weather has increased markedly. Wonder why? Just getting older? Less time to wear shorts and t-shirts and run through sprinklers? Dunno, still working on that rationale.
I cleaned up my year-old Char-Broil Patio Caddy Grille, attached the newly-filled 11gal LPG tank, and fired it up. I had two beef & veg shishkabobs just waiting for the honor of being made into lunch for Friday at work. I share food with everyone who comes into the office during the day.

York Riot Murders.
Back in '69, York, PA, underwent a couple of weeks of rioting, which resulted in two murders. No, I wasn't living here then, but all my relatives were and I heard about it from them and in the national media. After 32 years, a grand jury is finally handing down indictments and a lot of people are surprised: two white guys have been arrested for the murder of a black woman, and York's current mayor may be next. He's a lib-democRAT moron, so it makes little difference in the food chain here anyway. But no one has been indicted for Killing the white police officer. Double standard? Reverse racism? Sure looks like it, so far.

A Point Of Clarification.
Over the past 6 years, I've given a lot of people a lot of well-deserved shit in this weekly Journal. Liberals have wet their beds, wrung their bony hands and whined a river over it. f*ck 'em. Whites, blacks, indians, orientals, pols et al have all caught a raft of criticism and disparagement for unbelieveably stupid, ignorant, cretinous, moronic and idiotic actions and remarks. f*ck 'em. All deserved it, when viewed objectively and out of the heat of the moment.
I frequently use adjectives like white trash, black, hispanic, redskin, oriental, towelhead, subhuman filth, homo, liar, moron, scumsucker et al to categorize such lowlifes. These are the filth and dregs of society. The good quality Whites, Blacks, Orientals, Indians, Arabs et al know to whom I'm referring; the shit-for-brains liberals don't and always take it personally. Good for those scum. They're worthless garbage anyway.

GOP Screw-Ups.
I very disappointed that W would even get into this 100 Day shit; there's too much to do to cleanse the US of 8 perverted demented awful f*cked-up years of stinking Clintoonism. The moral fabric of the Nation is tattered and torn, race relations are worse than they've ever been and the US is adrift in a terrorist-riddled world.
Yes, Colon Bowel (aka Colin Powell) is an idiot, still. Name one f*cking thing that murderous hispanic dictator Castro has "done for his people". Just one, Uncle Tommy Powell. W truly f*cked up when he selected this ignorant scumbag as secretary of state. Truly he did.
Hmmmmmm, like father, like daughter. Too bad. Dry the girl out and get her into rehab.
At least W's doing well in the latest polls.
How idiotic, especially in light of the stinking Chi-Coms downing of our recon plane and holding our 24 servicemen hostage: awarding a $27 million contract for 500,000 black berets to the Chinks. How stupid! That production contract should have stayed in the USA and been done by a US firm. What's with the moronic mentality in Washington and the military?

Lowlifes & Scumbags.
Sooooo, the yellowdogf*cking lowife Chi-Com filth shitheads are going to allow us to inspect our recon plane? That's a f*cking load of bullshit. The US should have had a 50-100lb C4 (plastique explosive) built into the structure, which could have been detonated just after leaving the ship. That way, no secrets would have been compromised. Is our military stupid or what?
I'm always amazed by blacks' "victim mentality" and racist attitudes these days. Instead of taking advantage of all the opportunities available to them, they continually play the "race card" to get things done or get something accomplished. White America needs to tell them to act responsibly, quit being racists and act like citizens instead of victims. Cincinnati is a prime example of the racist double standard, seemingly now in play across the Nation. If that doesn't end soon, White Riots will soon come to fruition.
I have so much more compassion and pity for those innocents born with the problem, than those who contract it through perverted and demented behavior.
This is junk: either leave the Puerto Rican island and find another island to use as target practice, or bomb the protesting hispanics into oblivion. C'mon US Navy, get some brass. Do something worthwhile. I wouldn't loose any sleep over the latter choice.
Another lowlife racist bigot piece of shit: a Northern Kentucky University professor Clintoon Hewan is under fire should be gunfire for statements he made at a student forum, calling for the family of Timothy Thomas to stalk a Cincinnati police officer and "take him out". Jeeeez, I hate racist scum, of all stripes.
May Day riots? Nah, shoot to whack the scum and filth. Police should be issued automatic weapons and declare "open season" on the commie-inspired subhuman garbage. A few thousand dead carcasses will quickly discourage such aberrant behavior. Problem is, the European police are gutless, just like the Seattle and Quebec police were. My orders would be shoot to whack; take no prisoners.
In a 9-2 vote, the f*cked-up San Francisco City Board of Supervisors approved an idiotic plan to pay for the sex change operations of lowlife, deviate, degenerate scumbag transgender employees, becoming the first city in the nation to do so. Using taxpayers' monies for anything to do with subhuman homo filth issues is a crime.
This is also bullshit: black Penn State students playing the "victim mentality" for all it's worth. Betcha a black student sent those death threats. $100? You're on.

It's been weeks since any of the 3,700+ pieces of shubhuman filth were duly executed, and I'm bored. I used to look forward each day to reading about Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma et al ridding society of murderers, murderer-rapists, murderer-kidhappers etc, but things have really dried up. Shucks, in lieu of that, here's some audio death tapes to pass the time. Better than nothing, I guess.

Lib-democRAT Lowlife shitfilth Scumbags.
The lib-dem shitfilth-scumbag-lowlife dirtbags are sooooooooooooooooo f*cking funny, when they're outta "power" in DC. Just unbelieveably funny. Dumb. Giggle. Squeal. Guffaw. Barf. shit. shit. Fart.
The sleazoid pig lowlife trash whore, Denise "Whip It Out Bubba" Rich, is back in the news, this time lying and denying she sucked disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon's twisted and bent miniscule dick. Yeah sure, slutbag, we all believe you. Hope you enjoy the STD Clintoon gave you orally. Anything for money, you filthy slut.

Yamaha Paper Craft.
They bring you everything from snowmobiles to stereo. Now, this huge Japaneses conglomerate gets down with paper folding. They'll help you make things with paper that are so amazingly detailed it's hard to believe. The current Rare Animals of the World series offers instructions on how to make a gorilla or a California Condor. It's time-consuming, but if you want to make the perfect paper gorilla, it isn't going to be easy. While the animals may be cute, the real challenge is in the origami motorcycles. If you're able to complete the XJR 1300, you should apply for the title of Origami Master. The instructions may be daunting, so make sure to read the tips before you tart.

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